Review B&M Bluetooth Speaker £3 Intempo Colour Changing Led Speaker

hello guys and welcome back to our channel so today we’ve got yet another in temple color changing led bluetooth 5.0 speaker so this was indeed bought from a b m home store in the uk and if rather than pay 18 pounds we did in fact get this particular speaker today for just under yes three pounds that’s around six in us dollars but for that price to be honest but two in temple speakers in the past involved lasted under two years and i’m not expecting much but how does it perform well let’s dive right in so inside the box we have the end tempo speaker itself let’s just move it aside just for now and included in the package we have a 3.5 millimeter to 3.5 millimeter audio cable they also have a micro usb charge cable which is kind of obsolete to be honest but it is expected with a product within this price range now it does come with minimalistic protective packaging but inside that packaging we also have a very simple user manual back to the speaker i do actually like the compact design of it now it does come in matte black it’s quite a soft feeling material with a nice pill shaped mesh grille to the front it’s also a nice touch with that silver surround and as you can see we’ve got those little five watt speakers so we’ve got two times five volt speakers and to the rear we’ve got that passive radiator to improve audio enhancements on top of that passive radiator we also have a micro usb card slot a single pin microphone the on off power switch a 3.5 millimeter audio port a single pin led indicator a micro usb charge port to charge that internal 1200 milliamp hour battery to the left of that we’ve got that single usb 2.0 port so you can basically plug in your usb memory sticks and yes to the top you’ve got the play pause button the previous and next track

selections and they also access the volume up and down we’ve got a mode button so you can switch between memory card or usb stick or bluetooth wireless mode and lastly got the hands-free call answering button so yes you can see they’ve got the untempo logo to the top and we’re basically just going to switch it on just now as you can see we’ve got the flashing dancing led lights which means it’s gone into pairing mode to connect this bluetooth speaker to your mobile device simply turn on bluetooth on your device search and select ee 5567 from your bluetooth device list you should get a pairing notification pop-up click ok and within seconds you are now all connected with an included battery indication level up on your mobile phone too now we’re going to blast some music just now but before we do on this channel we don’t simply read the specifications from the box like other channels like to do so for example this particular product just says it has four hours music playback time that is when you’re using your products with 20 volume and with those led lights working i don’t usually know anyone that uses a bluetooth speaker at 20 volume we like to use our speaker with 100 volume on our channel and we will indeed notify you with our usage towards the end of this video but for now let’s play some tunes so now while we’ve been using this speaker we did in fact get just over two hours 30 minutes out of the battery life using 100 volume and keeping those dynamic lights on now this somewhat go to the beat of the music i wouldn’t say entirely but with the transmission distance too we did only get around 15 feet before that transmission cut off now that is with obstacles being in the way such as walls and you should expect around 22 feet in open spaces now when we did in fact use that 3.5 millimeter audio cable we don’t

actually lose much of the audio quality at all almost sounds exactly the same as using it wirelessly [Music] okay you should expect some distortion at very high volume but you will note that that volume is really kind of loud for this type of compact speaker so although it’s loud it hasn’t got great bass to be honest mid tones are really good though the treble is not bad too and being as cheap as it is it’s really quite adequate microphone pickup on voice calls is not too bad too it’s not exactly 100 clear though it does sound a bit muffled at times but that’s unfortunately due to that small pin mag form being to the rear but it’s not too bad for hands-free calls using this speaker with your mobile device and i think it’s quite compact enough to simply throw in a bag and take away on holiday well that’s when you can when this lockdown’s over and done with so in fact for my rating i really think you know what i’m gonna give the build quality our rating of 8 out of 10 is pretty solid i don’t know how long this particular speaker may last i don’t know like i mentioned at the beginning of this video i’ve actually had a few tempo speakers and unfortunately the wires came away from the speakers inside but with regards to this one it’s quite solid for the audio quality i think i’m gonna give i’m gonna be jumpers i’m gonna give it seven out of ten would say i don’t can use this speaker without looking like a sore foam but i would actually say it’s suited more for teenagers so for the looks

i’m gonna give it eight out of ten with my overall rating for this bluetooth 5.0 dynamic color changing speaker being eight out of ten now i’m basing that rating based upon the price i actually paid for this speaker so if you ask me if it’s actually worth three to four pounds i would actually say yes but for that full price of 18 pounds this is certainly not the best speaker i’ve reviewed on my channel you can actually check a playlist of some of the wireless speakers we’ve actually tested in the past and i will leave that in the description down below too but for the price of three pounds i really can’t grumble today i do honestly think you can find better speakers on a bangled website on or for example amazon so yes uh small in temple speaker it does pack a little bit of a punch for the price and if you would like to check this out for yourself then go to your local bm store they might actually have a few left and if you like what you see well why not go get yours yes check that link out but while you’re in that video description guys please go ahead and smash that like button please subscribe today to this channel making sure yes you hit that bell notification option so you guys still updated up on our new uploads now i hope to be doing a few more reviews in the next few days so stay tuned for them as usual guys please stay safe and i thank you ever so much this quick review of this interpol speaker today and well peace uh

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