Sirui finally did it RIGHT! Sirui 50mm t2.9 Anamorphic

what’s heros my name is alek nikiti and also you’re enjoying no limits on network from russia with love as well as today we’re having a testimonial of suray yeah that’s the correct enunciation of this brand name certain 50 millimeter t 2.9 anamorphic lens with 1.6 x squeeze proportion so let’s review that let’s go as you can see people today i’m utilizing this lens at t 2.9 to shoot this talking head set and i hope i remain in focus i actually wish so this specific lens is offered for 4 different places sony e i’m utilizing it right currently with the sony a7s iii in s-log 3 after that canon rf install you can also use it with something like red komodo cam after that nikon z or nikon z place and lastly the l place for panasonic electronic cameras in specific as well as we will speak about those in a 2nd this is the very first full-frame survey anamorphic lens and also i have a review of all 4 previous lenses on my channel right below in the youtube

card as well as additionally down in the summary listed below some impressive shots with those lenses and also you can take a look at those after you enjoy this video and also now let’s discuss the package besides package itself we obtain this little pouch which is actually well made i simulate this bag and also i brought this lens in this bag together with me to grodno city in belarus and also you see the xmases ambience exists and i actually enjoyed bring the lens in this pouch well done and also we have below 2 plastic caps the back cap rather plasticky and not worthy of our interest as well as likewise this plastic cap with such system it’s all right the initial point you see when you obtain this lens out of package is its dimension as well as weight it evaluates greater than one kilo 1070 grams to be accurate and actually you burn out because you require an outside screen to appropriately de-squeeze your image as well as get things in focus as well as effectively made up as well as additionally you get some fatigue in your arms and wrists and i suggest using something like a version husk or a tripod with this lens as well as for that specific task you’ll be a lot more than great with this tripod additionally from suray i’ll leave a link down below i additionally did a small evaluation of this tripod in my moza slide skin evaluation you can inspect it out likewise on the youtube card as well as down below in the description terrific little light-weight functional as well as steady tripod the develop top quality and products of this lens seems like it’s far better than the previous 2 ray lenses as well as i do enjoy this products this metal

building and construction extra also we do have the gears for your comply with focus system which is additionally nice both on the aperture ring and the emphasis ring the emphasis ring has a throw around 95 levels which is not a great deal for a cine lens and this lens is positioned like a cine lens however it’s not really a slim lens to be straightforward but i’m greater than all right with this focus toss it’s extremely smooth and also really specific and the aperture ring is extremely stiff so you do not transform your aperture accidentally when you just try to pull the focus or touch it in a manner and another good idea is that it has the quarter 20 mount at the end of the lens for your support so you’re not obtaining a whole lot of weight leaning in the direction of your place of the electronic camera or you can merely install your whole configuration to this little quarter 20 opening which i’m doing today with my tripod the filter thread dimension is 82 millimeters it’s a pretty expensive you know diameter of filters yet it’s alright since you do have a lots of filters available for this lens so now allow’s talk regarding the squeeze ratio it’s 1.6 x as well as it’s an unusual press ratio typically we have 1.5 and i was making use of the ninja v or ninja 5 recorder to d press the photo as well as look at it and i was making use of the 1.5 x it’s greater than fine and also in post to disquiz it to 1.6 however when you’re using the 16 by 9 video clip shooting like in sony a7s 3 we get the element proportion of 2.821 which is a rather narrow sort of view and also if you’re making use of 3 to one sensing unit readout in video recording like at panasonic’s s1 as well as s1 h we get the normal traditional 2.421 element proportion

which is really common in video clip and also movies production and also you get the complete sensing unit readout with the panasonic s1 and also s1h so you get more resolution if i’m not mistaken it’s 6k resolution and also you obtain the in-camera d capture feature so you can take a look at your photo in a regular means the squeezed means without making use of an external recorder or screen which is fantastic as well as on this sony a7s3 we get the horizontal view 32 millimeter matching like if we were utilizing the 32 millimeter round lens not the anamorphic one and it’s a quite functional and comfy service to use because we have sufficient brightness in terms of the horizontal resolution and also not as much in regards to the vertical resolution yet i was rather alright with utilizing this lens on the move and shooting a great deal of various stuff with it now let’s speak about the ibis system if you do have in video camera stabilization you better use it than not the a7 s3 don’t have an unique you understand setting for anamorphic stablizing yet i simply set it to 50 millimeter by hand and also the ibis was assisting me not really presenting something like tottering or you understand extra problems to me so if you do have this choice use it and also overall in article i do need to stabilize the video once more due to the fact that shooting portable is not as smooth um anyway due to the fact that you ‘d better use the tripod or monopod as i stated before and now let’s talk concerning one issue that all these two ray anamorphic lenses have as well as it’s not constant press proportion because when you focus to infinity the squeeze proportion is exactly 1.6 yet

