Review Microsoft Surface Book 3 – The Hybrid that Lost its way

and here with the digital digest and today I wanted to share my full review the digitally digested segment for the Microsoft Surface book 3 this specific 15 inch model retails for roughly twenty-eight hundred US dollars before tax we’ve got of course a nearly 4k three by two aspect ratio 15-inch display that detaches in fact that is the signature of the surface book lineup if you didn’t already know that that’s what it’s all about and a big bragging right of the third generation really one of the only bragging rights on paper at least other than spec upgrades is that now it attaches much faster and reattaches much more quickly and that is true so that’s a good thing after all if this is one of the key features I mean that is the actual identity of the surface book is that you can pop off the display and it becomes a powerful tablet basically best-in-class tablet on the market other than its battery life that should be something they improve on but outside of this nearly 4k 3×2 aspect ratio which you know I’m a fan of it wouldn’t sell me but I know many of you out there want the three by two aspect ratio and I understand it and it’s a good reason to pick up one of Microsoft’s products that support it the display is good but it’s not amazing and I’m starting with the display because after all it’s a very important feature so while I like what Microsoft has done in terms of screen size real estate resolution unfortunately color accuracy still isn’t where it needs to be but moving away from the display which I think come on Microsoft just drop an AMOLED on us already give us a no LED display make the fact that this screen attaches even more

impressive and the best way to do that is to give us a best-in-class display right now I can’t help but say that the display reminds me of the previous generation and for good reason there isn’t really any true improvement and that’s much of the story with what once was a revolutionary product and now is much more like an evolutionary product and frankly that’s why I skipped the Jen so while I love the surface book 3 concept and it you should just be a proof of concept all of roughly 5 years ago now in its much more mature form we have updated specs but it seems like we’ve just ended up with a lot more price points and a lot more configuration which is also a sign of a maturation of a product line but sometimes and you’ve heard this I’m sure from just about every other review that you’ve watched listen to read whatever it’s time for a redesign and I’ll get to my thoughts on the redesign because I don’t just think it needs to look different I think it needs to change what it’s capable of so my redesign thoughts aren’t just that I think this is a stale look because the look I can live with you know a lot of people hate this hinge because when it’s closed it allows dust to get in it’s not flush you know OCD is not driving my decision on making a purchase with this and I’m not insulting those of you that you know do feel that way I completely understand but I’ll get to why I think the most important part of this machine which is the display not only needs an overhaul as I mentioned with the screen type and quality and accuracy but also what’s inside the tablet so in this $2,800 spec we’ve got an Intel Core i7 10 65 g7 which is the same 10th gen processor you’ll find in pretty much every Ultrabook on the market key word I just said ultra book you are not going to find that in desktop replacement machines and for this price for this size and for this weight you might start to think this is a desktop

replacement but I assure you it is anything but that now that doesn’t make it a bad machine I think the surface book line whether you’re going 13 and a half and 15 they’re one-of-a-kind quite literally in that there’s nothing like them and there’s nothing as expensive as them even in the world of fruit in Apple’s land nothing comes close to how much you are going to pay to have a detachable display so with that said the processor is fine but I do feel at this point we need to see something with more cores having the same sort of processor that you can find in a sub one thousand dollar laptop or in the surface pro for that matter seventh gen is not enough to compel me personally to want to make this my daily driver it weighs over four pounds it has solid battery life at over ten hours you’re not going to get the 17 hours that Microsoft quotes but the processor just isn’t enough in my opinion that doesn’t mean it’s not powerful it doesn’t mean it won’t do enough for those of you that are looking at it and want to buy it just know that for the money you’re spending on this machine the processor is paltry it just isn’t what it should be you know Microsoft markets this as being a dynamic product that’s going to serve much more than simple you know media consumption browsing the web checking your email using office well then let’s have guts that reflect that and while you might say well ed you’ve you’ve got a very competent NVIDIA GPU onboard well yes inside the keyboard section is a dedicated GPU by the way we’ve got 32 gigs of RAM do you need 32 gigs of RAM no you don’t but it’s nice to have I’m not gonna shun the 32 gigs of ram I scratch my head a little bit and yes you can go with less than 32 gigs of ram that’s an option but Microsoft has a very

