Lenovo Z6 Pro vs Nubia Red Magic 3 vs Xiaomi Mi 9 vs Galaxy S10+ Speed Test

yo what’s up men you’re back with your man technic your go-to individual for videos on the most recent take currently today it has to do with the most recent take once more I for top pet snapdragon 855 chipset mobile phones here with me or going through the ultimate speed examination on my left-hand side I have the Nubia red magic 3 with certainly a Snapdragon 805 chipset in combined with eight jobs of RAM as well as 128 gigs of storage this can copulate as much as 12 jobs ram yet i do not have that version into the right of it we have the Shamim e9 this is the variation with 8 gigs of RAM as well as 128 jobs of storage not the global 6 jobs of ram version and I have the lenovo z6 pro which does not have a worldwide launch as well as it is undoubtedly 8 jobs of ram also with 128 gigs of storage space and after that certainly on the right-hand man side I do certainly have a Snapdragon version is 10 plus with 8 gigs of ram this is Snapdragon version given that it was launched in China and just China and also United States have them because variation paid with a Snapdragon chip individuals these are all unbelievable phones as well as just try as well as birth with me throughout this examination since it’s my very first utmost rate test I’m truly delighted to see that is gon na triumph with this one so every one of these phones do certainly have some type of bump besides the s10 plus and the novice constantly has that little bit of a ridge so I’m gon na go on as well as put the covers on there and also I likewise just intended to show you men prior to the test that I have actually entered to develop options of every one of the phones as well as disabled all three animation scales below respectively I have actually additionally gone to the STA plus menu as well as transformed the resolution to full HD plus because the rest of them on natively at that cuz this test is incredibly hard to make and I hope that you can bear with me throughout this taste of my first utmost rate preference

Showdown so I will certainly be utilizing both of my hands and four of my fingers to taste this out and also I will additionally be matching it with my fantastic GoPro Hero 5 simply to see that accuracy coming from my fingers that I am without a doubt touching the apps on all the phones at the specific same time and without further trouble allow’s go so men I have placed all the rounds at the top off the bat and you can see that they all have zeros at the minute so as quickly as they obtain alloted of factors those will certainly of program increase currently I have actually asked my partner to assist me out with rounded absolutely no which is the boot up test over below since I do not necessarily have 4 hands to boot up all of these phones at the very same time however we did attempt this and also instance the dots the numerous times to get it absolutely perfect and also below it is so in round 0 will certainly be doing the boot will additionally be doing the rate of how the symbols refresh after the boots as was the face ID recognition I will not be doing as well as under screen fingerprint Santa Rita preference over below since the Nubia does not have that the brand-new VI obtains the first point over there considering that it started up quicker adhered to by the Lenovo z6 Pro and in the mean nine as well as in last area over there was the STM plus now going as well as standing out the password in over right here that gets the applications initially as well as the z6 pro obtains it so every time that something obtains allocated two factors I.

will indeed put certainly name at the top of the screen above display the devices so tools’s easier for you guys to men throughout comply with clip be sure to stick to those scores at the top though so that you can see who is that running this ultimate test supreme examination with the facial recognition the acknowledgment little taste of facial recognition now goes currently the red medic 3 as I have indeed slowed certainly down tons to heaps this and the and also magic 3 definitely gets certainly again and let’s see what’s going to happen with the third time of testing this screening ID arts Xiaomi have always have actually the one to do it or where and I’m really impressed truly pleased magic 3 did it again and once moreAs well as gon na get the obtain point 2nd around zero video no so individuals three just 3 factors away provide in round zero and now going currently to round one you can see that I’ve cleared all removed the apps there applications no recent apps over applications guys below weAs well as gon na go ahead and in advance from begin and go as well as the way down to pub G around one and then after after that we’re gon na go from pub G all the way back method the camera for cam two rounded then and also a total score complete rating the end okay so alright’re gon na go ahead and start up begin camera so video camera’s allow and do and also three two 3 okay so alright red magic three takes the cake when it comes to opening up the camera which video camera really impressive truly guys now individuals’re going to flip over turn to the selfie cams and web camsAs well as see how that plays out and it is.

