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so what better space to start off the week than with a motorola unboxing this is moderator’s cheapest 5g telephone right now in 2021 the moto g50 which will cost you 199 quid seems like a bloody good premium for a 5g smartphone right but of course there’s lots of competition around right now from the likes of the real me 85 g the oppo f54 5g the redmi note 10 5g i’m just glad the mod roller didn’t slap 5g at the end of it unnecessarily the mortal g55g would have been kind of clunky so regardless fairly for a full time to whip the moto g50 out of the box go your full on tour of the hardware in the software see if it is good value for money and for the latest greatest tech please do flaw subscribe and ding that notifications bell ovations so what do you get in the box when you get one motorola moto g5 0 you get a super cute dinky little strength adapter with hilarious pop-up action you’ve got a type c usb cable normal quick start literature and a porky rod to get your sim in there and the moto g50 does actually come pre-clad in a condom speciman as well to help keep it free from scuffs and grinds and that’s everything in the box so here in all of its splendor is the moto g5 0 and it basically looks like your standard budget-friendly motorola smartphone no real uh frills or

flare to speak of it it’s just a plastic torso like basically every other budget smartphone around this sort of price point certainly got a shiny finish to it but hopefully any smudgy greasy digit tags will be well masked by that gloom sword gray-headed finish and even though it is called steel grey it clearly looks like exactly your standard dark blue motorola finish to me it’s my clevernes and all dies and if you’re not a fan of that you can also pick up the moto g50 in aqua dark-green the moto g50 is a 6.5 inch devil pretty much service standards width to be found 20 21 192 grams it’s got a nice heft to it that’s for durability well i guarantee you that plastic arsene will probably scratch up a gust unless you slap on a protective cover something like the bundled condom event and it is a shame the modal hasn’t swiped on a screen protect on the moto g50 which is something that you got to find on a good deal of plan smartphones and there’s no mention of gorilla glass or anything in the specs either to help keep it scratch free but like most of motorola’s budget below as the moto g50 is at least sea repellent which basically conveys splashes and bursts you are familiar with unexpected sheds when you’re down the inn or whatever should hopefully be absolutely fine exactly don’t go like actually submerging it in irrigate you’ve got a actual physical rear mounted fingerprint sensor now on the moto g50 bit of a blast from the past i’m

getting all maudlin i look at that thing and yeah yippee hooray you do get a headphone jack down below alongside that type c usb port as for the camera setup but it’s actually quite pact compared with a lot of antagonists which these days have like a camera chassis which take up about a quarter of that acceptance and as you can see there it scarcely protrudes from the surface of the representation g50 as well which is always a bonus unfortunately of course you do get a dedicated google aide button again like many more budget smartphones which is just awkwardly slotted precisely above the capacity rocker here on the hectic right hem which means you probably are gonna inadvertently fumble it at least seldom anywho it’s time to get the motorola moto g5 0 all set up and check out the rest of the handset hello and when you actually come to stick your sim inside the g5 0 you’ ll see you’ve got space in there for two sim cards at once otherwise that second slot can be used for micro sd remembrance placards all right so the mortar roller motor g50 is all set up i’ve downloaded all my apps and everything just one thing left to do and naturally that is chuck on a geeky anime wallpaper now one of the best reasons for grabbing yourself a mortal a smartphone is the lovely capital android know that you always get is the latest android 11 here on the moto g50 as you’d kind of hope and expect lumps deep into

2021 so no heavy clunky starts sat there on top everything feels neat and smooth yeah you got all the features you’d expect like a little of uh abstract act uh drag down your notifications boy you got all the usual toggles which you can fully edit to stick in whatever you want you’ve got the digital wellbeing the largest live caption facet all that good stuff and yeah huge story if you like the google assistant because you’ve got about hundreds of thousands of ways to call her up you’ve got the google assistant app icon i could also swipe up from the bottom corner of the expose you’ve got a enunciate activating you can swipe uh right and get to your discover feed and as you can see there you’ve got more google aide war up top so it is kind of really annoying that they’ve got that dedicated google aide button now on the right edge as well like is that really necessary thankfully even though it is does at least feel like it’s ranked far enough up that boundary that you’re not going to see inadvertently smack it despite my initial concerns so i should be okay on that front and of course you’ve got that rear attached fingerprint sensor as well it seems to do the job but delicately so when the phone is

