It’s NOT about the BOKEH. Review Sony 50mm f1.2 GM

sony 50 millimeter f 1.2 allowed’s evaluation this what’s heros my name is choose nikita as well as you’re enjoying no restrictions on channel from russia with love and also i’m shooting now on a 50 millimeter g master f 1.2 at f 1.2 so you can see the photo top quality and let’s most likely to the review why sony g masters are that costly they do worth the cash i assume due to the fact that you obtain a whole lot of fantastic stuff for the cash money you pay and also really if you were making use of canon we have l lenses as well as here we have kind of sony l lenses so they are the most effective in course truly wonderful products and now about the rate it is 2 000 is it worth it we’ll figure out hit the like and also subscribe bottles if you also are surprised by the rate of this lens as well as i was truly terrified to carry it about due to the fact that it’s not extract it’s a review unit as well as you understand 2 thousand bucks is a cost when you can get a respectable video camera for the cash let’s discuss the package it comes in a quite normal orange box from sony likewise below we have a little bag really well made pouch incidentally it has some zippy devices right below additionally we have a band as well as a special owner to hold it onto your belt to put it onto your belt additionally here we have a little lens hood which is padded perfectly type of a velour cushioning inside a release button and a rubberized ring on the front so you are not bumping your lens right into something you actually do not want to bump this lens into something

due to the fact that it’s actually pricey as well as also here we have a lens cap with this system i do not really utilize lens caps but the kit is good the construct top quality is simply exceptional every one of the g-master lenses are completely made they are weather condition sealed of training course we have the gasket on the back of the lens metal install as well as everything concerning this lens is truly beautifully made also we have an aperture ring which can work in automated mode when you change the aperture on your video camera with the wheel or in the you understand traditional clicky method so you transform it by hand or you can de-click it with a special switch as well as use it for your videography needs essentially right here’s the shot when i’m altering the aperture and you can see just how the photo obtains darker also we have 2 additional extra switches you can customize those switches and actually i have actually made it to be an autofocus manual focus button and it’s truly important when you’re using it in a picture setting picture setting picture mode it’s quickly reachable to your fingers which is great the dimension as well as weight of this lens is you know it’s rather large it considers 778 grams which is quite heavy and also it’s a little front heavy on my sony a7s iii as well as also it’s that large that my installing plate for the tripod is not you understand on a regular basis located you need to press the video camera a little forward or by a riser plate or utilize a cage with your electronic camera so you can balance this lens correctly onto

your camera and also your tripod or your steadicam which is a little drag to me however it is what it is it’s a great deal of glass in this lens the sony 50 millimeter f 1.2 g master lens has 72 millimeter front filter string which is a little drag due to the fact that 35 millimeter as well as 24 millimeter g master lenses they both have 67 millimeter strings a great deal of lenses today are having the 67 millimeter as an example the tamron video camera the tamron line of lenses is 67 millimeters and i have a great deal of 67 millimeters filters laying around as well as i had to use my 82 millimeter filter as well as d64 with an adapter ring to be able to shoot in intense sunshine with f 1.2 of course you do require a filter and after that d to fire in intense light with f 1.2 and the nd 64 was quite alright to enable me to shoot in 4k 50 frameworks a 2nd fine 2 000 is a lot for 50 millimeter f 1.2 but let’s see some various other options from various other makers what do we carry the market so we have actually canon rf for arm 6 and also r5 cannons it costs 2 300 which is costlier and evaluates 950 grams which is heavier additionally we have the nycar z for nikon z6 electronic cameras or z6 depending upon where you view this video and it costs twenty one hundred dollars likewise much more costly and also substantial 1.1 kilogram of

weight which is very heavy guys likewise we have the sony zeiss planar 50 millimeter f 1.4 za lens it’s a quite old lens 1.4 expenses hundred dollars and also evaluates 780 grams which is fine in my point of view however there is a lot of reviews that this lens has back duplicates a great deal of back duplicates of this lens and has some concerns with autofocus so it’s kind of not that large of an option and also we have the sigma 50 millimeter f 1.4 art variation for e-mount lens and additionally it depends if you need a 1.2 lens or 1.4 it considers 815 grams and prices 9 500 which is okay in my opinion so it depends whether you require this extra light added blur as well as added construct top quality the intensity and photo top quality this is one of the most fascinating component of the testimonial i assumption and also i was contrasting the g master with the nikar f 1.4 50 millimeter lens for nikon i took this from my girlfriend as well as really it’s a rather old lens but very popular among a whole lot of professional photographers individuals and also allow’s see the contrast so here’s the distinction in between f 1.2 and f 1.4 in the exact same iso and also shutter rate so you can see the difference right below it’s noticeable that f 1.2 is brighter however not significantly brighter i guess and also a little blurrier as you could have observed so in regards to intensity the f 1.2 g master lens is really sharp from f 1.2 i’m actually satisfied with the intensity of this lens but it has a great deal of vignettes at f 1.2 if we quit to f2 the vignette is gone virtually and also i actually delight in the intensity as well as general look of this lens at f 1.4 or 1.6 or f2 f 1.2 is terrific when you need this vignette look as well as uh yeah it’s absolutely functional at f 1.2 the nike lens is sort of so so at f 1.4 if you stop it down to f 2.8 the vignette

