Review Lenovo Z6 – Budget Friendly Brilliance

you what’s up guys you’re back with your man tick Nick your best individual for videos on the most up to date tick as well as today truly is concerning the most recent take once again I have these lenovo z6 over here now this is simply a vanilla version we had 2 various other variations that appeared back in April that was the Lenovo z6 youth version and the pro version the youth edition is practically fifty percent of this in the area department and also the rate of division and the z6 pro rather much has the toughest person around being the snapdragon 1855 chipset I’m going to talk also much concerning those Florence dough I will toss some recommendations to the z6 pro on what I assume is bitter and what I believe is even worse too so this is almost simply the vanilla z6 which in my viewpoint should have been released initially in the stress to come later however nonetheless allow’s leave it at that this phone price two hundred as well as sixty-five dollars eighteen thousand rupees or 1899 Chinese RMB so that is actually budget plan array currently individuals as well as talking about budget plan array here we have a 4 thousand milliamp ESL that can bill with a 15 watts of billing block in the box we have assistance for a microSD card sustains so that 265 dollar rate tag of the starting cost noises really terrific because you can simply get the 6 gigs of RAM 64 GB jewelry and also just toss microSD card in as well which I have a headphone jack as well as we have a terrific 6.3 9-inch teardrop notch

AMOLED display screen which sustains HD octane web content as well as let me simply obtain to this point today if you guys are awaiting it are you waiting are you individuals there 120 Hertz revitalize rate on this panel currently in my point of view that need to have been in the limb of z6 pro since it has a beefier chip yet mentioning the chipset this is a Snapdragon 730 chipset which is actually newer than the current generation Snapdragon a 55 chip said it is working on 8 nanometer technology simply like the Exynos chip that Samsung released this year to compete with the Snapdragon 855 chipset so it has actually good architecture in so we ought to obtain rather great battery life due to the 8 nanometer innovation that we have in this gadget with that 4000 milliampere so now the 730 was launched alongside a semi 30g just to clarify this is not a Snapdragon statemented eg this is the standard 730 the 730 G represent the G stands for pc gaming so it indicates the GPU has raised and also even after that just regarding 5% efficiency boost so if you people are looking for a phone with the current and also greatest Snapdragon 730 chipset do not obtain your mind established on the G or the 9 you’re gon na basically obtain the very same efficiency regardless in that respect since

processing chip pretty a lot beats the newest as well as greatest flagship chipsets of a year or 2 ago I’m really thrilled to see exactly how this phone looks on the inside and destroy that box and also get going guys this is Method and also without more trouble let’s unbox this negative boy there is a cover once more it’s a little silicon situation practically the same one that featured the z6/ will certainly put that on later we have a USB type-c cord over there I remember this is just restricted to 2.0 rates so don’t anticipate quicker OTG or transfer speeds between your computer as well as your phone as well as you men can see that we have a normal sort of a port on the other side with Zeeland/ z6 pro we had type C – type C which might do reverse wide charging I’m not exactly sure if it can do this we’ll need to discuss that in the full evaluation alright so we’re going to stand out that aside and then the last thing that I can see in the Box right here is certainly the charging block as you guys can see the charging block supports 18 watt charging though as we have actually involved expect with Lenovo and their lies this will only support 15 watts on the phone itself and talking regarding the phone the phone features a 4000 milliampere battery so I’m anticipating around comparable scores accountable up the battery most likely just under 2 hrs from 0 to 100 with a 4 thousand milliamp yourself since it’s using the exact same battery and the same wattage charging as the z6/ also do not expect the fastest billing speeds because department there’s just one color in this it constantly can be found in like a black shimmery blue option so let’s peel this off so I can provide you men a much better appearance at what it appears like all right people so there it is off the bat it looks actually black in the video below I can

certainly see tinges of blue I’ll try to offer you people a little of a much better outlook on that particular there we go i’m not exactly sure if you people can see that you can see it’s practically like a blueish black I actually am digging that color it’s like so refined and cool the cams look rather cool over there however we’ll get to that in a sec Before we get on to the phone itself let’s just pop it in this cover so I can reveal you people what the cover looks like all right people it’s simply a regular cover that you would see from any type of various other supplier at this cost point no hardcase over here nothing too safety though this is pretty good day one usage I’m mosting likely to go ahead and power it on while we have a look around the phone okay so there we have a pop switch over here it’s not textured I do prefer that we additionally have a quantity rocker I do prefer it when they divided nonetheless it feels nice and also clicky and also after that at the top over below we have what looks to be an IR gun I’ll validate that with you people later on and we have some antenna strips over there left wing that behaves and clean right the means to the bottom and after that at the bottom over below we do undoubtedly have the double SIM tray you individuals can clearly see we have sim to sim 1 or

