The Probe Lens!

hey what is up people mkbhd right here as well as welcome back to the first dope tech episode in a little while however i rejoice it’s back so the last one was actually on this crazy premium absurd piece of video clip gear the camera robotics this is likewise going back to an additional outrageous really premium item of video clip equipment this this is the venus optics laowa macro probe blends and also as you can tell it’s extremely deserving of the name so i’ve in fact had this lens for a pair weeks now started messing with it it’s most definitely not the sort of lens that you make use of very typically it’s extremely specialty but it’s already liable for one absolutely insane shot in the last video the oneplus 7 professional review absolutely examine it out if you have not already i’ll proceed and drop a link listed below that like button fine stand up allow’s allow’s rewind momentarily so the business venus optics makes a bunch of various other weird specialty lenses like this one this incredibly ultra vast tilt shift macro lens that i have actually utilized for a pair videos particularly auto ones but why did this one specifically i indicate it

most likely would catch your eye also but why this one why the probe well you may be like me and also you might have seen a pair clips of this lens drifting around the web there’s also one actually well done viral video of someone actually firing this lens with numerous subjects as well as obtaining all these insane shots and after that most lately it showed up in this behind the scenes video on twitter from phil esposito of the edge as the critical tool for obtaining that insane introduction shot from their galaxy layer review once i saw that that type of piqued my inquisitiveness i looked it up ends up it got on b h with like expedited delivery and also that was kind of all i needed to see so within a pair days it was below at the studio so what’s the deal if you’re a video clip shooter or maker or youtuber or anything why on earth would certainly you want a crazy lens similar to this uh if you assume concerning it this is a lens that’s made specifically for video clip and also it’s kind of all in the name the probe lens and also there are a great deal of insane features of this lens so this is what a normal camera lens looks like you’ve possibly seen one prior to this is what a cine lens

appearances like made particularly for video clip and this is the pro blends it looks rather wild it has to do with almost a foot as well as a fifty percent long just a couple of centimeters broad for most of the barrel and also the specifications it’s full structure totally hands-on 24 millimeter macro lens f14 to f40 f14 to f40 what yes no that’s unusual let’s break this down so first off the fact that it covers full frame is quite remarkable it’s a fully hand-operated lens which suggests the aperture ring and the emphasis ring are both d-clicked and fully hand operated as opposed to digital there also occurs to be 7 aperture blades incidentally as well as 27 different optical components in the entire tube and it’s a macro lens implying the minimum focus range is really close one and a half feet but when you gauge minimum emphasis range from the flange or from the sensor essentially that a person and also a half feet places it just inches away from completion of the barrel of the lens which is likewise rather crazy and after that the 24 millimeters is additionally odd most macro lenses are around 100 millimeters in focal length which is terrific that gets you truly near to the subject however additionally truly isolates it with the incredibly shallow deepness of area a 24 millimeter macro it still allows you get incredibly close however it maintains this large angle area of view and also more remains in emphasis and after that the f14 to f40 is type of a blessing as well as a curse on one hand if you might copulate large open to f 2.8 or f4 or something you ‘d most likely get virtually nothing in focus so it kind of conserves you from that but on the other hand at f14 broad open it means you require a great deal of light for this lens like a great deal of light and also after that staying on top of the probe theme the front end of this lens is actually water-proof so you can not just probe you recognize tiny

rooms but you can submerge it also get underwater shots if you wish to and afterwards you can see in advance there’s actually this ring of that is appropriate leds since this lens has lights constructed in to the lens it’s a whole lot so if you’re shooting in an extremely small area or a dark space you can make use of the light to illuminate your topic there’s actually a micro usb port on the barrel of this lens that plugs right into it and also it comes with a mini usb wire in package so if you attach it to some type of power brick like i did and after that connect it in and turn it on you wind up with this uh kind of a magic wand of an experience it’s rather intense too that’s all the leds brightened at when a ring light at the end of your probe lens it’s insane yet certainly when all of it boils down to it certainly the form of this lens is what makes it such a distinct tool obviously being so slim you can solve up like very close to points you can be in tiny rooms and afterwards of training course you’re kind of really near to something while being away from it at the very same time and there’s additionally a lot of youtube videos describing a number of examples of this even that viral video clip illustrating kind of shooting it the shooting part is phony there’s absolutely nothing removing from the lens right here that’s definitely modified but the shots it obtained that they consisted of those shots are actually genuine and they’re extremely well done as well as there’s many various other great

