Review Realme 8 Pro As good as Redmi Note 10 Pro?

if you need a new smartphone that doesn’t suction but national budgets is tighter than a haddocks pealing bit then one creator you should definitely consider is realme like its big competitive xiaomi realme likes to pump out solid smartphones at a delightful rate and its freshest budget handset for 2021 is this bad boy here the realme 8 pro and this boasts some very impressive specs definitely including an amoled spectacle and a 108 megapixel buttock camera to take on xiaomi’s very own redmi note 10 pro now i’ve been using the realme 8 pro as my full meter smartphone so here is my in-depth review and for more on the most recent and greatest tech including summaries of the best budget smartphones in 2021 satisfy do shove subscribe and ding that notifications bell encourages now the real me 8 pro ain’t precisely compact at 6.4 inches but it’s certainly not as big as some other recent fund blowers and it is reasonably light as well at simply 176 grams and the design is fairly typical for a plan smartphone around this toll level the realme 8 pro is wrapped in a plastic make which elongates from the edges all the way

around the back and it’s got a lovely textured finish as well to aid grip and prevent any nasty greasy finger scuffs oh and just in case you didn’t notice it there’s also a fairly sizable motto labelled across that arse precisely the kind of thing that you wouldn’t shout at someone tolerate precariously at the edge of a cliff it’s definitely a very bold move by real mean one that could well potentially put off a lot of uh consumers as well but at the very least it’s a conversation piece when we all start engagement up in bars again you’ve got two main colour picks with the real me 8 pro infinite blue-blooded or this here infinite black model which sounds pretty morbid for sure but don’t worry you shouldn’t find yourself staring into that infinite blacknes surfacing and meditating the very fragile nature of our macrocosm at least i didn’t unless i started hitting the scotch jolly hard-bitten and apparently there will too be a fluorescent yellow version of the real me8 pro available in some regions as well which resounds altogether batch but it should be a bit brighter and happier at least and yeah because the realme 8 pro is created from plastic you can expect scratches and scratches designed to strengthen over period although touchwood after a few days it’s still glancing jolly fresh you do get a condom case

bundled in the box which is always handy and this thing has already hurled down onto a hard lavatory storey and touchwood emerged utterly unscathed hazard and it’s more good news when you actually boot the phone up as well because the real me 8 pro athletics the latest android 11 os plus that all new and improved real me ui 2.0 this is still effectively hue os by a slightly different name and while it certainly has its shortcomings like that ultimate gather of a aims menu there’s still slew of material to cherish here too real me ui is certainly easier to customize than furnish android with a personalization section that gives you full hold over the icons fonts menu colours and other chips and forget that bog standard dark procedure because now you’ve got three points of darkness and there’s an always on display feature to take advantage of that oled screen you’ve got some nifty gesticulate dominate in there including the bit of lights to wake activity all the usual shenanigans and a very much appreciated one-handed mode as well when i can actually get it to work because our hazard imbibes all over and sure real me ui can be a bit janky in places the livings aren’t always super smooth which can give the illusion the performance isn’t quite as good as it actually is but overall i’d say that the benefits outweigh the drawbacks and all of the other aspects that i expected from a budgetee

smartphone were present and correct including dual sim carry plus a separate microsd slot to expand that charitable 128 gigs of storage and yeah you’ve got nfc on now with full google peer expressed support for your contactless pays highly very useful certainly these days you likewise have an in-display fingerprint sensor to authorize remittances and to unlock the phone and regrettably it’s not the best example of an in-screen scanner that i’ve exploited overall it tends to work all right but seldom it’ll just take sort of two or three attempts to actually recognize your print and unlock the smartphone which can get fairly frustrating i even removed the uh on-screen protector which came pre-installed exactly to see if that was you know bulking it in any way doesn’t seem to have improved it at all but fortunately the real me a pro are supportive of some unusually dependable face acceptance which drudgeries a blaze of a lot better combined with develop to wake the real media pro pretty much unlocks as soon as you pick the phone up which means you can then get on with revering that fairly 6.4 inch super amoled screen it’s still pretty rare to see an oled screen on a fund smartphone around this sort of price point although last year’s real me 7 pro did shatter that trend with the oled screen and of course xiaomi’s redmi note 10 pro

