Onyx Boox Nova Air Impressive Android e-Reader

so this right here is an fantastically black box and inside of the improbably black box is the fresh new volumes nova air from onix it’s a 7.8 inch e-reader that’s both lighter and thinner than previous boox modelings precisely 6.3 mils thick and 235 grams hence the breeze bit in the figure you can pre-order yours right now direct on the book’s website for 350 u.s. dollars so the books nova s certainly is cheap compared with other e-readers like the lights but it is very special definitely and that it runs full fat android so it’s actually worth that asking price well i’m gonna flog it on out of that carton taking a full on tour of all of the features dedicate it a thorough testing out to see if it’s any good and for more on the latest and greatest make please do poking subscribe and ding that notifications bell praises so firstly up let’s see what’s actually in the box apart from of course the boots nova air itself that’s pretty straightforward trash you’ve got one character c usb cable for accusing and you’ve also got the boots stylus bundled in there as well and that’s your plenty

very simple stuff now the boots nova air is actually erected from metal although it is of course a very lightweight metal to help reduce that 235 gram total weight feels a similar sort of weight to the larger amazon kindle maneuvers and impressively slender so it should gladly slip into any suitcase or case but it’s a 7.8 inches obviously getting up there in size as far as e-readers go like mostly all the readers out there you’ve got somewhat chunky bezels circumventing that a mighty spectacle though at least that means you can clutch the e-reader however you like neat and comfortably and i’ve got to say the design is very smart simple but tasteful i’m really really liking it i specially like that mottled back with its textured matte finish actually feels a bit like cardboard kind of similar to the pixel 5 flagship smartphone no worries with picking up fingerprint grease or anything like that apart from of course this burnished little stripe down now below as far as buttons on the light go well there’s bugger all to talk about once you got your power button up top you’ve got your usb port down below that’s also where you’ll hear the dual orator setup and you do get a pre-installed screen protector now on the boogs nova air as well which is particularly handy if you’re going to be taking a lot of notes rub that stylus across the display a lot now if you’re feeling particularly minted you can also stumb up a further 60 dollars

for the magnetic boots nova aura client and like the increase nova breeze itself the contingency also comes in a awfully very unusually very dark box and this should just snap onto the nova air e-reader like so and hopefully you brace it in there nice and firm okay don’t go fidgeting it about but uh apart from that seem to have been do the job and then you’ve also got a light magnetized joining when you close that front mask as well only to help keep it in place and protect that parade and again quite a sleek design for the deal as well which helps to complement that fee finish on the actual nova air itself and is not simply do you get additional care is guaranteed by that cover but also it supplements a couple of extra buttons to the boots nova air which allow you to flip through your pages use an actual physical button moves instead of the touchscreen anywho let’s get this e-reader all set up and take it for a bit of a test drive so first up i’m really adoration the books nova airs 7.8 inch anti-glare screen absolutely perfect for using indoors or out even on pleasant days you don’t get much reflection from it and of course you’ve got the front illuminate as well to keep everything illuminated you’ve got the ability to boost that brightness the whole way up or all the way down as well otherwise you’ve got full auto controls on there you can also change the color temperature it’s

quite warm in the default but you can get a more kind of neutral uh lily-white finish if you like as you can see there neat abrupt resolving you’ve got 300 pixels per inch so certainly more than crisp enough to enjoy teeny tiny text if your eyes are up to it as well as comic books another visual fare as you can see they’re nice wide consider angles and everything too and yes it is only capable of monochrome yield so don’t expect any full emblazon visuals or anything but even you know photos illustrations look absolutely stunning on this thing if you don’t have the money to stump up for that embrace to get the uh the little physical buttons on the go you can’t simply browse through your books just by tapping at the edges like so you’ve also got swipe gesticulate backing as well and just like with rouses there are lots of other little bonus features and tools you can play around with as well so you’ve got this a little customizable bar right here the flawton toolbar as it’s known this can be fully personalized to bring up some of your favorite boasts for fast access i likewise love the way you can quickly and readily skip between a few cases different bibles all at the same time so for example you’re reading your chip of comic

