Detailed Review RedMagic 7 Pro (Global Version): First Under-Display Camera Gaming Smartphone.

the vanilla red magic 7 already launched globally earlier this year and while it obtained some significant performance renovations it was greatly similar to what we have actually currently seen from group red in the past couple of years which’s due to the fact that they have actually been keeping back on all new modifications for this the red magic 7 pro which has actually ultimately made its way to the international market the red magic 7 pro not only looks different yet is the globe’s initial video gaming smart device to utilize an under display selfie electronic camera and also is red magic’s very first device to integrate a specialized video gaming chip called the red core one which aids relieve stress and anxiety from the snapdragon 8 gen 1 cpu the red magic 7 pro can be found in 2 major shade variants that being obsidian black and supernova which is in fact transparent there’s a hundred buck distinction between both given that the supernova variation has twice the amount of storage space the obsidian black version which is the one i have here is the just one which has rgb lights on either side of the gadget the supernova transparent variation does not have these lights instead it has an rgb fan yet we’re concentrating on the obsidian one below it’s great and also sleek a bit much more refined than various other video gaming phones around so it’s basically for those that do not desire everyone to understand that they are a real gamer in mind and carrying on to the supernova one my personal preferred one since it’s full blast there full of style has that rgb led follower as well as yes the obsidian one additionally has an

energetic follower inside of it similar to this set yet you can see it in the clear variation undoubtedly given that it’s transparent i like all the little writings and also icons that you can see with the clear version obviously these components aren’t the real components yet the follower is actually the follower that is spinning at 20 000 transformations per minute which is insane and we have a brand-new ice 9.0 multi-dimensional cooling system in right here it looks definitely fantastic and also when contrasting it to the vanilla red magic seven which is a hundred dollars more affordable than this one they look quite comparable however we do have that air travel quality light weight aluminum framework in the center of the 7 pro which really makes it sparkle as well as that brand-new electronic camera component alignment too we do have a 5 000 milliamp hr battery crammed in here which is 500 more milliamps than the vanilla red magic 7 but we have the exact very same 65 watt wire charging we of program have a snapdragon 81 cpu in here and something brand-new to the professional variation is the red core 1 committed pc gaming chip the front is safeguarded by gorilla glass 5. We have an aviation aluminum structure twisting around the tool and also an aviation aluminum backplate in the facility of the clear or obsidian black color variants and of program around that shroud is a gloss back in that freshly created electronic camera module a beings in 8 megapixel ultrawide sensing unit 64 megapixel primary and also 2 megapixel macro this is the exact very same sensor configuration that we saw on the red magic 7 previously this year and also just like the normal red magic 7 it doesn’t take the finest ultra wide shot it takes a fairly decent 64 megapixel primary shot and also even much better when it’s been to 16 megapixels utilizing four to one incredibly binning we have two times digital zoom over right here which looks alright 5 times doesn’t look the most effective and also ten times is naturally the max zoom and also you can still sort of make out what you’re seeing over right here we also have that 2 megapixel macro sensor and no it does get details close up it’s not the very best top quality i have actually seen around and we do have a bokeh portrait result which does a rather good job at side discovery naturally we can additionally record video at fps as well as if you don’t actually know this red magic was among the first companies ever before to utilize ak as well as the

red magic 3 device additionally have 4k 60fps which behaves and buttery smooth and all the colors are actually poppy thanks to ai we additionally have 1080p at 60 structures per second over here yet as soon as again no ultra broad video clip despite the fact that there is an ultra vast video camera uncertain why they have not repaired this still yet it is what it is and also the back cameras are what they are this is a pc gaming phone as well as contrasting the actual develop to the vanilla red magic 7 you can see the 7 pro is a great deal boxier a whole lot even more settled off and also i really do like they ultimately altered the style language of a red magic tool that being the red magic 7 professional looks definitely fantastic as well as really feels great in hand we do have a double sim 5g tray with a water immune seal over right here no space for expanding storage usb 3.0 type c port as well as we have the initial dual stereo audio speaker at the lower 2nd one at the top it likewise has an opening for that speaker right at the top of the phone which is not actually the on various other red magic devices in addition to a headphone jack left wing we have a video game area switch which we’ve seen on all previous red magic gadgets however, for the very first time there is no intake fan vents on the left hand side there is

