Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4!

hi there everybody tim schofield here it’s time to look into an additional folding phone the galaxy z turn for samsung sent this over to us a little bit very early so many thanks for that we are going to unpack it take a glimpse what comes inside additionally i did just unpack the new fold 4 i have actually obtained it right behind me i can connect to that video down in the summary however in this one we are going to have a look at the all-new z-flip four very excited for the z-flip 4 with the flip three something i really said was i desired a larger battery in the flip version as well as this year they really added a bigger capacity battery so extremely thrilled to attempt this phone out also a great deal much more material coming quickly on the brand-new watches this phone the new earbuds so make certain to subscribe so you’re notified when that goes real-time i will certainly likewise link to where the pre-order is down in the summary uh they do a great deal of trade-in value all that excellent things however

let’s take a look as well as obtain some hands-on with the new z flip 4 from samsung below is our galaxy z turn 4 from samsung side note i just got the brand-new galaxy butts 2 professional in the mail as well i will make an unboxing video clip soon of that anyways on that z turn 4 opening it up reveals that purple color that they have i’m mosting likely to set this phone to the side for just a 2nd proceed with you also get a sim ejection device our typical brochure and a usb type-c to usb type-c cord for billing to make sure that’s whatever that can be found in the box and on the flip 4 allowed’s check out this brand-new phone from samsung it is covered in plastic let’s peel off that off very promptly there we go now we can take an excellent take a look at that purple shade turning it over discloses the folding inside display screen oh man constantly so gratifying specifically getting off a call simply see you later however it does have a great costs really feel just like the layer does so the flip likewise just the samsung does an actually good work with their joint making it great as well as limited it’s not loosened it’s not mosting likely to totter once you have it in a particular place it remains there and afterwards shutting it does not feel affordable whatsoever anyways let’s go on and power on our tool and also take a close check out that hardware while the phone boots up down at the base

microphone usb type-c port for charging one of our audio speakers relocating along the appropriate side is where component of that joint is simply make note just how smooth that links there we have our power switch which additionally pairs as a fingerprint scanner volume rockers right over it very minimal video camera bump almost non-existent it simply extends out just a little and after that up in the direction of the leading an additional microphone along the left side of the device is where our sim card port is which’s simply regarding it a close consider that bora purple shade looks truly wonderful uh it does have a little an accent where that hinge is mosting likely to be as well as up towards the top simply a two tone tinting with the black up towards the top because there is a complete screen right below with a dual cam system you have 2 12 megapixel lenses an ultra broad angle lens as well as a typical vast angle lens as well as obviously let’s obtain a close-up of the hinge device when you do close it exposes that samsung branding and just a close-up of it when it is fully shut so fairly seamless down below simply a bit of a space right there and also all the way up opening up like i said simply really truly exceptional feeling to the joint i have no concerns whatsoever about these phones not being resilient they are really resilient as well as i have actually regularly utilized them without a situation uncreative all right opening it up with that said being said do not hesitate to utilize a situation if you desire some additional

protection on your phone currently i’m gon na run via the start-up process and also discuss anything that’s significant very easy to establish up that finger print scanner which is developed right into that power button just go in advance and also establish our thumb down i also intend to make note while i established this fingerprint scanner up that there is a pre-installed screen protector because front display you can see a little bit of a cut out if that light hits it appropriately so nice that samsung does include one pre-installed when you obtain the tool anyways proceeding through establishing our thumb down there we go we can include more uh finger prints if you wish to possibly that left pointer finger i’m going to proceed via the arrangement procedure and also samsung offers you suggestions regarding caring for your phone with it being a collapsible phone however like i discussed i have actually had no problems in terms of sturdiness in terms of any type of problems with the hinge or the crease you are prepared up ready to go allow’s continue via onto the home screen of our brand-new galaxy z flip 4. So i just changed the wallpaper and also you have a lots of modification options that turn up such as a shade scheme which will certainly transform buttons icons within the system and different apps you can transform it on the fly to something that you like you can apply them to the icons too so there we go our brand-new wallpaper is pre-installed right here is a close-up of that 6.7 inch dynamic amoled screen this increases to 120 hertz so it does look really smooth as well as there’s a close-up that you can see that display protector that’s pre-installed with the reduced out around that front-facing video camera but the display looks excellent it looks extremely smooth when using it since of that 120 hertz and really promptly diving right into settings display just to reveal you it is on adaptive so it will certainly rise to 120 hertz you can bump it down to 60 hertz if you so choose since isn’t the only screen on this phone clearly guy it’s just so enjoyable having a screen that simply folds in it’s just truly cool anyways like i pointed out there is this front screen so when it’s totally folded up shut not only does it make it more small it does have functionality with that front display 1.9 inch extremely amoled display you can totally personalize it we’ll dive right into that in a bit yet you can have activities it will reveal alerts timer schedule you can add a widget if you want to go

