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yo what’s up guys you’re back with your man technic you’re good you got food videos on the latest tick now today it really is all about the latest tick because everyone has mark their calendars down for this day the 8th of March 2019 for Samsung’s 10th iteration of their is line up the decade of ice phones and I can’t say how excited I am to unbox the is 10 plus there are two other versions that you get the regular is 10 with a 6.1 inch eminence screen and the stnd which is the cheap of the bunch still with the same internals you don’t have the infinity code display that is curved and that comes with a 5.8 inch display and this is a 6 point 4 inch display the same mat you see on the Galaxy Note 9 now I am more of a note enthusiast myself so this is gonna have to do until the note 10 drops near the end of this year in fall but I’m really amped to see what’s in this phone and what’s in a box and it’s just I cannot tell you how excited I have been to open this guy up and I’ve left it here for you guys so I can share this moment with you guys and to give you my initial thoughts on what I think of the STM plus and if it is actually over the upgrade for you guys coming from an SAS or an ace 9 even a note 9 they don’t just released a couple months back but anyway it has pretty much every feature that you could think of Under the Sun when it

comes to smartphones a smartphone hard way enthusiast this is their dream period guys I here to unbox this for you and without further ado let’s go so opening up the box the first thing that you see is the phone which is not usually what you see when you first open a Samsung box usually see the cover over here but after watching a couple of videos I realized that they’ve actually tucked it away here now this may look a little different to other a stains and a stain pluses around there but this is the Hong Kong variant so bear in mind that this may be a little different in what comes in the box may be slightly different to what you get in the US and in the UK I’m really happy that Samsung have included a hard case here these are my preferred cases it just shows off the design of the S range a lot nicer than the soft cases that kind of pick up dirt after a while yeah this is a 15 watt charging block so it is not any higher than the previous generation s 9s 9 plus and the note 9 in the box is the little boot EG adapter so you can pop a USB straight into the USB type-c port the type c charging cable and like I said you’re gonna get USB 3.1 daughter trance daughter transfer files from your s 10 and s 10 plus which has been the case for a while now so that on your PC transferring files between your PC and your phone will go breezy unlike other Chinese manufacturing cell phone companies which don’t have that included at all they just stick to USB 2.0 Samsung have always and I mean always they have never not included a pair of earphones whether they have ditched the earphone jack or not they have not just by the way one of the few

companies that actually have not but even the companies that still have headphones headphone jacks don’t include earphones not all of them do and Samsung not only includes wide earphones with a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack they include classy ones from AKG something that’s it’s just worth mentioning it’s just it’s the kind of quality that you get from what is Samsung there’s the buds they look pretty great I really like how they made it white because of the white phone and of course we have this wonderful braided cable so they really do give you some high quality goodies in the box for sure oh wow this is this power button is really high up I mean I’ve got pretty big hands but this is a really high up uh button why they did not match this height with the big speed button down here I have no idea but I guess you can double tap to wake so there’s always that so now here is the back this prism what and I have the 8 gig 128 gig variants so I don’t have the ceramic watcher but I do have this white which is actually protected by Gorilla Glass 5 which is awesome just like the Shamim and there I’m not sure if you guys can see it but like reflecting lights off my PC kind of give it and kind of look it’s almost like a classy pearly kind of look and when you look around the sides here as we obviously have the power button which I mentioned before which is

extremely high up there this is a seven point eight millimeter thick phone the Xiaomi me9 which I recently did a couple videos for and I have my review coming out for you better check that out so stay tuned for that that is seven point six millimeters thick and I already said that is extremely thin so this isn’t too much thicker at the top here we of course have the SIM card slot over here and not only does it support your sims that actually supports micro SD s up to 512 gigs of SD card support which is great to see Anna phone you don’t even see SD cards supported influence these days on the left we have the volume rocker and we of course have the Bigsby button which thankfully can now be remapped to another app though unfortunately it cannot be remapped to another AI assistance or say Google assistant for example at the bottom we have a single firing speaker pretty much looks the same as what you would see on the s9 and s9 plus we have the headphone jack there which is always a nice plus and then of course we have the USB type-c port and the single firing speaker down there which is then paired with the stereo speaker at the top here now on the front we have a six point four inch AMOLED 1440p display which can be down scale to 1080p if you’d like and then of course we have this wonderful Samsung infinity Oh displays what they call it we have these curves on the side which actually feel a lot less prominent than previous devices they kind of curve and then sloped directly down instead of like making this long curve so it

