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dji mini 3 pro is one of the most advanced drone out there under 250 grams limit yet is it worth 2.5 times more cash over dji mini se i’m uncertain let’s locate out what’s heros my name is alek nikiti and also you’re viewing no limitations on networks so let’s dive deep right into the contrast as well as detailed decide if the mini 3 professional worth that much money starting with picture sensing units dji mini 3 pro has one over 1.28 inch sensor as well as 48 megapixels versus 1 over 2.3 inch sensing unit and also 12 megapixel on mini se so you’ll obtain sharper images from the mini 3 professional and also somewhat better reduced light performance with pro drone mini 3 pro has 24 millimeter lens and also f 1.7 which is fantastic versus likewise 24 millimeters and also f 2.8 lens on the se so we’ll have the same field of vision however better reduced light of program to be straightforward i wouldn’t shoot at evening with any one of those drones with less than 1 inch sensing unit dji mini 3 pro can shoot video clip up to 4k 60 frames per second yet there is no hdr setting after 30p hdr mode

combines 2 iso worths as well as you improve image in excellent lights conditions in reduced light it’s doing the negative task versus dji mini s e has only 2.7 k up to 30 frames per second as well as just 40 megabits per second bitrate and additionally 1080p approximately 60 frameworks a 2nd i don’t suggest making use of 60p because of soft picture i really did not find the low bitrates on mini sc to be a trouble as you can see the shots look pretty suitable considering its rate as well as a tiny sensor so currently allow’s talk image quality after seeing a dozen of testimonials and sample footage from dji mini 3 professional i can claim that the photo is still looking over sharpened and also it advises me of mini 2 or perhaps the initial mavic pro the main problem is that it’s still 8-bit video and this sensor is still fairly tiny in my opinion this video footage is a lot even worse than you can obtain with dji air 2s for instance with its 1 inch sensing unit 10 little bit color and also 5.4 k resolution so if you intend to get the most effective photo quality for the least money air2s is still the king mini 3 pros picture is alright yet i wouldn’t utilize it for any type of industrial work just for vlogging and also residence archive as well as if i would select a drone for work i’ll obtain air 2s mavic 2 pro or mavic 3. That’s just the way it is people don’t anticipate crazy excellent image top quality from the mini 3 pro by the means guys inform me in the comments what’s the most vital factor for you in a drone terrific picture top quality or the weight under 250 grams limit for the very first time in dji drones mini 3 pro’s gimbal has true vertical cam positioning for stories tick tock youtube shorts and so on which is a handy attribute since it’s currently obtaining increasingly more preferred talking of gimbals i had no concerns whatsoever with mini s e 3 axis gimbal you still get perfectly smooth shots also dji mini 3 pro has 40 degrees of top tilt for innovative shots whereas mini sc has only 20 degrees so i do delight in those types of shots as well as they open up a lot of creative capacities mini 3 pro has two color settings the normal and also the dc like which is still 8 bit so it’s not giving you a big boost as well as i would certainly still recommend shooting in standard mode to prevent color batting on the sky as an example as well as on the various other hand mini sc has just the common color alternative allowed’s talk challenge evasion mini 3 pro has back front as well as lower sensors which is wonderful for this small and

light-weight drone mini ac has only the downward sensors for landing so you obtained ta take care yet also you need to maintain in mind that a lot of good drone shots includes moving sideways so you got ta watch on the mini 3 pro too considering that it lacks side sensing units smash the like switch if you do take a great deal of sideways shots with your drone the jamie 3 pro is slightly much faster in rising coming down and the leading max speed but this distinction is not that dramatic a couple of words regarding wise attributes mini 3 pro has a lot of those so focus track we have active track 4.0 spotlight 2.0 and sight 3.0 fantastic settings likewise it has master shots as in dji air twos so you can get a big range of shots primarily doing nothing the drone will make whatever for you we have a time lapse setting as well as hyperlapse videos 180 levels scenic view mode wide angle vertical and also round and also a bunch of quick shots droney helix rocket circle boomerang as well as planet mini se has just some quick shots as you can see from this instance so the mini 3 pro is winning in this classification the battery life is mentioned as 34 mins with common battery and up to 47 mins with extra capacity battery on the mini 3 professional you can get this added capability battery independently however remember individuals those times are just in laboratory problems the real functional trip time is more like 25 minutes on a common battery and 35 mins on a larger one mini c on the various other hand brings you around 23 to 25 minutes of functional trip time so it’s essentially the very same with the criterion