hibernating tap your digit and it’s not the nippiest around but it’s not exactly a huge pause in between tapping and the screen shimmering on and of course while broth android doesn’t come with a suitable dedicated face open peculiarity state roller does add its own in so let’s do that set up align your face so hopefully my face is all good no apparently my face is too blurry clamped you moto g50 oh there we go i eventually got it all set up and apparently rain’s tweak is supported all you need to do is pick up your moto g50 stare at that camera and boom that was just as fast if you’re not actually probably faster than the fingerprint sensor and as well as the fierce open shenanigans motorola has also lent in its usual moto experiences app as well which computes some pretty good worthwhile bonus features so for instance the personalized section precisely allows you to quickly change up the vogues your desktop you can change up as you can see there the icons the pigments there’s lots of good stuff in the gesticulate division as well including my own personal favorite the fast lamp you’ve also got the likes of swipe to separate which just allows you to quickly jump into the multi-tasking mode get two apps operating side-by-side you can get numerous gratuities and tricks on how to use your moto g50 you can play around with the parade tech and gamers also get some respectable dedicated tools as well which we’ll touch on when we hit carry-on and yeah like most budget smartphones these days

your full nfc brace in here with a good flake of google remunerate act for your contactless payments now the storage store well is exclusively 64 gigs here on the mortal g50 apparently you can get it in certain other groceries with 128 gigs of storage doesn’t really matter too much though even if they are a good chunk of it is already used up with various apps and other chips because at least you can expand using that micro sd slot up to a further terabyte now the 6.5 inch ips screen slam there on the front end of the prototype g50 is adequate enough regrettably it’s only an hd plus answer 1600 by 720 where many adversaries like the oppo a54 5g and the mi 10 t lite are full hd boards that’s if i’m watching video on netflix youtube whatever the picture isn’t too grainy or anything despite the low-toned settlement you have a 90 hertz freshen pace as well which helps to keep things neat and smooth in supported apps that’s ips text so not the strongest contrast around there you do get delightful reasonably punchy hues in this thing good for your anime action although yes when you do decide to go full screen uh you do have the digital teat notch protruding its channel into proceed and it’s been a while since i’ve seen the teat notch actually generally it’s the old-time selfie orifice shunted away in a corner on the speaker front is just a monolith orator you don’t get a stereo loudspeaker set up here on the motor g5 0 but let’s see what we’re working with slants and everything as well and yeah you’ve got that selfie orifice which

is really gaping there in the angle but at least it is shunted away into the corner yeah somewhat bog standard material certainly to be honest reasonably loud formerly you uh bump up the work but the clarity isn’t exactly phenomenal i would definitely stick to the old-time headphone jack if you require some good quality audio otherwise i believe it’s a bit bluetooth 5.0 substantiate if you want to go wireless all right so good your threads for a good part of recital act and parcelled inside of the moto g50 is the snapdragon 480 chipset one of qualcomm’s most inexpensive 5g programmes accessible right now also is located within the oppo a545g which i recently clothed that’s packed here in the moto g50 by 4 gigs of ram and indeed the geekbench benchmarking scores for anyone who’s interested in lots of sexy lists is pretty much identical to what i got slightly better figures from that a54 but certainly so far i’ve had a few little just when i was setting up the smartphone because i was busy downloading tons of apps and basically sorting itself out but now it seems that it’s calmed down and everything seems to be running so reasonably smoothly and despite that plan defer i certainly is looking forward to the moto g50 to be able to handle utterly everything you

thought twig about media stream and separate screen multitasking and yeah that snapdragon 480 chipset does means that you get building in 5g approval as well of course one of the main reasons for having 5g in your smartphone is if you’re going to be doing a little of online gaming on the go so let’s exam that out and when you do load up a game you realise the mortal competition term piece will start up automatically as well and this just computes in as i mentioned before some bonus peculiarities which are really really helpful while you’re getting your sport on by default this will compute a little uh dinky icon to your screen which you can tap to call up that play duration menu at any point but if you dive on into the fixes you are able to fully secrete it from view or my personal favorite is swipe right from the edge of the screen to call up the menu that works really well so now when you’re in a game you simply need to swipe from the right margin like so only be careful you don’t swipe the wrong way otherwise you’ll end up going back and ceasing out your game or whatever and this allows you to call up all kinds of different facets like announce blocking for instance you can also mostly block all notifications if you really want to get in the zone not get distracted by anything get screen

