Motorola Edge+ Unboxing: A New Flagship!

everyone Tim Schofield here and a little while ago I was sitting in a meeting with Motorola and they were talking about this upcoming flagship they were coming out with which makes me very excited because they haven’t come out with a flagship in a little while now anyway sitting in this meeting and I was slowly nodding my head because they were checking a lot of the boxes needed to actually come out with a true flagship device and today they announced that device the Motorola edge plus I’ve got it right here with the edge plus you have the latest snapdragon 865 processor from qualcomm you have a 108 megapixel main sensor to the camera 90 Hertz display it even has 90-degree edges to it so pretty steep edges however they add features to those edges we’ll talk about that in just a second and you can even turn off the edges on the phone so we’ll check all that out in the unboxing right now we’ll quickly take a look what comes in the box and get some hands-on with the phone let’s go and get started a couple very important points about the edge+ first of all it is exclusive to Verizon which is kind of a bummer for non Verizon users it does use Verizon’s 5g

millimeter-wave but this will not work on any other carrier but Verizon so that’s a bummer and at launch the base model will be 999 dollars so here is the edge plus from Motorola let’s quickly show what comes in the box talk about some of the specs of this flagship so right away here is the phone I’m gonna set it to the side for just a second we’re gonna quickly see what else comes in the box pretty standard readme and sim ejection tool you have your USB type a two USB type-c charging cable and your turbo power charging brick which will charge at 15 watts and on to what you came to see the edge plus from Motorola there is a lot more content coming for this device so be sure to click that subscribe button so you’re notified when I go live a lot more videos coming soon so right out of the box first thing I’m noticing is the curved sides like I said 90 degree angle we’ll show that off with the display itself but your thumb is definitely gonna rest on it so edge detection is going to be very important or of course like I said you could turn it off let’s go ahead and press that power button on the side which has some texture and while it boots up take a close look at the phone down at the bottom SIM card slot USB type-c and one of the stereo speakers motorola was saying that these speakers are supposed to be one of the best so I’ll have to do some testing of those and here is the edge to it the

sides of it like I mentioned that the power button does have some texture to it along with the volume rockers being on top hey check it out motorola still includes a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack up at the top of their flagship device in 2020 on the left side of the vice absolutely nothing flipping it over to the back is that triple camera system like I said a hundred and eight megapixels to the main sensor you also have an ultra wide and telephoto lens and just a close-up of that coloring I’m actually a fan it’s fairly subtle looks really good and changes depending on the light flipping it on over here’s a look at the bezels on the front moving along up towards the top there is a punch hole for that front facing camera and our earpiece which couples as that second stereo speaker okay I’m going to run through the setup process and only talk about anything that is noteworthy it does prompt you to set up that fingerprint scanner if you do use a screen protector make sure it is a compatible one it is an in display fingerprint scanner as you can tell so we’re gonna set that up just go ahead and touch and lift set our thumb down and move our finger generally when you do setup in display fingerprint scanners they do take longer than the physical ones on devices alright fingerprint is added you can add another if you’d like to or we can be all finished all done with the setup process moving

screens looks like it does have a reactive wallpaper so those waves are moving kind of neat with the edged display that it does have so let’s dive into the edge plus one thing Motorola does well is keeping their device somewhat similar to stock Android with a few tweaks to it that add functionality here’s their home launcher with Google feed on the left side swipe up to get to your app drawer and it does look like they are out of the box using gestures so if you swipe from the right it’ll go ahead and go back if you go ahead and swipe up it’ll go back home swipe up and pause we’ll get to recent so essentially these stock Android gestures now this is a six point six seven inch OLED display at 1080p and like I mentioned it does have 90 Hertz capabilities after scrolling through I can just tell that it’s not on 60 Hertz out of the box so if you jump into settings go into display click on advanced scroll down there is the refresh rate so 90 Hertz will make it smoother overall but it will drain a little bit more battery and speaking of battery this device has a five thousand milliamp hour battery so I am hoping that this will easily get me through a day potentially even a day and a half a Motorola does say two days of battery life but we’ll see more on that of course to come now if I do want to test out that fingerprint scanner we can go ahead and do so with the screen off tap the screen and set our thumb on there lock it so that our thumb down seems to work very well you’re just

