Asus ROG Phone 3 vs RedMagic 5S Speed Test

these 2 smartphones are perhaps the very best pc gaming smartphones of 2020. they both have very similar requirements theoretically such as ufs 3.1 storage space as well as 12 gigs of lp ddr5 ram where the rog phone 3 stacks up against the red magic though is that it has actually the brand-new improved snapdragon 865 plus processing chip while the red magic sticks with the vanilla snapdragon 865 while still effective we’ll have to see just how it carries out in a rate test versus the rog phone 3. they both have 144hz displays which we’re going to maintain allowed over here the aurora phone also has a surprise option for 160hz however it’s pretty unstable so we’re mosting likely to stick to 144. we likewise have x setting on the rog and we have impaired animations in order to evaluate out raw efficiency round one will be composed of boot finger prints as well as deal with unlock rounded two will certainly be all regarding initial opening of app speeds as well as round 3 will certainly have to do with rounded management we’re gon na pop gopro video near the bottom left-hand corner of accuracy this is strategy and without more ado let’s go in round one we’re going to start with a straightforward butcher to see which one can activate quicker though really near to call over here the red magic 5s was just half a 2nd quicker than that of the rog phone three getting its initial factor in rounded one i imply entering into the real gadget though the rg phone 3 grabs its first points over below by showing the app symbols initially when we examine out the optical readers beneath the display screens of both tools the rog phone 3 was quicker the initial time around quicker the second time round and quicker the 3rd time around as well offering it its 2nd point in rounded one going with face recognition here they’re both 2d scanners the first round was practically neck and also neck the 2nd one the rog phone three was a bit quicker and also the 3rd round a little bit quicker than the red magic accessing its 3rd as well as final point in rounded one instead of one factor for the red magic 5 is ensuring we’re on the same wi-fi network max brightness over right here which all apps in the history have undoubtedly been shut as well as entering into our first application of year which is camera app the red magic opens it up quicker flips to the selfie web cam quicker as well as takes the snap and also conserves it to gallery faster than that of the aurora phone 3. it may simply be a small little bit faster in that regard when opening up the cam yet those seconds do count considering it is making use of a sort of previous generation snapdragon 865 rather of the brand-new beastly 865 plus scene on the rog so currently 4 factors on the red magic 5 is it was too close to call when opening the calculator though going right into the phone app the red magic 5s opened that up quicker and our last system app below is settings which the red magic 5 is once more fractions of secs fast over there going into a web speed test called rate examine the red magic 5s open it up quicker and also currently we’re not truly mosting likely to concentrate on download upload rate but much more so the length of time it takes to do the test likewise if you guys are appreciating this video please ensure that you hit that subscribe button i ‘d actually appreciate it and also if you do appreciate what you see when it involves the red magic fives i do have a pair web links in the description in order to send you directly to their website utilizing my code in order to purchase the gadget because it has simply lately become worldwide offered and it is honestly an amazing device and it is even less expensive than the rog phone 3 and it’s slightly newer though with a slightly older chip allowed’s.

see how the rate examination proceeds entering into photoshop reveal over below the beginning phone 3 quite a lot controlled over there conserving the picture to gallery quicker too going right into adobe premiere russia by means of a video clip modifying program going right into it the rog phone 3 was quicker it was quite close to core when going right into that project itself now we’re mosting likely to export a 4k 25 frames per 2nd data press it down to 1080p match the frame rate and also hit export i’m mosting likely to speed things up near the bottom right-hand man edge to 400 and after that slow it pull back once we have the very first victor so speeding up via it over right here which one can take it it looks virtually neck and also neck but the rog phone 3 obtains it in 18 seconds making use of ufs 3.1 same ufs 3.1 on the red magic though 2 secs slower at 20 seconds obtaining the rog phone through its fifth point now shutting the gap in between the rng and the red magic by 2 factors mosting likely to celestial vpn since we need a vpn in china we got 6 points now for the rog phone three transforming it on was also close to call so currently the rog phone is simply one factor behind the vanilla.

snapdragon 865 on the red magic 5s now two factors behind that of the red magic with 8 factors rather than six on the rog going right into instagram over right here the red magic open that increased quicker and going right into twitter things were as well close to call so no points were assigned so just a 3 point difference when it pertains to raw rate in round 2 neglecting rounded one we’ll tally up the overall score a little bit later on at the end of the examination going right into youtube our next application over right here the red magic 5s opens it up quicker as well as entering into my network it likewise opens it up quicker and loads the web page slightly quicker than that of the rog phone three entering into a video clip nonetheless the rog phone 3 plays it quicker and also tons the entire page quicker obtaining it at 7th point in round 2 currently just 4 factors behind that of the red magic fives i’m truly amazed with the red magic up until now considering that it does have a somewhat weaker chip and also it is in a feeling controling the rog phone 3 yet points are truly close below also if it’s just a pair seconds in between introducing each individual app and going into google chrome the rg really opened chrome much faster but the red magic packed the web page quicker so no point was alloted over there the red magic now has a six.

factor lead we didn’t allocate a point there with chrome like i stated and also going into our very first video game over right here considering that these are video gaming phones which were subway surfers it was really neck and neck they specifically opened up at the same time as well as our following game below is indeed flip diving which the rog phone 3 opens up just a bit quicker than that of the fives currently tightening the void to 5 factors between the two devices going right into our second last game over right here a temple run to the beginning phone three open that up quicker currently just 4 points between the two tools we have another video game left one more application out of 20 over right here and also that is certainly pubg mobile it’s regrettable that it’s been banned in india ideally it’ll be back soon nonetheless the red magic fives opens it up in 18 seconds in contrast to 20 seconds on the rog phone 3 accessing its 14th and also final point in round 2 in contrast to the last 9 factors on the rog phone three in rounded 2 going right into round three it’s everything about ram administration they have actually basically kept all these apps open behind-the-scenes so i’m just flicking via them they both have 12 gigs of lpddr5 ram however even if claim among them had eight gigs of ram or 6 jobs of ram they shouldn’t have a problem maintaining just 20.

apps open behind-the-scenes up below it’s even more regarding the speed of the ram which matters than the actual storage space so if you men choose to get a phone or instead concentrate on whether it has lpddr5 or 4xram as opposed to 8 or 12 or perhaps an overkill of 16 gigs of ram as you can see entering into youtube over below they both maintained my channel open entering into netflix things were precisely the exact same going right into the last run of applications over right here which are without a doubt the four games both of them have not a problem maintaining video games open yet what i do notification is that the red magic appears to open the video games a little quicker than that of the rog phone three when resuming them round 3 was neck and neck absolutely no points on both tools since both of them kept all apps open behind-the-scenes as well as overall score we have 12 for the rog phone three rather than 15 for the red magic 5 is just one of the closest examinations i have ever before done and also nine points simply for genuine performance in round two when it involves speed up on the origin phone three in contrast to 14 which was five more on the red magic fives so the older chip is the quicker chip guys this is tecnic and i’ll see you in the following one you.

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