ones to ensure that of training course obtained the gears turning about just how to possibly use the probe lens for a tech video clip or a shot in a technology video or just to fire technology somehow and of course we saw phil’s video with the galaxy fold so the story goes as you recognize i got the oneplus 7 pro a pair weeks beforehand and had this lens in hand the entire time so uh i recognized i needed to try something so naturally to make best use of just how significant it is you intend to obtain as near to the phone as possible and also like i stated even at f14 large open you need a lot of light to get back at see anything usable also in wide daytime or super solid studio lights you reached crank the iso at f14 the important things is phone screens are in fact truly not that intense and if you beam lights at them they get much less intense so ends up that’s in fact why the edges video was shot in this dark setting with a dark history since it’s the only method to actually see the phone’s screen with this lens to make sure that’s why i wound up having to do generally the same thing for the oneplus 7 pro phone displays just aren’t brilliant sufficient to compete versus other lights so the only means to truly see it strongly is to turn the remainder of the lights off sort of like how your phone display looks the brightest at night however we had some other practicals and some other lights in the scene and afterwards even after we established whatever up with a shot such as this the work isn’t done up until a little bit of tinting a little bit of editing to cheer up the phone denoising results adding as well as

potentially also sound design and so on but the final shot is so worth it so actually as it’s ending up the very best means to maximize this lens when firing things with it is primary to obtain truly truly near your subject normally a small topic as well as then you understand play with movement a bit and particularly points around the barrel to actually get that point of view that it develops of resembling a small person on like a little surface with points going past you so that’s what we attempted to do so below are a few other instances of some shots we’ve finished with the probe lens alright so this was a fun one yes in the workshop we do have cd racks that have actually never ever held a cd in their life rather they hold the smart devices do not worry it’s perfect so i was actually simply questioning what it would appear like to move via the phones as if you resembled an insect flying via them so the red is on a slider we aimed lights at it like whole lots of lights as well as there’s almost nothing else factor to this shot besides really simply seeing exactly how amazing it would look from that crazy inside perspective we did a pair various variations you recognize pull versus push moves yet besides that there’s no topic in the center we essentially just got the shot to see if you might obtain it and you could not with any type of other conventional lens also a gopro wouldn’t suit the opening this lens is fitting via good so this set’s just fun as well as i believe a great deal of that’s just since it’s really vibrant and also i was hungry however i believe it would be a lot more awesome with perhaps the robotic or with potentially a real slow-motion video camera like a phantom or

something insane yet the configuration is similar it’s obtained a great deal of light and afterwards simply timing the m ms falling over and also spilling generally over the lens as well as that was the obstacle is to time it right so this was shot in sluggish motion the red does deal with 120 fps at 4k to make sure that was not a trouble however we had lots of various other variations as well as other mistakes with this shot with the m ms spilling almost everywhere and strange timing due to the fact that it’s human mistake you know you’re not going to get it perfect whenever but the last variation it couldn’t have exercised any far better with the m ms jumping practically right over the lens simply like a shift [Music] [Songs] all ideal proclaim to andy so this one actually is influenced by that viral video clip where it looks like it goes through this brush with all the bristles um this set simply phony plants so for this one i was believing we were gon na make use of the light on the front of the lens for this one yet after a few examination shots it ended up to certainly still be as well extreme like a spotlight so we transformed that off as well as basically doubled down on lighting the setting a whole lot much better so there’s still a bunch of light below as well as the initial shot was in fact drawing the relocation on the slider in reverse so the phony lawn would certainly type of normally step over to conceal the lens as it goes

past so the final shot you see is just playing it back turned around and after that the lights on the android at the end as it lowers out that was simply timed by hand just by relocating the light i was holding 100 useful effects 100 probe lens so this was a horizontal slide of program as you can tell similar lighting arrangement to the last one yet just moving the lights higher so they really did not glow off this matte black key-board so much as well as then you can really see the rgb lights better i’m in fact truthfully amazed these turned up on video so well and after that simply getting super near the key-board type of like you truly couldn’t with any kind of various other lens to make sure that was a fun one the viewpoint we visualized when we were thinking up this shot resembles the zipper type of opening up past you like you’re this small like a bug once again as well as this giant zipper is kind of chasing you away the tough part is clearly given that the depth of area is so superficial it’s extremely simple to go in or indistinct if the timing which is by hand isn’t absolutely excellent so there’s lots of takes of that where my hand goes in and also indistinct so i didn’t bother with that also much instead the a lot more intriguing part is making it really feel like the zipper is surrounding you as well as being so low to the ground like just the probe lens can

certainly assisted with that so this is the last and also i’ll claim the most challenging one just due to the fact that it’s completely portable as well as free-flowing as well as it is not a lightweight electronic camera but the viewpoint is primarily as if you’re you understand affixed to the marker like you’re a bug keeping the marker for dear life as i write something as well as uh it kind of ended up rather well as well as you could most likely do this with an additional 24 millimeter lens if the minimum focus distance was close sufficient but you recognize that was fun to fire anyhow yet yep that is the probe lens it’s clearly not a standard lens and there’s practically no reason to really go obtain one you kind of need to create methods to use it but those couple times where you do actually find a good usage for it and it ends up to function really well it’s so worth it to ensure that that’s what makes this dope technology so certainly currently that you’ve seen it on video clip you’ll be the first to recognize it when you see a shot periodically from it in a future video clip type of like the robot shots you individuals recognize i assure not to overuse it yet i’m super pleased we have it many thanks catch you guys in the next one peace

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