Perfect sound from wedding receptions life-hack | Saramonic SR-AX100 Dual channel recording

how to record the audio from the djs mixer as well as additionally to record it at the same time right into your camera and check your sound levels it’s pretty easy as well as i’ll inform you how now so people allow’s begin with the hardware this is the saramonic sr-ax-100 it’s a straightforward combination for 2 networks as you can see we have right here the left network the stereo input and the right network and likewise the result as well as likewise if we transform this thus we have our left as well as best gain knobs and also the mono or stereo switcher also we have right here the thread for mounting to somewhere like a stand as well as also we have here the typical chilly footwear install as well as three more chilly footwear installs all over this mixture it’s a quite cheap one i hunch i purchased it for around twenty dollars so it’s a terrific enhancement to anyone’s kit to split your sound signals so exactly how can you obtain the signal from the mixer through the recorder and afterwards to your cam right to one of the channels i’m gon na inform you how so guys just how to establish up this system this point has no batteries so it doesn’t require a battery however it can not supply power to your microphone that is why you will certainly have to make use of the microphone with the battery inside such as this rode video clip mic due to the fact that if it doesn’t have a battery it won’t operate at all to start with we placed straight onto our cold shoe place of the video camera this is the sony a6300 it

doesn’t have the earphone jack yet individuals please utilize the video camera with the headphone jack and utilize your headphones these are from sennheiser cx200 quite inexpensive ones however they are you know vacuum cleaner sort of headphones as well as you listen to the audio far better in such sort of earphones these are really economical for like 15 bucks probably after that you attach your microphone as an example to the appropriate side it has the built-in battery that is why it will certainly be working as well as we connect this into our left channel or maybe if it gets on the right you can connect it to your right channel so it’s right here best network and turn this on or else it won’t work this thing does not provide power once again after that we utilize our receiver which is right here from sennheiser i use the sennheiser transmitter and receiver ew 100 g3 due to the fact that it has far better and also more strong connection than for circumstances the rode wireless go and also the battery life is a little far better and i can always have some extra batteries please individuals assist spare batteries for all of your gadgets for your recorder for your transmitter receiver for your microphone this has a different battery by the means not increase a’s so these are excellent transmitters and they’re made use of almost anywhere in movie manufacturing as well as television shows almost everywhere as well as they have a.

great link so we connect this right into the chilly footwear mount on this harmonic mixture and after that we link it to our combination and also we are placing it to the left network so left channel is here alright and likewise we require to connect in the out cord these are the conventional mini jack wires 2 bands black straps right here they’re utilized virtually all over or you can likewise name them aux wires so you plug this straight right into your electronic camera’s microphone input and also we’re almost prepared to go so men as you can see on the degrees of my camera we have the right channel on when i tap the microphone you can hear it i can dial the volume right here the gain as you can see but we do not have the left channel yet this will be for our wireless transmission from the mixer the djs mixer so allow’s figure out exactly how to utilize this as well as incidentally make certain that you set your saramonic mixture to stereo signal not to model signal since otherwise it will not work like we wanted so let’s place the cam aside and also let’s use our recorder so firstly we require to connect in our cord that’s once again the typical cable and it divides to two huge jack cables or some i forgot the name i’ll create them down right below so a lot of the dj’s mixers are having such connections so you utilize one wire to connect this right into your line in and the others to get the cell from the mix or from the microphones whatever so it’s up to dj to connect to their mixture then allow me unplug this momentarily after connecting in you take your headphones you plug those.

into your light out or your earphone jack on this recorder or simply to your earphone jack on the various other recorder and also you pay attention to the audio as well as meticulously ask the dj to increase up the video game or to lower the gain or you can use the input level right here so examine check check check one 2 3 so currently it’s fine i’m speaking loudly as well as my decibel levels go to negative 12 most likely so this is the optimum amount of decibels that you’re going to have not to misshape your audio the distortion goes to zero however to have some 12 dbs of security is a good thing due to the fact that in some cases the hosts of the show can you understand very loudly state something and you can misshape your audio so minus 12 db is a fantastic remedy so visualize that we have checked the degrees while we were connected into the combination of the dj as well as then we secure our earphones however we’ll require those for another thing we activate our transmitter the sennheiser and we connect in the exact same cable television so the mini jack with 2 black strips on it we connect this in and also we plug it right into the headphones out it’s a line out or earphones so we connect this in and you readjust the gain by pushing down or up the volume rocker so the quantity right below is your line out signal so the gain of your line out and you check right here on the sennheiser as an example let me turn this on no i do not desire to silence this so you inspect this right here on the sennheiser and also you inspect it on your cam and also you listen through the sound on your cam so you.