rigid structure with the configurations on these for example this $2,800 build while it does have that gtx 1660 TI max q which is a best-in-class GPU for this I don’t want to say for this weight because you can get a much better GPU than that but for this sort of hybrid product it’s a best-in-class and I’ll get to comparisons of other things you could compare it to from Lenovo you know from HP but and also just tablets but even with that GPU I’m still not sure who this is best suited for and you can go to the business side and get a Quadro and the people that need quadrants you know who you are you know if you’re in any sort of design business you use Revit you use AutoCAD you should probably be getting the Quadro is it going to give you much better yields than the 1660 TI max q not necessarily but it will be better so go with that okay that questions answered but when it comes down to it the fact that we’re getting terabyte and vme drive in a $2,800 machine is just a punch right in the well you pick what part of the body face crotch stomach it doesn’t matter it is not acceptable in my opinion and again I’m a huge fan of what Microsoft has done on the hardware side I may sound like I’m overly critical throughout the course of this video but that’s because Microsoft when we talk about the original surface pro when we talk about the surface book the surface laptop the surface studio everything has been in my opinion from a builder side evolutionary and then

revolutionary rather and then just fallen into a slump and you know the surface pro X was the first new launch in a long time and it is promising it has a ways to go not promising though in the way this was and so here we are looking at a third generation product that has a lot of potential and it is a very competent powerful machine I mean it’s just not as powerful as it should be for its price and its weight that’s really what it ultimately comes down to for me so for those of you wondering can you game with it absolutely pretty much any title you throw at this and drop down to 1080p resolution you’re not going to game at the nearly 4k res that this display has you’ll be fine you will get 60 frames or more no question about it okay you’re not going to have an issue I’m not saying you’re running at Ultra let’s be clear about that as far as doing any other kind of work video editing photo editing you’re fine is this going to give you desktop replacement performance no but it’s close because you do have that 16 60 TI with max Q design I mean that is again a competitive and competent GPU solution to have on board so I’ve pretty much covered the important components of what this machine is comprised of Wi-Fi six Bluetooth 5.0 great things it has no Thunderbolt 3 now many of you may not think this is a big deal some of you may think it’s the reason you won’t buy it I’m in the second group which is that to me again I’m scratching my head Microsoft has put together this incredibly powerful machine that is so flexible can really offer you the best of both worlds and then they dropped out one of the biggest performance grabs out there and I say that because a lot of people think

that Thunderbolt 3 is only for eg PU in other words using an external GPU so that you can use the core i7 that lives inside the tablet section of this machine and then have an external GPU like you know if whatever the latest Nvidia or AMD card is that you own of course in an enclosure that supports that but that to me isn’t the only reason to have Thunderbolt 3 a very good reason and I’ve been covering it are things like sovereigns and they’re not the only one but they’re the only one that I’ve been reviewing their extreme hard drives so if you are a video editor ok or even if you aren’t and you just want the fastest portable nvme drives on earth you can’t leverage them with the brand-new service book 3 in the 13 or 15 inch variant so while on my HP Spectre I can hook up either of these the 1 or the 4 terabyte extreme and transfer it over a gigabyte a second here in a machine that again is claiming to be aimed at creative professionals well those creative professionals are screwed and I don’t really get that I mean Microsoft has left a full-size SD card slot I’m going to show that to you right now which I love by the way you know going around the machine the power connector right here still Microsoft’s signature which is a good thing I don’t think they should do away with it the magnetic pull away especially now that I’ve got a dog running around the house that could potentially break any laptop that’s connected to a wall and just you know pull it down that magnetic pull away is definitely a good thing we have a type C port but you know the type C port is for what connectivity display output no Thunderbolt 3 to me is a game breaker in 2020 and Microsoft’s excuse by the way for that is security-related now I scratched my head on that because I know exactly the bug the exploit they’re talking about but the likelihood of that exploit

