Lenovo Chromebook Duet Unboxing and Hands On!

hey everyone tim scofield here it’s time to take a look at the chromebook duet from lenovo and obviously running the chrome os you get the best of both worlds with a two-in-one design it is a 10.1 inch tablet however it comes with a detachable keyboard so of course you can use it like a laptop or detach it use it like a tablet aside from that the chromebook duet has the octa-core helio p60t processor from mediatek and speaking of mediatek they are the sponsors of this video so shout out to them for supporting the channel so we are going to unbox the chromebook duet take a quick look at what comes inside and then of course get some hands-on with this device show off the hardware and of course that chrome os software let’s go ahead and get started opening the box right away we have that 10.1 inch chromebook essentially a tablet obviously becomes a laptop when you connect it to that keyboard oh looking at the back i hope that’s not a sticker that’s kind of a cool accent it has on the back we’re going to set the tablet to the side for just a second and continue through inside our quick start guide and a usb type c to 3.5 millimeter headphone jack adapter you also have your ac adapter usb type a and your charging cable usb type a to usb type c and as i mentioned in the box you do get your keyboard to attach to

this tablet however you also get this back which i really do like the style of it and it does attach via magnets you’ll see just completely flat on this side that will attach to it now uh this acts as the stand so it does have a crease right here and you can just lift it on up and it will go ahead and prop up your tablet you can go all the way here so a bunch of different angles you can use and of course once you have it attached to the keyboard you can have it propped up so you can type and see it just like a laptop and a quick look at the keyboard which does have a touch pad let’s peel this sticker on off and you’ll see there is where the connection will be to the tablet flipping it over it does have some grip down at the bottom uh probably so it will actually stay and not slide on the surface on to what you came to see the chromebook duet let’s take a look at that hardware sliding it out of the plastic and yes it does have that blue accent to the more darker gray style i really do like the accent they went with in style it’s actually a very premium

feeling chromebook let’s take a close look at the hardware on the bottom right is where that usb-c slot is for charging moving along you have your power button which has some texture to it so you’ll be able to find it pretty easily and then above that are your colored volume rockers we’re actually going to go ahead and start turning on this tablet and continue through about the hardware up at the top you have two speakers and two microphones so dual speakers to this chromebook and then moving along on the left side absolutely nothing take note there is a small little camera bump down at the bottom is of course where that connection will be to the keyboard on the back lenovo logo moving along there’s another look at that 8 megapixel rear camera and you also do have your chrome logo the chromebook duet booted up let’s go i’m going to run through the startup process talk about anything noteworthy once we get through it we will go ahead and connect our keyboard and case after signing into your google account you can add a pin that way you don’t have to type in your google password every single time unfortunately there is no fingerprint scanner i do wish this uh chromebook had that we are now on the home screen revealing the 10.1 inch 1920 by 1200 ips lcd display i’m also noticing how light this chromebook is should be very easy to carry around very comfortable now let’s go ahead and put on the back cover again it should use magnets to

connect to it let’s just kind of line it up and it seemed to actually follow have found its way into the right spot with some magnets it actually feels really strong cut out is just fine for that camera now while holding it you also get a little bit extra grip because of the texture on the back if you look in the bottom left or bottom right corner you’ll notice there’s a bit of a slot where you can slide your finger and easily find that back hinge so when you’re using it in tablet mode or maybe connected to the keyboard you don’t even have to flip it around to get that hinge out and as you can see when in tablet mode very convenient to have this back cover on maybe you’re eating breakfast bowl of cereal or maybe you’re in a video conference you can prop it up and you don’t even need to use the keyboard and speaking of the keyboard let’s go ahead and try and connect it uh wow the magnet was actually really strong when connecting to it and as you can tell it auto detects when it will connect to the keyboard and on chrome os it will go into that more laptop mode as opposed to a tablet mode with all of your apps open and the cursor should go ahead and show up it works just fine you can click the bottom left to get to certain things such as search or of course swipe up and it does have gestures you’ll see i’m using two fingers to swipe up and down you do have your shortcuts down at the

bottom and your notifications in the bottom right of course wanted to test out performance with that helio p60t processor for mediatek and right away i downloaded jumped into a pub g game actually went all the way through really didn’t see any frame drops whatsoever and was also able to multitask and everything went really smooth had a couple chrome tabs open wild playing pub g and it swapped back and forth between apps very quickly and seamlessly so that was nice to see and even ended up getting a win in pub g so great that you can actually game and be productive at the same time this tablet is also great not just for playing games but also watching video whether it’s netflix youtube you name it it’s great because it’s so portable i can just carry it around with me and it’s comfortable or of course with the back cover on i could just snap it on or just leave it on at all times and then if i want to go ahead and set something up and not have to hold it i just set it down and it’s at a perfect angle for me to watch so this has been a great device for multimedia consumption another really great thing i’ve noticed about this two in one is that you can use it in tablet mode while the keyboard is still attached so i do have it attached you’ll notice nothing is happening when i’m touching the trackpad when i’m touching the keyboard on the back because it does detect actually when you start to bring the keyboard back forward i will do that right now it will detect that the

keyboard has detached from the back case and it brought up the mode where it can use the trackpad and keyboard now but then if i go ahead and clasp it all the way back you’ll notice it went into that tablet mode really useful especially if i want to quickly do something with the touchscreen and then go ahead and close it back up and keep that screen protected you also may need to get a little bit of work done maybe even some school work done and chromebooks are great for that especially because anything you can do in the chrome browser you can do on a chromebook and if for whatever reason you need a specific app it does have the play store on it so anything in the place for any productivity apps uh even some games if you want to go ahead and sneak some games in you can have it so you see a pdf you got microsoft word all at your disposal on the chromebook and don’t forget with the chromebook duet it has two cameras one on the back for taking pictures and also one on the front so if you are in some video chats uh some web conferences that will work just fine let’s go into there is a specific camera app so if you wanted to go into it and take some pictures we can go ahead and snap a quick picture there turn it snap another one if we wanted to flip the camera the bottom left right here so we could see me shooting this video right here there’s a lot of light going on as you can tell but we can snap a quick picture you can also take video if we jump into

settings on the camera resolution on the left side here you’ll notice that it goes all the way up to 1200 p with the front facing camera and 1080p with the back facing camera so you can shoot in hd video with both lenses on the right sides where you choose the mode photo video square and even a portrait mode if you’d like to take some portrait shots and just a quick test we are going to shut down the chromebook duet and see how long it takes to boot up all right pressing the power button on the right side let’s see how long it takes to boot up once we sign in it should bring us to the home screen and as you can see loads up the chrome browser for you right away and that’s it you’re ready to go so one great thing about this mediatek processor is how quick it’s going to wake from sleep and of course with the chrome os being so lightweight it runs really well so that’s everything i want to talk about for now with the lenovo chromebook duet so far i’m really impressed it has a very premium design to it really like that it comes with that back cover along with the keyboard chrome os does a good job switching between tablet and keyboard mode and of course it’s very snappy so far with that helio p60t processor from mediatek shout out to them again for sponsoring this video drop a comment let me know what you think about the chromebook duet uh be sure to subscribe as well a lot more content coming soon and as always guys thanks

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