Detailed REVIEW RedMagic 6R: Gaming in Disguise.

have you ever before wanted to acquire a pc gaming smartphone yet haven’t due to the gaming appearance of it or due to the top and lower bezels above as well as below the display being also huge or possibly you haven’t merely due to the fact that the phone itself is also large as well as chunky if your response is indeed then group red at red magic have got you covered with the all new red magic 6r which is as well as i quote meant to be for individuals that do not desire the look of a video gaming phone but still has the specifications to be won in this incredibly detailed evaluation of the red magic 6r i’ll be examining out its style display screen cams software program gaming software 144 structures per 2nd pc gaming standards and naturally comparing it to various other video gaming mobile phones and also since we recognize that red magic have consisted of absolutely every little thing that you need in the box it’s time to unwrap the star of the program the red magic 6r can be found in two color variations that being mercury silver and also cosmos black the silver one just comes in the 12 giga ram variants as well as the black one just is available in the eight giga ram version the silver one that i have looks absolutely remarkable.

however really glossy on the back not extremely matte like whatsoever it has a couple pinstripe lines all over it providing it a tad bit of pc gaming aesthetic maybe 4 200 milliamp hour battery under the hood as well as 30 watt wired billing and also obviously 5g nfc wi-fi 6e as well as bluetooth 5.2 have a plastic back to make sure that it can be much more light-weight address a glass fronts as well as we do have a light weight aluminum metal frame that glossy back plastic does get quite a reasonable bargain of fingerprints so you’re gon na have to slap on the included cover that can be found in the box on the first day if you intend to avoid that we do have a twin sim tray though no expanding storage choice we have a usb 3.1 type c port and also we get that adapter in package which transforms it to a 3.5 millimeter earphone jack and unfortunately just one single downward shooting speaker as well as dual microphones one at the base as well as one at the top we have a quantity rocker and also power switch on the right-hand man side with that the two professional shoulder triggers 3.0 with 400 hertz touch sampling rates and an 8.
3 millisecond feedback time these are the specific same ones that you saw on the version earlier on this year the vanilla red magic 6. It doesn’t have the dual feed as you see on the lenovo tool and also it does not have pop-up triggers like you see on the black shark tool but it is indented which is fantastic the electronic camera component at the back looks a heck of a whole lot like the zte accent of 30 ultra which is really made by the same company and it does extend a fair bit on the back compared to other video gaming smartphones around though the lenovo a tad bigger than that of the red magic 6r does load rather a lot more underneath that camera bump than simply cameras it has quite a fair deal of wobble when on a level surface area and also its back design does look extremely striking also though it is a pc gaming smart device it looks really low profile if you ask me i would certainly have chosen those red stripes at the rear of it not to be there would have been even more subtle however it looks great at the back yet what about the front well we are welcome to a 20 by 9 element ratio 6.67 inch amoled display it is complete hd plus with a 395 ppi 10 bit color over below 770 nits brightness 144 hertz refresh rate as well as 360 hertz touch sampling price the 6.7 inch display screen looks really fantastic in terms of shade accuracy when compared to other video gaming mobile phones around also its equivalent the vanilla red magic 6 on the left hand side of it and the white equilibrium looks excellent also it is a tad brighter than its precursor will not.

much precursor yet counterparts the red magic 6 has 630 units of brightness as opposed to the 770 systems on the 6r the 6r also has marginal bezels contrasted to other pc gaming phones a lot like the black shark 4 pro as well as of program you have 144 hertz freshen rates here which is one of the stars of the program right here i have actually recorded this footage utilizing a specialist grade 180 fps video camera and also you can see there’s not a big distinction in between 165 hertz on the red magic 6 and also 144 hertz on the red magic 6r if you desire those numbers of program you’re going to have to go for the normal 6 however the 6r does a fine task and i truly like those very little bezels with the strike opening right at the leading facility of the screen of training course we have an adaptive refresh price or you can secure it within the developer options we can of course change the illumination to get that fantastic bright 770 weaved screen we have anti-flicker display order turn around so that things pop up at the base of the screen rather of the top we can readjust our shades and of course there is also dark setting which you can set to come on on set up times and also it is good black as well as deep within most apps and also third-party applications as well of course we likewise have a constantly on display screen over right here and we can set a begin and also end time there’s no alternatives to maintain it constantly on though it can show for 60 mins which i’m pretty sure you’ll check your phone within every 60 mins just to maintain the tank down a bit well the storage tank up the drain of your battery slightly down you can tailor it a little bit with pictures however not as.