very impressive budget handset recently came out with an oled parade as well the real me 8 pro is certainly a feast for the eyes with its abrupt differentiate reasonably punchy qualities and wide contemplating angles it’s not the brightest screen around but i didn’t struggle to see outdoors and the full hd plus settlement certainly retains movies and photos gaping super sharp-worded the xiaomi phone does overpower the real me april when it comes to the refresh rate however because the redmi note 10 pro sported a 120 hertz refresh for us now on the real me it’s just a bog standard 60 hertz body while the real me8 pro only substantiates a mono orator setup as well instead of a stereo speaker setup at least it’s pretty bloody-minded strident formerly you bump it up to the maximum volume another perfectly no issues with bluetooth 5 connectivity as well connected to headphones orators nice strong stable joining throughout no questions no judders plus you too get a headphone jack and if you’ve got a pair of phones that support high-res audio well so does the realme 8 pro so good times all around the like last year’s real me 7 pro you once again have qualcomm snapdragon 720 g chipset running the show and it’s a definite shame that the specs haven’t been boosted for this fresher model still you’ve got a somewhat generous six or eight gigs of ddr4 ram in backup and daily shenanigans were fine and dandy on this 8 gig

model i did examine some slowdown in transition periods when zipping through the ui and such forth but i think that’s more down to the launcher than the actual performance and certainly no worries if you want to relax by render random online strangers with a dozen brand-new orifices courtesy of an m15 machine gun games like summon of duty portable represent beautifully even on those higher graphic fixes helped by the accept 180 hertz contact sampling while realme ui’s comprehensive gaming mode also offers up all of the usual implements including resource management and notification blocking to give you that competitive edge you’ve got a 4 500 milliamp battery crammed into this plastic chassis and certainly that did the job absolutely fine even on the longer steers with slew of camera use media stream and all that good nonsense with around five to six hours of screen on time i generally still had around sort of 20 25 battery i left at the end of the day i don’t know why i’m speaking like this you got support for that 50 watt super hurl accusation tech as well so you get a full charge in under an hour even from a totally drained artillery and you actually get 65 watt influence adapter bundled in the box as well which is exceedingly charitable for a plan smartphone especially when some smartphone producers can’t be

bothered to bundle any charger with their overpriced blowers so realme is making a big deal about the camera tech here on the 8 pro notably that 108 megapixel samsung h2 sensor and like xiaomi’s 108 megapixel optics on the redmi notation 10 pro this uses nine in one pixel bin and merely to help give you somewhat brighter more balanced ogling shots so what the hell are you be brought to an end with is 12 megapixel selects that are still detailed enough to enjoy on a observer or a tele you can swap to a 108 megapixel procedure if you miss more details but the dye breeding clearly suffers as a result now the majority of members of my measure photos on that 12 megapixel auto modes came out well you will see some insignificant over saturation in bright conditions and topics who won’t specially fond of lethal do seldom come out of it blurry exactly the usual budget frailties for darker panoramas you currently switch to night mode which helps to brighten up the shot it’s not exactly a miracle worker but it does the number of jobs and for a different viewpoint you can always barter to that eight megapixel ultra wide angle lens this obviously does not come with the benefit of that pixel bin saw you will notice that idols can be a little bit murkier complexions don’t inspect quite as natural and overall it’s not quite as immense but it’s always an option you’ve also got a macro lens on now which is fine if you want to shoot something from great distances of a couple of centimeters plus a monochrome painting lens that helps to produce some instead delicious results

for your human topics you’ve got a variety of effects and filters to choose between including the ability to drain the shade from the rest of the photo very funky you’ll find a same selection of filters and recreation modes when you swap to shoot and video including a bokeh aspect that works all right but leaves a fuzzy kind of halo around your subject and more coloring highlighting options as well though bear in mind you’ll have to shoot at low-grade resolution to activate these on the other hand your standard 4k footage will look good no problems here with focus although the audio pickup is surely a little weak unless you’re actually right next to the phone and last up fling it around to the front and you’ve got a 16 megapixel selfie cam that’s your conventional basic plan crap-shooter ended with normal portrait smarts and all of that jazz and that right there is my full review of the realme 8 pro and while it doesn’t relatively baste my turkey in the same lovely nature that the xiaomi redmi greenback 10 pro did it’s certainly a solid plan smartphone in every relation i would have liked to have seen an upgrade to that snapdragon programme and unfortunately the exhibition can’t quite match the redmi observe 10 pro either despite the fact it is all the yummy flake of all that action oh and if you’ve got the real me seven pro don’t concern yourself with improving because it is just a adolescent step up so that’s my hopes regardless on the real me it probably be great to hear what you guys recall down in specific comments below and delight do check out my run-ups on the other uh budget smartphones you can grab right now in the uk in 2021 including that redmi note 10 pro which i can’t stop bursting about apologetics and for more on the latest greatest tech please do poking subscribe and ding that notifications bell and have yourselves a marvelous residue of the week glees everyone love you oh

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