being leveraged is very low on the other hand I understand that if they’ve done their research and the majority of their surface book sales go to corporations that they will not be able to you know excuse themselves from the liability associated with that that’s another story so it’s kind of a great space for whether or not I want to throw the cake in microsoft’s face about the Thunderbolt 3 the lack thereof or not I don’t work for them obviously I don’t have the information they have so a lot of people are saying it’s in my opinion it’s a little bit of both it’s it’s a little bit of and it’s also true that you know if you’re gonna make something that’s business oriented you need to make sure it’s secure but on that note that means that they could have only omitted Thunderbolt 3 on the business versions of this product they didn’t have to do it here in the traditional consumer line we have a headphone jack ok right there we have our power button volume rocker by the way the speakers on this machine suck I don’t care what anybody has to tell you that’s another thing where I mean look my daily driver is an HP Spectre x-360 13 t the speakers are mediocre but boy compared to this machine they’re good that’s how bad the speakers are on the surface book 3 the thirteen and a half inch gets a little bit more of an excuse because it’s a much smaller machine but with the 15 inch having such subpar audio and I’ll play you back some some audio don’t worry but it’s not gonna really change anything right it’s just terrible my phone has better audio my tablet has better audio my laptop my two-in-one Specter has better audio in fact there’s nothing I’ve reviewed with worse audio than the surface book 3 so the full-size SD card slot which is where I started when I picked this

machine up to show you I love I love that it’s there I mean so many manufacturers have dumped it but I’m not sure if Microsoft left it here because they are trying to cater to users like myself because the lack of Thunderbolt 3 speaks otherwise right or if it’s just because this is again an effort to not have to redesign a single thing on this machine other than playing with the hinge itself because that’s where most of the change has happened to USB 3 ports great type of a ports and that’s it so what does this machine have that’s great other than a detachable display well the cameras are best-in-class of the IR camera that just recognized me and you know utilized Windows hello works perfectly there’s no bloatware on this machine I already mentioned that it’s competent when it comes to gaming but it’s not a gaming laptop but at 4 pounds in change this is heavy a little unruly and then while I’m okay with the size of the trackpad I know many of you out there are going to wish that it was larger like Apple obnoxious large like like that I get it so that’s a criticism that I think is also within you know it’s warranted I’m not here to dismiss it because quite frankly they could have done it but it again speaks to not wanting to apparently not wanting to invest a penny in making this machine more attractive and I keep reiterating that because that’s what the lack of Thunderbolt 3 speaks to that’s what the lack of you know creating a more competent display a lack of any design language change it all speaks to we are going to milk this sucker until people just simply won’t buy it anymore so while improved webcams are

great improved release time on the hinge is great and improve specs are all good things this thing doesn’t even come with a pen you’re going to spend another hundred dollars to get the pen functionality and remember the beauty of taking this off isn’t just that’s if it responds see sometimes it doesn’t isn’t just how quickly you can remove it and walk around the house because remember battery life with this sucks another thing I cannot sugarcoat and we’re just about to the point where I’m going to talk about what I think Microsoft needs to do to change this and I don’t just mean redesign I mean reimagine it’s time you know in 2015 this was amazing in 2020 this is just the only product like it and that’s not a selling point anymore to me as much as again I do love the service book 3 do not be fooled by me you know being real with all of you and telling you what you’re looking at just isn’t worth the money I would not buy one of these in the 13-inch I mean the 13-inch $2,000 variant isn’t bad because you know you are getting a dedicated GPU in a fairly small package you’re getting again Microsoft is a very good manufacturer that doesn’t mean they’re free of defects but they’re a solid company is zero bloat we’re very good support and if you are near a physical store when there isn’t a pandemic that’s a good thing too because their support in the store is great as well but you know why not look at a razor blade stealth 13 you know roughly the same price actually a little bit less depending on which display you go with and when it comes to this you know this really is the calling card I mean you can flip it around obviously and dock it the other way but the truth of the matter is you’ve got a boatload of two and ones on the market that really have been reimagined that have been redesigned that have been improved in every single possible way that in fact share if not outperform the majority of the components inside this machine and they’re less expensive now I’m not going to say that those other manufacturers have as good build quality have as good support and they certainly aren’t going to give you a clean install