long as we’ve seen on other phone software though it does an excellent job and also the pre-loaded always-on display screens are wonderful i merely choose the simplified versions we additionally have an in-display finger print sensing unit over here which is the exact same one used under the hood of the red magic 6 and also it is just as quick it is slightly quicker than that of the rog phone 5 as well as the black shark 4 pro actually has a physical sensing unit so the red magic 6r is a little quicker there also it’s rather much on par with the novos legion phone 2 pro we also have face unlock over below that utilizes 2d face unlock so it’s unsafe the rest of these pc gaming devices additionally make use of 2d face unlock all being unsafe and it is rather snappy on par with the red magic 6 somewhat quicker than that of the origi phone 5 along with the black shark 4 pro and also the legion phone 2 pro needs to stand out up that video camera so naturally it takes a bit longer to get involved in the phone we have a 16 megapixel selfie snapper in the front which is really upgraded from all the previous red magic gadgets and photos appear wonderful clear as well as crisp with marginal edge detection when in portrait mode this is tech neck taping a 1080p 30fps video on the all new red magic 6r allow me recognize what you men consider the sound and also video clip high quality when making use of the selfie camera on nubia’s newest gaming mobile phone the red magic 6r at the rear of the phone we have a better 64 megapixel primary camera we have an ultra vast camera which is still at 8 megapixels a depth sensor which is additionally still at 2.

megapixels today they’ve included in a macro sensor which is the 4th camera over right here the eight megapixel ultrawide break with 120 levels field of vision looks quite fantastic the 64 megapixel major appearances superb making use of ai to bin it to 4 to one pixel binning looks even better we have three times digital zoom over below not also worn-out 5 times electronic zoom still acceptable ten times is limit zoom though not very usable certainly we also have the macro sensor which is new to the red magic family members of gadgets it does an excellent job over below though it’s not exactly helpful in my eyes and after that we also have the deepness impact or the deepness sensor which does an excellent job utilizing the deepness effect over there we have 8k at 30fps video clip over right here like the vanilla red magic 6 it is capped at 30 fps looks fantastic however we also have 4k though it doesn’t quite cap out at 60 fps but 56 structures per second for some weird reason nonetheless it behaves as well as smooth shake totally free and looking elegant as well as then obviously we also have 1080p at 58 frames per 2nd once more a little bit less extremely unusual however i did find out the offender of this and it is the anti-shake which we’ll obtain to in a sec right over here 4k 60 fps now rather.

a lot with ansi shake or 57 with ansi shake on though it does make a huge distinction we have red magic os variation 4 skinned over android 11 when it comes to software program it’s practically as supply as android obtains on a gaming smart device with the enhancement of some helpful attributes such as a sidebar in addition to multitasking which we have actually seen prior to as well as certainly you can lock applications too multitasking jobs excellent we do have pip yet it is limited for just particular apps as well as certainly we have totally fledged google on this tool even with google assistants crammed in which is constantly an added incentive the haptics are alright it type of feels like a revving cars and truck with each faucet rolling into the next one not fairly as excellent as its predecessor however what about the audio speakers huh right while the red magic 6 has a physical video game area activate the leading left corner of the structure the red magic 6-r only houses it within the notice color it doesn’t even have a different app for it though it’s quite simple to reach as well as as soon as you remain in it it’s filled with the specific very same features that you have actually seen on previous red magic tools that being the red magic 6 as well as 6 pro which launched previously on this year which are a little a lot more beefy than this however this still loads.

whatever that you need inside of it and also certainly there are no turbo followers within this tool like we’ve seen in every solitary various other red magic tool prior to though there is a 4 layer fluid air conditioning system which is excellent we do have the game area overlay similar to i’ve revealed you on previous red magic video clips of mine you can transform the refresh rate on the fly as well as you can put an on-screen reticle and also videotape the last 10 seconds of your gameplay as well as use a macro key where you can input a bunch of things and then tap one button for it to redesign that in video game which is very useful for rpg games and also you can also certainly record 1080p 48 bits and also we have fee splitting up to make sure that your phone doesn’t utilize the battery yet instead the power electrical outlet for juice and certainly we have an fps console which is summing up oscar in the past they did bring it with the red magic 6 as well as 6 pro we can likewise utilize very efficiency mode over right here and also we can utilize improved screen changes depending upon the game that you like as well as just how you ‘d like it to look and we do have a gyroscope though it’s just utilized in particular games and you can use these fantastic professional shoulder sets off 3.0 for single press as you would certainly generally anticipate twin procedure which is in fact not sustained within gangshan effect the video game that i’m playing at the minute but it’s quite clever to have and afterwards we can likewise hold down.