mini SD card assistance to ensure that’s truly great to see in such an allocate any phone with these top in specs over here after that taking an appearance at the end of the phone below men we have a single down firing audio speaker and after that we have a USB type-c port and the fantastic 3.5 millimeter earphone jack now the one point I simply wish to point out to you individuals real quick is that that audio speaker that you guys what the bottom name is certainly paid with this leading yippy scroll over here and they have included Dolby Atmos this time around around as well so we need to obtain some rather good – stereo sounding speakers there now considering the rear of the phone we have the great little cool Lenovo indicator over there and after that we have a 24 megapixel air I triple cam so right here is the triple video cameras over here guys we have one major lens which is 24 megapixels currently this is undoubtedly the IMX 576 not the 586 so scrap that 4k 60fps taping will probably just get limited to 4k 30 as well as apart from that we will be shooting 24 megapixel shots besides 48 megapixels shot as seen on an AMX 586 lens now what this implies is that both of them carry out in three-way 8 to 12 megapixels so this will certainly do the same thing it will copulate down to 12 making use of pixel binding to obtain all the way down to 12 megapixels for a far better more well thorough shot so you’ll most likely find that the 24 megapixel as opposed to the 48 megapixel will do far better with simply rule 24 given that it will have the ability to handle lights a bit much better and after that

looking at the various other 2 lenses that we have here we have an 8 megapixel telephoto lens I’m actually happy that they have included a telephoto lens over here men so we have 2 x optical and also we have 8 times hybrid zoom which is actually trendy I desire to check that out when we enter the phone later on and after that at the base below we have a 5-megapixel deepness sensing unit for those wonderful portrait shots then we clearly have our little device tone LED flash there also in the front of the phone over right here guys you people can clearly see that we have that remarkable little teardrop notch over there as well as that is real estate a 16 megapixel camera there so absolutely nothing truly to write home regarding in the camera department what is more vital with concerns to this phone is what is in fact inside of it so we’re gon na proceed set it up and I’ll see you on the various other side setups finished let’s go so this is currently zui 11 that we’re about to see over here guys now this is indeed skinned on top of android 9.0 Pi and also we should certainly see aq upgrade too though we know just how the Nova group to be when it pertains to updates nonetheless it looks good neat as well as spick-and-span and also I simply want to take an appearance at this display screen as you people can see it looks actually brightened and also truly actually requires it looks extremely tidy and the bezels look extremely slim too currently simply before we go on you recognize I just wish to reveal you guys what it looks like as opposed to the Lenovo z6r over here as you people can see it is utilizing the precise same 6 point 3 9 inch display as well as the teardrop not simply looks nearly similar

actually believe the leading bezel on the vanilla z6 looks a little bit slimmer than the one on the c6/ at the bottom I assume that their lower bezels are really extremely similar I assume the overall layout language of the phones are extremely comparable because respect another thing I just wish to touch on before obtaining directly right into the vanilla z6 is that the rear of the z6 port is certainly gloss and also the z6 really feels certainly really feels plastic though I must state that the sides feel light weight aluminum and the top is certainly gloss as well so I have proceeded as well as plugged in my fingerprint sensing unit in addition to my face so we’re gon na go in advance and check that out we do have an optical sensing unit at the base below practically the same one as seen on the lenovo z6/ and also as that i did claim that it was a great gamble between consistency and also speed and in my opinion was absolutely much better than a shammy me nines one because that offered me quite a fair little concerns over the checklist this is nice and fast it seems to be doing its rounds pretty well and also i’m really delighted with it right off the board and also currently we’re gon na go in advance as well as evaluate out the face acknowledgment of the device so I’m gon na go ahead as well as lock it and also bring it up below to I get my face as well as based as I can all right so as you individuals can see it is certainly not the fastest around since of the little animation that it has going there as well as I did talk to the Lenovo z6 pro prior to it as well as there is no chance of transforming that it is always mosting likely to be there I think rather much comparable to the Samsung Galaxy S line Rangers with the little LED effect happening with the video camera lens over there currently I have without a doubt looked with the settings of the FIR as well as no