dashami me nine who obtains that point allocated over there make sure to stick to those points we remain in round as soon as or the middle factors throughout the top of the lip below the branding and after that taking a snap over there did reduce this down and also the z6 professional really did reveal the animation picture within the photo symbol at the lower left of the display over there before any one of the others took the snap as well as it has definitely no animations there whatsoever then opening up gallery we’re gon na open it up there and also you can see that the mean I took that too so the me nine is currently without a doubt taking the lead in the speed examination in between these 4 monsters and also now we’re gon na go on and open the photo so 3 two one there we go a discolored plastic at that time so I guess there are a little bit snappier within their very own system a Church bench our interface which is rather awesome to see that the isten plus really did obtain a factor beforehand against these other monsters and I’m opening up calculator over here in 3 2 one we’re gon na proceed as well as open it up and the red magic three takes it guys there is in fact no dark style for the red magic three it’s system calculator application is simply natively doc I’m not exactly sure why it is that means but it is undoubtedly that so we have the brand-new.

Bo red magic three as well as imply I’m linking currently and also the z6 factor is TN plus additionally tying over there the red magic 3 has actually taken the lead when we need to go in advance as well as go on as well as open the phone application and now opening settings in 3 two one let’s see if the red magic so we can do it once more and also people red magic 3 again again yes so I have actually placed that on top so it is easier for you men to read throughout this examination as well as I also have put every one of these phones in the order of their position from the end to to examine that I did on them going from greatest being on the entrusted to the least expensive right on the right with the his TN plus as well as that’s lead for the Spotify test over there it was undoubtedly the Shamim e9 so the show me is simply one factor behind the red magic 3 over there and also now going on and also opening celestial VPN in 3 two one considering that we need a VPN in China over below people we see who’s gon na triumph it’s battling a little bit right here this moment the Xiaomi me9 obtains it once again another point there connecting it up right on top there with the red magic three as well as the Lenovo z6 is taking ridiculously long so open up a strobe once more fine now we’re gon na go ahead as well as taste as well as transform the wall on see which one can link the quickest as well as we absolutely obtain the HTM plus over there which after that takes the lead the c6 Pro so it is no.

longer in last area tied there with the c6 Pro is tape + is revealing its real shades 9 opening Facebook over below allow’s see who can fill it the quickest and there’s 10 + gets it again so now this point + is mosting likely to start using its social networks power to leap onto the bandwagon as well as trade blows with the red magic 3 + Xiaomi Minah and it’s open up Instagram is 10 + once more once more and also I was not wrong certainly I have actually checked this out currently previously to this test and also I do sort of know who obtains it men yet this is actually interesting to see I’m so thrilled to share this with you people my initial utmost test as well as I hope that you individuals are appreciating it if you do prefer just a standard 2×2 taste please allow me understand in the remarks down below as this test was incredibly hard to manage as well as I did have numerous little mistakes so if you men see any cuts in this video clip I can assure you that I have gone on close the application and reopen that you saw with the beginner over there that YouTube stated that you need Play services as well as it is since I can not get Google Play services on the Nubia though it might still indeed open YouTube however it really did not really matter because it really did not understand anyhow now the mean I proceeded and opened as well as Netflix the quickest as well as no.

issue what I performed with the novice I couldn’t get it to that profile screen regardless of what so we just have to handle what it mores than there men and also opening up Adobe Photoshop Express entering into some extra intense applications we have the red magic 3 opening it up quicker than anything else in this examination over right here as well as opening up a photo over there the z6 pro takes that so the z6 pro isn’t doing horrible is still much behind the remainder of the tools yet they’re still obtaining a factor currently in there which is excellent to see as well as it’s crazy to see that the STM plus is now raised to mid location with the Nubia red magic 3 and exporting picture the z6 pro did it once more I’m in fact quite pleased keeping that because it doesn’t have the fastest RAM in this department however nevertheless let’s go on and open up Adobe clip and also see what that’s what concerning the Xiaomi me 9 is currently winning and also dual on the z6 pro over there and the z6 pro is just doing seriously well with Adobe applications yeah men I’m truly happy to see that it is in fact doing something it would certainly have sucked if it simply stuck there with zero points because I have actually really been appreciating utilizing this tool as well as exporting a clip Samsung ought to take it they are typically much faster when it pertains to exporting clip as well as they do indeed they discolor plus obtains the point over there really.

