OnePlus 8 Pro vs Samsung S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max – Geekbench 5 Test Comparison!

if you’re happy to spend over $1000 on a smartphone in 2020 these would probably be the top three picks but how do they perform in Geekbench 5 we have the 1 plus 8 pro samsung galaxy s 20 ultra and iPhone 11 probe Maxia to compare in a Geekbench 5 points to race we have updated the software’s on all of the devices over here and we have 12 gigs of lpddr4 RAM on the Android phones and 4 gigs of RP ddr4 X Ram on the iPhone 11 Pro max we have snapdragon 865 processing chips in the oneplus 8 pro and samsung galaxy is 20 ultra here run on seven and a video and they are indeed octa-core chipset we have an a 13 Bionic chipset also run on seven anumita Plus technology it is indeed a six core chipset seen in the iPhone 11 Pro max the two Android phones here are both rocking 120 Hertz panels which were going to leave enabled over here and they both have AMOLED displays while the iPhone is stuck to 60 Hertz and comes with an LED display I have dropped the resolution on the oneplus 8 pro 2 1080p to match that of the s20 ultra since the East Wing ultra cannot run native 1440p and 120 Hertz at the same time the iPhone even Promax cannot be changed so it is stuck to 12:42 p we’re gonna be using game space and fanatic mode to open up Geekbench on e 1 + 8 pro we’re gonna enable high performance mode on the s20 ultra and run Geekbench 5 through the game launcher there are no performance mode options on the iphone as you guys can see how we have the latest Geekbench of five point 2.0

version on all three devices this is technic and without further ado let’s go we’re gonna start you with comparing battery percentage and degrees in Celsius in the beginning of the test take a look here for a brief second we’ll compare this again at the end of the test when it comes to comparing CPU in degrees Celsius at the start of the test here the iPhone is unknown because I cannot seem to find a CPU temperature measuring app within the App Store let me know if you guys have found one in the comment section down below but as finale 1 + 8 / lucky hotter than that of the s20 ultra we’ll compare these stats at the end of the test once more we’re gonna go ahead and start the CPU benchmark on all three devices to test out multi and single core performance when it comes to single core performance the iPhone comes out on top with a thousand three hundred and thirty two points yeah second place is the oneplus 8 pro with nine hundred and ten points and last place is the s20 ultra with eight hundred and ninety three points this is very interesting considering the single core performance on the iPhone 11 pro max the clock speed is actually quite a bit less than equal clock speeds on the snapdragon 865 powered oneplus a pro and is 20 ultra but bear in mind that it is a hexa core on the 11pro max as opposed to octave claws on the other two phones and in my opinion based on PC performance runs that I have done in the past sometimes an i5 processor can perform better in the single core category then i7 processes when it comes to multi-core performance the oneplus 8 pro comes out on top with three thousand three hundred and eight points second place not far behind the 820 ultra with the same Snapdragon chipset three thousand two

hundred and sixteen points and in last place the iPhone 11 pro max with two thousand six hundred and ninety eight points much further down the line there for the iPhone but remember we are running hexa core so now testing out the multi cause the lightning and thunder chips that we see in the iPhone don’t seem to be as powerful as the Kairo chips that we see in the snapdragon 865 Ariens of the 8 pro and s 20 ultra here when running a multi-core benchmark we’re gonna go ahead here and run the GPU computes benchmark on all three devices we have a default of open CL on the two Android devices this is not an option for the iOS device that we have here so we’re gonna change the Android ones to Vulcan to match the metal API that we were rocking on the iPhone 11 pro max metal as well as Vulcan are very similar Vulcan is pretty much the top dog when it comes to api’s in an android device and metal is the top dog when it comes to iOS so I still personally think that metal does it much better rendering job when using GPU when playing games or running benchmarks such as this and as you guys can see when running Vulcan third place comes the oneplus 8 pro 2823 points as opposed to quite a bit more 3038 points on the s20 ultra

definitely beating the oneplus 8 pro when it comes to Vulcan but metal is streaks ahead more than double here 7320 points for the iPhone 11 pro max which came in first place here and this just shows why iPhones always seem to run games a lot smoother and better than Android devices because of its current API which is metal I hope to see a metal coming to Android devices soon though Vulcan is catching up quite rapidly at the end of those two runs that we did CPU and GPU benchmarks we got a bit of a battery drain here now bear in mind it did take 15 minutes but it didn’t take a whole 15 minutes to run both tests of course between the tests I was checking out the scores and comparing the differences here so it took 15 minutes from the last time we checked the percentage as well as the degrees in Celsius to this point now so after 15 minutes we got a drain of 5% on the 8 pro 3 percent on the s20 ultra dropping the least of you but it does have the biggest five thousand milliamp hour battery any worst is the minus 6 percent on the iPhone you live in pro max when it comes to milliamp hours per minutes the s20 ultra stays top dog here just training by 10 milli amp hours per minute the calculation is on the left of the screen feel free to

pause yeah to check how I calculated the milliamp hours per minute second place here was 15 milli amp hours per minute for the oneplus 8 pro and of course the smallest battery of the budget is the iPhone 11 from Max with the biggest strain off of the in point nine milli amp hours per minute but though the oneplus 8 pro does have quite a bit of a bigger battery than the iPhone there isn’t much of a difference when it comes to battery drain here when we speak about battery degrees in Celsius at the end the hottest phone is the oneplus a pro with 38.6 degrees Celsius the crudest one is the iPhone yep and Promax with 32 degrees Celsius it didn’t actually gain any extra degrees over here the s20 ultra only had a 2.5 degrees Celsius and was in the middle with 36 47 degrees Celsius anyone plus a pro added the most amount of heat adding 2 point 8 degrees Celsius to the battery when it comes to CPU in degrees Celsius at the end of the test yet it is unknown for the iPhone 11 Pro Mac so it is not applicable as I mentioned earlier but when it comes to the two Android devices the 1 + 8 Pro was the hottest year with 42 degrees Celsius coolest beanie is 20 halter with 37 degrees Celsius 5 degrees cooler than that of the 1 + 8 Pro but when we speak about adding degrees in Celsius we added 3 degrees in Celsius adding the most only 1 + 8 Pro and just 2 degrees Celsius on the s20 ultra so they both seem to heat up about the same just 1 degree Celsius between the two

phones here now we might not have an open CL option on the iPhone you live in pro max but I just thought that with the battery percentage and degrees in Celsius on battery and CPU aside we’re going to go ahead and run an open CL GPU compute benchmark on these two Android devices over here comparing results at the end over here the 1 + a pro actually did a better job the knee is 20 ultra in OpenCL this is more comparable to DirectX 11 graphics which is something that we don’t really see in iPhones the iPhone is still rocking pretty similar to direct x12 metal over here so I’m using the previous result with 7320 points the Samsung was the lowest winner running OpenCL over here with 3117 points as opposed to the one plus a pro’s 3194 but not much of a difference over there comparing them to the Vulcan you can see that they have improved quite a bit there especially when it comes to the 1 + 8 pro as for the highest awards on all devices the 1 + 8 Pro got awarded the best multi-core CPU score when running the benchmark the s20 ultra only got second-best accolades here with the second best multi-core CPU and the second best Vulcan GPU and remember that the 1 + 8 Pro actually beat the s20 ultra win a running open CL and the iPhone 11 Pro max it did the best when it comes to CPU single cores are thanks to that wonderful hexa core a 13 Bionic chip running the a single-core lightning caugh over there and it also got allocated the best GPU overall when running metal api i hope that you guys enjoyed watching this video as much as I did making it this is Technic and I’ll see you in the next one

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