Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Whitestone Dome Glass Screen Protector – Install and Review

and here with the digital digest and today i wanted to share yet another video about the white stone dome glass screen protector for the samsung galaxy note 20 ultra 5g so for those of you that watched my unboxing and you already know this is a 65 screen protector and it’s a lengthy process the installation it is not for everyone that’s for sure and i feel that it’s important to share the actual installation process i don’t want someone to purchase this and essentially bite off more than they can chew for lack of a better way of putting it so for those of you that did see the unboxing you saw essentially all the pieces some other important notes before we get to the actual tutorial which i’m going to throw this over to my fiance for you want to re-register your fingerprint for the device after installation also you’re going to want to turn up the touch screen sensitivity in settings in order to get the best performance out of this device i personally haven’t had to do that but at any rate that is what white stone recommends another thing that you should definitely make sure of if you’ve purchased this if you’re just

watching this to see if you want to go through with it that of course that makes sense but if you’ve already purchased it and you’re watching this for demonstration you know tutorial purposes specifically please make sure that the ultraviolet curing light works before you start this process i’ve seen far too many reviews of this where people do everything to get to the curing process and then find out that they have a faulty uv light while i haven’t seen many of those reviews one is enough for me to caution all of you because i could only imagine how frustrating that would be so with all that said let’s throw it over to my fiance and she will take you through the install process and i’ll see you at the end hi today i’m here to show you how to install the white stone dome glass on the samsung note 20 ultra the things that come in the box include two pieces of glass in this particular case sometimes it only comes with one and i’ll show you how to help with any imperfections you may end up with if you do it also comes with some adhesives to put on any openings that you have on the side of your phone or the top of your phone as well as some stickers for the speaker just to cover the speaker on the top this also has an easy glass protector for the camera as well as the trays this is two trays the the bottom tray and it comes with the top tray as well as well as two liquid adhesive tubes which um you’re only gonna be using one of um you’ll be using the second one only if you need to if if you mess up the first one this is a the pin that you would um insert at the top i’m going to be showing you how to do that exactly later

and then it comes with some alcohol wipes and the stickers the dust removal stickers as well as the absorption pads that you’re going to need on the side i’ll show you how to do that later and this i’m not sure what they call it but it’s it’s something that you’re going to be using and i’ll i will be showing you this later as well but it’s it’s just to let you it’s to help you guide the liquid where you want it to go before you actually pull out the top pin so it’s gonna you’re gonna start by um taking the alcohol pad and just cleaning off the phone you want to clean it as much as you can make sure that there is no dust because and you’re going to want to stay in a dust free environment as you know as as much as you can i i don’t know how much access you have to a dust-free environment but you want to stay in a dust free environment in order to do it so just keep applying the the alcohol pad like that and then i think i’ll just uh use the um micro fiber cleaning cloth that they give you as well just just to make sure that all the dust is off well it’s pretty good next thing you’re going to want to do is get these these stickers for the side and the top and the bottom of your phone you’re going to want to apply them it’s going to take me a little bit of time to put all four sides on but the most important part is to make sure that each and every single one of these stickers that you apply you don’t want it to touch the screen whatsoever because it’s going to affect your application so just make sure that every single side that you apply it to does not is not

touching your screen whatsoever so um i’m only on the second strip but um but i will definitely be showing you my final product okay so i finished all sides so so you see the top you see the side and the bottom does not have any impact on the screen as well as the other side after applying all of those stickers then i would wipe it one more time with an alcohol wipe if you can put it back in the tray actually put it in the tray for the first time um [Music] of course i’m going to just clean it as much as i can just make sure that it’s dust free stickers are always good to be using to make sure that you don’t have any free floating dust everywhere let’s remove those liquid adhesive tubes and um you’re going to want to put the absorption pads install them onto the top tray just like i have right there it it it’s not very difficult to install it’s just you pop them right into the slots i’m just again using the sticker because every time you put a new tray on or anything you just want to make sure that you didn’t introduce more dust in order to get the speaker sticker on you’re gonna want to once you take it off of that that main sticker that it comes in you’re gonna want to line it up with that tab that they have and it’ll line up perfectly so that it’s barely touching the phone so once it’s stuck onto the phone barely touching it then you start to clean the screen the way that i’m cleaning it then you want to add your top pin as well as your little c-shaped tool you have for the the tube the adhesive tube the top tube um cover is colored and that’s not going to make the liquid come out so you’re going to take that off then pop it into the hole and it nothing’s going to come out of it so you don’t have to worry and then soon you will be

releasing that top and well i’m going to be releasing it right now so you release that top pin and when you do just make sure that all the liquid that comes out of it it’s out of the tube just make sure it’s out of the tube um i’m moving it from side side just making sure that everything’s out of it and you see the the circle or the the weird shape that it’s created there um trying to brace it with something um like a i’m using my pencil for now um but yeah what you what you really want to do is um you want to put the screen over this adhesive now so you’re going to take the sticker off the back of the screen now you’re going to line up the bottom of the screen to the bottom of the tray and while you’re doing that just just make sure that you have it lined up and just make sure that you have it lined up on the bottom and then just also make sure that it’s lined up on the top as well and it’s it’s going to stay that way for a little bit while you adjust the location of that liquid which i’m going to be showing you very soon so um now you have this this piece that it comes with which shows you exactly where you want that liquid to end up and mine is obviously way above which everyone’s gonna be it’s gonna be way above uh where it should be so what you’re gonna wanna do is um kind of pull or like tilt the tray so that the liquid starts to move towards that plus sign circle then as soon as it gets there you want to release that top pin and once you release it then you want to wait about 100 seconds or at least that’s what they recommend you could do more

