Oppo Find X2 Pro vs RedMagic 5G Speed Test

the oppo locate x2 pro has actually been exceptionally successful when it comes to speed examinations on my network nevertheless so has the red magic 5g both have qualcomm’s most recent snapdragon 865 handling chip inside with lp ddr5 ram though the red magic has 8 jobs of ram variation that i have as well as the oppo is 12 gigs of ram and also they likewise both have ufs 3.0 storage space below are the equipment specs do not hesitate to hit time out right here to learn more we have upgraded both of their software programs to the most up to date available version we’re mosting likely to make use of 120hz on the oppo and 144hz on the red magic those are the macs and also we’re mosting likely to enable full hd plus on the discover x2 pro to match that of the red magic additionally going to allow high efficiency setting on the oppo we do not have that on the red magic we’re mosting likely to disable animations over below in order to test out raw speed round one is mosting likely to be all regarding boot and also fingerprint unlock rounded two will certainly be all regarding first opening of application speed as well as round three will certainly be everything about ram monitoring we’re gon na be using my fingers over here so we’re gon na make use of gopro footage near the bottom left-hand corner for precision this is method and without more trouble allow’s go we’re mosting likely to begin with an easy butcher initially of

rounded one to see which one can get in the phone much faster 13 seconds rather than 23 secs on the red magic 5g accessing its initial factor over there 10 seconds quicker than that of the oppo truly remarkable red magic entering into the real phone itself though the oppo showed all the app icons slightly quicker obtaining it its initial point over there and also checking the under display fingerprint sensing units both optical on both gadgets the oppo is quicker every time over right here getting it its second and last factors in round one round two is going to be all regarding speed we’re making certain that all apps are shut in the background we get on the same wi-fi network and utilizing their max illumination on both gadgets going into the cam application the first factor obtains granted to the red magic 5g 2nd factor for turning over the camera and 3rd point for taking the snap red magic currently on a three point lead in contrast to the oppo and going right into the gallery app the red magic obtains its 4th point bringing into the photo from the gallery app the opera find x2 pro grabs that direct and the following application that we have following system application that is is calculator which the oppo orders again 2 factors currently half the factors on the oppo instead of the red magic 5 g’s 4 points entering into the phone application over below it was way also close to call over there and also the next and also last system application that we have is the settings app which the oppo find x2 professional opens a little quicker first non-system app

below is speed check as well as web rate test which the red magic 5g opens up quicker now we’re mosting likely to do a net rate trial run we’re not mosting likely to check for download upload speed in itself yet a lot more say how much time it actually takes to run with the test i have actually spent things at bottom ideal hand edge 23 secs for the oppo discover x2 pro can the red magic 5g defeated that yes it can by simply one second though with 22 secs now six points double that of the oppo find x2 pro’s three factors over there next app that we have is spotify which the red magic 5g opens up faster again i really assumed that this would certainly be extra also considering that both phones absolutely damaged lots of other phones on my network next app that we have right here is photoshop share which the red magic 5g opens quicker as well as goes right into the image quicker again conserving the photo to gallery both with ufs 3.0 storage space the red magic 5g stated save to gallery at the base of the phone much faster than it did on the findex 2 professional display next application that we have here is a video editing and enhancing app adobe premiere rush entering into it the red magic or the oppo the red magic absolutely got the factors over there packing the entire page quicker however the oppo find x2 pro entered into the project much faster that time around we’re gon na export this 4k 25 frames per 2nd clip we’re going to drop it to 1080p so we’re compressing the documents over here match the

framework rate of 25 frameworks per 2nd rate things up lower right-hand man corner see which one can go faster 14 seconds on the oppo with ufs 3.0 storage rather than 20 seconds with ufs 3.0 storage space on the red magic 5g oppo obtained its fifth points over there currently just six factors behind that of the red magic 5g currently got its six points off the opening up astral vpn we require a vpn here in china in order to open up the next row of applications up both of them transformed it on at the same time entering into facebook the one phone opened it up quicker and the various other one packed the web page faster so no point was designated however going right into instagram the red magic 5g opened that one up quicker currently choosing a double factor lead again with 12 factors so passing that now with 13 factors after opening twitter on the red magic 5g as well as going right into youtube which one can do it the red magic 5g in fact opened the page quicker however the oppo filled the whole web page quicker so when again no factor was assigned over there entering into my account nonetheless the oppo locate x2 professional opened up that one up quicker currently seven factors no longer a double factor demand for the red magic going right into the real video

itself the oppo discover x2 pro did that quicker started playing the video quicker as well as loaded the entire page materials quicker also so 8 points on the oppo until now as opposed to 13 on the red magic 5g i guess it’s obtaining a little bit more detailed oppo is slightly shutting the void yeah going right into netflix the red magic 5g grabs that point entering into my account once again the red magic 5g grabs its 15th factor once more near double factors again next up that we have below last row of applications google chrome red magic 5g opens that up quicker and the initial game that we have of 4 here is mosting likely to be metro surfers which one can open it up quicker the terrific all-around oppo locate x2 professional or the pc gaming driven red magic 5g transforms out that it is actually the oppo find x2 pro that opens this one up quicker after some seriously lengthy waiting times though simply by a split second over there currently nine points instead of 16 on the red magic 5g so just a seven factor difference between both phones over below but rather a huge lead when you’re discussing just 20 applications following video game that we have here is undoubtedly flip diving entering into flip diving over right here it was way too close to call so no factor was assigned over below and also the following app that we have second last application second last video game is temple run 2. going into it i sped points up due to the fact that it takes a while to pack sluggish it back down red magic 5g grabs its 17th factor over there currently with a 8 point lead over the oppo find x2 pro which incidentally price twice the rate as the red magic last video game last app in the last row last app of the 20 pubg mobile 15 secs for the raid magic 16 for the oppo find x2 pro closing off round 2 with 18 factors on the red magic and also 9 points on the oppo locate x2 pro so double the points there for speed round three is all regarding ram monitoring we’re currently halfway with you have speed it up since it is so comparable right here 8 and also 12 jobs of ram doesn’t really matter the speed of the ram does both have lp ddr5 ram keeping virtually all apps open on both gadgets over right here so no factors have been designated whatsoever so rounded 3 is a draw at zero an item on both devices total points here 11 for the oppo locate x2 pro rather than 19 for the red magic 5g yet if we concentrate simply on raw rate which is all concerning round two when it comes to the actual speed examination we have nine points on the oppo as well as dual that 18 on the red magic 5g extremely impressive for red magic over right here all i can claim is i can not wait for the brand-new improved red magic fives people this is technic and also i’ll see you in the next one

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