when you close at the minimal focusing distance when you focus on the minimum emphasis as well as range you obtain 1.51 x squeeze proportion so it alters a little bit and also the faces may look a little odd it’s not something significant which you can observe all of it the time however if you fire a picture of a person at the very little concentrating range i suggest setting 1.51 x capture proportion in your editing and enhancing software program so it’s not getting you understand too weird in regards to the form of the individual’s face and also considering that we’re speaking about the marginal focus as well as range it’s 75 centimeters which is more detailed than the 50 millimeter f 1.8 for aps-c cams with 1.33 x capture ratio however really it’s not really negative for anamorphic lens 75 millimeters on the 50 millimeter lens is more than all right since if we think about various anamorphic lenses they have something like one meter minimal focusing distance as well as it’s far better than average but still i’m rather spoiled by the round lenses and i would certainly love to get closer with this lens and it’s not feasible if you’re not using something like an adapter the macro ring or the unique optical macro adapter for the front of your lens and currently a couple of words about the color as well as color temperature utilizing this lens usually i contend 5600 kelvin outside

throughout the daytime yet with this lens i was making use of 5200 kelvin because it has a tendency to heating up your shot and likewise during the night shots i’m utilizing typically 3200 kelvin for tungsten lights outside and also i was utilizing 2800 kelvin for this objective with this lens and now i’m using the 4700 kelvin with this lens and also normally i’m using 5200 for my talking head setup i’m still hoping i’m in focus individuals otherwise i’m truly sorry for that no autofocus is a discomfort however you recognize anamorphic autofocus and lens is i don’t understand not the nearest future for us and also currently let’s speak about the sharpness of this lens it’s a really detailed and also extremely sharp lens and you do get the intensity from t 2.
9 it’s a terrific point to have the t-stops in this lens because we for certain know the quantity of light that’s coming to the sensor of the camera not the f-stop which is more related to the history obscure the bokeh sort of the quantity of background blur at certain apertures so now it’s time to discuss the flares the flares are really good i do love the flares as you can see right here we do have a second flare which i do not really like but it’s rather okay for this kind of lens and also it flares less than the previous generation of those lenses from study company as well as i can claim that i do take pleasure in those flares from the 50 millimeter t 2.9 greater than from the previous lenses from survey

they’re a little teal and let me state cyan and even more towards blue as well as i do like the look of it and also the great aspect of it is that it’s not insane flarey and also you don’t obtain a load of you recognize rubbish in regards to flares in your shot as well as currently let’s speak about the bokeh the bokeh rounds are a lot more like ovals and also it’s looking a lot more motion picture and also a lot more anamorphic than the previous generation of survey lenses with 1.33 x as well as morphic squeeze proportion i do enjoy those bokeh bowls as well as bokeh ovals and the overall top quality of bokeh is fantastic it’s smooth it’s luscious and i have no complaints below as well and also we do obtain the history separation of the object if it’s quite near to lens which is likewise excellent and also we i assumption didn’t have a chance to have a quicker full-frame lens because if it was t20 for instance it would certainly be like i don’t recognize 2 kilograms of weight and also two times the cost as well as the filter thread dimension would be 90 plus millimeters which is likewise not truly practical as well as the overall sensation concerning the picture the image top quality the photo

Character is very typical throughout the daylight since it’s not you know yelling anamorphic lens come on look at those flares look at those bokehs it’s alright it’s it’s perfectly looking but it’s not insane excellent and also during the evening particularly throughout xmases time when we have a lot of tiny points of light anywhere as well as we do get a lot of oval bouquets and lots of flares you do see the anamorphic look a lot more as well as i do enjoy using this lens during the evening time more isn’t it as well sluggish i suggest the aperture isn’t it as well dark for a7s iii it’s not in s-log 3 i was using 12 800 iso which is the 2nd native iso as well as i was shooting an extremely tidy image in s-log 3 throughout the evening time and also i also cranked up the iso to 1200 iso on this shot with the holy place as well as i was getting quite excellent results with this lens so it’s not even possible i hunch to squeeze in the faster aperture in this size as well as this cost most likely is the fastest aperture we can get with those anamorphic lenses as for now for like i understand two or three years to come as well as currently allow’s speak regarding the price throughout the launch time on indiegogo it was twelve hundred dollars

currently it’s fifteen hundred dollars which is quite expensive in my opinion however if we take into account the prices for different anamorphic lenses particularly for full-frame anamorphic lenses we do get 2 times 3 times 4 times as well as even 10 times the rate of this lens so in this context this lens is a no-brainer and also currently it’s time in conclusion in my opinion this is the ideal 2 ray anamorphic lens on the marketplace today however it’s likewise one of the most costly one and also if you do have a mirrorless full-frame cam and particularly the panasonic s1 as well as s1 h with three to two facet ratio video clip shooting in 6k this lens is a piece of cake i would choose to lease this lens possibly for my i recognize industrial job small docudramas as well as advertisement and all that things yet i guess i would not acquire this lens since it’s still quite costly and it’s not something i would certainly use on a daily basis however i absolutely give a huge thumbs up for certain a company for this lens i really appreciated this item and also you’re doing such a fantastic task i do appreciate it men and i hope i would get among those lenses as soon as from you to evaluate it out so guys my name is alekney cooking area from russia with love if you do enjoy this video clip please shatter the like and subscribe bottles as i stated my videos and hit the notices bell and i see you men in the following take treatment bye

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