an exhaust follower on the right-hand man side that air duct is an intake at the back just like we saw in the regular red magic 7 which means there is only one method for air to obtain right into the phone and that is from the back duct absolutely nothing on the side so if it’s on a flat surface it’s not mosting likely to do the best we do have those new touch shoulder triggers which have 500 hertz touch tasting rates and an 8 millisecond feedback time but they don’t have the indents that we saw on the vanilla red magic seven so it may be a little bit more difficult to really feel for them yet they still just as responsive and also just as quick and also snappy as well as they do have a little bit of an indents over there this is the first gaming smartphone to have an under screen selfie video camera ever before as well as it looks absolutely great we’ll obtain more on the innovation later but it is 16 megapixels which is a bump up from the vanilla variations 8 megapixel selfie camera and also it looks alright i indicate it’s an under display screen selfie camera but i have seen other under display selfie electronic camera smartphones that take better images than this this is technic recording a 1080p at 30fps video on the worldwide version of the red magic 7 pro as well as yes naturally this phone does undoubtedly have an under screen selfie cam so firstly let me recognize what you guys assume of the video clip top quality when recording with the selfie camera as well as certainly likewise let me understand what you believe of the audio top quality so the pictures as well as video clips are certainly a little bit of a variety and also you can sort of see the under display screen tech over there i mean naturally you’re.

constantly going to see it if you really seek it however you really need to try to find it if you’re just utilizing it you’re never going to see that it’s there and powering on the device of training course we do have that in display screen finger print sensor which is the same still good as well as stylish and also naturally 2d face unlock which functions quite well i must add with that under display screen a selfie cam over there it does not look like a gaming phone specifically when compared to previous red magic gadgets and that under display screen video camera technology is fitted with a multi-drive ace circuit for light transmission wave electrodes for picture top quality as well as an under display screen video camera pro chipset for exact imaging you truly will not notice the under screen camera over there whether you’re on a black screen or a white screen however if you truly go in slow mo as well as you truly try to concentrate on it like i’m correcting right here you can kind of see the pixels around the under display selfie video camera when you switch from a dark to a light color i suggest this is noticeable on all under screen cam smart devices yet when you’re simply utilizing it you’re never ever mosting likely to observe it as well as it looks absolutely amazing a genuinely undisturbed experience various other than that the display is 6.8 inches so same dimension as the vanilla version it is amoled it is full hd plus with 100 dcr p3 color gamut score and 700 nits of height brightness yet because of the brand-new under display camera technology red magic have actually had to foolish down the refresh rate to 120 hertz in contrast to the 165 hertz on the red magic 7 though it appears like a huge decrease down i honestly do not truly notice much of a distinction at 120 hertz and this moment you are in fact obtaining an increased 960 hertz multi-finger touch sampling rate which is fantastic for players like you and also me of course we can change different illumination degrees put on sunshine setting we can alter different color temperature settings within the screen setups as well as place on anti-flicker setting along with night light setting as well as we do have dark setting for great deep abundant blacks which do impact the wallpaper third-party applications and also naturally a few first-party applications as well and also moving over back to the light side of points we do have red magic os version 5 skinned over android 12. It is the most stock like experience i have ever seen on a gaming smartphone but we do have a few added pc gaming attributes which make it a video gaming phone and also naturally all google services do without a doubt come pre-installed the haptics are definitely superb because of that dual axis haptic electric motor yet what concerning those dual stereo speakers allow’s go on and also give them a listen and now it’s time to provide those audio speakers a listen while playing some games [Praise] [Music] another thing worth stating about this tool before we obtain right into gaming is that 20 000 revolutions per min turbo fan which you can clearly see lit up in all its splendor many thanks to the transparent shade that i have more than right here intake vans on the back and exhaust on the appropriate side of the tool but how loud does it obtain and obviously with a flick of a button we can switch over to video game space which looks mostly comparable to all the the game spaces we’ve seen on red magic gadgets in the past and we do have magic gpu 2.0 in addition to gamespace a 5.0 overlay where you can alter up the touch tasting price performance you can transform up the colors that each game has in regards to various filters there are pop-ups you can change your refresh prices while you’re playing games there is an efficiency monitor tool over below which is wonderful and also you can see your fps with it as well as certainly we additionally have cost separation so that your phone does not drain pipes while you’re running it so it does not damage the battery we.