among them to use it as the macro which we taped earlier we can also push and raise for it to use different points so pushing down for me sprints and pressing or raising your finger leaps we’re gon na be playing our very first video game below which is gangshin effect on its highest possible graphics and max frameworks per second i’ve got a minimum fps of 40 fps right here and a max of 60 fps which is not as well shabby because this is such a graphics extreme video game and also is essentially the criteria for all games on any type of smartphone period proceeding to pubg mobile with hdr graphics and severe fps i did attempt make use of the gfx tool to get it as much as 90fps however i could not get it to function so unfortunately no 90fps yet but i’m rather sure the video game programmers will obtain on this quite soon as well as will be hitting a nice smooth 90fps moving forward call of task mobile however does have a choice for 90fps though restricted at tool graphics a phone at this quality need to have the ability to handle ultra graphics and also 90fps which it certainly would be able to but regrettably that’s the video game designers not permitting support for it simply to keep points also on the battleground i assumption yet it still did it at a silky smooth 90 fps going on to bullet force which has no structures per 2nd cap the red magic 6r did it in between 133 and 145 fps in fact surpassing the structures that it’s really advertised to do which is 144 which is.

amazing obviously we additionally have dead trigger 2 over right here additionally without fps a cap but regrettably the red magic 6r was fluctuating in between 91 and 145 frames per 2nd though it was pretty secure the majority of the time we likewise have genuine auto racing 3 which once more doesn’t have a frameworks per second cap over here and this was extremely stable only changing between 138 and also 145 fps once again surpassing my assumptions of structures per second on display with the red magic 6r but what regarding standards well all those trendy specs including the snapdragon 888 chipset will be readied to the examination over here running three criteria that beam of light as well as 2 to variation nine geekbench version 5.4 and 3dmark wild animals variation 2.2 we’re speeding up via them now at the start i did record the beginning temperature level as well as the beginning battery percent we will work this out at the end of the 3 standards that we’re running now and then we’ll get some results after that as well as contrast it to other gadgets around getting to that today it did drainpipe by 12 obtaining a 29.7 milliamp per minute analysis which is in fact far better than the red magic 6 and also when it concerns temperatures it is summertime in shanghai people i did have the air conditioning cranked up however it is so extremely warm right here included 21 levels in celsius which is most definitely even worse than the red magic 6 just including 12.8 however you reached bear in mind the red magic 6 does have an.

active cooling fad inside of it when it involves antutu outcomes the red magic 6r with put bang in the center really over the regular red magic 6 with 810 143 factors as well as when it concerns geekbench 5 testing out the cpu over below the solitary core clock rate was greater than the red magic 5s of in 2014 somewhat less than the red magic 6 of this year but its multi-core clock rating was actually worse than the precursor red magic fives and also lastly 3dmark wildlife which stress and anxiety testes the gpu division as well as it obtained a rating of 5 620 with an ordinary fps of 33.7 which is excusable taking into consideration the best one of the great deal over right here is just resting at 34.
6 fps the red magic 6r is certainly an unique gaming smart device which is concealed with the appearance of a regular phone with all the ideal things in all the right locations however i feel that it would certainly look also better without the refined pc gaming lines as well as cutouts on its rear the red magic 6r does have an improved primary video camera sensing unit and extra lens contrasted to the regular red magic 6 as well as while the major camera pictures do appear a bit much better the extra macro sensor isn’t specifically required the r for the red magic 6r actually stands for competing which is certainly the case when utilizing its stylish in-display finger print sensing unit as well as when using it’s an effectively optimized software application skin which is flaunted with its intense and also vivid 6.67 inch amoled screen that makes things even smoother with a 144hz refresh price set that refresh rates up with its function.

stuffed gamespace software application pro shoulder touch sets off fluid air conditioning snapdragon 888 chipsets lpddr5 ram and also ufs 3.1 storage as well as you have yourself a fully fledged gaming phone that plays video games like an outright champ however the red magic 6r is not alone in the pc gaming segment of smartphones there’s constantly the rog phone 5 as well as legion phone 2 pro which have a little much better build quality and performance however are both huge and also hefty tools which set you back a lot even more money the black shark 4 pro on the other hand might have pop-up triggers and look even less like a pc gaming phone than the 6r yet it’s currently only offered in china it’s heavier it’s skinned with below average software program and as soon as again it’s much more pricey and also of course there’s the vanilla red magic 6 which flaunts a 165 hertz refresh rate an active turbo cooling down fan a bigger battery cell as well as faster charging however it looks a hell of a whole lot more like a pc gaming mobile phone and set you back a hundred bucks extra as well if you are a power starving all-day gamer then the normal red magic 6 is certainly for you yet if you like to stay more low profile as well as still video game incognito after that there’s no far better mobile phone than the red magic 6r you.

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