Best Samsung S20 / Ultra & Plus Cases – RhinoShield SolidSuit & CrashGuard

the Samsung Galaxy is 20 Ultra is one spectacular looking device though that back blast panel is rather fragile lately I reviewed the handlebars of my bike and also this occurred I ruined the back glass while making use of a low-cost hardshell transparent situation if I were you individuals I would certainly head out and get myself a rhino guard case to suit that stunning style of your Samsung Galaxy S 20 ultra better you can answer right into the competitors to be a couple of victors to select any Rhinocerous guard instance for any gadget of your taste all you have to do is strike a comment in the comment area down below on why you liked my channel along with why you delight in rhino guard cases when it concerns create and also develop high quality you have an 11 foot drop span on these instances over here we also have a food-grade bpa BPS cost-free design over below with a great snug fit and also it’s a very really thin at just 3 millimeters right here we’re gon na start over below with a strong match ordinary white instance as you men can see top-ranked one over there retails for a USD a thirty dollars over there we have actually a wonderful added mesh beneath the instance there to keep your heating system and also secured allow’s have a sandpaper finish on the sides of the phone to maintain that added grasp when holding of the rubbery back complete the situation here around the case we have some good cutouts over there all the intermediaries that you require which are vital to connect in a charge and we now have no issues there in that regard when popping in your phone right into the case it fits good and tight it’s truly simple to enter and out of the situation and also I.

should say it looks definitely stunning I truly similar to this white cover over below and it really offers it some additional Panache a little of an added pop to your phone when looking from the front or back we understand the samsung galaxy s 20 ultra is bent over here yet the phone instance does not block the way of that we have really cliquey power buttons as well as quantity rockers over below.
and also the quantity rocker nearly appears to be a little bit divides which is something that is actually lacking on the s20 ultra as you individuals can see the power and also volume rocker is also type of extending out of the case over there it’s type of splits far from it as well as it really creates an actually genuinely great feeling here is the sandpapered coating on the Border’s that I was chatting to you around previously it truly does include a nice feeling as well as a little bit of an added grip to the case I actually dig this ordinary white situation and now we’re gon na look into the plain black instance as soon as again strong fits and it is the ordinary black version of for 30 dollars we have the same rubbery feel that we finished with the white one we have the same video camera bump they and fit together below the instance they to shield your flooring and have that exact same terrific unclear a little of mesh on the side over there for that sandpaper really feel to add some included grasp and also once more we have those remarkable clicky quantity rockers and power buttons it looks definitely beautiful in black also if you wish to keep.

things great level and also straightforward it’s your choice to choose up a white or black one I believe I would certainly stick with the black one to maintain points a little much more subtle we likewise have one more strong bag yet though this moment we have a natural leather situation slightly a lot more pricey at $40 right here that you can personalize your name of here many thanks rhino guard for adding my name there I really did not also request that it looks definitely superb and this natural leather really feels absolutely excellent guys I should state it is really on my phone right currently as well as I will certainly be using it for the direct future have an actually nice feel to it and also once again we have that sandpaper to end up around the borders of the phone to add some additional hold and also the natural leather itself is rather grippy to my favorite of the number until now and also next off up we have the carbon black carbon fibre privacy situation this retails at 435 dollars as well as has basically like a product feel to it mixed with a.

rubber extremely comparable to those material Google pixel situations that you have actually seen prior to we have the same looks as seen on the previous simple black simple white and lay the cases over here with that sandpaper to complete on the side and all the essential intermediaries it looks absolutely spectacular too over here and I actually dig the means that it makes your electronic camera button absolutely Peel it resembles making it the focal point over below which is wonderful it feels wonderful and also grippy I have to claim maybe a little bit grippier than the rubber instances not as high as the leather instance though it still looks absolutely amazing it practically comes down to individual choice whether you want the grittiness or whether you want the included Flair of style name except we have some individual prints right here this is the geometric wolf you can really obtain this it is a pre-production will actually publish manufacturing design made by rhinocerous shield thing looks absolutely fantastic you can in fact really feel that it is.

stitched onto the phone over there and it feels truly strong I don’t assume that this will be abrading your phone anytime quickly it looks fantastic over right here from all angles I really do dig what they have made with the geometric wall surfaces as well as just to contribute to the solid traveling bags over right here we do have quite a big cam bump over there on the Samsung so to see to it that that is not blocking or getting scraped then we do have a wonderful lip over there to stop any scratches on your electronic camera now we have actually the tinted cam edition over here one more print from rhino shield themselves you can likewise obtain some collaboration prints and also in the close to future I will be installing my technic logo prints over there for you people to purchase that too this is among my preferred prints that I have actually seen of rhino shield hence while Austin send it to me as well as once more we have that wonderful refined cam bump over there so we to protect it we have that electronic camera component over there on.

rhinocerous shield to stop any kind of scratches we also have some collision guard instances over right here practically precisely the very same as these solid match instances though it is doing not have the back if the same thickness over right here though it does feel slightly thinner in your hands considering that we are doing not have the back there we have the nice mesh on the sides over there and also as soon as again that sand paper really feel on the sides of the brush on the sides of the cover that is as well as popping your phone in is simply as simple as the strong match this is the most inexpensive one retailing for 25 dollars and also it looks definitely unbelievable we have a good lip covering the electronic camera bump and a lip on the front too when you do place your phone down on a level surface with its back facing downwards there is no phone wobble whatsoev– on a flat surface when relocating it about on the front or back which is an actually great included touch the white looks added incredible over here included some additional flicks to your phone over there it looks absolutely outstanding and also I really do dig the carbon fiber one over below our dig the solid traveling bags with these different designs my favorite have to be the natural leather one yet I truly actually do delight in the crash guard bumper situations men I hope that you appreciated this video don’t fail to remember to comment down listed below to one and up until following time people this is Technique.

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