plug in the headphones to the cam and also you listen if you have some distortion due to both you recognize pre-amplified gain right here so if your volume was readied to 100 you would get an altered audio but you require to call it meticulously so it will be on minus 12 dbs also as well as you can examine this right below so it will certainly be it’s -12 right here and in your camera too however please beware due to the fact that it’s extremely easy to crank up the audio level right here and to get some distortion so after you have um you know sets everything up you can plug in the headphones to your video camera and also keep track of the audio one ear will certainly be for your left network which is the sound from the combination djs mixer and also the other one will be from your rode videomic with the integrated battery remember that people and also picture that someone is chatting like this to the microphone very loudly so you can dial in the settings right here at your left channel at your right network it’s a pretty smooth change and afterwards somebody is attempting to chat such as this you you understand microphone is flying all over the location you can adjust this point or even utilize the second track in your nle in your editing software application to take the sound from the shotgun microphone if they were chatting without a microphone whatsoever so it’s a great enhancement and also you constantly type of listen to it as well as you a bit.

readjust the volume and also the input level of your two microphones not the microphone precisely but you got me now let’s delve into the last cut professional x as well as i’m gon na reveal you just how to utilize this in article so we’ll begin taping so men below we have two pieces from the wedding celebration in fact i’ve obscured out those since you do not desire to see the wedding itself so if we pick the clip right below or right below it doesn’t really matter when you most likely to audio setups you can see that we established it to double moto signal at initial it resembled this the stereo signal yet when we established it to dual version it sort of divides the left as well as the right networks and you obtain two different networks yet they are mixed with each other so let’s listen to the piece right here allow me switch on the quantity similar to this after that we make it dual version and we uncheck the first one this is only from the djs mixer as well as this one this set is from the rode video mic so if you want you can transform both on as well as you can pick a separate one as well as dial in the quantity right here for circumstances i don’t wan na my rode microphone to be also loud so this is the dialog one right here so i dial it like minus 12 and after that i can call in the mixture part and allow it be plus i don’t recognize plus 3 so when we transform this on we have a quite clear sound however when individuals were slapping for example allow me show you listen to the claps right below and the claps right below the claps are different because among.

those were taped with the rode video mic as well as the other ones with the microphone of the host and it was very extremely peaceful so we can mix those together and also have some you understand louder applauses applause exactly how do you state this as well as the clear sound so what are the negative aspects the very first disadvantage is that you can often obtain some interference while transmitting the signal yet you constantly have a backup duplicate on your recorder to make sure that is why it’s not a concern because if you do have some issues with interference you can simply use your recording right from the recorder from your sd card plug this in sync the audio in blog post and clear this up or you can use some you recognize software program changes so you can kind of collaborate with the hiss a little and also make it a lot better the second drawback is that this system does not work without a separate microphone such as this rode video clip mic because if you plug this right into your camera it will have only the left network with the mixer noise but absolutely nothing in the right network so you’ll most definitely need a battery powered microphone on this side as well as additionally the 3rd disadvantage is that this building is obtaining pretty cumbersome it’s tough to place on a gimbal as an example and also the last disadvantage is that this system functions just with one cam configuration if you want to have 2 electronic cameras with such sort of recording you have to require a separate collection of your transmitter as well as.

receiver the audio things and afterwards you’ll need to have one more mixer and also 2 line outs so this point has just one line out yet if you have something like zoom h6 it has the earphones line out as well as the regular line out so you’ll be able to use two video cameras simultaneously however i’m okay with utilizing just one camera i shoot wedding party with just one cam and i simply you understand change the quantity a bit throughout the capturing then i come near the software application i just make it dual model make the microphone appear a little quieter and also the mix appear a little bit louder after that i adjust it a bit in article and that’s it it’s just baked in and also it’s done it’s no synchronization nothing else so it’s a fantastic service men likewise if your video camera does not have the headphones jack you can use your on cam monitor with the earphone jack like the atomos ninja 5 and merely listen to the sound through the screen it’s also an option so guys that’s been it from me i wish you’ve discovered something new as well as you’ll be using this technique or some kind of this technique in your shoots this was electrical consuming as well as no limitations on if you did take pleasure in the material please wreck such and subscribe containers as i say in my videos likewise you can strike the notices bell i very appreciate it men as well as i see you in the next make sure bye you.

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