of Windows they’re going to give you blow wear out the ass but what’s your time worth I mean if you’re spending a thousand dollars more to have this concept you gotta love the concept and there’s nothing wrong with that by the way you know having more money than what you know what to do with is a good problem to have in life right and that’s what I think of when I look at this surface book 3 it’s one of those I’ve got more money than what I know what to do with problems and that’s not a problem at the end of the day if that’s your life but if you’re a student if you’re someone who’s going into debt to buy one of these please think your decision because also by furthering the sales on this you’re validating Microsoft’s and I don’t like it when Apple users do that you know Apple users think that I I’m I’m critical of everything they do because it’s Apple no I’m critical because the more you give money to any company for a product that isn’t worth that amount you put all this in the hole I mean that’s just the way business works and the market trends and things follow suit so when Apple users are more than happy to shell out premium top dollar flagship money for two-year-old three-year-old specs they don’t help the market and I know that’s not how they think of it and most consumers don’t think of it that way that’s because you know I’ve been in the stock market since the late 90s and I do think of it that way I do think of not just what’s put on the table for me to review but what it means to the future for all of us as consumers and so the more that we give we being any consumer out there Microsoft money for

something like this I feel like we’re gonna continue to be disappointed and it’s a horrible conclusion to come to on a product that I once enjoyed so much but now I get you what should be reimagined okay and hopefully you’re staying with me I think that at this point we can’t just have a battery and a GPU inside the keyboard it those days have to end if I was in the lab with Microsoft and Microsoft if you’re listening if you’ve actually made it in 19 minutes into the video cheers to you give us a much beefier processor in this part of this machine put a 6 core at least a 6 core processor in here I shouldn’t be able to point to a Lenovo si 940 with a ninth gen processor that can take crap on this but I have one right here and I’m going to bring that out eventually so put that more powerful true desktop replacement CPU as well as GPU inside the base I don’t care if you make it a little bit thicker it’s not thin to begin with let’s face the facts it’s not light at four and a quarter pounds and that’s not including the giant power brick okay do that throw your new Qualcomm sq1 Co partnered processor inside the tablet portion do you already know where I’m going put a bigger battery inside the tablet portion now it’s up to you with your new partnership with Google with the duo to make this dual boot if you want to do that do it but when I hit this button give me a tablet that actually can get at least six to eight hours of battery life give me a tablet it doesn’t have to have the Intel processor in it because what I’m seeing here was something that is still the same concept from Gen 1 that in 2020 is stale so it’s not about the design it’s about what the machine is capable of if this could detach and give me

an Android or even a Windows 10 tablet on arm with real battery life and a hinge so that I’m not just picking up a dud for the sake of whether I can detach it I can put it understand that’s not good enough anymore that was cool when you first came out with it and these speakers as I mentioned these tiny little things that crap put some speakers in the base make the Machine thicker if you’re gonna charge this sort of price I understand that the concept the original R&D was a fortune you’re past that hump you’ve been past that hump Microsoft it’s time to give us something new so while a lot of reviewers out there and consumers like the ones watching this now are saying why didn’t they just give us a new design I don’t want just a new design I don’t want something that just looks different I want something that functions and by function it’s time to put a real processor now that you have 15 inch beastie heavy things like this you had it last gen put a real CPU in here put a real GPU in here you easily could have put a 20 80 in here okay it didn’t have to be a 16 60 and if I sound like I’m getting more animated it’s because it’s the truth at $2,800 this makes Apple look like they’re for you know the the people who are on a budget because this you know this is aimed at competing with the MacBook Pro but even on paper it doesn’t granted I’m not comparing operating systems you couldn’t get me to touch Apple with a ten-foot pole but anyone who knows anything about hardware and yes apples leaving Intel I wish them all the best by the way that it’s

