Xiaomi Poco X3 GT vs Poco X3 Pro Which is best for you?

so xiaomi has just propelled this bad boy here globally it’s the poco x3 gt an impressively spec’d fund friendly smartphone boston 5g you’ve got a 120 hz ips expose a big old battery with 67 watt fast commission reinforce and a fresh brand-new fleck of mediatek aspects the 1100 activity but the big question is how does it stack up to its excellent sibling the poco x3 pro which propelled earlier in 2021 well i’m going to do your full side by side comparison of all the specs pieces the camera tech performance all that good substance so which pocket phone is best for you let’s catch out and for more on the latest and greatest tech satisfy do protrude subscribe and ding that notifications bell applauds so firstly up affix the poco x3 pro freedom next to the fresh new x3 gt and yeah you’ll probably struggle to tell them apart the poco x3 gt is slightly smaller at 6.6 inches versus the 6.67 inch poco x3 pro but you’d have to look truly cruel close to notice that that’s for sure and certainly when you’re handling them they feel identical you’ve got reasonably slim bezels encircling those presentations for budget-friendly smartphones at least that does seem to be a somewhat smaller orifice for the selfie camera up now on the poco x3 pro versus the gt we are talking mere margins though but there is one invisible difference between the two as well you’ve got a gorilla glass six is still in now on the poco x3 pro screen to help protect it from detriment who really gets upgraded to gorilla glass victus here on the poco x3 gt that entails the poco x3 gt should be more resistant to damage from plummets but i have found that gorilla glass victors does tend to scratch up a bit more easily than gorilla glass 6.

so it is therefore a bit of a chagrin that you don’t get a pre-installed screen protector on the x3 gt while you do on the poco x3 pro if you really notice a difference when you actually flip these smartphones over and have a gander at the arse extremity because as you can see there you’ve got completely different scheme although it is a glossy plastic back end on both of them i’ve got to say my least favorite of the two is definitely the poco x3 pro i am only meet it a little fugly it certainly looks very budget indeed and that big firebrand in there on the back end certainly isn’t helping whereas the fasten x3 gt sure it isn’t peculiarly striking or anything but it does looking very smart and sleek and thankfully they calmed right the down when it came to the brandon of this thing you’ve got a choice of colors with both sets of the poco x3 pro come here for a selection of pitch-black bronze or off-color meantime the gt comes in stock is black you’ve also got shadowed white-hot or wave blue-blooded and touchwood even though it is a plastic back on both of them they both seem quite resistant to impair still further no scrapings or scratches be talking about and the pocket x3 pro i’ve had for a good few months now still glancing virtually pristine precisely one tiny little scratcher at the bottom which you can barely

even notice do a speedy tour of the rest of these pokor smartphones you’ll verify both of them subsidize an advantage mounted fingerprint sensor over on the right side you’ve got an ir blaster up top if that’s something you’re into but the bad news is that only one of these smartphones plays a headphone jack and it’s the poco x3 pro you don’t get one on the gt now it’s time for a hot fragment of os action and as you’d expect both these pocket smartphones mostly run on the same software you’ve got android 11 with xiaomi’s miui 12 slatted on top and anyone who’s seen any of my xiaomi or poco smartphone unboxings and remembers will have talked about me ui to extinction but mostly in copy 12 it’s about furnish as you’re going to get from a miui launcher you’ve got the likes of the apps tray you’ve got the google discover feed but miui computes abundance of bonus flakes including likes the control center which you can drag down from the freedom fringe of the screen which gives you fast access to all kinds of toggles and too your smart-alecky dwelling goodies if you dive right into the situates menu as well you’ll recognize mostly got the exact same plan of aspects uh parcelled path in there you’ll notice a couple of little subtle inconsistencies here and there so for instance the pocket xt pro is the only of the pair to support an actual notifications contributed light built in up at the top here but yeah overall very similar you’ve got the likes of the