going to need to get used that position like all in display fingerprint scanners you do get used to them over a little bit of time as an extremely random side note you can’t stand the edge Plus up on its own very easily and again a close look at the edge display that it does have because there are features to this so there’s more to it than just looking nice so let’s dive into some of those features of the display first of all you have some styles to apply so getting started you can really preview different ones and they have themes so let’s say you wanted to choose a specific font go ahead and hit next look at the coloring options just really customize it the way you like it and this is Motorola added so I think this is a great feature to Android that would be nice on stock Android but Motorola decided they want to edit themselves so let’s say we wanted orange hit next different icon shapes out-of-the-box I think I like circle the best still you can choose the layout with grids and app drawers and then you can name the theme so instead of theme one let’s call it Tim it done and hit apply and right away I’m noticing the font has changed swiping down look at that there’s orange and don’t worry you do have a dark theme that you can apply and it will apply system-wide and two compatible apps you can also have them save so if we want to go back to default I can just go ahead and hit apply and add different ones now with the edge there is edge lighting where if you get a phone call

an alarm goes off the lights will actually it decides why she light up so if it is face down you still will be able to see that notification come through now I also mentioned you can turn off the edges if you don’t actually like them and that is when you are within an app if you’re at home you do have to have them on but if we go into edge display you can pick and choose which apps it has the edges on so let’s say for the calculator I want it off let me go to my recent apps go back into the calculator and you’ll see it’ll resize that app and there are no more edges it does slightly come over the edge but it will black out a lot more of the display so if you are someone that doesn’t like that it can be turned off on a per app basis now motorola also has there moto app with even more features added to the phone so scrolling down there’s moto actions fast flashlight quick capture so fast flashlights great you just go ahead and chop twice it’ll turn on the flashlight you can chop twice to turn it back off you also can twist the phone and it will open up that camera app this is the first time opening that one up swiping through different modes a portrait night you can go all the way up to that 108 megapixel instead of using pixel binning to bring it down to 27 megapixels a few others within moto display so they a peek display so you can interact

with it when the display is off so tight kind of like an always-on display it’s actually really great I’m a big fan of it now edge touch you can double tap on the edges for helpful shortcuts this is what I’m talking about with functionality of the edges so let’s go ahead and jump into settings of that you can turn on and off the edge display with a double tap action or you can switch to the last app so if I double tap here it vibrated but it doesn’t look like this app is compatible with turning off the edge but if we wanted to use it to switch to the last app just double tap here and there you go it dumped it switched back and forth between these two apps quickly without even really having to move my thumb so I can just go like that and go like that it is a specific spot so it’s right where the two sides meet where that action is gonna be and right when I first got hands-on with this phone it took a little while for me to figure out it’s not the side so tapping it on the side doesn’t do anything you have to go right on the edge to go back and forth finally there’s moto gametime to add features while playing games and I do believe Motorola’s pushing out an update to this before launch so I will actually follow up on this but you can also use it for things such as an Ellen R trigger on the edge so yet another function to the edge so while you’re playing a game you can go ahead and use triggers up at the top

which is pretty fantastic more on that to come in a future video I’ll test it out with various games some other specs 12 gigabytes of RAM which is pretty crazy in a phone considering compared to a lot of laptops and desktops you might not even have that much it does have u FS 3.0 internal storage which is expected out of a flagship and like I mentioned along with that hundred eight megapixel main sensor we can just go ahead and snap quick picture there turn and take a picture here it does have a 8 megapixel 3 x telephoto zoom so if I do want to zoom in this is 3 X without losing zoom quality and then of course it does have that ultra wide-angle lens at 16 megapixel and not only do you get good ultra wide shots out of this there’s a macro mode to this will Droid angle ends as an example switching to macro mode let’s grab one of our little plants here and show you how close I can actually get to the phone and you’ll see it does still stay in focus so there’s a lot of cool pictures that you can take in macro modes and I’m a big fan of just messing around with nature and just getting really close to different plants and things so as you could see just solid quality macro shots out of the ultra wide-angle lens on the back and overall that is if for now with the edge plus from Motorola that flagship device if you have any questions or things you want me to cover just drop a comment let me know what you think about this device more to come for sure so be sure to click that subscribe button and as always guys thank you very much

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