Review Xiaomi Mi 9 – A Step In The Right Direction

the sharmini 9 is not your ordinary smartphone filled with stupid features to make up for lost in premium specs it is a monster piece of tape to say the least it is paid with the latest and greatest Snapdragon 855 chipsets which can crash anything in its line of science with plenty leg room to spare it has eight gigs of RAM which is not the highest seen in a phone before but it’s still an overkill in terms of RAM management it has been fitted with a triple camera setup for incredible photo taking in ultra wide wide and even lossless zoom view it can charge at ridiculous speeds wide and wirelessly and to top it all off has an HDR 10 ready Full HD plus 6.39 inch AMOLED display which is both bright and vibrant oh and let’s not forget about that $500 price tag the body of the me9 is like a confused supermodel that is unsure on what the future holds it is impressively thin at just seven point six millimeters but has a camera bump that is arguably half the thickness of the phone itself it has body paints that is sure to turn some heads based on color change from light reflection and has curves that could kill but struggles to sit flat on a surface and is a tad on the slippery side the display is basalis besides from the more bearable teardrop notch star since pop-up selfie cams are so early 2018 and hole-punch notch styles are too

expensive to pair with an AMOLED screen above the slim notch there is an earpiece that can double up as a second stereo speaker and beside it lays a slim yes slim again LED notification light which is always welcome the chin at the bottom of the panel has been reduced and is more symmetrical with the rest of the bezels but is still noticeable where the screen runs off into the sides there is a power button with a volume bar a dedicated AR button on the left which is useless unless you can speak Chinese but is said to be Google approved in the global version but even then cannot be customized there is an IR blaster on top which is pretty pointless for me but for some is a nice little addition and finally it has a USB to type C port sandwiched between a single downward firing speaker and exhaust for heat dissipation physical looks aside me UI TN now includes a pleasant always-on display can be customized more than before and even has an epic little Sun position and a major option which feels pretty futuristic I like it getting into Xiaomi software hub can be done super fast thanks to a very snappy facial recognition system and an average in display fingerprint sensor I say average because it is an optical one instead of samsung’s new ultrasonic one which is supposed to be game-changing charmese optical one isn’t terrible but i still find myself opting for facial recognition when the scanner doesn’t recognize my print due to water dust or just cold weather

furthermore it has a bit of a fault when the charger is plugged in and you try scan your finger this weird animated epileptic fit happens with the sensor and always on display but I’m sure that will be addressed with a future software updates nevertheless it is there and it works just as well as let’s say the one plus 60 though I would have preferred a physical sensor instead if ultrasonic wasn’t an option the extra room could have been used for a bigger battery if you ask me speaking about the battery it is just 3300 milli amperes now five years ago that would have been impressive but in an age of four thousand plus milliampere batteries it seems pretty subpar however paired with an efficient seven animator chip you can expect on display times on par with a 4000 milliampere battery paid with an all the 10 nanometer chip you’re looking at anything around 5 to 7 screen on time hours I’ll be doing a battery drain test on this soon so stay tuned for that but should you be a heavy user and need to fuel up more often than not you’re treated to two ways in doing so the first being 27 watt wide charging which can shoot your phone up from 0 to 100 in less than an hour as I recently tested be sure to check that out after this video the second being wireless charging but this is where Xiaomi have really outdone themselves they have broken records with 20 watt fast wireless charging which I have

yet to test since it doesn’t come with a wireless charger in the box but is said to charge your phone up in a run an hour and a half thanks to its relatively small battery size other than the me 9 being equipped with an efficient 7 nanometer chip it has also become more battery Freni thanks to me UI 10 not only does it look better and pack some great features but also includes dock mode a first for Xiaomi phones which improves battery life since AMOLED screens feed off of dark backgrounds this also applies to most system apps when the feature is enabled there are many features that you’re probably already aware of but there are some that really stand out for me though still seem to need some work for instance the full screen navigation gestures are great but having the back action limited to inward swipes from either side of the display still don’t make sense to me not only is it hard to use with one hand but often doesn’t work at all when in an apps such as gallery since it is used for something different within the app itself one thing the side swipe is useful for though is holding in from the side to seamlessly switch between recent apps this is great but I think this should be the only feature related to science wipes another great feature to have is double tap to wake which I usually use quite often if available but whenever the phone is in my pocket it wakes every few seconds which leads to battery drain it just seems a bit too sensitive hopefully this will be

addressed in a software update another piece of software innovation is shammies new fingerprint shortcut menu holding down the sensor after the phone is unlocked opens a quick menu for shortcuts but it takes its time to open and would honestly just be quicker to open the app normally not only is it a bit slow but cannot be customized though I stand to be corrected for the life of me I just cannot find an option using the software skin itself is smooth and clean and has small touches that make you truly appreciate charmese efforts such as a fancy-looking volume control bar and system icon animations which occur when closing the respective app if this is not your cup of tea and you are more of a speed of light kind of person then you’ll be pleased to hear that there is an option to completely remove animations routed directly into the accessibility settings menu sharmi skin isn’t all that bad but one main complaints I have in the homescreen is the lack to adjust the grid layout you are stuck to just four icons across and six down vertical icon space isn’t a problem here but its standard for me is at least five across since it is not necessarily a small device and things just look more symmetrical with more horizontal icons what’s the fix for this you may ask well unlike Huawei Xiaomi actually allow the use of party launches such as Nova Launcher which allows for more customization screen space and cleanliness the seven nanometer Snapdragon 855 chipset is top of its class in terms of performance everything you do on the device with

