POCO M3 vs iPhone 12 Pro Max vs Samsung Note 20 Ultra vs Asus ROG Phone 3 Charging Speed Test

this is a charging speed test between a dirt cheap hundred and thirty dollar smartphone seven hundred dollar gaming centric device and two well over a thousand dollar flagships the first here is the asus rg phone three with 30 watt hyper charge and a 6 000 milliamp hour battery we’re gonna be using the side mounted type c port because it seems to charge the fastest of this and that is why the smartphone device placement is like this and not as you see in the thumbnail next up we have the samsung galaxy note 20 ultra with a 25 watt charger in the box its max charging wattage is indeed 25 watts even though its predecessor could go up to 45 that is missing in this one though it didn’t make much of a difference then anyway and we also get a 500 milliamp hour battery we then get the iphone 12 pro max though it cost a thousand one hundred dollars starting you have to splurge an extra 20 bucks if you would like that new 20 watt charger and last we have the 129 dollar pocophone m3 it might not have the fastest charging at just 18 watts though it does compared with a charger in the box yes that’s right apple and it is 22.5 watts though a bigger wattage block than its wattage capability it will be capped at 18 watts even though it’s using a higher wattage block we also have a massive 6000mah battery powering the poco m3 so i’m expecting it to take quite a while to juice up with 18 watt charging some smartphones charge slowly these are those smartphones but which slower charging phone can charge the fastest this is technic and without further ado let’s find out before we plug the phones in charging get

this test going let’s check out the temperatures before we do that at the top of each device we have the branding and beside the branding we have the interval in degrees in celsius and the peak in degrees in celsius which will change every time we hit the interval timer on the right hand side the interval timing is also in relation to the battery percentage since this is not in real time after just six minutes we have eight percent on the rog leaving the pack i would never have expected to say this you know 20 ultra 10 7 on the iphone and 7 on the poco and i have made sure to disable all battery optimizations if available on the device after that 10 minute mark interval we have 15 on the rog still leading the impact you know 20 ultra with 19 15 as well on the 12 pro max and 11 on the poco m3 falling behind you with the coolest phone during the interval and the peak is the rog and the hottest being the samsung after 15 minutes 22 on the rog really jumping ahead now the note 20 ultra with 28 23 on the 12 pro max now beating the rog phone three and 15 still trailing the pack the poco m3 after 20 minutes we have 29 on the rog 36 percent on the number 20 ultra 32 percent not beating the

rog by quite a bit of the 12 pro max and 19 percent the only one still in red the poco m3 since it’s below 25 percent with the coolest device still being the rog and the hottest will be in the samsung 25 minutes we have the rog at 37 44 on the note 20 ultra still a 7 lead over the rog phone 41 on the 12 pro max now nearing the samsung and 24 still doing terrible on the poco but after 30 minutes the poker has 28 almost on 30 but the samsung and the iphone have all passed that 50 mark with the rog phone 3 fast approaching with 45 and the hottest phone now is the iphone it starts to heat up when it charges faster and the coolest phone is the poco no surprise since it’s charging the slowest nearing that 45 minute mark interval and we have 66 percent on the rog phone 373 on the no 20 ultra 72 on 12 pro max which is really pulled ahead of the rog and almost matching the note 20 ultra with 39 on the poco m3 still in that orange stage but the coolest peak no doubt and the coolest interval is the samsung starting to cool down after having the hottest peak now the rog phone has the hottest peak and the hottest interval reaching that one hour mark 83 on the rg 90 on the note 20 ultra really slacking behind knives the 12 pro max just a two percent gap between it and the rog phone but really falling behind is the poco just passing 50 after one hour which is a bit insane if you ask me i