issue where I look I can just find the HD octane support I can not locate any type of choice for altering between 60 as well as 120 Hertz and then as one of the main purchasing factors of this phone what I can do for you people right below currently is draw up the z6 put over below and I’m mosting likely to go in advance and slow down this clip as high as I can to see if there actually is a distinction between both with double the refresh rate I’m rather sure you ought to fundamentally see a difference right here so allow’s proceed as well as check it out so that’s all I can actually reveal you men in the meantime in my viewpoint taking a look at in genuine life sample I can not see too much of a distinction yet it most definitely really feels a little bit smoother so it must for certain I have a faster afresh price panel prior to we cover this video up men I intend to go on as well as rapidly taste out the electronic camera application so we’re gon na draw ahead my reliable little Groot over below as you individuals can see we have the regular one time shot there we have both times on the telephoto over there and afterwards finally we have that depth impact shot to allow me understand in the remarks down below what you people consider the electronic camera examples of the phones thus far as well as simply to show you guys in the video Division we are limited to 4k 1080p in 720p recording and since they do not point out the FPS yet all my hunch is that it is all limits it’s a 30 and I’m pretty sure that’s what it will be across the board so there you individuals have the regular Lenovo z6 it has a fantastic chipset ni 120 Hertz freshen price in it that looks absolutely extraordinary I truly do dig the design of the back it really feels wonderful and also durable and also I’m really enjoying the truth that they have actually paid it with a 120 Hertz revitalize rate howling I’m really excited to provide it a run for its money in my speed tastes respond to tastes as well as a lot more of those so remain tuned for those ones guys but until now I’m rather impressed with the Lenovo

z6 so there you men have it the Lenovo z6 vanilla edition now the reason I state vanilla is due to the fact that it’s just that’s the name nothing else it it’s not the professional it is not the young people Edition it is the vanilla z6 and as an entire I think you might sort of state it is a little bit vanilla in the feeling that it does not have the most up to date and also best Snapdragon contribute it we can not really clarify if it does indeed featured a 120 Hertz panel I’ll do some tests on it can obtain back to you on that one individuals it is plastic at the back so it is a little bit vanilla but other than that individuals I believe this thing’s lovely flavorful it has a truly amazing color at the back right here I’m really excavating this like black – blueish discolor over there this is the only shade right currently though knowing lenovo strains they will most likely launch a couple much more in the next pair weeks so if you individuals do intend to import one from China yet around 265 United States dollars or 18 thousand rupees possibly wait a little bit to see what various other shades call in the phone however individuals there is a wonderful mini SD card support port there together with the dual SIM tray we have a big 4000 milliampere in the back with fast billing after simply 15 watts which is nothing to boast about though it is certainly still fast charging currently on a far better note we have actually tripled cams over there we have a 24 megapixel lens 8 megapixel telephoto lens and also we have a wonderful 5 megapixel depth sensing unit lens as well as many phones just

come combined with a 2 megapixel depths in saline to make sure that’s an additional bonus offer right there this phone looks truly remarkable as an entire package as well as I assume that there is without a doubt an IR gun there yet what actually strikes me is that terrific new Snapdragon 730 chipset considering that it is 8 nanometer innovation I’m really interested to see exactly how it makes with the spor thousand milliampere battery in my drainpipe examination coming soon so stay tuned for that a person guys likewise stay tuned for some rate tests since I do intend to put this up against the brand-new vive iku near which is pen with a Snapdragon equity 5 chipset which is shed year’s flagship chipset so I intend to see if this year’s latest as well as best mid-set chip is better on the same level with the newest and also best flagship chip of 2018 also be providing it a run for its cash versus the ludicrous 855 chipset phones as well to see exactly how fast it actually performs as well as to see if it deserves saving some cash as well as spraying on a phone that set you back basically nothing in the smartphone race allow me know what you people consider the Nova Z 6 in the comments area down below it is a really well valued phone and also could extremely well be the spending plan phone of the year I can not tell you that today yet my first perceptions are really strong because I wish that you enjoyed seeing this video clip as long as I did unboxing villanova c6 and up until following time guys this is technic

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