Moto E 2020 & Moto G Fast Unboxing: $150 vs $200!

everyone Tim Schofield here and as you guys know I do like to cover the budget devices as well because it gives me a better understanding of the phone market in general now we do have a couple true budget phones here from Motorola the Moto e 2020 and the Moto G fast now the Moto e is gonna run you a hundred and fifty dollars and the Moto G fast is two hundred dollars so to true budget phones we’re gonna quickly open up both of them do a dual unboxing show you what comes in the box and then throw them up side-by-side so you can kind of get an idea of what you to expect out of both of them and compare the two let’s get started here are our 2 phones we’re gonna start with the $150 Moto e from Motorola now let’s go ahead and put the device to the side for just a second and we will see what comes in the box I’m actually curious to see if there’s any extras any anything like that standard booklets sim ejection tool finally just your power adapter which is USB type A and one interesting thing is that they use micro USB not necessarily a deal breaker but I kinda wish that they went with USB type-c considering this is a 2020 model let’s be off the plastic very quickly revealing a reflective blue back I actually do like this blue coloring now we’re gonna set this to the side and see what comes in the G fast opening up the box as expected here is the phone which will set to the side for now continuing through looks like pretty standard we got some booklets in here booklets and sim ejection tool so we found our first difference you have your wall adapter which is USB type a and it uses USB type-c connection for charging and same thing let’s peel off this plastic

revealing a really cool looking white not as reflective as the Moto e with the 2020 Moto e down at the bottom microphone micro USB slot a speaker moving along on the right side you have your power button which has some texture to it so you can find it easier and then your volume rockers and then up at the top look at that a headphone jack is included nice job Motorola another speaker and then on the left side is where that SIM card slot is plus a microSD card slot for expandable storage if you are wondering the Moto e has 32 gigs of internal storage now on the back you have a 13 megapixel main sensor and a 2 megapixel depth sensing lens below that is the flash just a Motorola icon which I believe couples as a fingerprint scanner and the has more of a chrome accent with a microphone USB type-c slot speaker and then on the right side same deal a power button with some texture on it with the volume rockers and then moving along towards the top you’ve got that headphone jack microphone and then on the left side again you have 32 gigs of internal storage but you can expand it with a microSD card slot with your sim ejection and you have a different camera system on the back of the gfs so you have a 16 megapixel main sensor an 8 megapixel ultra wide-angle lens and a 2 megapixel macro lens along with

that flash and then a rear mounted fingerprint scanner just like the Moto e taking a look at the front a bit of a difference on the you will notice a punch hole design with that front facing camera and just less bezels whereas the Moto e is thicker bezels and that water that teardrop designed for the front-facing camera now when it comes to that display in general you have a 6.2 inch 720p on the E and then a 6.4 inch 720p display on the G fast I’m going to run through the startup process talk about anything noteworthy and see if there’s any differences between the two no both of these devices have rear fingerprint scanners embedded where that Motorola logo is so let’s go ahead and set them up at the exact same time so basically we’re just gonna be setting our pointer finger on the back of the phone just lift it on up and set it down over and over should be fairly quick usually rear-mounted physical fingerprint scanners are just actually better on both phones it prompts you to use the Andrews new gesture navigation basically swipe up to go home so I pause for new throw for recent apps and swipe from one of the sides to go back so you can go

ahead and give that a try or if you want the buttons so if you want to swipe up to go home looks like we are all done with the setup process and other we’re in our home screen here’s a little comparison of the display and the display sizes just make note of the differences in the bezel sizes and where that front-facing camera is there are a couple more differences on the inside so the Moto e has the Snapdragon 632 whereas the Moto G fast has a Snapdragon 665 so you can’t expect the Moto G fess to be faster than the Moto e and then along with that it will have some better camera capabilities including more lenses on the back in the Moto e you have a three thousand five hundred fifty milliamp hour battery with two gigs of RAM and then the Moto G fast has a four thousand milliamp hour battery with three gigs of RAM so those are the big differences jumping into the camera app on both you will see on the G fast you have an icon on the left side here to zoom out to use that ultra wide-angle lens standard and then of course you can zoom in but it is digital zoom it does not actually have a telephoto lens however then on the Moto e you can also zoom you can pinch into zoom but that is the only lens capabilities it has just the standard wide-angle lens on the II the difference in processors also means there’s a difference in video recording so on the Moto e you can record up to 1080p

60 frames a second now on the Moto G fast you can record all the way up to 4k if you’d like to and thankfully Motorola does use a fairly slimmed down version of Android and they add some useful features one of my favorites let’s see if it’s enabled out of the box is the Chop twice to enable flash light which is always great around the house you don’t even have to unlock your phone just chopped twice it’ll turn it on and off here’s a look at the different moto actions that are offered looks like the g. fast has a couple that the Moto e does not including the quick capture so if I double twist this it will open up the camera and if I double twist again it will flip to that front-facing camera and vice versa after holding the two phones I’m also noticing that the back on the G fast has a little bit of a curve to it as opposed to the ease is kind of more of a flat back so that’s everything I want to talk about for now with the Moto G fast and the Moto e a $50 difference between the two devices and both of them seems solid drop a comment let me know which one you prefer which one you’d go with and obviously with the G fest you get a little bit more but you save a little bit more money with the Moto e 2020 now let’s go ahead and actually test out that fingerprint scanner set our finger down slight vibration seems to unlock really quickly let’s go ahead and set it down I’ll axe right away so nice and fast but that is it again guys more content coming be sure to click that subscribe button as always guys thanks

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