2020 LG Gallery TV Review: The Best 65″ OLED?

every 110 Schofield here stem to do my full review on the LG G tan smart OLED TV and this is the 20/20 model so brand-new it comes in 65 inches which is what I have but also 55 and 77 inches the G 10 is the gallery design so it’s made to hang on your wall and potentially even look like a piece of art there’s even a gallery mode built in that you can turn on and it really does look pretty amazing when it’s hanging up on the wall especially because that mount that comes with the TV presses that TV almost completely up against the wall it looks completely flushed like you did hang a piece of art taking a look at that mount it is very small doesn’t take up a lot of space however I did have it professionally mounted unless you know what you’re doing I would highly recommend just having a pro come out and doing the installation a quick note the g10 does have legs you can buy separately so you don’t have to wall mount it if you don’t want to however there’s also a c10 model you can get which comes with the legs for the TV it’s also a little bit thicker it’s not that gallery design the g10 also has better speakers that is kind of the main differences I noticed between those two models and with that g10 being an OLED TV it’s pretty incredible honestly this is the best TV I have ever used with that OLED technology you get perfect blacks because the pixels will turn off in those dark lighting scenarios the contrast and colors are awesome as well even the viewing angles are great I have a couch next to my TV and even while sitting

watching at an angle I didn’t notice much shift in the colors you can control and fine-tune settings within the TV and there’s a lot of different presets you can even manually tune them so you can find what you actually like and I have to say thank you for the great recommendations on movies to watch in my unboxing video I actually did catch a few of them Aquaman was incredible on this OLED TV with the darker scenes that it had but also if you watch movies or videos of space in general it’s just crazy how there’s just no light emitting out of those pixels at all and then also one of the times I specifically noticed the OLED really taking control is when I want some stand up I don’t watch it all the time but when I do I really noticed because they comedian has a spotlight on them and then behind them it’s pretty much pitch lack and it just kind of looks like they’re floating on the wall it really almost makes you feel like you’re at that specific performance not only watching those videos but gaming has been great as well it has g-sync built in so if you do want to plug in a desktop with an Nvidia graphics card you can go ahead and game with g-sync it is also compatible with 4k up to 120 native Hertz which is pretty incredible and also when you think about it future proves it for the upcoming next-gen systems the consoles that are

coming out because those have capabilities up to 4k 120 Hertz there’s also a built-in game mode to reduce that input lag and gaming has been great I’ve been playing my xbox on it quite a bit and it’s nice to be able to play some sports because I can’t really watch in here right now and yes you get the Smart TV experience you would expect it has Wi-Fi built in you even can plug it in via ethernet in the back of the TV but the OS is pretty solid to be honest it’s easy to use it pairs well with that Magic Remote will touch touch on that in just a second it has just about every TV app you can imagine even as airplay built-in so if you want to just cast something from your phone you can do so one thing I did notice in the home menu is that in the bottom left corner there was an ad that always popped up and they really bothered me I wanted to get rid of it and I thought I was gonna complain about it in this video but then I drove into settings and realized there’s a way to turn it off so yes you can turn off that ad in the bottom left LG also includes LG channels where it will take some Internet TV channels and throw them on there for free which is kind of nice if you go ahead and scroll through and maybe find something you like you can customize the

different shortcuts on your home screen so don’t think you have to have it the way that I do and yes there is a gallery mode so if you do click on it LG already has some presets built in with different types of artwork so whatever mood you’re you’re in and also even play some music accompanying it you can turn that on or off if you don’t want it but it looks insane it really does look flush with the wall so it looks like you are hanging up a painting on the wall and it’s really nice because it does cycle through different ones so you don’t just have to stare at the same thing I wouldn’t recommend staring at the same thing because of course there’s no LED TV so you don’t have to worry about it staying on one image all the time they will cycle through and make sure it does keep things different and speaking of settings and talking about OLED yes there is always the possibility that you will get screen burnin in an OLED TV oh just kind of some research before you buy an oled TV if you don’t know about it I wouldn’t really worry about permanent burnin it’s really difficult to get just kind of be conscious about what’s on your screen and how long it’s sitting there for example if

you watch the same news channel for eight hours a day and it has the same logo in the corner you might start to notice burnin and if you do notice burnin it will go away over time but then if you continue to watch the same channel in the same logo is there it will potentially permanently burn in there but just be aware of that if you’re watching the same channel for eight hours a day maybe don’t get an OLED TV but aside from that generally it’s not really something you have to worry about LG’s also included some settings to help you with being conscious about saving that OLED TV it even has some screen savers that pop up if you sit at one screen for too long so it’s really nice that they’ve added those some different shifting ones if it notices a logo it might shift some of the pixels or just dim that logo specifically so they do have all that saving features built in they also have the new a9 Gen 3 AI processor inside the TV which really does help with upscaling if you’re watching a 1080p video it will automatically upscale to 4k and it does look really good there’s also AI video and audio and essentially what it’s gonna do is it’s gonna recognize what’s on your TV and make changes based on what it sees I didn’t really notice a difference

between the two even after watching the same thing with and without it it seemed kind of the same to me and then it does have AI audio which gives you more of a home theater experience and I leave that on because I did notice a difference it’s a little bit louder and just sounds a little bit better taking a close look at that Magic Remote it is fairly basic looking in general it does have some nice shortcuts built into it you can use it traditionally with a scroll wheel and the d-pad however it also has a pointer built-in so you can use it as a pointer so you just move that scroll wheel the icon on the screen shows up and you can move it around with your hand just gesture with that magic remote which really does help if you’re typing out things maybe a Wi-Fi password or maybe even you’re searching for something there’s a microphone button on that remote and this TV does have LG’s and Google’s voice assistance built into it so if you ask you something may be related to a TV show or a movie or an actor LG’s gonna respond with that answer however if you start asking something like the weather maybe your asking about a specific building or something Google is gonna come back and say this is our assistance response to this question and with that gently processor scrolling through the home screen and going in between different apps has been snappy smooth I haven’t noticed any lag overall

and like I said with that Magic Remote it doesn’t stutter it’s very responsive you don’t just have to point it at the TV you can actually have it standing up and use the pointer you don’t have to hold it in a specific direction when it comes down to it and OLED TV is a very large investment however I think it is totally worth it the experience you get when watching a lot of entertainment and a bunch of different content especially now that there’s a ton of 4k content out there has just been really incredible and just another level compared to other TVs and with the g10 having OLED again as long as you’re conscious about not having something very static on the screen for a very long period of time you will be fine about that OLED longevity I do also really like how they’ve thought to actually include those gaming features such as the low latency mode g-sync built-in and a couple others simply because it future-proof said a little more with that 4k hundred twenty Hertz with that HDMI 2.1 on the back so LG has really thought this g10 through to make it something that will last a good amount of time so overall that is my full review on the LG G 10 OLED TV I can highly recommend it it just is as good as you think it’s going to be so drop a comment let me know what you think it looks great on the wall especially what that gallery view I really do like that but anyways be sure to click that subscribe button as always guys thanks

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