This RIDICULOUS MSI Pre-Built Did Not Survive The Video…

i’m actually delighted about today’s video due to the fact that i gotten through craigslist knife fighting this insane looking msi pc gaming prebuilt and today we’re gon na do some heinous things to it now just by considering the box you can see that this is not your usual garden gaming pre-built i mean take a look at it it’s got little ears although taking into consideration that it’s an msi prebuilt it’s most likely gon na have at least one trouser whoopsie throughout this video it does it does have an odor uh you understand when you were a little child and you ‘d like most likely to another person’s residence that smelled very noticeably various to yours it type of is that vibe it simply smells like someone else’s house which is fascinating oh yes there we go that is best pc ever now i’m quite contrasted by the appearances of this thing due to the fact that the grownup in me is going that’s quite garish yet the child in me is like it looks like a gundam’s head what more might you desire in a computer although in terms of construct quality it does do that the front i o is rather conventional we have actually obtained a pair of square usb ports and also a type c port on the front some front audio headers and afterwards we want some and also trendy which i haven’t seen in a while a front hdmi port for vr nice now if we look at the side you can see that the format of this case is actually quite interesting we have the graphics card panel right here which has a little mesh and after that plastic for one reason or another i guess plastic

covered ventilation looks even more gondomy i do not understand and also in the base of the system we have a surprisingly losery looking power supply which does not bode well for what’s coming later in this video and after that around the back we have what resembles a common msi motherboard which is good as well as you can see that it’s kind of behind the graphics card so this is laid out type of like a dan situation on the inside besides the power supply placement in the base however with that allow’s open this really war-scarred gundam and take a look at the insides now this is a gtx 1070 which indicates this isn’t the most recent pre-built as you can probably inform by the problem of it however it’s still a very solid graphics card and also this is a really wonderful version i like that they have some mesh behind the bit of perspex you recognize they obtained to consider air flow in these scenarios in the top of the situation we have the necessary gpu illuminating rgb if you look under the graphics card it resembles there’s some genuine fascinating things going on inside optimus prime’s head so let’s dig a bit deeper no chance is that an empty solitary laptop ram slot on the back of the motherboard fine now we truly require to obtain that graphics card bent on see what’s going on on the various other side of this motherboard yeah there we go whoa no means what is this thing so on the back of the graphics card we have this blower style fan that is used for cooling the cpu down here so this i believe is an i7 7700 that we have under there which is a quad-core

cpu with these two warm pipelines that add right into right here and after that this follower blows warm out the back of the case that is not a lot of cooling remedy if i’m honest and after that ideal next to that we have the absolute divine grail of pre-built ram configurations a solitary 8 job stick of laptop memory hell yeah msi hell yeah fine so i just spent the last 3 hours screwing to get this base loosened however with any luck we have access to the power supply now allow’s see it comes off it’s an fsp system as well as it’s it’s 450 watts uh this is not gon na go well however before we do anything outrageous to it let’s fire it up as well as see what type of temperatures we receive from this strange laptop desktop crossbreed since is the regrettable trouble with purchasing a used prebuilt is you can’t see what type of sexually transmitted disease it’s filled down with out of the box since this seems like it’s a user windows re-install below is our 7700 and also our 8 jobs of laptop computer ram going for 2400 megahertz allowed’s have a consider the pc gaming efficiency beginning that gtx 1070 is just resting at regarding 40 percent usage uh currently the cpu is greater than that it’s about 63 usage which suggests state it with me youngsters we have a traffic jam going on as well as we can only guess what it is right currently granted there’s not much power draw taking place however those temperature levels are truly unexpected that’s really

pretty impressive currently in all justness thinking about the cpu application which quickly leapt to 90 uh the ram arrangement may not be the only trouble we have below however we’ll test that a bit later with that allow’s try a much more requiring video game and see exactly how it exactly how it manages that alright so with field of battle 5 at 1080p high settings that cpu is functioning a great deal more difficult than the graphics card that’s intriguing uh i question exactly how much oh fine nevermind i wonder exactly how much of that is due to the memory setup i’m unsure exactly how much of an impact a single channel laptop ram configuration has on a desktop computer systems efficiency so i’ll go down a complete package in in a second yet initial i believe we must attempt an an additional video game wow the power make use of that cpu is extremely reduced considering the hundred percent usage uh currently it isn’t a k variation of the cpu so regrettably we can not overclock it over four ghz however thinking about that we’re approaching to around 70 levels celsius there’s not an enormous quantity of headroom left in the cooling solution okay so i have actually been running the video game for about half an hour as well as temperature levels are fine uh the cpu has actually peaked at regarding 73 levels celsius and also the gpu is in the mid-60s honestly all points considered i was