disappears as well as it gets really sharper but f 1.4 on the nikon lens is type of soft additionally i need to discuss that this lens has a great deal of coverings some components and also all that things to get rid of the chromatic aberrations to raise the sharpness as well as all that stuff below is the complete checklist if you want it and also now allow’s speak about the bokeh to my eye the bokeh is beautiful it’s velvety it’s smooth it’s just you know it’s filmic looking as well as it’s cinematic if i can say so the word motion picture is truly excessive used throughout the last like ten years probably but it is motion picture the lens has 11 blades of aperture so you obtain truly velvety bokeh and also when you step down you additionally do not shed the circular shape of the arrangements they remain rather rounded everywhere and i would state there is a little of pet cat’s eye form in the bokeh in the direction of the edges of the structure yet general it’s an extremely pleasing arrangement to consider right here is the nikon lens bokeh also it’s a little more busy and a little bit a lot more classic looking i would state but the 50 millimeter g master has sort of classic extremely precise as well as nice bokeh as well as it’s simply like falling from the in emphasis to out of focus actually carefully and also i do enjoy this bulkhead a lot the job of autofocus it’s an obstacle for a lens to be autofocusing at f 1.2 due to the fact that the superficial deepness of area resembles one centimeter or some couple of centimeters i guess every so often as well as i was

using it in my shoot as well as had almost no issues with it and likewise i did an examination comparing it to my 24 to 70 f4 sony lens and yeah it’s much easier to focus with the f4 at 50 millimeters than with the f 1.8 at 50 millimeters and i’m rather satisfied with the autofocus of this lens yes there were times that it was a little miss out on concentrating or a little slower and also i make use of the very best sensitivity and also the fastest setup on my sony a7s iii however i can most definitely state that i’m satisfied with the work of autofocus as well as no grievances below [Praise] [Songs] flares it’s not flarey in all i would claim you do obtain a little flare much like on this shot as well as this flare is essentially very little and also the contrast is good you’re not shedding a lots of comparison when you point the video camera towards the sunlight or some brilliant resource of light for some people it is very important not to have some flares as well as some individuals will be missing some flairy ghosty points yet i do delight in utilizing this lens without substantial flares as well as it’s fine to me the very little emphasis and also distance is 40 centimeters general dun dun was grumbling a whole lot in his evaluation of this lens that he intends to obtain a little closer to the topic when he’s shooting however to me it wasn’t an issue i shot some rings i shot a close-up of a couple and i didn’t have any type of you recognize problems concerning it and allow’s be truthful individuals this lens is not a macro lens whatsoever and has some various functions so it’s okay so men the final thought is it worth 2

thousand dollars for some professional photographers and also videographers it probably is or does exactly how do you say but to me it’s a little overpriced i did take pleasure in utilizing it it’s a stunning lens well manufactured stunning picture quality good bokeh extremely sharp indeed as well as the pictures we obtain from this lens is just you understand it’s beautiful men however to me two thousand bucks is a great deal of cash money and for many of us it is a whole lot of cash money so if you do have the cash go for it if you want the 51.2 go all out if you do not intend to obtain 1.2 and also you don’t have the cash for it f 1.8 55 millimeter is likewise a terrific option um it’s not that various to my eye and also a lot of individuals will not see the difference between f 1.8 and f 1.2 like straight away without pixel peeping and all that things so my final conclusion is that it is a terrific item it’s worth it yet it’s costly as well as individuals please share your ideas in the comment section below is it worth it for you which 50 millimeter lens do you use and additionally don’t neglect to wreck once again such as well as subscribe buttons as well as the alerts bell to see even more of my videos when they appear additionally here’s my instagram as well as a pair of videos for you to view following on my channel thank you significantly for viewing this was alekney kitchen from russia with love as well as i see you in the next make sure men bye

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