LG G8X ThinQ Unboxing: Dual Screens!

hello everyone Tim Schofield below an LG simply sent out over their new g8x thin line up and also what makes this phone so unique is that you have an add-on as well as I have it right below the LG twin display since you can actually make this a collapsible double screen phone and also with LG’s take on the twin display phone it appears like you’re gon na have the ability to obtain it for $700 packed with the second display screen so I’m in fact quite thrilled to inspect this out because that’s a really competitive rate point to get a phone with two displays so I want to go on and also unbox the g8x reveal you what’s inside and also then additionally look into the twin screen and reveal several of its capability with the phone itself allowed’s go and also obtain started let’s begin our dual unboxing for this dual display phone and also to start with the LG G 8x it has a base storage of 128 gigs as well as has a micro SD card port so opening it up for the first time we’re gon na proceed as well as secure the phone itself and afterwards established that sideways in the meantime we’ll reach it in a second as well as allow’s have a look at what else can

come in very first of all please do not message and also drive I like that they add this just to spread out recognition just please do not do it anyways continuing getting going guide and a number of brochures LG second year guarantee and also moving along resemble we have our LG rapid fee power adapter right here USB type an as well as after that to enhance that certainly USB type A to USB type-c billing cable as well as the last point in package is our sim ejection device which is quite much it so let’s open that second screen with the twin display it’s in fact the same dimension six factor four inch and also OLED 1080p as the one on the phone so you obtain mirrored screens right here we go opening it up it tells you just how to install it it really X is not just a second display yet a situation also and below we go let’s open it on up really feels rather premium in fact that hinge opening it really feels actually wonderful out of package so let’s go in advance get several of this packaging exactly how to utilize Quick Start Overview likewise in package you obtain this small little adapter which functions with the case so near the bottom you will see below it doesn’t have a USB C slot nevertheless you can proceed as well as use it it has a good magnetic clasp however it’s really relatively strong so I’m really not bothered with it dropping in all but that is actually how you can bill your phone while it remains in the instance below is the front of that twin display extremely

reflective front with a tiny rectangular display up in the direction of the top for alerts as well as such and after that when you go on and open it up on the within right here is where that second screen is like I stated 6 factor 4 inch as well as then right below is where you will certainly put your phone of program with the USBC adapter being down there at the bottom so when you wish to insert the phone you intend to do it in an upright like activity as well as lastly on the back the instance is a good soft appearance to it which does include some grip when holding the phone and afterwards turning it over down at the bottom you do have intermediaries for that headphone jack indeed LG still is sticking to the earphone jacks or proclaim to them for doing that audio speaker 1 and afterwards it suited the microphone right there appears like your power button and also volume rockers are really closed nevertheless you can hear they’re extremely clicky as if you actually were making use of the phone and afterwards finally there is some magnets when closing it you can really feel some magnets to aid keep this case shut just as another quick test to show exactly how magnetic that adapter actually is I’m just gon na glide it in below and also you’ll see it automatically simply snaps on it is actually a truly strong magnet now and also to that g8x itself you’ll see it is in some plastic so we will certainly proceed and also just glide it on out proceed as well as power on the phone for the first time as well as while it start up let’s go on and also take a more detailed consider the hardware of the g8x so down near the bottom as stated speaker USB C slot and a headphone jack moving along up the best side is where your power switch is as well as after that up towards the leading simply is where a microphone and your sim and microSD card slots are as well as then on the left side below you have your quantity rockers as well as an extra button for the goo assistant on the back a spick-and-span looks as G 8×10 Q double video cameras wide-angle and an ultra wide-angle lens and after that relocating along down towards the bottom is simply the LG logo design worth noting it is totally flush on the back so I envision this being a rather unsafe phone so if you establish it on a slick surface ensure it’s not an angled surface having a look at the front

of the phone relatively very little bezels you have that front electronic camera right there it’s really a 32 megapixel front facing camera and then an earpiece up towards the leading currently I’m gon na browse the startup process reveal anything noteworthy below’s new second screen which appears a little complicated due to the fact that of course they have the double screen right here yet second screens basically to just remove the notch below for you software it will certainly just reduce out that top bar and press all the material down the GNX has an in display screen fingerprint scanner so we can go ahead as well as set that up currently just set our thumb on it as well as raise it on up place it in different ways each time it really really feels a little bit short on the phone which I don’t understand if I’ll obtain used to I probably will nonetheless simply appears like the equilibrium is a bit off pressing solo because I have to relocate my hand down up until now let’s proceed as well as do our edges that understands perhaps I’ll obtain made use of to it actually start liking the placement of it I can proceed as well as add even more yet that is it let’s go and also hit alright I’ll examine that out in simply a 2nd all right we’re good to go up and prepared to take place the home screen looks like there are a couple of AT&T applications pre-installed yet with the 18 T alternative want to go in advance as well as jump into setups go into storage and display you’ll see twenty 4 factor 8 jobs is used out of