knocking out the me 9 as well as the red magic three taking the lead over there which is seriously unforeseen if you individuals do enjoy this wallpaper let me understand if you guys do as well as I will stand out a link to it down below and also opening up Google Chrome the show me suggest I’m does take it now I can not obtain Google Apps on the Nubia it’s for some factor permitted me to get Google Chrome say thanks to goodness for that considering that it is without a doubt in my speedtest starting with the very first run of games over right here we have subway surface which has to do with it open up right here now the Nubia is there any video gaming phone over here and as anticipated it jumps as well as gets the factors over there the Nubia red magic 3 just one factors behind is 10 plus as well as the Shamy me nine and 2 factors ahead of the Lenovo z6 Pro which is actually wonderful to see with any luck the Nubia can do some type of magic over right here with opening games and after that going ahead and opening up a flip diving nada Nubia game because it’s closed so it does not have that additional juice coming from its game hub over there because the various other phones do not have it and afterwards going into flip diving the c6 pro takes it it’s really nearing up there people it’s in fact type of reaching this is really beginning to get an actually even this preference as well as I can’t inform you just how thrilled I was to bring this to you individuals and also share it with you I’m actually delighting in speaking with you men concerning these phones and tastiness.

phones at it it’s really a huge passion of mine guys and after that proceeding as well as opening the very first Angry Birds over here I did touch them all at the very same time it was a little bit of a touch as well as foot hold-up over there though and also the red magic 3 takes it when you open Angry Birds the first one so the red magic 3 enchanting me nine and also a discolor plus all on the same point as well as the lenovo z6 for just 2 points behind allow’s see who’s gon na take it for round one it was truly interesting given that we simply have 2 more apps there we’re gon na go on and open Temple Run 2 which really just recently had an updates and I really did not see to it that all of these applications and video games were as the majority of approximately day as possible so going into Holy place Run 2 we’re gon na view as quickly as it loads and claims play now at the top Holy place Run 2 the red magic 3 does it once again individuals which then shatters that lead at the top and grabs that added indicate go one ahead of the mean on in a steam plus three in advance of the z6 probe of it currently we’re gon na enter into our last video game which is there the most extreme app as well as game of this whole test which will certainly be pubsey mobile as well as I did obtain a damn upgrade just prior to this taste prior to I opened up the application so I had to let them all update and after that I needed to close the app and open them all up once more so there should not be any kind of updates it no it has to do this checking for updates display every.

solitary time if you individuals stated you need to play pop G this is just what it does and also then it enters into the loading display so you can see that the brand-new BIA is in fact slightly slower because regard allow’s see what’s gon na happen it resembles the xiaomi is mosting likely to quickest right here presently I’m actually interested to see you takes it and the instant plus takes it amusing adequate men I mean I do not understand if you are as surprised as I am but in my previous test against the mean on the split second plus practically lost in almost every aspect but it did have its computer animations on as well as the Xiaomi did also so it feels like the is tins or Samsung’s animations generally are simply slower than the rest due to its terrific one UI which I actually do differently like greater than a great deal of various other gadgets you are however all the animations are off eeeh as well as it appears the nubia red magic 3 and the instantaneous class can be found in ty for round one over there guys now we’re gon na go on as well as do rounded 2 from bar G all the method back up to electronic camera the Xiaomi was second in round one over there and also you saw that you saw it initially over below that me closed up the pub G first when going back right into it to ensure that RAM administration is doing rather fantastic points on the Xiaomi over there guys currently we’re gon na go on as well as open up Temple Run 2 once again going in reverse right here as well as there’s me 9 as well as the a state essentially opened at the exact very same time individuals I.

