I Can’t Figure Out What’s Wrong With This Gigabyte RX 6950 XT

The various other day gigabyte sent out over this behemoth rx 69 * cough cough * 50 xt and also as you can see it has a magnificently ginormous cooler on it and uh this graphics card has actually been driving me insane because the moment i first took it out of the box so what we’re gon na do in today’s video is i’m gon na stroll you via the problem and after that just how i attempt to identify it and also then we’re gon na talk concerning gigabytes reaction to the whole circumstance currently my initial strategy for this video was to take the rx 6950xt and also the rtx 3090 ti throwing them in a sector dropping a blade on the flooring and just kind of seeing what happened but after that when the 6950xt handily obtained its cheeks slapped at 1440p i was confused that’s not intended to take place right especially with a game like battleground 5 which really likes it some amd gpu so i went and also had a look at some testimonials and also realized that yeah my 6950xt should not have been so quickly taken care of by the 3090ti as well as then after doing some excavating the only metrics of how my card was running that really did not make sense aside from the fairly truthfully crazy coil a glass of wine from the card was the power draw figures you can see below in this technology power-up review with their sapphire cards they were getting regarding 390 watts of power draw while video gaming where i was seeing 290 watts in fact that 290 watts was lower than what technology power up saw their 6900 xt attracting currently you might be assuming darwin clearly the sapphire auto simply has a particularly aggressive power draw but tech powerup likewise examined the gigabyte variation of the 6950xt as well as their gigabyte card was attracting 390 watts the very same goes for the review the technology testers did on their gigabyte card more on that later in fact but there’s plainly something strange going on with my card remarkably digital patterns likewise got a gigabyte 6950 xt and also they were reporting the very same max power draw of 290 watts that i was seeing on my

card and they were also having strangely low efficiency so it appears like my gigabyte card isn’t the only one enduring from poor nutrition so having had a brief consider the trouble allowed’s check in with past david to see exactly how he tried to repair the trouble now i’ve tried a number of points with this graphics card up until now i’ve tried three different chauffeur variations ddu wiping in in between installs that really did not have an impact i additionally attempted switching between the different bios on the graphics card both the bios really act specifically the very same which is quite weird i have actually also re-installed the firmware on the graphics card making use of gigabyte’s firmware installer that really did not aid either i likewise experimented with quite much every power setting i could discover in the motorists and also nothing’s really aided as a matter of fact when i go to msi afterburner and also draw the power draw slider completely to the ideal i just get like 300 watts of power draw on the graphics card so even overclocking at quote unquote hasn’t actually done anything currently one point that does worry me regarding what’s taking place here is there’s quite bad coil gripe on this graphics card worse than the 3090 ti had it’s so bad as a matter of fact that the power supply is screaming like a pet cat with its tail caught in the door uh so the following point that i’m gon na try and also do is replace the power supply i don’t think it’s mosting likely to aid with the power draw problems yet allow’s see what it provides for the

coil one well that really did not make a difference with a brand-new power supply it still seems like a geiger counter near the elephant’s foot and it’s not really aided our power draw figures not that i believed it would uh but it’s actually unusual due to the fact that the back plate gets scorching warm yet if you inspect every one of the temperature levels they all appear regular as well as it’s not like it’s behaving like it’s throttling right it goes straight to 290 watts and then it simply sits there so i don’t understand i assume i’m gon na need to obtain a various bios for this card or else we’re we’re stuck good news i discovered a video clip by an outstanding tech network called tech testers where they likewise look at one of these gigabyte rx 6950xt cards although this was behaving a great deal more in line with what you would certainly anticipate they were getting regarding 380 watts of power draw in contrast to the 280 of mine so i gotten to out to technology testers and also i was like please can you send me the bios on your card to make sure that i can blink it on right here and also see what it does as well as they really kindly did send it i have it right here so thanks really much tech testers i’ll have that video connected in the description below so if you intend to go check it out it’s down in the description so yeah allow’s mount this biography on below and see what it does ah yes success and also surprisingly you can see that there are actually different biographies versions so let’s see if this makes a distinction a couple of minutes later on wait why would that not have actually fixed it that’s so unusual i i have no idea what’s wrong with this graphics card uh allow me let me try another bios let me let me attempt again no that additionally didn’t aid i i am really promptly lacking ideas right here to be

truthful uh i think the only point that i haven’t tried yet is allow’s allow’s alter the examination bed out allow’s put a different system in there see maybe perhaps that does mobilize all right well it’s just introduced in an entirely various platform let’s see what that does and afterwards my last suggestion was to just tear the graphics card down to see if there were any evident problems on the pcb however thinking about that there had not been any kind of strangling going on i had not been truly confident as well as apart from the reality that the vapor chamber just looked like a forensic team’s damp dream with every one of those fingerprints it simply looks like an actually badass graphics card’s pcb and also with my inexperienced eye it looks fine and also after investing four days on this i couldn’t truly consider anything else to do so with that i think it’s time to promptly review what gigabyte needed to say concerning this whole situation now the final point we need to speak concerning here is gigabyte’s response to this entire scenario uh now i connected to gigabyte the moment i determined there was something wrong in my eyes with the graphics card and also then my uh call at gigabyte quickly responded with well that does appear quite weird i’ve connected to hq in the meanwhile have you attempted both the silent and also the oc bios’s and which firmware version do you carry the graphics card they then got back to me a little bit later as well as they claimed i simply had a phone call with hq and they

just need to know which vehicle driver version you were making use of for the testing and also like i pointed out earlier in the video over the program of the screening i made use of three various vehicle driver variations all of which acted about the same whereupon my contributor that again has been very useful via this entire process they maintained reacting to all of my badgering and things extremely pleasantly so i actually appreciate that however they said that okay we’re gon na require some time to determine what’s taking place below so i delayed the video clip to provide a little bit more time yet ever since i’ve not truly had the ability to get anymore details out of gigabyte i emailed my get in touch with once again this early morning and also i was like hey um it’s been four service days can you at the very least give me a sign of whether or not gigabyte considers this behavior to be unusual or otherwise is it outside of spec and also uh they they could not do that which is pretty unusual like gigabyte you made the item surely you need to instantly be able to inform if it’s behaving unusually contrasted to what you meant it to do like what and that indicates that as for i’m worried there are one of two things going on here either gigabyte implied for their variation of the 6950xt to simply draw about 290 watts of power while gaming and also this card is working as planned which would be quite silly because if you consider standards of like a sapphire variation of the 6950xt which attracts about 390 watts of power while video gaming it hardly outmatches

the version that this card changes the 6900 xd which implies the 6950xt is currently a meaningless item that you’re paying an extra two hundred dollars for you don’t have any headroom to lose performance as a result of conventional power decline numbers like yes so there’s the one thing as well as then the other option is that there’s something wrong with this graphics card and gigabyte’s not had the ability to find out what it is yet which i’m kind of leaning in the direction of that thinking about that the tech testers card i suggest they showed correct power draw figures for their card and i once more i truly appreciate you sending out over your biographies since it kind of includes to just how odd this entire situation resembles why did that different biographies variation not deal with the power draw on this card i i don’t actually understand what’s going on but that has to do with as much details as i have on the topic so thank you for seeing allow me know in the remark area down listed below what you think of this whole scenario i will do a follow-up video as soon as gigabyte find out what’s taking place uh it’ll either be a brief or a full video relying on the scope of the situation so look into for that as well as uh yep up until the next video clip thanks bye you

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