that 128 jobs total in terms of specifications on the phone you do have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 cpu 6 gigabytes of RAM there’s an always-on display nonetheless it is launching with Android 9 which is a little disturbing I really wish that they can update it to Android 10 promptly it appears as front runners nowadays ought to be shipping with android 10 alright so actual fast before I obtain to the twin display which I’m really thrilled to have a look at allow’s go on and also check out that finger print scanner so it looks like ok so out of package you may intend to check out settings and afterwards enter into lockscreen and safety and security as well as go to safeguard lock setups since there’s a lock timer so you’ll see fifteen secs so I have to wait 15 secs for this to really secure my phone and also you’ll see I’ll press the power button as well as it’s unlock so you may want to change that to promptly five secs to make it a bit a lot more secure so I proceeded as well as altered it to instantly so allow’s go on and evaluate out that finger print scanner so proceed and close the phone you’ll see a little bit of a symbol show up right down right here which is great particularly with the screen off you want to be able to discover where that fingerprint scanner is it really that wasn’t regrettable with it being so low holding it pleasantly like this not awful it doesn’t require to travel a little extra I do want it was a bit greater yet let’s proceed as well as try it one more time alright so seems precise appears fast from the lock screen a nice little computer animation also more testing to find actual quick I did link a Wi-Fi and also it looks like it is mounting some additional apps so as just a fast note you

can enter into app information and on mount if you ‘d like to and nice that LG has the Google aide incorporated in with a button so we can go on and just press it as well as you’ll see the Google aide is currently listening as well as with that being said I hope I don’t inadvertently push it it’s kind of where my center finger will be resting when I go in advance and press that power switch perhaps I’ll be just listed below it alright enough on the g8x on its own let’s add the dual screen oh I’m actually delighted for this truly pumped when manufacturers actually press borders and examination out brand-new points so proceed and glide it on in and stand out the two corners in which’s it that was actually simple very easy link currently you’ll see right here a symbol pops up on the side and naturally you can turn that joint and it looks like that hinge remains so let’s claim for example you intended to play a game with a gamepad down below you can turn that hinge to your certain liking to ensure that’s in fact truly cool it does not have to be one method or the other and this hinge goes what do you know all

the method 360 degrees so you can use this situation possibly as a stand if you wanted to go ahead and strained something and also include as our phones installing a growing number of apps press this button turn on dual display and also there it is a mirrored photo of the specific same display screen and you’ll see just exactly how slim it truly is with the front screen if we go on as well as close this that SEC that screen in fact stands out open extremely easy with the moment the date your battery portion and also a few of your alert icons and also I’m guessing if you do obtain a text or and so on it will go in advance and show some info currently if we proceed and open it appears like you have to go ahead as well as undoubtedly press that fingerprint scanner so here are your options swap screens reveal main on double display program twin display on primary major display to sleep or switch off double screen so those are all the choices you have currently let’s say we wanted to proceed and also open up an app so allow’s go open up the Chrome web browser accept and proceed there we get on a residence screen they actually have a three finger motion you can use and swipe it over in between screens which was that I was in fact truly excited to try that out that’s why I’m trying it out first and it works exactly how it needs to it functions very smooth I like the computer animation that’s rather amazing in fact so if I have something up that I intend to go on as well as just swap over and afterwards continue doing something with that web content still there does three fit three finger swipe as well as you’re ready to go

as a quick demo allow’s go ahead as well as load up the YouTube app I’m not going to update it in the meantime and also if I do the three fingers swipe you’ll see it takes over the certain app that exists and if I swipe back that app remains in area now allow’s proceed as well as swap screens expand just swiftly swaps those apps reveal main on double display so you’ll see flips on over there show dual screen on major as well as after that ultimately we have what major screen to sleep or large sight vast sight is where you can really broaden that web content so let’s state we are on a site below is that content and you’ll see it certainly has a little bit of a block with some of it so allow’s go on and place it perhaps such as this that would certainly make a little much more feeling so if I claim not currently go on and scroll down simply so you can see a website that gets on here so scrolling with it does actually sufficed where it’s you’ll see Houston on Tuesday is claimed right there as well as it switches over approximately the display so no material is in fact reduced off there’s just a little a void in between the content so Houston on Tuesday Houston on Tuesday gets bumped up today to make sure that was something I was a bit anxious concerning alright so viewing a full screen video clip here you’ll see it’s just offered on among the screens it does not actually increase across the screens which sort of make good sense if you consider it because with the gap in the center you really can’t anticipate it to

broaden throughout every one of them you’ll see even it does not even give you the option here to broaden it with this material and you’ll see if I push the house button or back switch on this display it’s only controlling what’s on this screen so if I go right into this application and also I push back it’ll liquidate of it so you have to in fact make use of the buttons over below to regulate the material on this display screen whereas there’s a different one for this material alright so one final example let’s jump right into that video camera application keeping that video clip still loading up provides you the fast tutorial since it’s the very first time packing it on up and there we have it so let’s go on and break a fast photo there is a wonderful little refined vibration when you are taking a photo or if you touch this icon it triggers that ultra wide-angle lens which is constantly fantastic to have so there you see it common ultra wide-angle we can go on and also go back house and certainly while this is packed up we can play resemble all right yeah you can actually play the video clip you can put it in the landscape setting while seeing and certainly it doesn’t require to be the video camera app possibly you wish to read a post while you’re viewing a video there’s another good instance you’ll see they have the video up and also you have some notes down here possibly you’re enjoying a presentation you intend to make note and also type some write on the other screen gives you a whole lot of options and once again let’s go ahead as well as check it with two apps in fact open I’m gon na go ahead and close it and you’ll see it mosts likely to that front screen as well as after that if we proceed as well as open it brings us to the lock display unlock it we are back where we were at press home on both screens and there you have it that would certainly be the LG GX and also LG’s double display that’s it for currently a great deal even more to find though I’m actually thrilled to check this out daily I will fit this in my pocket hopefully it fits it is a bit bigger with the case certainly a little bulkier with the added screen yet having the twin screen capabilities is very interesting decrease a remark let me understand what you assume about LG and also their dual display g8x make certain to click that thumbs up if you enjoyed the video and as constantly individuals thanks quite

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