actually feels a little more premium and I guess the curves won’t get in the way and maybe it’ll be a bit better for your palms as well but we have two lenses at the top yen’s talking about these two lenses we have a 10 megapixel and an 8 megapixel depth sensor so that’s one of the firsts well definitely a first for Samsung one of the first phones with this feature on as well other than previous phones from last year of course their May 20 pro being one of them and at the back we now have three senses another first for Samsung the first sensor that we have is well two of the senses are actually exactly the same senses that you see on the Samsung galaxy note 9 one of them is 12 megapixel telephoto lens another one is 12 megapixel varying aperture main wide lens and now they have added a 16 megapixel ultra wide lens for those zoomed out shots so it should take pretty similar pictures to the s 9 + s 9 + and of course the note 9 as well but now you have that whole factor of widening the shot which is always great to see on a phone I’m pretty sure it is just a matter of time until all phones have that feature so we’re gonna go ahead now and set up the phone but before we do that I just want to mention then the bezels on this phone actually really

slim the top bezel is pretty much the slimmest I’ve ever seen there’s almost no bezel on the size thanks to the curves and at the bottom it is one of the tiniest I’ve seen though it would it be nice to go all the way down but then you would have to bend your LED display back like iPhone does and that Rockets up the prize but now I want to add a fingerprint for you guys not just because I do it every time I have an unboxing video but this is actually the first time and the first for any phones have an ultrasonic sound waves fingerprint sensor so what it does is it actually uses vibrations to go through the phone’s display to kind of pick up the different depths of your fingerprints which is a lot better than the regular optical ones that you see in phones such as the Xiaomi me 9 and the 1 plus 60 and the mate 20 / and so on so this is said to be a lot more effective a lot more efficient a lot safer but it is a tad slower what ultrasonic practically does is if you have water on your fingers you’re busy eating some crisps maybe your hands are but dirty and maybe they’re but money it picks up the depths of your fingerprints so it doesn’t necessarily need to see it as a picture it kind of it’s it’s almost like the difference between facial recognition and 3d facial mapping that the iPhone X s has well look at that display now this is a thousand two hundred and fifteen myths this is the brightest phone in the world to date and there

is it there it is on full brightness I mean my camera is struggling to keep up with this brightness and the turn is killing me so I’m gonna put that on mute for you guys but this brightness I mean just look at this display the colors it’s just I know they’ve knocked the saturation down it but which is actually going in the right direction I’m really happy with that sorry if the background just dimmed a bit there just because of how bright the screen is so let’s turn that brightness down a little for you guys to be a little easier on your eyes there and I just want to go ahead and unlock the phone with the fingerprint for the first time I’ll be unlocking a phone with an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor yeah there is and it’s in it’s not the fastest I’ve seen but let’s see accuracy and what-have-you just put my finger oh and we’re in again I really like that animation I’m really happy with it I mean the speed actually isn’t too slow with what other reviewers have been saying I think it’s pretty on par and knowing that my finger is gonna work every time far outweighs the speed of it even if it’s just by a millisecond slower it is flat as anything these there’s barely a camera bump at all I’m not sure if you guys watch my mean on video but that camera bump on that phone is absolutely massive that it is a bit of a thinner phone but there is absolutely no wobble on this phone whatsoever I’m really excited to give this phone a true run for its money and a full breakdown in my review and before we wrap this up guys I did promise you I’d clip this cover on for you guys so let’s go ahead and pop this on and see what it looks like remember we do have Gorilla Glass 5 at the back so I’m not worried about scratches and we have a gorilla gloss 6 in the front of course you get a ceramic back with the 512

gig hearings but this is only 128 K clearance look at that I mean that is just so much nicer than a silicon case so there you guys have it the samsung galaxy ace 10 plus now this is the 8 gig 128 gig very actually the bottom of the range 1 you can opt for the 512 the immersion as well which has a wonderful white ceramic back which definitely makes it a bit heavier I’m ready digging this prism wide over here it kind of gives it like a pony look it’s really classy I’m really enjoying it the thickness of the phone is it actually feels a lot smaller than my note 9 I’ll be sure to compare this to the note 9 and give you guys my thoughts on which phone I actually think is better since I’ve been using the node 9 is daily driver since it dropped the screen looks phenomenal these two lenses on the front look epic it’s waterproof it has micro SD card support of up to 500 gigs it is a headphone jack over there it has wine is charging 15 watt wireless charging 4100 milliampere battery it has 15 watt wide charging so the wired and wireless charging haven’t really increased actually at all but they now is 9 watt reverse wireless charging so pop a pair of your new Samsung buds on buds on the top and throw on your Galaxy watch as well and it’s a life your full review comes out I’ll definitely be doing some charge tests on this guy I’ll be doing some battery drain tests so stay tuned on my channel for more on the samsung galaxy s 10 plus and until next time guys this is technic

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