book the other half comes in it’s like oh no candidly i am doing lots of lots of travel research the handy toolbar at the bottom allows you to change the format of the textbook so you can boost the font size up drop it back down again deepen the typeface nice and easy to access the table of contents all that good trash i have noticed some modest gaussian which was an issue on a couple of previous notebooks e-readers that i tested out as well so for example if you check out this little temple icon here and then we skip back a sheet onto this illustration you’ll see that church icon is still just about conspicuous there too on the previous page here with all the ecuador information if we then bounce forward once again to that portrait as “youre seeing” there ecuador is quite clearly visible up at the top as you can see this gaussian is happening on the normal uh refresh settles as well which is supposed to limit the gaussian effect although you do have moved and refresh options as well which can boost in order to reduce the gaussian even further but thankfully i haven’t seen much of this problem in the past hour or two that i’ve been testing out the maneuver quite often the textbook is cleanly and clearly cleaned between sheets when you’re inside of a work or a document you can drag down the prepares toolbar just from the top edge like so this gives you fast access again to the likes of the brightness levels the audio as well and a lot of the major features including screen rotation the wi-fi bluetooth

pretty much everything that you could need now as i mentioned right at the head of this video this is an android manoeuvre with it does extended android at 10 of the world you wouldn’t really know that at all precisely from a glance at the prime menu as you can see it’s split into different sections including your library so all the books that you have on the invention you’ve got collect that allows you to quickly buy some fresh brand-new notebooks if you’re out of nonsense to read i say bye but actually it’s all out of copyright pieces which are completely free to download and predict so of course a lot of vintage classic trash instead you can merely replica across whatever works you have to have downloaded from your elevated business simulate them across via usb neat and simple just drag and drop in the likes of windows and the boots nova air absolutely beats the spark on its ass when it comes to supported file formats this thing can read more b epub pdf all the major record formats as well as comic formats like cbr and even reports like powerpoint slithers and you’ve got 32 gigs of storage on here which you will struggle to fill if you’re just literally putting you know more ben’s epub folders on there if you’re sticking comic books and other bigger documents on there as well then it’s probably going to run out fairly soon because as you can see merely 22 gigs ish are available to begin with and of course because you’ve got the handy

boots stylus as well you can take as many documents as your mind hungers you can even sync these notes consuming the onyx shadow as well if you like you just got to log in with your chronicle details there you can also sync up some of your library more and i’ve got to say i love utilize the stylus on the enhance document and it really does feel like you’re just sketching with a pen and a pad you’ve got that same sort of scratchy textured suffer and everything it really is lush and when you’re all done the boot stylus gladly really snaps there onto the edge of the e-reader and it comprises there really really firmly as well so that thing is not going to be accidentally slapped off now because this is an android 10 maneuver you do have access to apps as well what you’ll need to do firstly though is go into the application section of the specifies menu and only enable google frisk and once you’ve ratified in with your google note you’ll then be able to download the full range of android apps so now precisely principal to apps you’ll ensure a few uh pre-installed ones on there including bog standard stuff like calculators and clocks but you’ll too have full be made available to that continue storage now and yes it does seem slightly surreal to be browsing the google gambling storage on an e-reader certainly not the ideal way of doing it but it certainly has plenty of benefits for instance allowing you to download the kindle app to access all of your existing spark books and you can also download works such as audible as well if you want to enjoy some audio volumes so you’ve got that dual orator setup down here on the bottom end of the boots nova air and that runs out some moderately thunderous

audio on the top magnitude as well so you can enjoy a bit of podcast action but audio works gianni versace john prescott when he got ed then battered the book and you’ve even got a text-to-speech option as well when you’re browsing one of your volumes if you precisely want to kick back you can’t be riled to you know use your eyes to read all good and that is why you aimed heard of alfred vester you dummy as for the battery life well this thing is powered by 2 000 milliamp battery so hopefully the nova aura should maintain you going all day long as you can see i’ve still got 87 blame even after several hours of around construe volumes graphic stories experiencing some audio record act doing a bit of sketching even downloading apps and material so i reckon this thing should impede you going all day long on a single price no worries even if you’re on holiday love a good bit of reading and that right there is the fresh new diaries nova air e-reader from onyx and as you can see they’re unquestionably an expensive design but too a very clever feature-packed one if you want to get apps on the go as well as pretty much any kind of document imaginable so there’s the same pre-order now direct from the onyx website 350 us dollars but are you allured certainly be gritty your thoughts down in the comments below and for more on the latest and greatest tech satisfy do saloon subscribe and ding that notifications bell and have yourselves a phenomenal respite of the week heartens everyone love you

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