OnePlus 8 Pro vs RedMagic 5G Speed Test

What’s up people you’re back with Technic and also today I have another speed stays for you however this time in between the 1 +8 SPRO as well as the Nubia red magic 5g the 1 +8 professional variation that I have actually comes paid with 12 jobs of ram and also qualcomm slater snapdragon 865 processing chip the red magic 5g that I have yet has 8 gigs of RAM on it and Qualcomm 700 meter + snapdragon 865 processing chip as well the equipment specifications are incredible on both devices really feel complimentary to pause there for even more details we have actually upgraded software program on both tools and we’re going to use mac revitalize rates over right here 144 it’s on the red magic 120 on the 8 Pro gon na keep the a pro at full HD plus to match that of the red magic and also we’re going to maintain animations on on both gadgets due to a current survey on my channel run one will certainly be composed of boots as well as finger print unlock as well as run 2 will certainly be composed of initially opening up application rate examination and also round 3 will consist of RAM administration we’re gon na be using GoPro footage at the lower left hand edge for accuracy people this is technic and without additional ado let’s go you can start yes in round one with a straightforward boot to see which one boots much faster he weighed magic was 3.5 seconds quicker than that of the 1 plus 8 professional getting at its

point in Man 1 when first showing application icons when entering into the phone the red magic accesses second factor over there somewhat quicker than that of the 1 plus 8 pro we have 2 optical scanners with one optical scanner under each gadget over right here and the one plus a pro was quicker the very first time the second time over there we’re mosting likely to do finest out of 3 below as well as we’re gon na see which one obtains its blue one plus a professional obtains its first and final points in round 1 round 2 is gon na have to do with full application speed all the apps have been enclosed the background as I just showed you people for them thus far no factors have been allocated the red magic 5g did take an image somewhat faster I do not allocate a point if it is also close to call if it is 2 or 3 milliseconds between the phones but it is obvious after that I do allocate a points if it is 2 to 3 secs between each device opening up an app and it is not obvious which one opened it then I don’t allot the point either the lower left we have GoPro video as well as beneath that we have a timer countdown to the next round the bottom ideal hand edge we have my logo and also naturally we have that portion timer suggesting whether I have actually sped up the clip as you can see a 800% when running in internet speed examination 33 secs for the 1 +8 pro creating a web speed examination we’re not concentrating on download and also upload speeds right here however just purely speed 31 secs on the red magic getting it’s it’s 6.5 points ahead of that of the 1 +8 pro which is absolutely incredible Spotify was as well close to call over

there entering into Adobe Photoshop Express over right here the red magic 5g gets its 7th factors when again eighth factor there when opening the photo exporting the picture both have ufs 3.1 storage but the raid magic 5g saved it slightly much faster than the 1 +8 professional exact same point can be claimed when going into Adobe thrill over below the red magic open up the application quicker as well as Wayne feeling of the task to occur once more making a 10 factors ahead of the 1 plus a pro things obtain truly interesting later so just stick about people we’re gon na be compressing a complete cake up to 1080p to see which one can export quicker with that said u FS a3 storage below speeding up the clip by 400% to hurry via 16 secs on the 1 plus simply 0.2 secs faster than that of the red magic getting it it’s upset points now in round 2 we needed to utilize a VPN yes considering that I am in China and also we you require to use a VPN in order to open all these remarkable applications that we were about to get going on Facebook the red magic Babji opened quicker Instagram was somewhat too close to call over there entering into Twitter as soon as again as well close to call following up on the cards over right here is YouTube anybody plus a pro obtains its third points rather than 13 on the red magic 5g when going into YouTube over there going into my account was very really close over there and entering into a video over here the one class a professional gets its fourth factor now slowly shutting the gap between it and the red magic 5g following app that we have going on for us right here is a Netflix so let’s see which one can load it first the red magic obtains it going into my profile were somewhat also close to call there

next up here is Google Chrome on the last collection of applications to 1 +8 Pro opens up that up a little much faster initial video game of the run over right here is train internet users which one can open it up Asti right here he won plus a professional remarkably opens its very first game rapidly below making it 6 points for the one plus rather than 14 for the red magic next up below is Flip diving a 2nd game of the bunch below too close to call when opening flip diving and after that we will certainly greet to Holy place Run 2 I’m gon na speed it up a little bit so I do not maintain you guys here throughout the day and also the 1 +8 Pro once more opens up a game faster given that a the no bar-8 magic 5g is without a doubt a video gaming phone it’s unsubstantiated that the one course is opening up video games quicker that we are not making use of game room on the red magic so perhaps that will certainly make things slightly difference the one has a pro additionally accelerated pop G mobile making it 2 seconds quicker than that of the red magic 5g making the red magic 5g the champion of round 2 with 14 factors instead of 2 only 1 plus 8 per round three is everything about RAM monitoring over here they both well the oneplus has 12 jobs around the red magic has 8 gigs yet neither of them should battle to keep 20 applications open over here and they really aren’t they’re maintaining each and every single application open together over right here right throughout throughout right here meaning no points for rounded 3 on both tools over below overall factors we have 9 forty one plus 8 Pro and sixteen for the red magic 5g still the present leader of my network if we simply take rate right into account we’ll be concentrating on round to the making it 8 factors for the one and 14 for the red magic which is just 6 factors in advance of the 1 +8 Pro the red magic 5g is still the reigning champ people this is Method and also I’ll see you in the following one

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