Asus ROG Phone 2 vs OnePlus 7 Pro Speed Test

you would sup individuals you back with your male Technique your go-to individual for videos on the most recent tech currently today it’s practically regarding the latest takeover because we have the Asus rogue phones that we simply lately obtained a worldwide launch this has a snapdragon 855 plus processing chip in it in addition to eight gigs of ram which exceptionally outstanding 120 hertz refresh rate panel on the best hand side we have the 1 plus 7 pro this is not the 7 probe the 70 pro so it has a regular snapdragon 855 handling chip in it however this is the 12 gigs of ram variants so due to the fact that the oneplus is limited to 90 pain i’ve was to establish that on the sturdy furniture as well as since the rock phone also is limited to 1080p resolution i have actually stated that on the oneplus 7 professional i’ve additionally proceeded as well as impaired all animations on both of the tools to ensure that big things are as also as feasible as well as we’ll be using my fashionable little GoPro Hero 7/ black here in the lower left hand corner so maintain an eye on that one as we go throughout this examination these concerning beast let’s go all right men so we’re gon na begin with around zero over right here this is gon na include a boot and also application refresh when initially launching the phone along with finger prints and face ID so with the boot the rock phones that took the very first factor take an appearance on the left hand side they get on round absolutely no and after that going right into after the boot to freshen the apps as quickly as we launch the phone you guys can clearly see the oneplus 7 pro collection that up a bit quicker circuits as very first factors tying it up with the rock phone to in around zero now when we go with the fingerprint sensors they’re both optical ones over below and also I do

think that I usually get a little of a quicker point with the oneplus 7 pro as well as it absolutely obtained it in the very first two over there allow’s inspect we haven’t alloted a point yet since we’re going to do it finest out of 3 and also the oneplus various prototypes the second points in round two as a result of that currently we’re mosting likely to proceed and taste that face acknowledgment so the initial test over there was the Asus after that on oneplus and also currently it’s a time the last one so they both obtain an added factor over there making the oneplus disable and also professional appeared ahead by one point in rounded zero now we’re gon na start with rounded one over here from camera completely down to stand out g-ronn so we’ll go from club G completely back up to video camera not is Siri for RAM management yet to see exactly how quick it reopens the applications later on let’s start with round one over here though and the oneplus 7 pro takes the 2nd point because the incorrect phone to actually opened camera quicker and the rock phones that really took the snap cultivates well I have I can assure you men that I have slowed this clip down again and again and over again so that I might see which one in fact opens it up and I additionally took into factor to consider my finger rate near the bottom left to ensure that they were both exact so watch out on that particular and after that what’s a bear in mind that I have slowed this clip down extremely to see just how fast they open now I’m not going to speak concerning each and every single application as it opens as well as I’ll talk about the Civic significant details as we accompany so simply enjoy the preference sit back relax and I will certainly talk regarding the fundamental parts of these phones as well as

my experiences with them as a real user because I did use these gadgets as my own individual gadget for a short duration when I at first got them currently we actually have an additional factors on the rock 4 and 2 so fine you type of expect that since that does have the newer snapdragon a 55 plus process and also chip instead of the regular snapdragon 855 or the oneplus 7 pro yet oneplus is understood for optimization and with my time making use of the oneplus 7 trouble should state the something that I like it contends are other phones as it provides definitely concerns every application opens best every app runs extremely smooth and the optimization is stitched on factor on with the rock-throwing things are excellent however it constantly seems like they have actually obtained the software program from Android as well as they’ve slapped it on the hardware that they’ve been offered as well as they type of not speaking right into each other if you comprehend what I suggest with oneplus appears a lot more seamless sort of hah Apple uses iphone with the Apple a 13 Bionic chip which is the new I have actually discover 11 Pro and also Pro Mac’s but it’s an actually awesome phone make certain you individuals have a look at my unboxing for that thus far I don’t know that these tools are a little older I simply assumed that I ought to do this video since I had a couple individuals asking

me they were really curious due to the fact that these two phones right below are the kings on my channel for the speed tests the oneplus 7 pro as well as the Asus rogue phone 2 are the champions in the department when it involves speed up test right here as well as that is due to the fact that they are the ideal pc gaming phone around as well as in my point of view among one of the most well enhanced Android phones around here as you men can see points are pretty also oneplus is beginning to take it over right here and people have actually asked due to the fact that the rock is basically eliminated whatever in his course as well as the oneplus is eliminated whatever is stopped briefly and I haven’t place them neck and neck so I assumed I ‘d do it over here and you guys can clearly see 2 factors ahead just one +7 pro now I’m really perplexed about that truly shocked about it due to the fact that I really thought the rock phones that would do a far better job right here as a result of that newer handling chip but remember people that is only a 4% boost in the CPU Division 15% rise in the GPU Division so you’re only gon na see a significant difference when you are gaming when it comes to fps however in my opinion when I did do screening on playing pop G on a rogue phone – instead of the red magic 3 which likewise had a Snapdragon 805 t5 chip in it not the And also variation as well as actually obtained higher FPS rates then the incorrect phone 2s Snapdragon 855 great processing chip so I type of ask to differ that it is that far better I don’t believe that there is way too many tweaks I actually believe that they have more so overclocked the initial 855 a little bit to simply push as much juice as they can out of it and also they have actually made it a whole

advertising plan right here as you guys can see the oneplus 7 pro is certainly doing better than the Asus rogue phone 2 over here and also I am actually satisfied with the oneplus cut crow and also I can not state it does not deserve it it is one amazing phone with 1440p resolution bent display screen pop-up no borders no bezels it is one remarkable phone and when the oneplus 70 pro launches I suggest you individuals opt for the initial 1 + 7 pro because it will be reduced in rate and it is still one of 20 19’s best phones on the market I’m truly unfortunate that it is currently gone I do not have it anymore so I am a little bit psychological in this over right here guys but the Asus Rockford 2 on the various other hand has actually been the very best pc gaming phone I have ever utilized it might not be the very best executing pc gaming phone however I must claim those pc gaming triggers on it as well as then hundred as well as twenty Hertz freshen price panel are really doing marvels when it concerns making use of the phone currently we get on round 2 over below people and the 1 + 7 Pro is definitely dominating with the Asus rogue phone – with 0.04 and also round 2 the 1 + 7 pro additionally beat the Asus rogue phone in round one over right here with 4 extra factors now in round 2 here we have 7 points on the 1 + 7 for resuming the apps this has to do with the rate not the RAM monitoring also though the RAM management’s on both of them

are fine none have actually had to reopen any of the apps as well as going into our last collection of apps it looked like the rogue did something unusual over there yet still with 0 factors in our instance its first points reopening Instagram but instead of 12 factors now on the 1 + 7 program opening Facebook it is a significant deal over here as well as we do use astral VPN here in China considering that we can not obtain access to every one of Google Applications and also Facebook and more and so such we do have Spotify opening up there and we have an additional factor there in the setups menu for the rogue phone and the 1 + considering that it was a tie it had been a lot more ties in this test than they ever have actually been people and I can not state just how surprised I am by the last results over below because that was the last app that we have opening on this examination right here in round 2 as well as I must state the 1 + 7 pro acted itself with almost dual factors when 4 factors in advance in round 1 which is the most vital round round 2 and reopened whatever much faster as well as round 0 certainly had the top hand in the finger print sensor I need to claim I’m really impressed with what one must have to use but if you guys desire a gaming phone there is nothing much better than the Asus rock 4 + 2 which is still blitz quick however for the functions of this taste 1 plus is king guys I hope you enjoyed this video clip as long as I do making it and till next time this is method

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