special gaming mode you’ve got the video toolbox all that good substance as i mentioned before both of these pocket smartphones boston edge organized fingerprint sensor that is fast and responsive so emphatically unusually filling to use and you’ve also got a bit of face unlock support as well which is again super super swift you don’t even see that lock screen more often than not although it’s not the most secure because it does seem to work even when your face is mostly uh totally are covered under a good old-fashioned face mask and both the poco x3 pro and the poco x3 gt give a option of 128 or 256 gigs of ufs 3.1 storage for your apps and media and all other shenanigans but if you want to expand that while the poco x3 pro is the only one to support micro sd recollection posters you don’t get that on the gt now the screen tech is basically virtually identical between the poco x3 gt and the poco x3 pro you got 6.67 inch on the pro somewhat bigger than the 6.6 inch on the poco x3 gt but they’re both ips boards both full hd plus you get reasonably crisp visuals despite the fact they are pretty goddamn comfortable got full hdr 10 patronizes a strong contrast despite the fact that they are just ips panels you’ve got support for that streaming in the likes of netflix both screens are bright enough to use outdoors if needed and you’ve got slightly warmer colour breeding on the poco x3 gt versus the poco x3 pro when they’re on the default value auto settings uh that’s pretty much the only difference in the visuals that i noticed the vehicle brightness does unfortunately seldom struggle a little on both sets of smartphones when you’re in the low-pitched brightnes

environments it can be a little bit extremely dim so you will have to manually bump it up yourself you’ve got the usual presentation features on both of these though including the likes of the reason modes you can mess around with the hue production if you demand get things a little bit more punchy a little bit more natural looking whichever you prefer as for the refresh pace well it is dynamic and it can basically swap anywhere between 30 and 120 hertz to accord whatever you’re up to and save battery life when you don’t need that faster refresh you’ve got a stereo talker setup on both the poco x3 pro and the poco x3 gt as well let’s just do a little side-by-side comparison on max volume called x3 gt too the first of the x pedigree to committees to full 5g smart-aleckies this phone is powered by the mediatek damage that’s the poco xd pawn now the gt x3 gt also the first of the x genealogy to balls to full 5g smart-aleckies this phone is powered by the mediatek aspects so not an enormous amount of change in the output on the speakers they’re the poking x3 port ever so slightly louder than the poco x3 gt but also slightly tinier on that top work as well you got a bit more of a full-bodied sound out the x3 gt more natural sounding so i think i probably prefer that one if you don’t want to use the speakers you want to use a duet of headphones instead where you got bluetooth 5.2 carry and the fresher new poco x3 gt somewhat older bluetooth 5.0 approval on the older poco x3 pro but i got a perfectly good wireless streaming knowledge for both of these blowers however the poco x3 pro as i mentioned before is the only one of the pair to sport a headphone jack so you’ll have to get all dongled up on the poco x3 gt you

want to take full advantage of that high-res audio certification so now let’s have a shofty at the performance of these budget-friendly smartphones and while the older poko x3 pro is powered by the seven nanometer snapdragon 860 chipset now on the fresher x3 gt you’ve got that new six nanometer mediatek dimensi 1100 chipset and this certainly raises good operation for the toll detail on both sets of handsets otherwise you can see here the poco x3 gt does have a slight advantage certainly when it comes to the multitasking a smaller chipset size of the mediatek now on the poco x3 gt entails it’s also more vitality efficient than the snapdragon found in the pro and it’s got the added benefit of integrated 5g modem war as well so you’ve got full 5g funding spread across both sim slits if you want to do a little bit of gaming though both of these pocket blowers will handle it fine you’ve got a choice of up to eight gigs of ddr4 ram on both of these handsets and the likes of gentian impact quite a resource-hungry demand and android entitlement can be played on both of these although i did insure there was slightly less jaded on the poco x3 gt on those default medium situates compared with the poco x3 pro you’ve got coolant tech on both of these poco telephones as well so no problems with overheating even when gaming over a long lazy afternoon and 240 hertz style sampling as well so the screens are perfectly responsive and courtesy of me ui 12 you’ve also get dedicated gaming boasts thrown on here as well allowing you to record your mad abilities or deepen your enunciate if you’re doing some sort of articulate note and time generally free up sources if you do find the

