Sony 14 millimeter f 1.8 g master lens This is NOT a LENS for everyone and here is WHY!

what’s heros my name is alek nikitian from russia with love you’re watching no limitations on network and also i wish you did take pleasure in the sights of apazia republic as well as sochi city so let’s reach the review of sony 14 millimeter f 1.8 g master lens so guys to start with allow’s start off with the kit other than for the classic box you obtain this cap the front cap which you actually require due to the fact that you can not connect any type of filters to the front of this lens it has a spherical aspect and you can just attach the filters from the back of the special gel filters as they claim as well as also this cap has such mechanism and you do require this cap regularly to shield the front component which is really costly and likewise you get the back cap obviously as well as this wonderful pouch or a bag also currently you can attach it to your belt to lug this lens around as well as swap lenses on the move as well as total it’s a pretty wonderful bag as well as i love it and all the g-master lenses are featuring this back incidentally take a look at my hands i can touch the lens itself from that far it’s around 150 centimeters possibly maybe 70. The develop quality is great this lens is constructed out of plastic but it’s a really premium quality plastic and i provide a thumbs up for it thumbs up this big thumbs up likewise it doesn’t included a lens hood the lens hood is type of built in into the lens so you don’t bump your lens right into something when you bring it around and also it protects it from flaring a little bit yet we’ll speak concerning flares in a second additionally we have the aperture ring which can be clicked for pictures or d clicked for video so you can slowly change your illumination your direct exposure altering the aperture slightly in video mode for circumstances as well as also it has a personalized button which is also excellent you can designate nearly i do not know 10 or 15 features to this button which is also nice and we have the focus ring which is acting pretty well and also sensibly but i was making use of autofocus for like 99 of the moment with this lens at the back we have a metal lens install certainly and also we have a climate ceiling gasket as well as this lens is dirt and also dampness immune throughout the lens we have some gaskets to protect this lens for such a quick lens f 1.8 this lens is really tiny and small it considers just 460 grams which is fantastic and it’s a very you know small lens as well as it doesn’t take a great deal of space in your knapsack speaking about filters you can use a matte box in front of your lens with huge and most likely heavy filters and the entire setup will certainly be much bulkier which is not extremely hassle-free additionally you can make use of some gel filters as i stated yet i don’t know where to purchase those actually and i really did not have those while firing that’s why i was utilizing some shorter shutter rates it’s a little bit bothersome in

my viewpoint and that’s a little disappointment to me the aperture range is from f 1.8 to f 16 and you do obtain very sharp image quality from f 1.
8 however rather average vignette efficiency we can see that at f 1.8 it’s pretty dark in the edge of the shot and also it goes away to around f4 or perhaps f 5.6 so keep that in mind [Music] allow’s speak about the distortion as you could have discovered the distortion is pretty intense towards the edges of the shot so if you shoot people please put them in the middle of the shot and if you fire design be cautious with it since occasionally the structures are kind of leaning backwards so be mindful with that said as well as do not place the structures to the edges of your shot if you recognize exactly how to utilize an exceptionally large angle lens you understand what i’m discussing in regards to photo capacities and stills i can not state a great deal due to the fact that i’m not an expert photographer i’m a videographer and also as you can see on the instances they are rather sharp as well as lovely wonderful so in regards to stills i have no grievances let’s talk concerning the low light performance due to the fact that this lens is very fast f 1.8 and you can use it for your low light digital photography and videography as you saw from the shots from the cavern it is really dark there

and also i was making use of the iso from 51 200 to 102 000 and also as you can see it’s a quite clean photo and this lens allows the light to find to the sensor and also a great deal of light generally so it’s a great opportunity for you to get some trendy evening shots as well as well as most likely it’s a wonderful lens for astrophotography however i wasn’t able to shoot something since it was raining and cloudy regularly while i was using this lens as well as i was leasing this lens from the shop and also primarily really did not have an opportunity to shoot any kind of stars yet i nearly specific that this lens is a great choice for astrophotography also and also now about the picture top quality and the bokeh you have great picture quality with this lens it’s really sharp really in-depth as well as you get spectacular pictures beginning video with this lens but it’s rather difficult to leave focus history as you can see now i resemble 50 to 60 centimeters far from the lens it goes to f 1.8 and probably if i simulate so the sound top quality may be even worse due to the fact that the mic is right there but you can see that currently we have much blurrier background so if you do require some out of emphasis histories as well as bokeh

you have to be closer to the subject as well as the high quality of poke is very good really luscious and also smooth pretty rounded bouquets as well as it has nine bladed aperture which makes your bokeh look extremely great so no problems about the bokeh as well as image top quality fantastic work sony the autofocus is additionally really wonderful you can see my test i was running towards from video camera as well as in reverse and trying to sort of screw up the autofocus however it really did not the iif likewise works fantastic and it’s a pretty very easy job for the autofocus motor since when you step around three meters away from this lens virtually whatever is in emphasis a lot of points are in emphasis so yeah it’s a terrific autofocus lens as well as you will certainly obtain 99 of the shots in focus i make certain the focus breathing is typical as you can see i shut down the aperture as well as i was trying to pull the focus from infinity to the very little focus and range and we do see some focusing and zooming out of the photo while i’m doing it yet in the real world i would claim it’s not a problem and i didn’t also discover the focus breathing in my shots and also my video footage the marginal focus and also range is 25 centimeters which is typical as well as those sorts of lenses are not generally with a you recognize crazy close

minimal concentrating range and you can obtain pretty close it has 0.1 x magnification which is fine for this sort of lens and i doubt that a person is mosting likely to shoot a great deal of macro with this sort of lens as well and currently allow’s talk flares i’m a little disappointed with the flare’s performance of this lens because when you have an intense resource like a sunlight or i do not understand a light pole and also you have your lens sort of beside the light source you have a lot of flares it’s a rather noticeable flare sort of an uh you know round form flare and also it’s rather extreme so you have to be actually cautious with the intense sources of light and also keep that in mind while firing i was not impressed with this flare efficiency of the sony g master 14 millimeter f 1.8 by the method individuals i nearly particular that you saw this let me state picture or kind of a setup of iphone 5 which was disassembled and i have a small giveaway on the previous video on my network so you can take part in it and also win the very first the initial iphone and also dismantle it yourself and make this sort of a picture at your residence so get involved men it’s till 7th of january 2022. Best of luck as well as lastly guys allow’s discuss the rate this lens costs 1600 dollars which is a lot in my opinion as well as if you do understand why you require this quick f 1.8 lens and also such a vast angle lens it’s worth it yet if you do not most likely samyang f 2.8 14 millimeter lens is fine or also 17 to 28 tamron f 2.8 lens is likewise mosting likely to be a nice option for you at the very least to me i do not see a significant difference as well as i would like a less costly lens as well as even more flexible lens over this one however if you do understand it’s alright so individuals please share your ideas in the remark area listed below do you require this lens and also exactly how do you feel regarding it and if you did like this video clip smash such and subscribe containers as i say in my video clips and struck the notices bell my name is alekney kitchen area from russia with love no limits on network and also i’ll see you men in the next video clip make sure bye such a whining such a broad angle men check out my arms why am i doing this my make sure

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