Honor Magic 2 – NEW Flagship KILLER

yo what’s up guys are back with your man technic you go to guy for videos on the latest tip now today we have more of the latest tick from my trio from this past week start with the xiaomi me mix 3 went on to the 1 + 60 and now we have the boner magic – now this is an 8 gig 128 gig variants which is right in the middle of the lineup for the magic – which starts off with 6 gigs 128 gigs which costs roughly the same price as the oneplus 60 and me mix 3 8 gig 128 gig variants to keep that in mind the same price you’re gonna get two gigs less Ram but that shouldn’t really matter because of what is in the sky this has a Kirin 980 chipset in it that is the same chipset as what is inside the Huawei May 20 May 28 and May 20 Pro the best cell phone 7 nanometre chipset in the world for Android right now is in a budget smartphone and only water a couple weeks after the May 20 release date which cost Weiss the prices this phone and this has so much going for it this phone is on a slider 8 gigs of ram huge storage you can put an actual SD card in this guy you don’t have to get that silly little card thing for the the may 20 m 8 when you put this is the silver gradient version there’s also a pink gradient version and a blue gradient version so guys this is the automatic tube and without further ado let’s go go ahead open this gum right up yeah so looking at the box it’s all blue you could see the whole slider effect going on here which is cool yeah there’s really not much to look at when it comes to the actual box it’s really nice and subtle but that’s because of the magic inside this thing we’re presented with is the automatic two over here to the xiaomi me mix three cover that I have for you got actually almost identical even feel similar that’s Matt obviously you can see that huge cut out there for the triple then setup on this phone what do you what charging block now this is the same charging block that you see with the huawei mate 20 and make 20 Pro this is supposed to charge your phone up to 70% in just 30 minutes that is mad fastener USB type-c cable now just one thing to mention with the phone the type-c jack is actually

USB 3.1 and so many more budget phones actually just have USB tooth a little bit of purple inside of the type-c ports as well as the USB a port on the other side there you can actually see it a lot more the purple over there so it’s a little little finishes like that that that’s not to win your heart of especially in these budget phones that so many bigger companies don’t do they pretty much just give you the phone basic cable they’ve been using for so many years and that’s about it see it’s a 3.5 millimeter jack since there’s no headphone jack in this phone on I’ve done away with it so many companies have done away with it move on with your lives guys get yourself a pair of wireless headphones kissing on the phone here first thing that you notice is that there is a fingerprint scanner here and there is a sliding animation going on over there now at the back they show you that you can use two sims which is great as well so if you do decide to throw an SD card you won’t be able to use the second sim it’s one sexy gradient finish and that is why I opted for this it’s almost like a blackish blue throwing into silver look that is it’s a bit subtle but it’s still really classy nice I start putting some fingerprints all over that I mean it could be a lot worse first of all no cut out for the fingerprint sensor so where’s that they have one yes indeed

they do and that is under the screen but before we go to that we have our three cameras here are triple lens setup we have a 16 megapixel main shooter RGB lens we have a 24 megapixel monochrome lens which is still kind of pointless in my books would it be nice to have that a telephoto like why we are doing now at their friends and then we have a 16 megapixel wide camera lens ultra wide which is great for those extra snaps that you can get from a distance without having to move back so looking at the side of the phone we have the the power button over here we have the volume rocker along here tiny antenna line there little antenna line here looks what to be an art IR blaster over there another antenna line we have the dual sim and microSD card slots over there at the bottom of the phone we have a single firing speaker and we have the USB type-c port now on the front of the phone we are treated to a six point three nine inch AMOLED display now this is full HD plus resolution so this is just 1080p if you guys have a look at the chin is really minimal now this has a 95% screen to body ratio which is pretty much the best in the business the slider similar to the Xiaomi mimics three and here we go there it is so on the front here we actually have the speaker grille now that is quite a hefty speaker grille which makes me

think that this is for stereo sound which is great that’s that’s non-existent on the mix 3 we also have a triple lens camera setup here so we have a main 16 megapixel shooter with 2 2 megapixel depth sensors and we also have an infrared 3d map over here which is not quite as good as 3d facial recognition but it is a step above the standard facial recognition that you get with most of these phones that just utilized the camera turning it over you have a curved back over here I’m sorry Xiaomi this feels a lot more solid than the mix 3 it’s just the design just feels like there was more thought put into it and the slider it’s not as loud just look at the flow of the magic 2 and how they’ve been down there it just looks more natural compared to the Xiao Meis which is actually it’s just flat and stale it just looks like a cheaper phone even though it cost the same just looking at these two phones I mean I mean hit me up in the comments below but I’m favoring over the magic here but to turn this on to show you guys that wonderful AMOLED display so now I wanted to talk about the colors real quick while this boots up and the biggest thing is that if you do get the blue version the blue variants of this phone the blue comes along on the front as well as the pink so it kind of takes away from that whole image to feel that you get with the phone emui $9 and that is running based on android 9 pi and now let’s enroll the fingerprint this process looks identical to the mate 20 pro and that is because this is the exact exact same fingerprint scanner that’s done now face unlock him lie down the screen to start if that this fingerprint

sensor there it is so just a little click that’s super quick let’s try it again real quick and let’s test the fingerprint sense at the back here which is a physical one which is seriously fast so we’re gonna use these two together one two three slightly faster and the Xiaomi that is the automatic two and it gets a thumbs up for me on this design alone this is beautiful now the biggest thing for me is that this wonderful phone is almost right in the middle of the oneplus 60 and the Xiaomi mimics three it has the under display fingerprint sensor to the likes of the oneplus 60 and it has the slider mechanism to that of the likes of the Xiaomi mimics three it ditches any lower aim chip said that you would think comes along with this phone and throws in a cure 980 the world’s fastest seven nanometer chips it in Android first you have 40 watts for charging which is madness this is the honor magic two and this is one beautiful looking phone now with that gradient shimmer and the slider this is probably one of the most attractive phones that are out there this phone is breathtaking and I am super excited to bring you guys a full review on this device now Myra for review on this phone will be out within the next week or two so please stay tuned guys hit that subscribe button down below and until next time guys this is technic

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