ECOVACS DEEBOT X1 Turbo: The New Robot Vacuum and Mop!

hey everyone tim schofield right here it has to do with that time for some springtime cleaning once more it’s getting warmer outside my location is getting extremely messy but i’m going to get a great deal of assistance this year from ecovax with their new dbot x1 turbo robot vacuum and wiping cleaner however not just does it vacuum cleaner as well as mop it additionally has a lot of functions built into it including voice controls and also also a video camera constructed in we’ll show all this off in this video i do want to offer a thanks as well as proclaim to ecovax for funding this video clip as well as sending the dbot x1 turbo for us to examine out so we are gon na take a fast look what comes inside the box and then obtain some hands-on with this cleaner show off several of the really trendy features that it has allowed’s start and also allow’s take a fast appearance inside the deebot x1 turbo from ecovax as well as see what we get allow’s see what we obtain in the box first off we have a pair mop pads that we can take a fast close look at you get a couple brushes to attach to the robotic vacuum and likewise the conventional pamphlets and also inside that is just a cleaning device you have your charging cord and opening this up onto the robotic vacuum cleaner itself as well as here is the dbot x1 turbo-y check out that brand-new design extremely smooth black as well as silver style just a quick close-up the power button up at the front additionally wish to direct out you have 3 microphones constructed in

because you can voice control this robot vacuum i’ll reveal that a little later in the video and also proceeding with let’s proceed and also peel these off as you just saw this whole top plate in fact comes off gotten in touch with magnets extremely easy to take off and also simply snap back on taking it off exposes the power switch along with our dirt bin to empty out once it collects all of that dirt and dust that you’re mosting likely to be cleansing at the end of the deebot x1 turbo we have 2 areas for our mop pads which i’m showing with one hand exactly how very easy it is to affix them just proceed and establish them on and also they will attach they are linked they have magnets to make them stick remain solid yet once more really simple to place on as well as remove as well as to end up connected our brushes outside to get those annoying edges and also right here’s simply a peek at the brush between that will help clean up whatever up on the back we have our dust electrical outlet the ports to charge our vacuum as well as likewise our water inlet for that mopping system as well as examine this out on the front you have a load of various sensing units which we’ll obviously evaluate out you’ll see with their aivi 3d modern technology to really scan things in your area consisting of furnishings and provide you a 3d make i’m delighted to actually check that out as well as a glance at that cleaning station which also couples as a dock as well as holds those containers for your mopping system again just extremely sleek looking i like the layout of this system constantly pleasing peeling

off the top plastic there you do have some system control so you not just can utilize your voice you can simply go ahead as well as utilize the storage tank right here and also opening it up reveals where those 2 containers are one for the tidy water one for the filthy water you’ve also obtained a couple extras right in right here you have a full brush to clean up the vacuum cleaner if demand be and also a couple extra mop pads so they are exchangeable and allow’s say for instance you want to change the ones that included it you might just break on some new ones the back also has some cable management for the power line yet allow’s proceed and also set up the ecovax app and also obtain this all set up really easy configuration process just making use of the ecovax house application obtaining it linked to your wi-fi and also you are all ready to go allow’s enter the smart cleaning and the very first time you require to establish up their voice aide so you can manage it simply with your voice as well as all you need to claim is alright eco as well as it will certainly identify what you’re claiming with commands one point to discuss is they have a quick mapping function and it drew up my house so quick and i prepared to go ecovex true mapping 2.0 technology actually works well they really use technology located in self-driving autos to draw up your house and also also offer a 3d make below is the 3d provide

of my home with the various spaces as well as what it does is it locates items and really puts them on the map so it recognizes what is where for example it recognizes i have a sofa coffee table and a rug right there perfectly in the best place actually it’s extremely precise a chair in the edge table and chairs there even when you visit the bed room it understood that this was a bed so it automatically put those there you can add furniture and actually customize the map to make sure that it knows where certain items are truly exact as well as a really cool as well as valuable attribute the deebot x1 turbo has first-rate features to intelligently vacuum and also mop your residence double rotating sponges rotate at 180 rpm for strong scrubbing action there’s also an auto rug detection so while it is mopping your floors it recognizes oh certainly you don’t intend to obtain your carpet all wet so it will keep away from your carpet as well as only mop where it is required it has a large container to fill that water so not only will it wipe it’ll clean dry and afterwards re-fill the mop so you don’t need to constantly keep refilling the storage tank with water considering that it currently holds a lot as well as after doing some screening really delighted with the wiping especially currently that it’s a bit a lot more wet outside bringing in mud off of footwear it cleans it up very promptly precisely and after that if as an example i spill something in the kitchen area

it’s advised to do a quick wipe and afterwards i can send them as much as the kitchen to ensure it’s all cleansed up and go back so there’s no need to weep over spilled milk anymore something concerning the dbod x1 turbo that has actually been excellent is the vehicle avoidance with that said ai vi 3d innovation it recognizes common house challenge prevent collisions like shoes possibly wires wires was the biggest one i even checked out just putting a wire in the middle of the area which various other robotic vacuums that i’ve utilized have gotten twisted on and it understands that it exists and also in fact just vacuums right around it it’s really amazing how well it works and if you saw on those sensors it looks like there’s an electronic camera in the front of that vacuum that’s because there is you really have a cam video clip mode built right into the app so you can use that camera as well as in fact see what your robot vacuum cleaner is seeing which is wonderful you might have it send it to an area you could look at a pet while you’re away you could simply make certain that there’s no trespassers it likewise works quite possibly to identify where there’s edges so if you have staircases in your house certainly don’t stress plainly i did a great deal of screening to see to it that it had not been going to diminish any kind of high cliff okay eco i’m right here return to base return to the terminal as well as lastly that eco voice control that you carry the dbod x1 turbo very useful a great deal much more helpful than i.

assumed it was mosting likely to be especially it’s simply even beginning quiting you can direct it to a certain area that you identify you can alter settings you can cleanse certain locations there’s no demand for your phone any third-party clever speakers which it does have support for by the method however you can have it clean around the sofa possibly you can send it clean up the living room it’s so useful so that’s every little thing i wish to talk regarding in the meantime with the deebot x1 turbo from ecovax one of the most outstanding robotic vacuum i have actually utilized thus far i can definitely advise it it has been the most effective one that i have ever used to cleanse my residence the item avoidance has actually been vital due to the fact that i do not always intend to tidy up so i can vacuum or wipe my residence it’s wonderful to be able to just kind of leave a couple items around not to clean them up while the vacuum’s running and also after that certainly just having that big mopping tank so that i do not need to keep replenishing it very great for mopping anyways i wish you enjoyed the video clip make certain to go down a comment allow me recognize what you assume i will certainly be certain to link to whatever down in the summary of the video clip and as constantly thanks.

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