Realme X50 Pro vs Realme X2 Pro Speed Test

what’s up men you’re back with Technic and today I have one more speed test for you yet this time around between the real me x50 Pro and me genuine me x2 Pro the successor against the precursor the successor the x50 Pro comes coupled with Qualcomm’s latest snapdragon 865 handling chip and the variation that I have actually comes paired with 8 jobs of ram also have the a kick of RAM variation of the x2 probe over here as well as we get Qualcomm’s last generation snapdragon 855 plus processing chip I have upgraded the genuine me x2 professional to the current real meat UI working on Android teams to match the X 50 Pro right here are the spec sheets of both burns gas 3-tiered time out eeeh if you want to see even more info we’ve additionally allowed high efficiency setting on both tools as well as they terrific 90 words for first price panels we have disabled all computer animations under develop choices as well as in rounded one it’s mosting likely to be all regarding boot as well as fingerprints as well as face unlock round 2 is going to be around at first opening up apps round 3 is concerning reopening applications and round four is mosting likely to be examining out RAM management’s I’m gon na be utilizing my little finger vs let’s maintain points exact we’re gon na pay a GoPro video at the lower left hand corner cause this is a technic and without further ado let’s go we’re gon na begin with a boot over here and also the genuine me takes 50 Pro does obtain it by a hair much faster simply 0.5 seconds quicker than the x2 Pro getting its very first factor in one around one round one likewise getting a 2nd factor when at first revealing our icons win first starting up the phone when it pertains to finger print unlock we’re going to do based out of three over here the x50 pro unlocked it’s somewhat faster

the very first time the x2 pro slightly foster 3rd time and also the second time suggesting that the x2 pro gets is first point in round one over there best two out of 3 exact same thing can be stated with face unlock but this time the x2 pro opens had foster each time getting its second and final points in round one both of them have 2 factors in rounded one as well as now rounded 2 is going to be about initially opening apps if you individuals are new to the channel maintain an eye out for gopro footage at the lower left hand edge for precision when tapping on each application symbol will have a countdown time over there for the existing round so as quickly as that diminishes we’ll be right into round 3 at the bottom right hand corner of program we have my technic logo over there allow me recognize what you men think about that and we likewise have a.

portion of real-time or quickened time over there in some cases I speed via the clip a bit so that I do not maintain you individuals here all day so far in round 2 the genuine me X 50 is doing a far better work than the real me x2 Pro over here with 6 points rather than 1 points on the x2 pro when it concerns running a web rate examination both of them do shake 27 secs of year we’re not going to be checking out download as well as upload times over there because the Web is a little different when it comes to evaluating out web over here so they both complete them up pretty quickly over there going into Adobe Photoshop over right here the X 54 opens up that up quicker opens with the image somewhat much faster too currently we’re gon na proceed as well as export this photo to our gallery as well as surprisingly enough the x2 Pro.

in fact exports it quicker both of them do certainly have ufs 3.0 storage over right here the x2 Pro does also the 8 gig of Ravan variation that I have has UF s3 storage space as well as the X 50 Pro has UF s3 storage space across the board if you do certainly obtain the 6 gig of ram version of the x2 Pro you will certainly be obtaining your hand 2.1 storage space so providing a 4k 25 structures per 2nd video the X 50 Pro is 4 secs quicker than the X 2 Pro over here I’m slightly stunned considering that they’re running extremely comparable storage space over below however nonetheless the X 50 programs their factors making a providing points as opposed to the 3 points on the x2 Pro the XP Pro opens up celestial VPN somewhat faster in the X 50 program with the X 50 per turns that are slightly quicker we require celestial VPN here in China to run all these remarkable social networks apps we’re concerning to get encountering the x2 Pro opens up on Instagram somewhat fast over there entering into Twitter points are very comparable over here but the x50 part takes.

