Review Dell XPS 13 OLED 9310 (2021) THAT SCREEN

exactly one year ago i reviewed one of the best ultrabooks of 2020 the xps 13. the refresh design from dell brought some amazing features to the table like a beautiful and bright 16 by 10 display a keyboard that strikes the right balance for typists and a premium build …

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Review Lenovo T14s Intel vs. AMD Ryzen !

hey everybody it’s lon seidman and we’re taking a look today at the lenovo thinkpad t14s and we have two of them on the desk today because they have different processor choices now this one is powered by an amd ryzen processor and this one is powered by an intel …

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Review Lenovo ThinkPad L14 The Thinkpad’s Entry Point

hey everybody it’s la inside and we’re taking a look today at the thinkpad l14 from lenovo this is an entry-level thinkpad that doesn’t have a lot of fancy accoutrements but it does have the thinkpad keyboard and the look and feel that you’ll get on the more expensive versions …

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