Vivo IQOO Initial Review – Xiaomi CC9 Defeated!

mmm huh guys uh great as he’s he’s my new accomplice here anyway let’s get things going this is technic get back with me once again guys this is an unboxing of the viva IQ neo now it just says I crew all over the box it doesn’t even say new except for the back tag over there but nevertheless the neo kind of stands for budget and this really is big budget here this is a thousand you one less than the original iku that released earlier on this year with the snapdragon a 55 chipset but this one indeed comes with lost year’s flagship chipset these snap tracking equally five chips it now the reason why they have paid it with a snapdragon 45 chipset instead of an 855 is because the price of this is just a thousand eight hundred RMB that works out to about eighteen thousand rupees or so and two hundred and sixty US dollars which is literally cheaper than the poker phone when it dropped guys this phone is ridiculous value for money and the reason why I picked this up and not this Xiaomi me cc9 cheese that’s a mouthful I think I Cuneo is way easier to say that phone is paid with a Snapdragon 710 chips it not even the new 730 a 710 chip guys meaning that it’s using last year’s mid-range chip this is using launchers flagship chip but the same price but

the drawback here is indeed the camera the cameras on here are almost essentially exactly the same as the original I could but they are not quite as good as the me CC 9 since this does not impede the I mix five eight six sensor that everyone has come to know and love nevertheless this is probably the best budget phone of the year so far with regards to this price and I’m really really excited to give this guy an unboxing and see what it can do so without further ado guys this is Technic and let’s go cheap silicon covers nevertheless at least they give us a cover with the phone it’s not the base but I’ll pop it on for you guys later so you can see what it looks like at the box it might be pretty good for day one use ok guys so we have USB type a two USB type-c since it does indeed support a type C port the remain the speeds are going to be limited to 2.0 speeds so don’t expect the fastest OTG or transfer speeds between your device and your computer or any other device and the only other thing that we have India is indeed the charging bloc now this is a twenty two point five volt charging block the original IQ came with a 44 were charging block which got to zero to a

hundred in just 45 minutes this should be able to get this massive 4500 mini MPs all yes guys four thousand five hundred five hundred more than the original IQ and five hundred more than the brand-new Xiaomi me CC nine so it is bigger as well in that department which is pretty cool to see so you should be able to get a full charge and I would say about an hour and a half but as always I’ll put this guy in a charging speed test and you guys can check the top specs there I’m also expecting some pretty good things with regards to battery over here since I’ve had a few viewer phones such as the next is the ex 23 and the X 27 oh and even the X 21 before I even started YouTube and the battery was always phenomenal guys and this is the biggest that I’ve seen on a vivo phone with 4500 milli amperes so it should do pretty well so stay tuned for that battery drain test as well I’ll have it out in the next week or so and guys before I throw everything to the side just to let you know there are no your phones in the box but I don’t know if this is just a pre-order incentive but they do give you these XE 680 earphones I don’t know copy a buds whatever I’m just going to throw those aside I probably won’t even open a but you do get that so if you guys import it

from China you might just get a pair of those too okay guys so here is the phone itself I’m gonna go ahead and slip it right out of this little cover as you can see there’s a none display fingerprint sensor over there which we’ll get to in a minute as well and just taking a look at the design over there you could see that they did not just go ahead and copy the K 20 pros carbon fiber look it’s actually almost like it’s kind of carbon fiber but I would say it almost looks like little diamonds now I cannot tell you guys if it is textured right now since I do indeed have a back screen guard on yeah and I actually plan on keeping it that way since when they give you a back screen guard it’s really nice to keep on for any occasional scratches which is really cool to see that they’ve actually done that by the way before we move on to the rest of the design of the phone and actually talking about that color more it’s just pop on the cover and just see what it’s like okay guys so it’s a pretty simplistic cover pretty much like you get with most budget phones and it does the job I mean for day one use for sure it does the job but it’s a pretty cheap phone so if you guys do have a pretty high budget I would recommend just not using a cover at all guys it’s a really well-made cheap phone for the bold right now it feels like a premium phone and get to that property in a sick so taking a look at that back once again then I like how out of the box it’s nice clean and neat there guys has a little IQ logo over there not even vivo since it is actually a sub brand of vivo this is not a new gaming department and just those little diamonds it just it looks really epic

how they’ve done that whole diamond design okay guys well let’s move on so I’m gonna go ahead and power on the device and what a pass on we’re going to look around the phone here there it goes IQ looks real cool we have a triple lens camera system at the back here so we have a main lanes here which is just a 12 megapixel lens with an aperture f-18 none of them have is so that kind of sucks but that’s the same main sensor that you see in the original iku so that’s cool to see then we actually have an 8 megapixel wide sense and I’m not sure if that is an ultra-wide sensor the original IQ came with a 13 megapixel wide since I’m not sure that if this is wide or ultra wide or what it does but I will get to that in a camera comparison and we’ll check it out in the unboxing here as well when we open up the camera app then the last one we have here is pretty interesting we have a two megapixel depth sensor so nothing really to write home about with regards to the camera setup as a whole here but nevertheless guys it is three cameras on a phone or only two hundred and sixty dollars so I don’t think that there will be too disappointing I’m gonna pull my group down here later and see what they can do okay let’s move along here okay on the side we have a non textured power button that’s not too bad that it’s non