as well as simply to allow you men understand exactly how I do score these tools when it involves points over below what I do is I reduce the clip five 6 7 times and I inspect it over and also over and also over once again so examine which one does certainly obtain designated the factors if it is just one hair of a second behind the other phone and also is not noticeable to the naked eye then I don’t designate a point to either tool neither of them obtain eight points over there if it is really close between them in regards to secs yet it is obvious that a person opened the app a little quicker than the various other one after that I do without a doubt allocator factors to the one that has the evident opening speed quicker than the various other one going.

into Netflix over here the x50 Pro opens that up quicker however actually entering into my profile over there it was also close to call until now we have 12 factors in advance on the x50 Pro rather than the x2 Pro chrome was too comparable to call over there entering into our first video game over here is metro internet users last simple video games to see are things open here the X 50 Pro opens it up a little quicker making at 13 factors ahead of the X 2 strategy until now actual men have actually done a wonderful task with it a brand-new follower to their flagship x2 Pro Series remember this is actual Meis 2nd front runner only the X 50 Pro the first flagship was the x2 item as well as was truthfully my favorite a spending plan friendly foreign of 2019 ideally the X 50 Pro can be much of the same for 2020 I quickly spit up tempo runs whoever there but the x2 Pro in fact opened it up quicker and also we have 19 factors for the X 50 Pro in contrast to 6 factors for the actual meat x2 Pro over below currently keep in mind individuals it is simply one or 2 secs between each opening of each private app and also surprisingly.

sufficient the x2 Pro actually opened the most graphics intense video game over right here pop G mobile is slightly faster than the X 54 covering out around to just 12 points behind the X 50 program gradients around 3 this has nothing to do with rap administration’s if an application does get eliminated it won’t be allocated appoints versus it even if the app got eliminated will certainly be designated appoints versus it due to the fact that the other phone opened the application quicker so this has absolutely nothing to do with round administration’s as I stated is regarding just how fast we can re-enter the applications that we already have opened over below many of these applications should already be open because this is not getting saved in RAM that much given that we’re entering a total opposite instructions as well as not a lot a bent instructions we’re going to go all the method back to electronic camera over here and also after that as soon as we hit camera then we’ll enter into a knotted.

direction for Round 4 we will simply shoot from electronic camera back to club G to evaluate out RAM administration softest 8 gig ram version phone’s entering into Adobe rush over right here the x2 Pro remarkably maintained it open over there though this examination around 3 isn’t not concerning RAM management’s the x2 Pro also opened that up somewhat much faster too up until now we have simply won factors in advance on the X 50 Pro in round 3 over here so the x2 Pro simply asserted its 3rd factor tying it up in around 3 entering into the net rate examination application right here the x2 professional kept it open as well as open the app a little much faster it opened establishing a little quicker as well I was honestly anticipating the real system apps to be very similar below however the x2 Pro is in fact opening them up quicker I think it has actually had more applications as well as it has actually had many more tweaks they should.

boost in the coming months however thus far six points in advance in rounded 3 for the X 2 Pro truly truly impressed with this old canine over right here currently going right into round 4 it is everything about RAM administration if both of them maintain the exact same app open after that neither of them allocated appoints if neither gadget keep an app open neither of them alloted of factors just if a one device maintains an application open as well as the various other one eliminates it then that tool is alloted a factor and so much we are performing at a 200 percent accelerated time over right here and neither phone has actually surpassed either at the phone right here so zero factors for both phones in rounded 4 2014 for the X 50 pro rather than 18 complete factors for the real me x2 Pro via I’m really shocked with this outcome given that the x2 Pro really tied with the xiaomi me 10 Pro which likewise has a snapdragon 865 handling chip just like the X 50 Pro I presume I’ll need to evaluate out the X goes deeper against the me 10 yet I’m actually truly pleased with the x2 Pro and also exactly how it accumulated here yet certainly the X 50 Pro is the victor individuals this is technic and I’ll see you in the next one.

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