Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Revisited! Wait for the Galaxy Note 10?

everybody Tim Schofield here and also I’ve been using the note 9 again and also I intend to go ahead and also revisit that device particularly with the note 10 being introduced soon I will actually be at that event doing a great deal of coverage on the phone itself so make certain you subscribe to you’re informed when those video clips go live now I intend to go on and take an appearance at the note 9 and also see if it’s still worth purchasing or if it’s worth it to simply wait and also obtain the Galaxy Note 1000 tend to be introduced there have been a great deal of leakages and provides here’s an image of what everyone assumes the note 10 is going to resemble so you have a reference for the layout of the upcoming gadget versus the existing note 9 in my viewpoint the note is still a really good-looking phone it has a little bit much more bezel than various other flagships available however still stands up in terms of that premium quality feel like a lot of glass backs it does gather a whole lot of finger prints really noticeable and after that certainly with the note 9 you still have a physical fingerprint scanner on the back something that’s basically done away with whether it mosts likely to encounter unlock or in display

finger print scanners currently an actually good function of the rear fingerprint scanner is the swipe down gesture you can do to examine the notice tray it’s truly hassle-free don’t also have to touch with the display screen to check those notices in terms of updates the note 9 gets on the most up to date Android 9 PI however it did take a little bit of time for them to push out that upgrade so traditionally Samsung has actually been slower with updates so you type of simply have to approve that now with any luck they alter their song sometime quickly though the PI upgrade did bring one UI which is probably my favored skin over Android that Samsung has brought yet they do have the ability to transform on a more evening setting which sort of darkens every one of the colors throughout the interface and after that certainly also you have new motions too which I like using I like that since you get a little more display property over the switches I understand a whole lot of people have some quite heavy opinions on whether they desire the switches or gestures I in fact believe I like gestures far better than switches you still can not go incorrect with the display screen on the note 9 it is

lovely AMOLED screen the one point about the note n that you must anticipate is a greater refresh price which makes things a great deal smoother that phones have right currently I believe that’s a trend you’re going to start seeing in flagship phones is the refresh price of the display screen obtaining greater now it’s actually great that the Galaxy Note 9 still has an earphone jack currently a great deal of phones now have them any longer sometimes it’s a bargain breaker for sure people nonetheless it is rumored that the note 10 is going to get eliminate that earphone jack which can be a bit unfavorable I’m kind of dismayed concerning it I wish they would certainly simply throw it in there however it more than likely will remove it so if you were somebody that requires that headphone jack the note 9 could be the better choice and also of program with the note series you do get an S Pen basically the only phone you can get with a stylus included and also it’s in fact really useful the one point I discover is that I need to really force myself to keep in mind all the different attributes that it has there’s many various points that you can do with it there’s a rather big knowing contour with the s-pen eventually it begins to become an increasing number of all-natural something that I use regularly is with the screen off simply pulling the pen out and writing myself a fast note conserving it and also after that placing my phone back in my pocket it’s extremely hassle-free if I’m creating down an e-mail address phone

number or just arbitrary ideas that I have throughout the day it’s also very helpful when taking photos specifically if you have group shots where you don’t actually push the shutter switch on the display screen you make use of that S Pen to in fact take the photo or allow’s claim you are viewing a video before you as well as you’re eating a bowl of grain or something you do not your hands obtain dirty you don’t intend to touch the display screen you can go on as well as simply dual press to skip certain songs or if you’re in YouTube details video clips too honestly I’m rather delighted to see what features the S Pen in the note 10 will certainly have since typically Samsung will include increasingly more throughout the various variants and also besides this time around I still use the Google aide over bigsby it does have a specialized switch as long as you can remap it or transform it off I really don’t mind them having that additional button so right here’s some pictures taken with the note 9 recently and also honestly this camera stands up with time still among the better cams out there that you can make use of on a smartphone to ensure that’s truly wonderful to see Samsung always does a great work with their cameras in general the greatest cool right that I actually have with this phone is that it they determined to select a telephoto lens over an ultra vast lens over and over again I use ultra large lenses greater than I use my

telephoto lens so with any luck in the note 10 they select that ultra broad lens maybe in addition to a telephoto lens however if I needed to pick between ultra wide as well as telephoto I would certainly pickle try simply about every single time currently to finish everything up in the note 9 you obtain an extremely capable tool that is still worth buying even today especially after the note 10 gets introduced you could see some cost decreases on that note 9 it still is very quick extremely snappy takes great pictures once more you’re going to obtain better images out of a few of the later flagship phones layout smart it is mosting likely to have a bit a lot more bezels however those later front runner phones nonetheless some individuals don’t mind that at all I simply do not assume it’s a really excellent looking phone also the screen modern technologies still excellent those AMOLED displays that Samsung makes are lovely and finally if you want an earphone jack in your galaxy note tool the note 9 may be the last one to in fact have one so kind of maintain that in mind if you’re claiming the note 10 anyways that is whatever I want to cover on the galaxy note 9 revisited ideally you delighted in the video clip if you did make sure to click that thumbs up button make certain to subscribe as well like I claimed a great deal of web content beginning the Galaxy Note 10 to 4 that and as always guys thanks significantly for

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