animations sit on or off is snappy it is honestly the fastest device I have ever used period the only at the Snapdragon a 55 equipped phone at the moment other than the S 10 is that a nervous e5 Pro GT and that achieved an answer to score of just over 350,000 as opposed to the me 9 score of 370 thousand it seems the extra me UI 10 F at Xiaomi have put in has contributed to optimization which is good for both performance and efficiency in terms of battery life make sure you check my youtube intro run video for the me 9 after this games can’t even begin to switch what is the Snapdragon 855 and nvm social media apps this thing can even emulate old Nintendo games without lag Xiaomi seemed to have also improved Ram management’s as well instead of just killing previously opened apps with all this power you do need something to look at and thankfully Xiaomi have stuck with an AMOLED display this is actually the exact same panel as seen on the mix three before it besides from the knotch it is a bright and vibrant display as I mentioned before it looks great indoors and is still visible outdoors when sets and max brightness but keep in mind this panel has a peak brightness of 620 nuts that is just half of the new Galaxy S 10250 nuts like they say you get what you pay for but is it really worth extra cash for extra brightness 620 nits is already more than double than an average

desktop display and it’s perfectly fine outdoors it may not look as fancy but your eyes will certainly thank you for it otherwise the screen is awesome to look at and the knotch is very discreet after a while due to its curves other than display visibility the screen is fitted with Gorilla Glass 6 protection which is said to be even more scratch proof and if you would like a really lost v protection as well no worry just flip your phone over and appreciate Xiaomi for including some extra protection on the back loss too so that means no cover right not quite the camera bump is the biggest I’ve seen to date seriously it’s almost half the phone’s thickness but let’s just be happy that Xiaomi have attached sapphire glass protection which is said to be almost fully scratch proof that being said sure you could use the me9 without a fitted case but then you have to deal with a leaning effect when placed on a flat surface slap the included case on and things become more stable but even then the bump still sticks out but not by much this could certainly be a problem for some but let’s look at what is more important here what is actually under that sapphire glass protection of three cameras the first fish army the first and most important one is the primary sensor as it packs in a 48 megapixel Sony IMX 586 sensor which is the same as the honor of u-20 I recently reviewed and took as good a photo as the may 20

pro and pixel 3 XL this lens has the widest aperture of the 3 @f 1.8 regular photos come out crisp and clear in daylight settings but strangely enough it seems the view 20 took slightly better pictures even though they have the same camera this could be because of the different AI is used default mode is set to 12 megapixels as it binds all 48 megapixels for a more dense shot but when in good lighting don’t be shy to enable the 48 megapixel mode for greater detail when taking snaps at night things or rights but switch over to night mode and things get interesting not only does it brighten things up but it also handles lights a lot better making for higher details around light sources not only is it good for taking snaps at night but it can also improve light noise when taking pictures in low-light conditions especially indoors the two secondary cameras pack in 12 and 16 megapixels the former being a telephoto lens for two times optical zoom and depth effect assistants and the latter being an ultra wide lens for immersive wide shots and even doubles up as a macro sensor since it allows you to get closer to your subject both have an aperture of f-22 and all three cameras are equipped with laser autofocus which is what LG brought to the table a few years back it is not quite optical image stabilization but does the job where needed a

camera feature worth mentioning is what Xiaomi calls straighten and once enabled keeps your scene straight no matter you hold the phone this is a brilliant idea and actually retains the image quality too on the video front the me 9 once again checks all the right boxes we have 4k video running at 60 FPS which looks brilliant and 1080p at 60fps which looks just as good they are a bit shaky without any form of true stabilization but the video quality far outweigh the lack of stable frames a worthy video feature is subject tracking which can be used at 4k or 1080p it simply uses a our software to focus on a subject and follow it around much like a gimbal but bear in mind it does zoom into the subject so expect a slight loss in quality there is also an option for slow motion at 240 or 960 frames per second and both can be used at 1080p something the competition lacks 960 fps slow-mo works great and really is damn slow but 240 FPS is a lot easier to use and better for more situations in my opinion switching over to the selfie cam which is embedded in the teardrop notch you are treated to a 20 megapixel snapper with an aperture of f28 Oh pictures come out clear and packed with detail and the lens there’s a surprisingly good job of handling lights such as sun rays even though there is only a single front camera it does a pretty good job when it comes to depth effect which is only software-based though a ihubs art in that department quite well recording video with the front cam is limited to 1080p at 30fps and though it does a decent job I

suggest smartphone vloggers opt for the galaxy is tin due to its 4k front cam acrobatics above the selfie cam sits the earpiece which is slim and measures in and around an inch since it doubles up as a secondary speaker there is no dolby atmos here but the downward facing speaker is loud and clear and the earpiece adds some immersive experiences when in landscape but don’t be fooled by its size it isn’t very loud at all [Applause] me 9 is a great step in the right direction for Xiaomi it checks all the right boxes besides for a few it does not have an IFP certification so it is not waterproof but it is sealed up tight so should be a bit splash resistance it does not have a headphone jack but comes with an adapter it does not have micro SD card supports and it still has a notch though a pretty small one at that that being said it has an immersive fullscreen display with minimal bezels a monster the CPU chip that can handle anything you throw at it along with an average battery size but is well optimized thanks to that 7 nanometer chip it can be charged up in no time with extremely fast wide and wireless charging it’s extremely appealing and thin besides for that huge camera bump but that is well protected and the triple cameras within the sapphire glass takes up pleasing shots there are a few hiccups I think Xiaomi could have prevented if they pushed their launch back a bit but for this price tag there are very few phones I could recommend above the me 9 you certainly get more than your money’s worth

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