gonna make them more money for those of you to think that the processors will be better and I’m not saying Intel’s on the top of their game they’re slowly eroding another story for another time just make this a tablet that detaches now it’s time give us a kick stand you already have the patent on the surface pro line you’ve had it for years it will not make this much thicker give us a no LED if it’s dual boot great if you want to keep cramming you know Windows and the future of Windows on arm down our throats I’ll accept that as well and then when it docks it becomes the monster machine okay and it has Thunderbolt three okay I would love it if you’d leave the full-size SD card slot the hinge I’m not critical of this the people who are like uh it looks like something from the eighties I don’t give a crap but it’s time to make this tablet a real tablet that works because right now what I’m left thinking is that how could I tell tell anyone out there that they shouldn’t buy for example as I slide around the office something like my daily driver that has a no LED that you can get for you know fifteen hundred dollars or less and will have all of the capability outside of the GPU and then you could connect an e GPU because it does have Thunderbolt three let’s say they were willing to step up to a 15 inch but again I already mentioned the Razer Blade stealth 13 is the best comparison at a two thousand dollar price point to the thirteen and a half inch model let’s take a look at another option the C 940 from Lenovo yes it doesn’t have the sixteen sixty TI with max Q it

doesn’t have as high res display but you can go 4k if you choose to this model which is a review unit is 1080p has much better audio has just as good build quality overall in my opinion has Thunderbolt 3 I mean it doesn’t have the battery life it doesn’t it does not have the battery life but that’s cuz it doesn’t have two batteries and it doesn’t have a detachable display but it does have two and one capability a built in pen and a more powerful CPU nearly the same competence on the GPU side and you’re talking about $1600 okay 1,600 so I could keep going with different machines to compare this to you know another one I would bring into frame is a simple tablet because you know tab s6 best tablet ever made at least in the Android world thin light completely competent and capable decks it turns into a desktop experience of course has pen input comes with the pen geez Louise bring the pen back I mean the the price of this machine is ridiculous to not include a pen and I get it that you know someone said hey we can start charging for the pen because not everybody wants it we don’t have to give away stuff because we’re established I get that completely but it’s time for a change it’s time they’re just too many competing products that can perform as well if not better and yes they don’t have the trick of the button but again if all that does is give me a tablet that I have really I mean I love this by the way I love that I got a 15-inch Windows tablet like this but it’s not it can’t work independently really I mean a lot of people will make

the argument yes you can use it yeah how long is the battery going to last what are you gonna actually do with it I mean the iris plus graphics on here are fine so you can still game with it but why would you do that so you could stick it on a stand isn’t this stand the the real stand for it I mean I just I’m sorry but I I’m lost on the mission I feel like when this was designed it was innovative it was cutting-edge and now as it’s grown up and matured all it has become is a money tree and there’s nothing wrong with that but at a certain point it’s time to build it’s time to plant a new seed plant that seed man put that new seed in the ground give us something new like I said if you make this dual-boot and and for everyone who’s gonna say well ahead you’re saying put a Qualcomm chip in there you know put some some arm silicon in there and that’s gonna make the price more expensive right now this machine is already carrying a premium of over a thousand dollars easily over anything with comparable specs of course that doesn’t have a screen that pops off that’s a lot of room and if you don’t think Microsoft can stick a Qualcomm chip in there and still make plenty of money you don’t know anything about component costs so again if they were to put a chip in here and give us the ability to go into tablet mode I don’t think anybody’s gonna cry I just I don’t mobile processors the sq1 being Microsoft’s biggest bragging right prove that you can do plenty on arm even inside of Windows right so even if they don’t go dual boot there’s just no excuse anymore and they can make the battery larger I mean there’s so much that can be done and if that only comes in in terms of weight of adding you know other quarter of a pound you’re already carrying around a misfit here an unruly

misfit I even have trouble picking it up it has no numerical pad why does such a big machine have no numpad I will never know I just don’t get it why does such a big machine not have better speakers by the way oh yeah the speaker test I did it in my update but really anyone who’s coming here for the full review knows that I’m not gonna just throw up benchmark numbers for you because at the end of the day what does that mean to you yeah it’s better than last gen the benchmark shows that it better be it’s got new gen hardware but I would never ever recommend this to someone who cares at the end of the day about performance because that’s not what this machine is built for it’s a jack-of-all-trades but unfortunately it’s a master of none and when Microsoft first launched this product I really thought it could be both I thought it was just a matter of time before we got there now oh man I just it’s disappointing and it took a long time I grappled with this I waited for more firmware updates is by the way battery management on this it’s not good it took a lot of updates for things to change for example I would plug this in leave it charging overnight come back try to detach the tablet and I would say the tablet battery had no charge have a battery be at 1% and don’t ask me about this you’re not supposed to have to hold this down so hey I mean all these little things Microsoft you’ve had enough time it shouldn’t just be that the oh it’s 10 times faster now on the release it is noticeably faster but come on if Microsoft can’t get battery management on dual batteries properly then who the hell is going to I mean Samsung’s doing it now they’ve been doing it in phones you know it’s becoming more