right into the electronic camera simply dual press that power switch and it will fill it on up you can change the setting by swiping altering that lens from the ultra vast and also the conventional wide angle as well as just tap to take a photo so if i swipe through you can most likely to video you can image as well as after that portrait setting as well so a great deal of different choices if you desire to take a photo you might simply touch or you can press that quantity rocker which i typically do or you can simply tap the display i do not such as to do that unless i’m utilizing fine so it does provide you a little a timer if you touch the screen which behaves due to the fact that if you’re using your ideal hand you can get your thumb off the beaten track of the lenses so extremely practical as well as a means that you can utilize those main lenses which are going to take much better images than that inside front encountering video camera lens and also with it opened up allow’s simply break a pair quick images extremely little shutter lag going right into the ultra large at.5 x you would certainly additionally focus right up to 10 x yet this is electronic zoom so there is no telephoto lens so any type of zooming you do beyond one x will certainly be digital zoom as well as for instance if i’m taking a photo of somebody you can push this symbol in the top right and it will certainly do a display preview to make sure that they can obtain an appearance of what the lens is seeing and what

you’re seeing on screen to simply aid with the photo as well as the shot so really nice capability there and also flex setting is still on the flip for if you proceed and also transform it you’ll observe the application automatically identifies it suffices in half you have the viewfinder up towards the top but now you can go in advance and take a selfie or oops i mistakenly uh secured the phone sorry about that you can take a selfie you can switch it to the rear cam and also established a shot for yourself which is wonderful specifically whoops if i have that i keep pressing the power switch i’m sorry guys fine turn that cover display on and also there we go i can establish up a shot obviously it could be at a various angle a much better angle however i can take a photo of myself and angle it just how i intend to without even having to make use of a tripod as well as this does have the current snapdragon 8 plus gen 1 processor on top of that you have a 3700 milliamp hour battery which has enhanced in size however the weight and size of this phone does not really feel much various than the previous version which is extremely

welcome edition i can i’m really very happy that they went with a larger battery that was simply something that was required from the previous generation you do additionally obtain an ipx8 score for water resistance so if you accidentally splash some water it obtains captured in the rain i would not fret concerning it which is fantastic on a folding phone additionally simply evaluating out that uh finger print scanner very quick really precise flex setting can also be utilized throughout a number of various applications so if i remain in an application say like chrome an icon will certainly show up you touch it there and you can tailor what apps will certainly utilize the flex setting panel so for now i changed it to chrome and there we go it acknowledges that it remains in flex mode so currently you have a group of alternatives such as audio brightness display shot lower your notifications however you likewise have a track pad alternative as well as you’ll observe a full cursor will show up up towards the leading it’ll even switch over if you require to click on something you can use motions two fingers to scroll if i simply click a symbol it simply works like it would a typical trackpad on a laptop computer truly neat now ultimately allow’s go back into our settings you do not just need to make use of these navigating switches you

can in fact change it to gestures if you so choose it’s up to you there are additionally various other gestures that you can allow like lift to wake you can additionally have finger print scanner motions so if you intend to open up the alert panel with your thumb utilizing that fingerprint scanner you can do so like i stated you can entirely personalize that cover display consisting of the clock design there’s a lot of various ones different uh clocks different fonts different pictures on there it’s really approximately you how you wish to tailor that as well as in addition to that the widgets that are used if you desire to have the ability to see the weather condition if you intend to see samsung health and wellness direct dial smart things you can reorder them so you’ll notice there’s a great deal of different ones it’s extremely great to have a music one when i’m when the phone’s closed i’m listening to songs great to be able to control that anyways that is nearly every little thing i desired to flaunt in the meantime with the brand-new galaxy z flip 4 from samsung decline a comment let me know what you believe if you’re gon na grab one of these folding phones like i discussed a lot more content coming quickly on this phone the layer too which i have in my pocket today so extra video clips ahead on both of these tools i hope you delighted in the video clip be sure to click that thumbs up and also as always thanks.

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