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hey what’s up I’m kbhd here and every year like clockwork around the second week of September assuming no pandemic related delays we expect the new iPhone to come out or iPhones since now it’s a whole lineup of phones and last year was the biggest iPhone lineup ever unveiled all at once we got four different models and we fully expect again this year to see four new models and the evolving rumors about them have been making headlines for the past couple months as always real quick first though we have finally launched that secret second channel it’s the studio Channel and it’s up the first video that just dropped today is now live it’s a studio tour which a lot of you guys have been asking about and now you can finally see the finished space you can meet the team and you can head over there and subscribe to see a lot more stuff like behind the scenes and all the sort of things you’ve been asking that we don’t quite get a chance to put on the main channel it’s all over there if you subscribe soon hopefully you can be one of the first hundred thousand in in the first week it’s one of our goals that would be nice okay so I’ve got four of the new models of the iPhone 13 expected this year and they map right alongside last year 13 mini the 13 the 13 Pro and the 13 Pro Max I’m predicting this is going to be a pretty short video because they are so similar also of course it doesn’t guarantee a whole lot but these are just some of the things that we think we can expect from the next iPhone these aren’t of course from Apple they’re made around the things we expect to see and so if you want to build cases or accessories for the iPhone that’s what these sort of models are built to be useful for so as we’ve learned it’s about to be August and these phones in Real Life are already pretty much Hardware locked somewhere inside

Apple’s Spaceship Campus right now as we approach fall for launch but just so we’re clear this is all still technically speculation but holding these models in the hand for the first time it’s pretty quickly evident we’re looking at pretty similar designs right same shapes same sizes this of course lines up with the the flat line and everything from last year’s iPhone makes sense we’ve seen them stick with one design for multiple years and this is the 12’s design the new stuff that we can actually look at though are number one the port now a port is technically not a new thing since we’ve always had ports but there’s been a rumor that’s made the rounds about Apple possibly getting rid of the lightning port and not switching to USBC but just going totally portless completely wireless for everything on all the new iPhones or maybe just the pro phones but possibly across the whole lineup and while I still think they’re aiming for that and I made a whole video about why Apple’s aiming for a portless future these new models all of them do have ports now to me that just says the magsafe ecosystem is not quite ready to pick up where lightning left off now there was a big deal made

about magsafe it was the new charging standard the new wireless charging on the back of the iPhone slapping on there with magnets and there are a bunch of really good magsafe accessories out now there’s magsafe compatible cases there are things that slap on the back of the phone my favorite car mount is really good the one moment makes I’ll link that one below I’ve been using it for a while now but even Apple’s first party accessories are slowly starting to grow out they just drop that hundred dollar magsafe battery bank that attaches to the back of the iPhone but it really does feel a little early to just jump straight to that and totally get rid of the port it was already kind of a big deal when Apple bumped up from 5 watts to 20 watts of charging on the iPhone magsafe only supports up to 15 watts we’re living in a world where there are phones charging at 50 65 maybe soon 100 plus Watts wirelessly which is awesome and this just isn’t quite at the flagship at the tier that I’d want it to be so maybe they’re

waiting for better wireless charging to to make the mag safe transition easier but at this point it feels too easy to go portless or too early to go poreless so then the rest of the phone pretty much lines up with the iPhone 12s same speaker placement same thickness and height across the lineup then I did notice slightly lower button placement actually which I like a lot and feels best on the bigger phones but this is actually only on the middle size phones the 13 and the 13 Pro the buttons are in the same place on the 13 Pro Max and the 13 mini interestingly but then one more big change is these cameras which are somehow all bigger so the 13 and 13 mini here have dual cameras still but they switch to this diagonal orientation and then the 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max still have triple cameras but look at the new size of these camera modules they’re bigger and they look pretty similar at first

but I actually think we can read into these a little bit more than them just being bigger so here’s my interpretation of this in the 13 and the 13 Mini you’ve got these two dual cameras now roughly the same size of overall module they’re a diagonal lineup now and the lower right one is actually a bit larger which to me would hopefully mean a larger sensor back here which is nice we’ve wanted larger sensors in iPhones for a long time and they only did one larger sensor on last year’s iPhone the Big 12 Pro Max but it’s possible and we see this all the time where the newest stuff the best stuff from last year Flagship trickles down in price so that could be what we’re seeing here with bigger sensor now on the 13 pro and pro Max though the big phones check this out the whole camera bump is a larger footprint but it’s not because the lenses are much bigger they’re actually just a bit more spread out and to me this might not actually be bigger sensors but it may be better stabilization so you may remember last year on that iPhone 12 Pro Max that was the only one to feature Advanced sensor shift stabilization and it was only on the larger primary sensor this year it looks like there may be more room to use this more active precise

censorship stabilization on all of the sensors so even if the sensor isn’t bigger or if it’s a little bit bigger they can hold it still for longer shutter speeds and longer periods of time and that gets you less noise in photos without the drawbacks that come from huge sensors and smartphones like super shallow depth of field fringing so those are some interesting things to look forward to behind the new designs of some of these cameras here now of course there’s a bunch of other stuff that these new models or mock-ups will never tell us like promotion that’s one of the biggest almost weirdly most interesting rumors about these new phones because you think by now where every other phone out there has a higher fresh rate display the iPhone being last up they’ve got to do it we don’t know that just from these dummies but it may just be the Pro Models or maybe across the lineup either way I hope to see promotion but then these models don’t tell us

specs or Ram or anything like that we already know what iOS 15 looks like that should launch typically around the same time the iPhone does and they also don’t tell us if the notch is the same size now but there is one thing to notice which is if you look closely on some of these models you can see you know they’ve cut out some smaller sensors underneath the earpiece but they did move the earpiece all the way up further up higher on the top of the phone and I feel like that’s only something you would do if you’re sort of reorganizing or sort of just compressing all of these pieces up here in the face ID cluster to try to make a smaller Notch so not getting rid of it but at least giving you some of that screen real estate back now that the iPhone really just has one of the biggest notches in any phone and has for a couple years now then there are still some rumors about them possibly bringing an in-display fingerprint reader to bring Touch ID back and maybe combine that with face ID as much as I would like to see it personally I feel like this one’s less likely I could see them just totally ignoring fingerprint sensors and sticking with face ID but that’s it that’s really all we get from these sort of models when they come out every year we don’t even know if it’s going to be called the iPhone 13.

It could be 12s for all we know although that’s pretty unlikely because there was no 11s it seems like they’re just going just straight with the plus one number from here on out but yeah what do you think is uh is this upgrade I’m just I’m holding the the model of the pro Max right now is 120 hertz display and possibly some better cameras on the back enough to get you to upgrade and I guess that’s a bit of a weird question because most people with last year’s phone shouldn’t be upgrading anyway but on older phones even to tell the difference if some of these uh smaller models like the mini the 13 mini or the 13 are really just a slight camera Improvement and some bumped specs feels like almost the same phone but I’m curious what you guys think of what you’ve seen from these models either way that’s been it thanks for watching and definitely make sure to check out the studio Channel really excited about its launching and I’ll see you guys over there all right catch you later peace foreign

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