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hello guys and welcome back to my channel today we have Danny were 18 inch SMD LEDs do your ring lights kids this gates can be use for makeup artists YouTube channels shuttle artist video blogging hairstyling like videos and many other options including yes themselves the price for this kits buzz average rights now at 72 pounds that’s 25 in US dollars but as we are going to be using this on that channel for YouTube it’s this ring lights a realistic choice we are not only going to be showing you how to put this to your nightstand together what I’m gonna give you guys my true opinion with help from the make up in time with Giulia channel so they locks and stay tuned okay so first things first let’s simply unbox all right so first of all we have two nywhere boxes and one large me word over the shoulder back like there’s not too bad really what do you think this is Zoomer it’s kind of nice alrighty then so unzipping the back inside we have the 18 inch LED wing lights opening up the first box inside we have a large size tripod stand which is made of aluminium alloy it is designed to open upwards this isn’t the top of the stand just here which big ones put together real shortly

inside the final and third box well we got some accessories including vom gooseneck a tube extension which is bendable we have one you keep our brick and improved phone holder that is indeed spring mounted this one does swivel so yes you can use it vertical or horizontal I am happy to confirm that there is indeed an instruction booklets included as a few people have actually mentioned that the booklet was absent but not on this occasion we also have a Bluetooth receiver for the mortally taken canvas the battery buttons on this remote one for iOS and the one for Android also in this kit is a tripod head hot shoe adapter which is compatible with most cameras including the SLR cameras and lastly well we have an orange color filter sets this ring light does come with two one white as well as the oven’s one I’ll also add that over filters are sold separately and they have indeed quite cost-effective costing around 10 power botting this stunt together it is rather easy loosen the first screw lock pull the legs out simply stand it’s just like so and once that’s extended lock the screw lock into place and when the over free screw locks on extended poles are loosened it will allow the nightstand to extend to its highest Heights that is around 61 inches

looking closely at the ring lights there is a mount that allows the light units to swivel up and down it fits onto the stand via the opening on the base just simply if they easily insert it onto the top of the pole and Bob’s your uncle and all of us need it now is the hook that power brick oh there you go now this particular light has a on-off dimmer switch that is integrated into the base of the light and brightness ranges from zero percent and goes up in stages up to 30 percent spawn ambient light sixty percent which could be ideal for me go to two of yours etc and a hundred percent the bright and vibrant photography and it can indeed be tilted if need be for more focused or overhead shots the hot shoe adapter on the other hand well it’s fitted by loosening the fitting just like so sliding in the square shoots base into the slots on the top of the light frame I’m not forgetting to tighten it next up there is that mobile phone holder to the base we have a threaded hole which slots directly on top of the already fitted hotshoe brackets simply screw it’s locking gets into place and adjust to your desired angle you do have a wide range of angles using this studio rights and should you wish to use the bendable gooseneck extension tube it will not only give you more angles to work with oh it’s good for them small filming spaces I will hover

over notes that using that ring lights while it’s attached to a gooseneck extension that’s simply touching a stand will make it wobble around quite a bit so yes I would definitely limits the ring lights to the main stand only now you can use this main stand as a tripod if you wish it smooth smooth when maneuvering gets around and that is the same for the gooseneck extension tube to swapping out the filter panels well that’s easy oh we start by removing a top panel first what I’m doing so I just tell you guys that behind you will find you with let’s if silver layers embedded about 240 SMD LED lights with these lights you’ll get snow ultraviolet or infrared lights radiation with both filters weld the white filter color temperature is around 5060 1tk and while the always one will give you a color temperature of 3200 k so now but my filter has been removed with place ingots with the orange filter is a doddle this time starts at the bottom insert onto the light frame and slot and clip into place firmly then gong-gong to fit from left to right I find them to fit in the top panel to the top so yeah this will certainly give you a different look and effect great guys we are here just now if the makeup inside with Giulia channel where on screen just now we have some sorts of before and after comparison so on the left hand side we have a video that’s previous left and on the right we have one that’s been done with you stood

your winged lights and right away I’ve got to say that the lights on the left video was ready on even if the video is kind of dismal and it doesn’t really give you that focus point that you need when you’re doing say a makeup tutorial and this is a great example basically I mean looking to the right hand side the colors are vibrant julia is looking center of attention when she’s doing a makeup you want to be clear when doing swatches or showing viewers how good the highlights are and how pigmented your eye shadow can be not only that those eyes just pop in okay the left video isn’t too bad but if you’re on about a professional look of being professional then sometimes you really want those videos to be clear as can be and this is exactly what this ring like does it doesn’t cast any unusual shadows and that is because your camera will be in the center of the Ring lights I mean let’s just face it guys if you’re setting up a youtube channel tomorrow today whenever if you’re doing overhead video so just tech videos up either DIY house to guides in there knows that dismal days you’ve not really got the energy to make a youtube video well this ring lights all definitely want to spark you into action mode now can I actually find any negatives when it comes to this GTO light understand and the question is quite easily

answered no I mean the proof is in the pudding berlet if you go to the makeup and sound with julia channel just now i think she’s done a number of videos maybe 10 to 20 videos while using the swing lights and within those videos you’ll see a massive difference than the one she was actually doing say last year so if you want to go over to a channel just now a link isn’t it video description down below and go and check out some of the makeup tutorial videos I can mention if you want to do your overhead with yours this will be fine too and get smaller versions of dislikes and basically I own nothing to the company whatsoever I’m not being sponsored I’m not getting paid for this video and it absolutely gives me no harm giving this studio right any negatives but sincere the guys I mean if I was to rate this studio lights after my usual rating out of 10 then I think today I’ve honestly got to give this light ah 10 out of 10 so guys I hope this video helped today and if so please go ahead and smash that like button please subscribe making sure you hit that Bell notification option so you guys stay updated on all my new up law please share this with your weber possible i very much appreciate it and well read

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