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great and also reduced priced microphone for your video gaming voice overs youtube or streaming fifi and also k678 what’s great guys my name is electrical kitten and you’re watching no restrictions on the channel about a benefit of being a freelancer as well as you rate to my technology kitchen area today we’re having a look at a quite inexpensive but extremely wonderful microphone from fifefine full disclosure they did send me the microphone and also i do obtain to maintain it but it won’t affect my viewpoint neither they’re going to see the evaluation before it’s posted and additionally i have determined to compare it with my sennheiser mke 600 my favored microphone for nearly all of my job and we’ll see just how it functions as well as how do they appear likewise we’ll be checking it out in a pretty echoey as well as non-treated room like this cooking area also in a cured area as well as even outside allow’s begin with the mic itself it’s a pretty great quality microphone as well as it’s a usb microphone so it’s connected to my macbook pro and i’m tape-recording directly into garageband software application it’s an incentive since you can tweak a little your compressor settings your gain settings your equalizer setups and more and also you will get the sound which is currently treated and all set to be published somewhere the closest competitor to this wi-fi

microphone is a blue yeti microphone which is 50 bucks much more but this 5 great microphone doesn’t have the pickup pattern kind of you recognize switcher this is the only cardioid pattern microphone so it selects up the audio from the front of it and sort of decreases a little bit from the behind as you could have observed this microphone features a stand so you can primarily put it on the table in front of your butt men if you wish to sort of hit some switches on your laptop or the table it grabs a lot of noise from the table as well as a great deal of you recognize audio if you touch anything so it has a various place as well as let me reveal you the bundle this microphone can be found in an extremely good box and also primarily we have below some documents directions and all that things it’s not that intriguing but beneath the beautiful nicely made phone we have this little adapter the microphone itself has a quarter 20 mount which is okay as well as you primarily can place it anywhere but you require a very extremely thin placing point since the usb wire connects right alongside the placing factor itself that is why this adapter comes in helpful it screws

in it’s a very thin adapter as well as generally you have your bigger place for your spigot on any stand primarily or an arm for the microphone and also you can install it without you know making use of the stand so men i have actually altered the melting point as well as now it’s placed on a stand simply a routine image stand and also as you can hear i’m tapping the table as well as nothing is happening likewise i would love to mention that we have a mute button in front of the microphone if it’s eco-friendly it’s all right it indicates that we are tape-recording and also if it’s red it suggests that the microphone is muted so let me transform this on and as you can listen to there is no signal but i will certainly replace it with my sennheiser sound additionally on the back we have our gain handle and our volume in the headphones knob it’s okay that they are at the back due to the fact that we do not wish to mess with those handles at all times we just generally set them and also we’re ready to go as well as throughout the whole time we’ll be utilizing the same gain i assumption so guys now let’s move on to the tests i remain in a pretty echoey room my cooking area is a kind of squarish

and also have some hard floor yeah as well as this is the refrigerator it’s turned off but still some sounds are appearing of it so allow’s examination it and both microphones are around 15 centimeters away from my mouth one two 3 mic check one two 3 mic check one two 3 mic check one two 3 mic check and currently individuals i’m better back it’s around forty forty 5 centimeters away away away from the microphone itself so allow’s test it out one 2 3 may inspect one 2 three mic check one two 3 mic check one two 3 mic check and now men i’m pretty near the microphone as well as you’re able to listen to some noises likewise and also it’s really crucial because we can record some asmr web content i ‘d prefer to utilize a pop filter with it but i don’t have a pop filter right right behind me to make sure that is why we’ll be examining it similar to this one two three mic check one two 3 mic check one 2 three mic check one 2 three mic check as well as this is the most affordable possible gain of this microphone one 2 3 mic check and also this is the highest feasible gain of this microphone

one 2 three mic check as well as currently guys let’s evaluate the plows eruptive noises like possounds alright popping sparkling wine standing out sparkling wine pop pop pop pop popping champagne as for i can hear the microphone is doing a great job with plosive noises eruptive seem like and also actually basically you can talk with it without a power filter yet you require a bit of range like 10 to 15 centimeters would be fine and also now guys let’s see the outside test and also the test in the cured area allow’s view it okay individuals below is my unscientific test outside it’s pretty gusty below most likely you can even hear this wind as well as uh in case you wish to make a podcast outside that knows allow’s test this out one two three mic check one 2 three mic check my sennheiser has the dead pet cat on it as well as the fifein or fi fine microphone is a bare bones so let’s obtain it a little closer one 2 three mic check one two three mic check and also now regarding 50 centimeters away one 2 3 mic check one two three mic check as well as currently i’m gon na keep silent for a 2nd so you can listen to the outside noise as well as the wind noise it

is pretty windy here people so now you have the results as well as currently let’s obtain back within and have some even more examinations so individuals currently we remain in a much far better sound setting it’s a cured space kind of a boof so let’s inspect the audio one 2 3 mic check one two 3 mic check the range from the microphone is around 15 centimeters and also currently allow’s listen to the sound flooring a little bit and also now i’m extremely close to the fi great microphone one two three mic check and also currently i’m very near the sennheiser microphone one two three mic check and now the distance is around forty to fifty centimeters one 2 three mic check one 2 three mic check as well as now allow’s check the plosives popping champagne popping sparkling wine standing out standing out sparkling wine the distance was around 7 centimeters without the pop filter on for those who like tech as well as geeky details right here is the checklist of it the specs of this microphone this microphone evaluates only 420 grams without a stand and also 700 grams with a stand which is a rather light-weight solution it has a regularity feedback of 40 hertz to 20 kilohertz sensitivity at minus 45 db to plus 3 db and also maximum spl ranking of 130 db and signal to

noise ratio of 85 db however i can differ i don’t believe that this microphone is that poor at the sound degree i didn’t hear a whole lot of sound from this mic as well as i’m quite pleased with the outcomes and it produces a warm as well as nice audio quite equivalent to my sennheiser mk600 but i simply utilize it in a little different means for the majority of the moment i just hang my sennheiser up above the structure right here on the boom post and use it thus i don’t like the microphone being in the framework but this mic is a pretty good one actually and also i’m not gon na hesitate of using this microphone in the shot so guys allow’s end this wi-fi microphone k678 usb is a very nice enhancement to your kit it sets you back just 80 dollars as well as for 80 bucks you get a great deal of terrific features even though it’s only a 16 little bit and 48 kilohertz microphone it coincides as the blue yeti which is 50 bucks cost pricier as i said before as well as i do recommend this microphone for this price as well as for those features as well as abilities that it gives to us the users and if it wasn’t for my youtube arrangement that i’m hanging the microphone up above contemporary of the frame i would certainly use this microphone a lot extra however, for currently i’m going to provide this microphone to my close friend that’s doing a podcast as well as now they’re.

taping the podcast with a lavalier mic and generally they place the mic on the stand and also both individuals are speaking to the mic from the sides as well as i assumption this microphone will certainly supply far better better outcomes for my pals so i’m providing this away to my pal alex lee by the means here’s the link to his video he’s a fantastic individual you can inspect his great video clip and also our video primarily from cuba regarding the irma storm right below and yeah it’s a wonderful existing general men so tell me please what do you believe about this microphone do you have some various other options or shall we pay a little bit a lot more for heaven yeti microphone please share your ideas in the remark section listed below and also if you simulated the material on my network as well as you have actually found out about this microphone for the very first time please smash such and subscribe bottles as i claim in my videos as well as if you did likewise you can hit the notices bell thank you significantly for viewing this was alec nick eaton and also my tech kitchen area see you in the next men take care bye.

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