checked this dual check the triple check that that is indeed what takes place so they were both allocated appoints over there guys so general total institution today the Nubia red magic 3 is in the lead as well as opening Angry Birds the Xiaomi me 9 proceeded and opened it up very first hand there again making it incorporate complete points with the red magic 3 since it obtained no factors in round 0 over there and also then going in advance and opening up flip diving which I’m actually delighted to see because numerous of the gadgets are comparable and also the me 9 in a stain got it like I claimed I did double and triple check this individual’s for every single each and every app that I opened up right here I reduced it down as much as feasible to see that got the so after that the c6 professional actually did open up the application quicker though it reached the pause display a little bit much more delayed it still does without a doubt obtain the application over there keeping that additional with its first one factor in round 2 and opening up Google Chrome the Shamim e9 takes it the xiaomi is simply going insane below around 2 individuals it’s doing actually well yet it’ll interest see whether its program administration in the future at the end of the test so opening up Adobe Best clip over there we had the red magic 3 as well as the Shamim e9 each obtain a factor over there specifically the exact same.

time men I can not be much more sincere with you as well as the red magic 3 and me 9 again opening up Adobe Photoshop over below guys I’m actually amazed since the lenovo did it earlier as well as currently the red magic in the Charmy are doing it and also opening up Netflix remarkably red magic 3 open that up quicker returning into it now the red magic 3 gets on the board can be found in 2nd in round 2 and it had no points just to 3 apps back currently opening up YouTube we still have that wonderful can closed without Google Play solutions on the Nubia yet the Sham you mean I took that cake anyhow and also opening up Twitter over here men you see that the red magic 3 has taken it once more currently climbing to that Shami suggest 9 area over there despite the fact that it is half the factors of the me 9 halfway through round 2 over here people but it’s actually intriguing to see that the Nubia red magic 3 is certainly drawing points up a fair bit here and after that delving into Instagram over below people we’re gon na stand out right into that in 3 2 1 and the red magic 3 orders it once again it is doing insane things right currently guys that really did not expect it to go so slow around 2 and afterwards suddenly it just snag up each and every factor it really.

does put a smile on my face I can’t tell you sufficient because I am actually truly taking pleasure in the phone although there is a lack of Google solutions as well as the S 10 plus then went on as well as took control of the rate taste resuming for Facebook and after that opening on besides VPN over right here allow’s see if I can do it once more and the red magic 3 + z6 professional specifically the exact same time opened it up and transforming them off the STM plus took it over there so there’s 10 plus obtains a point over there the Nova is pretty much slugging behind there with two factor system plus right afterwards with 4 points the brand-new through red magic 3 is catching up now with 7 factors after opening up Spotify simply one point behind the Shamim e9 which is truly really interesting to see people and after that we’re gon na go home proceed and also open up some system absolutely below so starting up with setups you can see that the red magic three once again got it the RAM management in the chamois is actually really inadequate over right here individuals so they are going on and also reopening each and every individual app so now is within the Nubia actually begins as well as takes the cake with the s10 plus now when I open up calculator below guys my point is that something that went bananas over below as well as unintentionally opened fire on the Nubia so I did not designate the factors over there so the c6 print is 10 plus opened it up at precisely the very same time for calculator and afterwards the Shami needs to reopen.

gallery over there once again however the red magic 3 definitely took the cake over there and also after that I shed app which is electronic camera opening that up the red magic 3 and also the mean on both omitted it up at the same time despite the fact that the selfie cams were not facing forward that could have an element to do with it but I couldn’t obtain them all to open similarly once again so individuals I’m really satisfied with ball games that we have right here allow’s proceed and also inform you them up so in overall points we have 21 points for the Nubia in top place we have second place the Shamim e9 with 16 points which is 5 points behind the Nubia then we have the s10 plus in third area simply two factors behind the mean I remain in 3rd location with 14 points and afterwards in last area we have the lenovo z6 pro in fourth with just nine points individuals I can not emphasize sufficient exactly how fantastic all of these phones are if you grab any one of them you’ll be making a wonderful choice since they’re all paid with the most up to date as well as greatest snapdragon 855 chipset regarding rate goes uniformity of the board it’s absolutely mosting likely to be with the Nubia red magic 3 and they will certainly be obtaining an international launch truly quickly so be thrilled for that people if you are indeed interested in this fantastic gaming factor and also I will absolutely be bringing you guys more examinations on every one of these devices and also I really hope that you enjoyed this examination as much as I did making it for you individuals and up until next time this is technic.

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