textured but most companies do that but I would have preferred a textured one maybe the less we then have the volume rocker above it at the top over here it is nice and clean and going along the left over here we have the SIM tray slot here so we should just have a dual SIM tray slot over here we do and there is no support for an SD slot so sorry for you out there make sure you guys get the 128 gig and talking about that 120 quickly guys they have released a six gig 64 gig version no SD card support on either of these devices keep that in mind they have also released in six gig 128 gig version which is the one that I have here which goes up to just under two thousand RMB then they have an 8 gig 64 gig variant with no support for micro SD card slots I’m not sure what they’re getting at more RAM but less storage for a hundred you one more so 2100 u1 which is roughly 280 dollars that does not make sense to me that should have at least been 128 or 256 I’m not sure what they were planning on they only support for microSD card slots I don’t have that version so we can’t really tap on that this is the 68 128 gig version so let’s keep moving on with that at the bottom over here we do have the type C port over here we do thank goodness have a headphone jack which is good to see always good to see on a phone

keeping that in there and then at the bottom over here we do have one downward firing speaker but it could be paid with this big rugged looking earpiece over here for some dual sounding stereo speakers but we’ll have to get to that in more tests down the road we do have a 12 megapixel selfie snapper over here I do like this little red accent that I forgot to mention to you guys earlier it is indeed the AI button and I really like that for translates on viewer phones since I live in China you can translate the entire contents of the screen there we go guys fun touch is now this is fun touch 9.0 based on Android 9 PI and we should definitely see aq update on here as well since vivo have not had any issues with the states of recent times lol anyway that has been resolved and here is the vivo IQ guys now this is a six point three eight inch AMOLED display on the vivo IQ over here and it does not feel much smaller to the six point three nine inch displays we used to or the six point four one inch displays that we used to and that is because there is very little differences between those sizes so if they could cut the costs by shaving a point zero one inch off the phone that’s okay in my books the quality of it looks absolutely stellar guys we do have this wonderful little tear drop not stall over there that you guys can see so it goes nice and fluid with the phone and it looks pretty neat it does indeed have a bit of a chin

over there quite a bit bigger than most recent phones that I’ve seen but guys I can’t complain this is a ridiculously well priced phone so I did indeed set up facial recognition and the fingerprint sensor with my thumb over here during the startup setting procedure over there so we’re gonna go ahead and taste up facial recognition now this is not 3d facial recognition but let’s test it out anyway yeah quit getting snappy it is and there it is guys absolutely instant so I can’t complain there stick around for a speed test between other points to see how it competes with the top dog phones of 2019 there guys we’re gonna go ahead and check out that under display fingerprint sense as well now this is vivos eighth iteration of it and it feels pretty sloppy off the back guys it feels like it is getting in every single time regardless of where I put my finger it is getting it and I do have a lot of issues with in-display fingerprint sensors but I must say that vivo have been among the best when it comes to an optical sensor I am I don’t know what you guys think of that voice impression but nevertheless this is great guys and here’s going to be my little companion when taking snaps on my new devices so we’re gonna go ahead and just take the phone as is right out the box and take a pic of Groote day let’s go ahead and see if this is ultra wide

that 8 megapixel lens boom and there we go it is an ultra wide sensor that is really good to see you guys so I’ll pop that picture up for you guys as well so perfect ok so I’m gonna place him over here so are you guys can’t see this but I’ll pop the picture up in a minute I just want to see exactly how it looks with my PC running in the background on the book effect there guys just to show you some video specs over here we can indeed shoot 1080p at 60fps but we are limited on 4k to 30fps you’ll see when I switch to that mode kicks away from 60 nice to know that you can use 60fps videos when it comes to 1080p but you are limited to 30 fps in 4k and I really hope that you enjoy the as much as I do I wanted to give you my initial thoughts on the phone as soon as I open it just as you might do very soon since this was one of the most budget-friendly powerhouse devices on the market right now so there you guys have it the vive IQ near the budget I could that you guys have been waiting for not to say the original IQ wasn’t cheap it certainly was and with the latest and greatest Snapdragon 855 chip Sid had really battled other phones being one of the better gaming phones out there with an LED strip in the back and some captive buttons on the side

with a great 4000 milliampere battery and crazy cost 44 1 oz charging now it’s little brother the vivo IQ neo is not as much of a powerhouse though it does indeed have lost years flagship snapdragon 845 in it which in my mind is still more than enough power in a smartphone to run any games out right now you have no micro SD card slot but we did have a headphone jack become it comes with 6 gigs of RAM up to 128 gigs of storage paid with a 4500 milliampere battery now speaking about the battery port CAD is 500 milli amperes more than the original fever I COO though the battery life is said to be very similar due to the fact that this chip sitting here is a 10 nanometer chip and the new 855 processing chip is a 7 an ohmmeter chip so that is a lot more efficient but we will have to see how it phase in my battery drain taste so stay tuned for that guys this is not a camera phone but it’s pictures look pretty good I must say right out the box they almost look better than the nova 5 pros photos and that has a 48 megapixel so any I mix 582 sensor with this just has a world megapixel main lens and a ultra-wide lens we did clarify that as well as a 2 megapixel depth sensor so the cameras are pretty great nevertheless even though it’s not a camera phone it is aimed at gamers but it doesn’t look like a gaming food it certainly has a very nice appeal to it it definitely comes in with the people that are interested in the polka phones out there and this could very well be a polka phone killer hopefully the next one has an 855 chip in it but at this price of just two hundred and sixty dollars there is very little to complain about guys this is the vivo Ikuta neo and I’m happy to bring it to you here on my channel stick around for more tests on this phone and until next time guys this is technic

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