common let’s get it right you know let’s just get it right and so at the end of the day battery life is good build quality solid but there’s just a laundry list of it cannot do but yet you’ve spent enough that you could have bought two machines that are as competent as it really I’m not kidding at that price I mean at least the way I shop maybe not walking into worse buy but you see what I’m saying so I mean I just I’m at a loss it’s I’ve always loved the service book and Microsoft has slowly not made me hate it but I’m starting to resent what it stands for I mean to think that you can spend almost four grand on one of these on the business side with a Quadro and still get media you know still have a core i7 1065 g7 in there holy holy holy I mean again that is a processor you can find in budget laptops and I don’t want to hear the excuse that this is how they keep it thin and light is it also how you keep the speakers sounding like I mean look I’m being critical because Microsoft to me is the standard bearer they are the benchmark they can they can change the game in the same way Apple can change the game

Microsoft didn’t used to be able to do that but they’ve been able for years and now they’re sitting on their hands like cowards I mean this is a machine that has so much potential that would easily be my first choice every single time but I’ve already mentioned what they’ve got to do I didn’t give them this sort of for second gen but in the third generation I’m again not gonna be like everyone else out there and just say the design is long in the tooth it doesn’t it doesn’t say 2020 when I look at it this thing needs to be rethought reimagined go go ask Disney’s Imagineers okay they’ve been shut down long enough I know they’re reopening holy scary but it’s time to reimagine it and I’ve given some it my own input you know put an eight you know six at least a six core processor inside of this and then give us something really light and battery efficient in the tablet part you can do it Microsoft you can do it I believe in you and you can give us a better GPU and still make money you can are you absolutely like why a twenty sixty couldn’t have it in here it could have if you got to make it a little thicker I

understand that this thing is really quiet but once you put it under load guess what it’s not quiet I mean this makes all the noise this gets rid of all of the heat dissipation but it’s not quiet anymore the point is I had a certain point even Apple understands this the money they sunk into R&D they’ve made the money it’s time to walk away it’s time to come out with something new and again I don’t want what Apple does where it’s just a redesign I want it to be reimagined so it’s time to make a LEDs a standard and for those of you that want me to say OLED you know just I could say something really nice but I’m not gonna bother it’s time to give us the next-gen display tech okay I can’t just keep looking to phone manufacturers LG and Samsung can’t be the only companies that have a brain on this Microsoft you do to stop pinching pennies on this IPS panel I know it’s a bigger pain in the ass this is a 3×2 aspect ratio it’s a custom order but with the volume you do and with the money you have I mean I’m a shareholder get on it come on do it and in addition to that besides you know making this a no LED like I said give us a kickstand and for every person that says you can buy a case why the hell would I want to buy a case I’m talking about I’m in my house I want to pop this off and use it in bed and I don’t want to bring this piece of crap with it because I don’t need the GPU when I’m in bed okay I don’t need the GPU if I’m at the dining nook you know what I’m saying like I’m not give it a kickstand I shouldn’t have to use a tablet stand