than 100 seconds if you you know if it takes longer than that and it has taken me longer than that in the past the next step you want to do is um before you actually take it out of the tray you want to do the 15 second on each end curing then while it’s out you just get an alcohol wipe remove all excessive um liquid that resulted in the whole process um you’re going to want to remove that speaker sticker as well and just there’s no end you just want to keep going with the alcohol wipes because that’s going to help it’s going to give you a much cleaner finish you also want to remove all of the stickers that you applied earlier you want to get rid of all of them just clean it up with all with the alcohol wipes and i think for now let’s see how that looks i think it looks pretty good i don’t see any bubbles i think it looks very clean um this is my second curing process so this is going to be 60 seconds on each side you always want to start with the top then you go with this with the bottom so your 60 seconds on the top 60 seconds on the bottom and then you do it one more time do the whole set one more time do the top 60 seconds bottom 60 seconds and that should be the end of the curing process that should be the end um but like i said earlier um my from my experience with this the alcohol wipes are great in every single edge like if you want to get the edges just use the alcohol wipes it’ll get rid of anything that you see there it’ll be extremely clean you can do it with the can with the um front camera as well as the bottom of the phone the size the next thing i’m going to show you is the application of the easy glass

cover it comes with comes with two two of the glass covers as well as an alcohol wipe and some stickers and a cloth wipe so i’m just um i’m using just the cloth wipe just to clean off any dust um this is just the alcohol wipe that it comes with and um i think i just opened both of them but that’s that’s fine just make sure that you have no dust covering any of your cameras you don’t want to ruin any of your cameras so just make sure you get all of them this is the uh cloth that it came with in that easy box and i’m just using that to go over the camera one more time before i uh use the stickers of course dust stickers are really good to capture anything that’s floating around in your room just to make sure also that there’s nothing that just landed on the lens so it’s very helpful so after you’re done with your dust sticker then you’re gonna get your uh glass case out of the just peel it off and then you just try to line it up as much as you can as best as you can and just push it on there you’re gonna realize that it actually does start to you’re gonna see a transition and i didn’t i didn’t notice that this was gonna happen so you just i just pushed just to make sure that there’s no bubbles just pushed it away and i didn’t have any issue whatsoever so um i think everything is covered now um just wiping it all down so that you see what it looks like with the alcohol wipes and the cloth wipes that it comes with so [Music] just trying to make it look nice and clean yeah there’s the front and the back [Music] and so now you know exactly what it takes to install the white stone dome glass screen protector on the samsung galaxy note 20 ultra 5g and the final product i have to say is impressive now i already knew

this from my experience with the note 10 plus but this is a new generation of phone it is a larger display they did change at least what they include in the product a little bit we get two protectors now it’s more expensive but i think two for 65 as opposed to one for 50 is definitely a better alternative and it gives you a little bit more room for error in case you do make some mistakes now as far as the side of the device nearly protects all the way to the edge trying to bring that in focus as best as possible no rainbow effect which is critical most screen protectors especially glass ones will create a rainbow effect and when it comes to usability i mean the device is still buttery smooth no issues at all and i have not had to change the screen sensitivity another thing the only place you’ll really notice it at all is the cutout the pinhole for the selfie camera that is the only place where the glass actually breaks and for good reason uh with regard to the back of the device the screen protection for the camera module i think is excellent but it is yet to be tested because this is this is literally the first time that i’ve dealt with a screen protector from white stone for a camera assembly and the process is incredibly simple you know it is nothing like the process for the display itself so we’ll see how it holds up again i think the uh protection for the camera is like ten dollars i recommend it only because this thing makes me nervous it is just waiting to be scratched and for those of you that are wondering what it’s like to throw this in a case i am still rocking the samsung official rugged and i will also show you let’s take a look uh what

this looks like in terms of fingerprints when it’s off i mean not bad not bad at all i think it holds up fairly well and that’ll also give you a better look at the cutout that i was mentioning for the pinhole which is really minimal and the edges and again the camera unit which you already saw there’s no difference but let’s get it in the case so i’m personally a big fan of these i feel like they will last uh the lifespan of the device which is exactly what i’m looking for and if you were wondering about the fit and finish with the samsung case you can see there is no issue i mean it is flush so i think that’s part of why white stone probably didn’t try to wrap around the entire edge because they know that a lot of the cases are being built to prevent accidental touches and still protect the edges as best as possible while maintaining the edges as best as possible but that pretty much rounds it out and also with regard to the camera this case does recess the camera module a little bit just a little so with the screen protection it’s still you know it’s it’s close it’s really really close i would say that it’s still recessed so for those of you wondering compatibility is on point and uh i love it and uh i love that you know i was fortunate enough not to have to install it um at any rate hope you enjoyed the video again and you did get a real world tutorial from someone who doesn’t do this for a living so just like any of you out there myself included although i wouldn’t have done as good a job i can tell you that right now and it would have taken me a lot longer and that’s why i said i said in my unboxing i likely wouldn’t be doing uh the install any questions or comments please feel free to post them hit that like button and as usual please feel free to subscribe and please stay safe later

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