recording implements a few other chips as well anyway let’s see how the moto g50 handles better bawl of duty mobile act and yeah just like the oppo a54 5g the moto g50 policed punishment with call of duty mobile on the high-pitched item installs and the maxed out make rate i didn’t notice any particular jutters or anything that took me out of the game and yeah i did get my ass handed to me over and over but that’s mostly because i suck at this sport and i was up against people who were like rank 150 but whatever the screen seems reasonably accept for fast-paced sports like entitle of duty i surely want to prefer a full hd resolve though so you can see those stealthy mongrels from afar a bit more clearly and the good news is that like some of the better motorola budget smartphones out there you got a 5 000 milliamp cell crammed into that moto g50 so that should maintain you going all day effortlessly no matter what you’re up to even if you’re skyping zoom and doing a good deal of video chat shenanigans making full use of the cameras

playing a bit of activities on the side as well what is slightly annoying though is that the moto g50 does support 15 watt blaming but you merely get a 10 watt charger wrap in the box that dinky cute little ups hopefully though you’ll have an adapter lying around that supports 15 watts accusing to get the max rechoice moves out of this thing and last up for this tour of the motor g5 0 budget 5g smartphone let’s check out that triple lens rear camera which boasts a 48 megapixel primary sensor i do fairly like mod roller’s camera ui it’s fairly simple and modernized compared with a lot of the budget ones you get from uh sure-fire rivals like xiaomi for example and you’ve got the ai mode built in there which as you see i just helpfully show switching to a different procedure at times you can quickly access numerous camera locateds just by dragging up on the parade like so so it’s nice and easy to use one-handed and that 48 megapixel central sensor does shoot 12 megapixel images by default applying four in one pixel bin just to help out with the hdr statu help to brighten up any shots with some slightly dodgy distinguish for example however there is a high resolution option if you dive into the fixes if you do want to max out that res and all of modal as usual camera ei smarts are packed in there likes the shot optimization which can recommend jump into a different state when

appropriate it likes a smart form which is quite good as well that can automatically straighten out any wonky shots and likewise pasture in a little as for the other two lenses we don’t get any ultra wide angle action or anything like that you’ve got 2 megapixel extent sensor which is quite good for your portrait shots it time helps to add that lovely bit of bokeh act in the background which as you can see there it’s completely scalable and you’re on the other lens is a basic 5 megapixel macro crap-shooter which uh i personally don’t see the object as they’re always low answer uh sensors so you might as well really shoot a shot with the primary sensor and then just harvest in if you want an up-close effort you’ve got a variety of other mod roller camera modes as well likes the discern dye which is always funky but night vision as well for your low-light shots you do have a full-on pro mode as well which even allows you to shoot in good old-fashioned raw format as for your video well i believe that unfortunately you can only shoot at full hd solution but at either 30 or 60 chassis per second and then around front you’ve got a 13 megapixel selfie snapper which just like the rear cam should be absolutely fine for your simple sort of basic everyday shots but i wouldn’t rely on it too heavily to captivate anything particularly dazing specially if you’re shooting a picture of my face so that my reasonablies in a nutshell is the

motorola motor g5 0 the most affordable motorola 5g smartphone right now in 2021 at 199 bob and i got to say if you’re seduced by a 5g smartphone not entirely sure why the moto g50 would be one of the best on offer because of that 720 p display for one i represent one of the main reasons we’re getting five years streaming media and playing games on the go and that 720 p panel precisely isn’t as good as some competitives so i’d say if 5g isn’t a massive priority for you then definitely look at something like the moto g30 instead which is cheaper faster you got more storage jam-pack in there and motorola hasn’t gloomed you off that one with a slow adapter if on the other hand you do want a bit of 5g well check out something like the xiaomi mi 10 t lite or the oppo a545g i have rounded up my favorite 5g budget smartphones of 2021 need to update that actually because they’ ve been so many brand-new ones recently but you can check that out for an idea of some other contenders but anyway that’s just what this dance northerner thinks what do you guys reckon be great to hear your thoughts down in specific comments below satisfy do poking subscribe and ding that notifications bell for more budget 5g smartphones there are no doubt going to be a slew of these things thump in the uk in the next few months and have yourselves a blood lovely rest of the week claps everyone love you

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