Honor Magic 2 vs OnePlus 6T vs Mi MIX 3 vs Note 9 Battery Life Drain Test

you guys asked for it and here it is a battery drain taste of four of the hottest phones right now we have the oneplus 60 with their biggest ever 3700 milliampere battery the automatic two with an impressive 3500 milli ampere battery a less impressive 3200 milliampere battery fan on the mix three and finally the samsung galaxy note man with the biggest of the bunch of 4000 milliampere battery now all of these are running great chipsets we have the 60 and mix three the snapdragon a 45 we have the magic to running Kirin 980 and we have the note done running their own Exynos Lanny 810 chip now the three on the lift that you see here all paired with eight gigs of RAM and 128 gigs of storage and the note 9 is the slightly lower 6 gigs of ram variants now these are incredible phones guys enjoy the video without further ado let’s go so I started all of these on 100% juice guys we’ve hit Spotify straight off the bat sure I’ve made sure to get all of their displays as accurate as possible when it comes to brightness which is actually all at the max they are all impressive AMOLED displays and two of them here are actually running Samsung early D displays so you can see that the

automatic 2 is starting off strong stored 100% while the 60 is not far behind paired with the note done at 97 96 percent and the mix 3 is starting to fall behind at 94 93 % the automatic 2 is now dipped down to 99% on Facebook o Twitter next is Facebook guys so Facebook comes up just after this and running this test after 43 minutes you can see that neither is starting to really hit it up you can see 91% on the 60 96 percent on the magic to 89 percent on the mix 3 which is the lowest of the bunch and the note 9 not far behind that with the its 4000 milliampere battery so now going through on Facebook watching some videos over there you can see that we have just hit the hour mark and none of them are really budging too much they are all impressive when it does come to battery life due to their impressive chipsets in them now I have said all of them recording at 1080p at 60 frames per second since all of them are capable of that but not all of them are capable at running 4k at 60 frames per second only the 60 the mix three and the note nine can do that unfortunately the automatic two can not do 4k at sixty it is limited to 30 frames per second so another drawback of the

note 9 though is it cannot record for more than 10 minutes so that is getting capped there moving on to helix jump we are all sitting within the 70s here the highest being the magic 2 with 77 76% the 60 running 70% now then we have the note 9 at 71% the note 9 and the 60 are actually quite on par I was really surprised with this considering the three hundred milli ampere difference between the two but what I’m really impressed with here is the magic 2 is up doing itself with just the 3500 milliampere battery but that is because it is the only one running a7 animator chip with its current 980 the latest from flower gas so all of these are really impressive phones and they all have insane specs the best of the best for this year of 2018 which will sadly be replaced quite soon for the likes of the mixed read load 9 and 60 early next year with the new Snapdragon chip coming out but the automatic 2 will hold its gain on that chipset and hopefully improve that with its embedded software close to the end of next year so we still have a your left of the Kirin 980 which is great guys if you’re looking to future-proof that is

probably your way to go now we’re hitting on – Shazam now you guys need to let me know if you like this test this is my first time running this kind of test and I’ve watched plenty different videos on YouTube and done so much research on how to actually do this test and be as accurate as possible I have mixed in some social apps I have mixed in benchmarking apps gaming apps everything that you would usually do obviously you wouldn’t benchmark your phone every day but hey they’re awesome if you’re out there I have just put those in for the high performance users so if you do not do those expect to get at least 30 minutes to an extra hour of screen on time from these phones just for some casual gaming and social media which is what you guys will usually be doing if it’s me it’s pretty much just youtube and social media so I’m looking at closer to the 8 arm off with screen on time because those are not heavy hitting things now we aren’t angry and we have surpassed a three-hour mark we’re all below 50% here but the automatic to just under 50% with 47% there for 60 at 43% along with the node 9 at the same and the mix 3 is dropping heavily to 34% as you can see the automatic 2 is just 3 is just 200 milli amperes away from the 60 but it is doing better and the 4,000 milliampere battery which is 500 milliamps

more than the automatic 2 is doing worse than the magic 2 so the mix 3 ratio to the magic two shouldn’t be so crazy but like I said that 7 nanometre chip really does help but there so now we are sitting on Instagram and going through some videos and we are just hitting the four hour mark now you can see the mix 3 is now under 30% neither of the others are sweating at at the moment the magic to just hit under 40% where the rest of them are edging on that 30% mark the mix 3 going to that 20% mark as I did put performance mode on for the antutu benchmark that just ran and now we’re gonna run some Geekbench or tests just to push it a little bit more to see what these phones are capable of when it comes to battery life now I did make sure that I turned all the performance modes off on the phones the 60 unfortunately does not have a performance mode but it does have a gaming mode which optimizes the GPU CPU and the RAM in the phone which is pretty much exactly the same as the performance mode found on the other three devices I did turn it off for this test I’ll turn it back on later just to edge it out and see all the way through so we are hitting 13% on the mix 3 12 percent the lowest so far the note 9 not so impressive with that huge 4000

milliampere battery but it is sitting on 20% the 3700 ampere battery on the 60 is actually doing better than it but remember that the 3 phones the 60 the magic 2 and the mix 3 are all running Android 9 PI where the Galaxy Note 9 is still stuck on 8.1 Oreo so that does have a little bit of effect it’s a play in the test guys so we’re hitting only 20% on the magic 2 now 70% on the 60 14% on the note 9 and 4 percent 3 percent on the mix three guys that mix 3 is gonna go any second now where the others are still they don’t want to die yet so we’re still going with this I’m still really impressed and there goes the mix three with a whopping five hours in 19 minutes now if you look at that this is just a slightly bigger battery than the iPhone x-bar though it does a better job by about 20 minutes there so that is impressive but then again that does have an LCD display with us as an AMOLED display all of these displays are a minute guys so we have the 60 rainy eight percent at the node 9 3 percent there and the magic two at 8 percent you can see that the magic 2 is dropping quite significantly near the end here it is now matching ranks with the 60 where the node 9 is about a hit off and there it is with 5 hours and 46 minutes and then we have the 60 and the magic tube batting it out what do you guys think I feel the magic 2 is just dipping down that little bit and I went from 2% to 0% there guys I’ll explain a little bit later but it skipped that one percent mark and just shutdown it 5 hours 54 minutes which is still mad impressive just 6 minutes later we hit

the 60 with the 6 hour mark now turning them all back on just to see if they have reduced to 60 and the mix 3 did not budge but the note 9 and the magic tooth did the North not shut off pretty quickly but the owner still had 2% produced live and in first place we have the oneplus 60 with a crazy six-hour mark right there guys that is impressive to say the least giving that I did do some crazy benchmarks second place the automatic to crazy impressive not that much smaller battery to the 1 plus 60 and it came in at five hours 54 minutes just 6 minutes less third-placed in no time with a huge battery bigger than the rest but still less than the first two with 5 hours and 46 minutes and in last place 4th place should I say the mix 3 with 5 hours 19 which is not crazy bad but it is slightly disappointing considering that their previous phone did do slightly better in that department let me know what you think of the video down below give me some suggestions and as always this is technique

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