guess this phone is more for battery life than battery charging i’ll get to that a little bit later but as of right now the samsung decided to say chess to us after just one hours and 13 minutes it said i’m ready to go for a full two days of battery life given the recent results that’s not too bad with 61.64 milliamp hours per minute charging time anymore with 36.7 degrees in celsius and after 1 hours and 50 minutes we have 92 on the rog 93 on the 12 pro max the origins really caught up 61 on the poker unfortunately not catching up this time around we’re reaching in that one hour and 30 minute mark interval are we gonna get there and here we go one hour 30 minutes 96 on the rg and 98 on the 12 pro max to a 2 different 71 on the poker now catching up i guess you could unplug it and still have the same amount of battery that you would have on the samsung at this point in time since it has a significantly bigger battery at 6000 milliamps matching the rog phone and after one hour and 39 minutes the iphone 12 pro max is fully charged which is great i guess it does have a very small battery though and 20 watt charging so slower wattage charging than the samsung but a much smaller battery so you’d expect it to finish in a similar time but no we did indeed

have battery optimization disabled but we got 37.24 milliamps per minute due to its smaller battery though a better ending of degrees in celsius the rog phone three actually finished in one hour and 45 minutes the reason i know it was 145 because of the little green led notification light popped up at the top left of the rot phone just as i checked it was on 99 so it finished one hour 45 minutes not far after the iphone just six minutes after to be precise it got a much better milliamp a permanent reading on 57.

14 and the main reason for this is because it has a much larger battery even though it didn’t finish quicker than that but it does have 30 watt charging as opposed to 20 watt on the iphone the poco is still going after 2 hours and 15 minutes and 95 which is not exactly impressive but remember you have to remember it is a 129 phone that has the charger in the box honestly who cares how fast it charges it lasts a hell of a long time when it comes to battery performance and that is one of the reasons i think it is not charging the fastest because poker actually wanted to preserve battery life over time since that’s what this phone is all about no doubt it finishes under three hours i’m glad i could say that two hours of 49 minutes which is not the best probably the worst i’ve ever seen on the channel with a 35.5 milliamp per

minute reading but it did end off the coolest with 28 degrees in celsius which makes me wonder if poco have decided to put battery optimization within the phone and haven’t given you an option to disable it or enable it because this phone is centered around battery life not necessarily battery charging so having a lower charging speed may mean that the phone would last longer and preserve its actual battery health over time the poco m3 did come dead last year with 2 hours and 49 minutes 18 watts charging notepad in the box with a 22.5 watt block and a huge 6000mah battery third place the same size battery rg phone 3 30 watt charging so quite a bit faster than the poco though six times the price at that an hour and 45 minutes is not too shabby six minutes quicker the iphone 12 pro max with a much smaller 3687 milliamp battery but slightly slower 20 watt charging an hour and 39 minutes they’re not too bad first place i never thought i’d say this in a charging test the samsung galaxy note 20 ultra one hour 13 minutes is still absolutely fantastic charging time 25 watt charging a 4 500 milliamp hour battery and even though the samsung had the fastest charging and actually had the lowest peak temperature in degrees celsius and the highest to be in the rog phone but the samsung actually ended off the hottest with 36.7 and the poco the coolest with 28.

when it comes to milliamp hours per minute of course we know the samsung was the best with almost 62 per minute from zero to 100 percent and the worst was the poco with thirty five point five zero two hundred percent but if you look at their first fifty percent of charge the note 20 ultra did it in 28 minutes with 80.36 milliamp hours then it was the iphone doing it in 30 minutes with almost 62 milliamp hours per minute and the rog did it in 34 minutes but because it was just six minutes slower than the samsung and four minutes slower than the iphone it got a whopping milliamp hour per minute reading of 88.24 the reason for this is because it has a much bigger battery so its first fifty percent is three thousand milliamp hours the poco’s first fifty percent took 59 minutes which is not the best but the milliamp hour per minute reading is a lot better with 50.85 as opposed to its main reading of 35.50 because it took 50 percent in an hour and the second 50 almost took two hours i hope that you guys enjoyed watching this video as much as i did making it a sub to the channel would be fantastic this is technic and i’ll see you in the next one

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