you have the IP you have the patent on that hinge that hinge is the best in the business stick it on this look at how crappy Samsung tries to imitate it with the case for the tab s6 and it instead nearly destroys the tab s6 so there’s so much potential and at the end of the day for 2,800 bucks the flashiest feature this really has is 32 gigs of ram and did I mention the half terabyte nvme what year is it what year is it my two terabyte nvme inside of my HP Spectre x-360 13 T I mean that’s a $2,000 laptop you can buy for less on any given day with a no led with the same processor yeah only 16 gigs of ram granted not a much room for upgrade ability this has none by the way I didn’t mention that this is a one and done machine you get what you pay for and you live with it until you throw it out and I throw it out I don’t mean put it in the garbage recycle it sell it give it to a family member you know what I mean so final thoughts this machine can do a lot of things but it should be like $1,000 less I mean to me you don’t need the 32 gigs of ram it’s kind of like when I reviewed the Samsung Chromebook recently people got angry that I said you don’t need a Ferrari that you can’t take out on you know the Autobahn you just don’t need it I didn’t say that verbatim but that was the point it’s like the machine has so much potential in design and overall capability but yet the limitations of the operating system kind of

make it a head scratch well same here I don’t get why they’re 32 gigs of ram in here I don’t understand it and trust me I like that there are 32 gigs of ram but paired with that processor I don’t get it it’s not a bad pairing don’t get me wrong but we should have a more powerful CPU or Microsoft make this the surface book light and create a new surface book line that’s the real deal that carries the same pricing but gives components that reflect it I mean again even Apple does a better job at this and I can’t believe I’m saying it but it’s true Microsoft has gotten bloated enough that Apple is less expensive I mean other than the the monitor and the stand and yeah you know where I’m going but you know what I mean MacBook Pro and that’s what this gets compared to and it shouldn’t because the back look Perot doesn’t even have a touchscreen let alone a screen that comes off so either junk this at this point is kind of what I’m getting at or as I’ve been saying over and over again reimagine it oh and by the way for the people that want the speaker test I mean it’s just so bad so bad here I’m gonna go to everyone’s favorite news site oh man I tried to stay away from it through the whole video but if you made it this long god bless you and if you don’t believe in God then just you know I wish you the best in general does you don’t need to I actually I’m not gonna play anything from this let’s go to YouTube I’ll go to my channel all right we’ll do that and you know the keyboard I could I could have spoken about it but I don’t even know why I would it’s it’s fine there’s nothing wrong with it it’s the same keyboard since the first gen is nothing new oh and look at this ironic and yet not at the same time volume all the way up max volume I’m 40 this is the 15 inch model and iron gray and I’ll remind everyone that even though this looks nearly identical to its smaller 14 and sibling that I reviewed at the end of 2019 its internals make this a remarkably different machine this is a much more powerful device in fact it’s aimed squarely at being a desktop

replacement so we’ve got a 15.6 inch full HD touchscreen you can go with the UHD option but expect battery life to drop and maybe this is really where I should have started okay because I would recommend to every single one of you out there by the C 940 instead yes the screen can’t be detached yes you’re not getting a 32 actually you might be able to get a 32 gig configuration now on their website but you’re getting a better processor you’re getting almost the same performance with the GPU a little bit less but everything else is literally better you’re saving yourself a fortune of money yeah the webcams aren’t as good it doesn’t have windows hello I do love Windows hello but not enough to sell my soul it’s just that simple you know no fingerprint scanner here by the way I didn’t mention that but you don’t need it I just don’t have a selling point for this and when I say selling point I’m not a Salesman a lot of people on here might think so never taken a dollar never plan to from anyone you know I get a lot of units for review some I buy on my own because I don’t have relationships that with

certain vendors that’s just the way it goes right but I think the service book is the best concept on the market it unfortunately now lives in a world where it’s the worst executed that’s really the best way I can sum it up there are just so many options that are better for less money that I don’t even know how you could consider this thing so at the end of the day do I think you’re a fool if you buy this no you’re not a fool especially if you’ve watched this video because then you understand what you’re getting yourself into you know that you’re buying it because it’s cool and that’s it and that’s really subjective because I don’t even think it’s cool anymore because it just as you may have noticed it rubs me wait let’s do this it rubs me the wrong way and that’s because for the surface book 3 to have so much potential and fall so flat Microsoft has the budget to blow us away not to ask us to you know take one for the team and that’s what I feel the surface book line has become again the thirteen and a half inch left’s less so because it’s more comparable to other things but that’s about it and there that’s how you know it’s time for me to end my video at any rate I hope you all enjoyed it and he questions or comments please feel free to post them at that like button and as usual please feel free to subscribe stay safe later

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