performance is starting to get a little bit stuttery well as mentioned before the pocket x3 gt is the only one to offer 5g support and it’s also get built-in wi-fi 6 connectivity as well which you don’t get now on the poco x3 pro so as far as future proofing moves the gt is the winner now the poco x3 pro does offer the bigger battery of this pair but we’re mostly talking a sizing change comparable to a nat’s pube it’s 5 000 milliamps on the poco x3 gt 5160 milliamps on the poco x3 pro but no worries which one you choose because you’ll get a full daylight of participate even with plenty of intense abuse slew of screen on time i’m doing like five six hours lots of camera player lots of media streaming all that good material a full bill will see you right the lane through until when you’re tucked up with teddy nonetheless when it comes to power and backup the poco x3 gt is the clear win of these two with its super fast 67 watt fast accusing that’ll supremacy you back up from empty-bellied to fall in about 40 -ish hours that imparts the poco x3 pro a little bit more tranquilize at 33 watt but still reasonably spry about an hour at the push will give you pretty much a full price now let’s coming to an end with the squint at the camera tech and while you’ve got a 48 megapixel primary sensor here on the poco x3 pro that gets upgraded to a 64 megapixel primary crap-shooter on the poco x3 gt diving into the actual camera apps you’ll be understood that the general layout and the boast places is basically the same you’ve got like the ai state on both filters and all that good substance got absolutely tons of bonus camera modes that you can play around with if you demand including the ability to shoot at

the maximum resolution if you don’t want to use the pixel binning you’ve also got a pro photo mode as well if you crave full authority over all of the different elements including the iso positions the focus the shutter move and again the ability to shoot at that maximum answer but most people i’d imagine would just leave it on the default photo mode the poco x3 gt does seem to handle stronger light-colored and more ably on that vehicle mode and also does a better responsibility of manufacture of natural seem colorings specially when you chuck on that ai mode which insures the poco x3 pro raise sickly sweetened artificial answers sometimes but both can capture a respectful quantity of detail despite the pixel binning and you can grab good looking painting shots with either telephone even if they are the pro is the only one of this duo to sport a 2 megapixel profundity sensor however in low light-colored the shove x3 pro actually outperforms the poco x3 gt spaffing out brighter more detail packed shots at times while the light procedure on both handsets simply facilitates out a very modest amount if you find you miss a more plucked out thought of the action well both of these smartphones also support a 8 megapixel ultra wide angle shooter and there’s also a predominantly pointless 2 megapixel macro lens on both of these handsets as well uh which to be honest so low-grade res it’s mostly fruitless as for your home movies well both the pok wreaks 3 pro and the poker x3 gt can shoot full hd footage at 30 or 60 chassis per second otherwise you can bump up to 4k at 30 fps and so far i’m moderately joyous with

the results on both the poker x3 pro and the gt as well emphatically good for your horn movies specially if you’ve got little sprogs who merely can’t brutal stay still and last up you’ve got a 20 megapixel selfie cam on the poco x3 pro versus a more basic 16 megapixel on the gt and the pro surely displays the better look and most natural selfies a complete reversion on the rear camera operation so there you have it that in a nutshell is the poco x3 gt versus the poco x3 pro both available for purposes of a good budget-friendly price here in the uk which one are you more seduced by the gt or the pro clearly be great to hear your thoughts down in the comments below please do pod subscribe and ding that notifications bell for more the most recent greatest tech got my full unboxing of both sets of blogs live now and textbook if you want an in-depth look at all the various boasts me ui all that good trash and have yourselves a incredible remain of the week heartens everyone love you

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