Acer Chromebook Spin 513 (MediaTek Kompanio) Impressions After 1 Week!

hey everyone tim scofield here today we’re going to take an appearance at the chromebook that i have actually been utilizing as my primary tool for just over a week currently the acer chromebook spin 513. now this is the initial arm based costs chromebook that is licensed by google and once more arm based because it is powered by mediatek’s companio 1380. i do need to offer a big thanks to mediatech for sponsoring this video clip and sending this chromebook over for us to look into as well as test out now acer chromebook spin 513 properly named due to the fact that it will certainly rotate all the method around 360 degrees as it is a 2 two-in-one anyways intended to discuss my experiences over the past week using this arm-based chromebook you’ll see it packed up this video game today i prepare to simply start playing today yet anyways let’s study the video and my experiences with the acer chromebook spin 513 let’s begin to begin allow’s take a more detailed take a look at the hardware of the acer chromebook spin 513. Along the left side you have actually obtained a usb type c port usb kind a port good to have both earphone jack as well as a micro sd card so you can expand storage if you ‘d like here’s a glance at the void to open up the cover it’s actually relatively easy to open up along the right side you’ve obtained volume rockers an additional usb type-c port and our power switch down near the bottom are where those audio speakers are you additionally have holds on each side plus a full hold bar down towards the back simply a general sleek looking device below’s a close consider that hinge that does copulate around 360 levels as well as obviously desire to take a more detailed look at that hinge opening device simply makes it a lot extra functional to transform it into a tablet and utilize it in other modes a close consider that key-board on the chromebook rotate a great deal of shortcuts up on top terrific to have a solid quantity of travel to this keyboard as well i would certainly claim ordinary feeling in terms of just how satisfying it is to kind on it’s it’s comfortable though which is wonderful as well as then that glass track pad with corning gorilla

glass on it it is the very best i truly do like this trackpad it’s really accurate it’s a solid dimension for this dimension display relocating on to one of my favored components regarding this chromebook is that 13.5 inch screen in regards to resolution it really relates to regarding a 2k display so having that resolution in a chromebook is quite unexpected but likewise truly good to have especially because it’s something that you can just basically turn right into a tablet and usage as just a screen it doesn’t always need to be a laptop whatsoever times this screen is likewise a 3 2 aspect ratio which i assume hits the pleasant spot especially when it pertains to a tablet form factor likewise in the past when i’ve made use of other chromebooks i have actually been a little careful about the display screen just because of its illumination particularly outside and you recognize i was evaluating this out everywhere various coffee bar various restaurants i was out on my patio area and also this display screen carried out quite possibly it absolutely gets really intense i am extremely delighted with the brightness and also the resolution of this display screen one of the disadvantages of the chromebook spin are those lower shooting speakers as you know i prefer them developed where the sound is coming towards you they also do not get quite as loud as i ‘d like they’re simply really average speakers which you understand when you have a laptop so thin and light it sort of makes feeling

among the means around that though if you do desire to make use of the audio speakers you can simply turn it up and also i discover myself utilizing it in this setting all of the moment when i’m watching something when i’m playing a video game paying attention to songs due to the fact that then the speakers are facing up as well as the noise is coming towards me much more it helps out fairly a little bit so they’re not just shooting right to the table or whatever that’s below the laptop computer and also you know the majority of the time when i’m bringing this chromebook with me full blast and about at coffeehouse everywhere i’m simply making use of earphones these attach really effortlessly with bluetooth headphones i’ve had no problems on that end the companio 1380 additionally permits wi-fi six connection so this chromebook does have wi-fi six integrated which is wonderful since my house router has that also when i secure with my phone it secures using wi-fi 6 so it’s extremely useful to have due to the fact that i’m tethering to my phone at all times when i’m out at coffee shops and such just to maintain it even more of a personal network i do not necessarily such as to link to public network networks if i can avoid it moving along allow’s chat concerning efficiency clearly onto that companio 1380 chipset that this chromebook does have i was really delighted to test it

out once again with it being arm based i like that direction especially with it remaining in a chrome based os the companio 1380 has pci express gen 3 and usb 3.2 gen 1 which allows development and customization possibility for brands to differentiate their gadget creates so acer certainly took that companio 1380 as well as simply enabled this layout out of it including all of those features that this chipset permits as well as performance has been really great like i stated i’ve been utilizing this as my major laptop computer and also it handles every little thing i’ve thrown at it i have actually been collaborating with a great deal of spreadsheets a great deal of multitasking as well as i mean a whole lot there’s simply a great deal of points i’ve been servicing at the same time as well as it just keeps everything in the background it runs very smoothly and also i can change between applications extremely swiftly not only is that easily accessible efficiency from the companio 1380 great to have at coffeehouse contemporary and around i additionally took place a fast road journey too it’s been wonderful while traveling bringing it with me suits a backpack it’s really light but i additionally appreciated enjoying netflix shows in the cars and truck in tablet computer setting additionally obtaining a little of job done in the automobile too it simply was an excellent experience in general while

taking a trip not simply multitasking don’t neglect you have accessibility to the play shop on chromebook so you can install those greater end video games which have actually been a lot of fun to play on this larger display as well as structure prices have been smooth and consistent it’s been a great deal of enjoyable it’s excellent to have this powerful companio 1380 while on the move and i can play games and also multitask so the companio 1380 not only brings efficiency when it involves battery life i get nearly 9-10 hours of everyday usage out of this laptop which is really solid it approaches various other chromebooks as well as laptops that you’ve seen available however when you factor in that display resolution how bright it gets along with the efficiency that you leave the companio 1380 battery life is great when you factor all of those points in and also all in all acer has done a good task with this two in one chromebook enabling it to rotate all the way around it has all the ports that i now try to find in a laptop computer so this really does obtain me delighted regarding laptops chromebooks moving forward utilizing processors similar to this companio 1380. Anyways go down a comment let me understand you assume about this chromebook if you’re looking to pick one up be sure to give this video clip a thumbs up great deals of material coming soon be sure to subscribe and as always thanks.

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