do have those touch shoulder causes at the top which can do a bunch of different things such as solitary press long press multi-press whole number of different points i like the plain and also simple ones and also it functions equally as planned we additionally have a macro trick binding over below which is excellent you can touch a bunch of different inputs and also then hit one button as well as it goes with those inputs one more time as well as the first game that we’re going to be testing out is ganshin influence here on the highest possible graphics with the max available fps which is 60 fps given that this game is capped at 60 fps the phone can rise to 120 fps yet the video game is covered at 60 so we’re obtaining between 52 and 61 fps over 60 which is great to see but the vanilla red magic 7 was obtaining in between 60 and also 62 so somewhat more steady but this is a heck of a whole lot much more steady than the typical fps snapdragon 8gen one part mobile phone on my channel which obtains between 34 and also 58. Successive we have bullet force over right here once more ultra graphics max fps however this video game does not have a structures per second cap so we’re getting between 116 to 121 frames per 2nd whereas the red magic 7 got between 167 and also 168 fps however that’s due to the fact that it had a high refresh rate panel of 165 this phone’s refresh rate limitation is 120 and the very same thing can be claimed with real racing 3 it obtains between 120 and 121 but it is a lot more stable than the ordinary snapdragon 801 powered smartphone seen on my channel which is still a large plus if you ask me so i presume it’s risk-free to state this point video games like an outright beast but what concerning criteria which comes down to the efficiency of the snapdragon 81 chipsets which is supposedly 20 more effective and also 30 even more power effective and when coupled with that red core one dedicated graphics chip it must create some interesting results over below i have actually propped it up on a stand given that there is just one intake follower vents at the back and also not one on the side any longer as well as i have evaluated out the temperature and also battery at the beginning of the test we’ll contrast this at the end as well as beginning things off right here with antutu version 9.3.5 and also just to allow you people know i do have actually the fan readied to quick cooling over here so the outright quickest air conditioning i can do at 20 000 changes per.

minute pumping with geekbench variation 5 over there as well as finishing off with 3dmark wild animals this time around around getting to battery portion we drained by 12 with a 37.5 milliamp hour per minute drain which is much better than the vanilla red magic 7 which obtained 39 milliamp hrs per min as well as when it involves temperature level it included 24.8 levels in celsius but people you’ve got to bear in mind that it is now formally summer below in shanghai china so things are normally a lot hotter as well as when it concerns antutu it scored a whopping 145 770c points however the red magic 7 the vanilla variation did defeat it yet only by smidge with a million as well as 50 000 factors as well as when it involves geekbench variation 5 while the red magic 7 professional got among the highest solitary core scores i have actually ever seen 8 239 points the raid magic 7 beat the professional design when it comes to multi-core rating below with 3808 in contrast to the 7 pros 3653 as well as finally 3d mark wild animals concentrating on gpu over here the red magic 7 pro blew every various other tool i have actually ever before tested out the water with 10 105 points as well as a typical structure price of 60.5.

which is 2 frames per 2nd more than the average snapdragon 810 one powered mobile phone on my network which is absolutely amazing red magic have finally blended points up this year with the red magic 7 pro it currently has a much more blocky style which i really like it’s still built like a storage tank and also while the transparent version shows off every one of its parts it also holds with each other the air travel light weight aluminum back plates resting on top of that backplate is a newly made electronic camera component and also while it may look different the sensing units within it are precisely the very same as previous red magic tools as well as there is still no choice for ultra wide video clip recording however at the end of the day this is a pc gaming phone and the major camera still takes even more than decent pictures as well as videos the optical in-display fingerprint sensing unit is still good and snappy and also red magic os 5 skinned over android 12 is still an excellent stock-like android experience which comes loaded with a couple of extra features that advises customers this is still a gaming phone to the core and while the display freshen price has actually been lowered to 120 hertz which is still exceptionally high by the means the touch tasting price has actually seen a lift to an insane 960 hertz as well as when coupled with the remarkable pc gaming software application through the flick of a button and boosted cooling system 16 gigs of lpddr5 ram 6 jobs of ram development and the all-new red core one devoted video gaming chipset that alleviates the snapdragon 8 gen 1 cpu of additional stress leads to a video gaming experience like no other however what truly makes this tool so special is the brand-new under display camera tech which complements the stunningly continuous 6.8 inch amoled display screen which leads me to say that despite which color variation you make a decision to get the red magic 7 pro is one of the most cutting-edge most daring most satisfying video gaming smart device i have ever utilized you.

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