batteries as well as the greatest difference in my point of view is the remote and the trip range and signal security minioc has a tiny plastic remote which has very inadequate range and also signal so essentially 500 meters and even much less in the city is the limitation for this drone and you need to maintain the line of view with the mini sc i would certainly say that the mini se is a drone on a leash mini 3 pro has much larger remote which minimizes the mobility a little bit but you do obtain a lovely as well as stable picture transfer as well as insane operating distances approximately 12 kilometers without any type of challenges between you and the drone of program however it’s even more of an advertising point given that three kilometers is a really uncommon range most pilots run at drone a minimum of i do not fly that much commonly so if you do recognize that you’ll require to fly past 500 meters as well as you wish to maintain your nerves risk-free due to no losses of signal choose mini 2 or mini 3 pro however if you are alright with much shorter ranges mini sc is a terrific value for cash and currently one of the most fascinating part it is the cost dji mini sc retails for just 300 on official dji’s site and also around 450 to 500 if you intend to obtain the fly much more combo package

with three batteries and also a really good instance dji mini 3 pro has a great deal of alternatives to pick from only the drone without the remote will cost you 6 hundred and seventy bucks with the fundamental remote dji rsn1 760 bucks so it’s 2.5 times a lot more expensive than the mini air conditioner based package and likewise there is an alternative to get the dji rc remote with 700 nits integrated display for 909 dollars which is rather expensive in my point of view because for only 90 bucks much more you can obtain the very best set of air twos which is a much exceptional drone and also i just liked utilizing it certainly it’s even more than 250 grams and also you can have some issues with the drone guidelines in various nations however if we consider the image quality and total attributes i would pass on choose air 2s also we have two options of fly more combos for mini 3 professional with two extra common batteries billing center and also a bag for 190 dollars as well as with two trip batteries plus which will permit you to fly around 10 minutes longer on each battery for 250 bucks so if we compare the conventional batteries fly more combo as well as conventional remote for mini 3 pro for 950 dollars in overall and also 450 bucks for fly much more combo with mini sc mini 3 pro is still 2 times much more expensive and it will certainly go all in with mini 3 professional you’ll end up at 1160 which is practically the price of dj air to ask fly more combo which incidentally has the d filters cram in the package and also the nd filters are not included with the mini 3 pro fly a lot more combo so individuals allow’s wrap up there are three essential situations that will certainly impact your

purchasing choice initially if you are on a tight budget plan i can not justify paying 2.5 x more cash for mini 3 pro especially if it’s your extremely initial drone or you simply desire to take it with you for a trip 3 times a year second situation if you do care concerning photo high quality as well as desire to get the remote with the display in this case i would pick dji air 2 s for nearly the same cache count on me the image quality distinctions allows and also you will not be sorry for buying air 2s as well as overall the iphone for instance is much brighter as well as a far better display in my opinion than the built-in one third if you absolutely require a drone under 250 grams and also money is not a problem for this specific case dji mini 3 pro is the very best drone on the market and also you will barely locate a much better mini drone i hope i’ll obtain a possibility to assess the mini 3 professional myself yet as for now it’s rather tough to obtain it sadly so what’s your opinion individuals which drone would certainly you like minia c mini 3 professional or perhaps air to ass share your thoughts in the comment section below here is a number of video clips for you to view following my name is kitchen no limits on channel as well as i see you individuals in the next make sure bye

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