expecting a heck of a whole lot worse uh yet having stated that allow’s experiment with the ram configuration and after that attempt and make it blow up now in order to see just how much the single stick of laptop ram is kneecapping the performance of this system i’m gon na drop in this twin channel kit that goes for 3200 megahertz it’s dual the ram as well as it runs faster so let’s see what a distinction it makes it’s actually bothersome that you have to get rid of the graphics card just to transform out the ram under there oh raise it out like that currently this is the ram that it includes is common it’s a solitary 8 gig stick performing at 2400 megahertz so hopefully the slightly much less dumb memory configuration will certainly assist a bit uh i hunch this is why they made use of laptop ram on this motherboard because spacing is a problem i get it use laptop ram to make up for your awful design i’m really curious to see what that’s going to do due to the fact that this does appear suspiciously like one of those thermal management by means of ram kneecapping situations oh this gpu installing is actually horrible is that is that in this it does not it’s stuck on come on reason it’s all right there we go i think we’re making of course all right there we go i think it remains in that is one of the most oem pre-built reassembly process ever before wow

that’s made a huge distinction so he or she has actually been running this system for years with a single enking’s point of laptop ram in it as well as it really makes me question the number of individuals are currently running solitary channel laptop ram setups in desktop pc gaming prebuilt that is a that is a sad idea approved we do have even more than 10 degrees higher temperature levels on the cpu currently as a result of the ram upgrade so once more i was sort of right with the whole thermal monitoring scenario well i guess the last thing entrusted to do is see if we can make this pc explode what i have actually made a decision to do was go down the most powerful graphics card i have that’ll fit in this case which is an rtx ti now for those of you with working short-term memory you’ll keep in mind that this computer only has a 450 watt power supply in it that we can’t upgrade as well as considering that attempting to power an rtx 3080 ti with a 450 watt power supply is a little bit like attempting to power a tesla with a dual a battery it might not go really well but i’m hoping that the cpu in right here will certainly bottleneck the graphics card enough that it won’t want to draw adequate power to just blow up the computer so let’s see if that functions otherwise we’ll have to under clock and also undervolt the graphics card uh but essentially we’re mosting likely to find a way for this to work so allow’s decline that in there as well as see just how it goes wow this case is virtually the worst

case condition you can run an owner’s version rtx 3080 in because this follower on the back is gon na be squished right up against that to ensure that might not go effectively yet once again i’m trusting this simply laptop ram powered 7700 to keep this graphics card in check enough that nothing blows up whoa that is local makes no distinction flush with the rear of the instance i am i’m so sorry huge guy alright well allow’s wish this goes fine now taking it one action at a time uh let’s see if it starts that’s a great begin hey we’ve started right into home windows with it it’s drawing a great deal of power yet we’re fine for the time being ah there it goes no there it goes uh we’re certainly gon na have to uh throttle it it’s actually not turning back on perhaps the power supply journey let’s see no it really did not that’s concerning um passing the scent down here i i actually assume we eliminated the power supply so the most important thing below is that the graphics card’s fine so let me rapidly plug it into a system and see if it’s okay all right i i truly hope this still functions so let’s turn that on and after that that is a fan as well as we have actually obtained a signal out yay uh so the graphics card’s penalty that’s great uh now we need to go see what occurred to the pc now i have actually put the 1070 back in the system as well as possibly it deals with this allow’s see oh it’s not firing up with the 1070 in it either oh no i killed it it’s the 3080 ti was way too much for it and also the power supply simply committed scary carry it it simply passed away oh no at the very least the 3080 ti is fine that’s that’s the important point however let’s let’s open the base as well as take a look at the power supply it scents like pc death down below i’m not gon na exist i can i can really smell

the pc death take this off yeah it’s dead uh i eliminated it fsp you plainly didn’t design the power supply in a manner that it’ll shield itself due to the fact that it didn’t although this was certainly extreme neglect on my part as well as you understand me changing blame yet still i seem like it should not simply have actually died like that but on that particular note allow’s rapidly open it up as well as very carefully look inside now it is extremely dense so it’s challenging to have a close look in all of the spaces as well as crannies in below yet i actually don’t see any kind of noticeable damage in right here uh after that again i do not really know what i’m looking for it was a really anticlimactic power supply fatality there wasn’t even a pop or anything it simply turned off but it’s most definitely dead i did likewise attempt as well as power it up without a graphics card in it or anything as well as there’s there’s no power going from this into the system like something devastating happened as well as uh with that i do not actually know what else to claim besides i am a computer killer i assumption and also i am very happy that 3080 ti is fine uh so yeah thank you for seeing if you delighted in the video clip sign up for the channel possibly consider enjoying one more video clip where i do not destroy a prebuilt an idea will appear in a second and also up until the next video clip thank you bye you

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