Sabrent 8tb Rocket Q NVMe First Look

ed here with the digital digest and today i wanted to share a quick unboxing and first look at the sabrint rocket q 8 terabyte nvme ssd drive now this retails for roughly 300 us dollars it’s been on the market for i’m going to say approximately 10 months somewhere in that area and i’ve been waiting patiently for it to arrive and finally a review unit has landed and i’m excited to share with all of you because at present this is the largest single drive capacity still on earth i wouldn’t be shocked if savart pulls another trick out of their sleeve and the reason that i’ve got these other enclosures in the background is because i felt they were all really solid choices if you purchase a drive like this and you don’t plan on putting it inside of a desktop or laptop if that laptop can even support it then these are all really solid options from sabrin again this was sent over for review purposes but i have not been paid to promote these products anything of that nature so let’s go ahead and crack this open and for anyone who hasn’t seen these i’ll go over them as we take a look at this and i am going to test this in laptop as well as desktop capability because as i mentioned it’s really a very flexible storage solution it’s all a matter of whether or not your hardware really can support what you’re about to drop on it which again is crazy to actually finally have in hand now don’t get me wrong the eight terabyte extreme q drive that they sent over which is the best external eight terabyte nvme drive on earth i love that drive but of course i can’t stick it inside of a laptop so there’s something to be said for the flexibility of being able to actually utilize this in a machine rather than it being just an external drive however i know many of you out there are going to want external

options because not everyone has thunderbolt 3 or 4 and that’s why i have severance uh type c tool free really affordable and as far as i’m concerned uh incredibly well built and uh performance has been great on this little guy so that’s why it’s here but without further ado the 8 terabyte rocket q and this is going to be a game changer for me as a content creator no question about it i’ve seen what performance is like this is not a gen 4 drive but still it will give you some of the best read and write speed on the market so is this right for you i guess that depends on what you’re aiming to actually accomplish if like me you’re a content creator and a gamer and a photographer all of those things this is really a dream drive just as the external eight terabyte extreme q is but as i stated earlier i think more flexible for a lot of you and of course less expensive the extreme q is backwards compatible so it is thunderbolt 3 capable so on average the speeds that drive delivers are over a gigabyte a second which is insane for an external drive and then of course the beauty of that drive is that it can also be used with laptops like my asus g15 that doesn’t have any thunderbolt connectivity but if this can actually work in the g15 well then that’s where it shall live and i know many of you have seen my struggles with the g15 and are wondering well how could this work if you weren’t able to get the gen 4 two or four terabyte drives working well the four

terabyte rocket q which is the same drive as this but of course half the amount of storage works perfectly well in the asus g15 so if this is able and i basically will be cloning this almost as soon as possible from the original hynix drive that comes out of the box or in the box i should say in the g15 if it’s possible you will find out and i will be benchmarking this drive as well but let’s put this aside for a moment the reason that i have these here is actually very legitimate so if you purchase this and you want something that’s thunderbolt 3 compatible and tool-free this is what you should be looking at uh it is one of my favorite external enclosures and it’s just as simple as popping it open twisting it and seating your drive now right now as you can see i’ve got a saver one terabyte this is a gen 4 drive it’s not their latest revision which are the four plus still phenomenal performance out of this i mean i have to say savart knows exactly what they’re doing these days and i’ve given them praise not just because we have a relationship i say this all the time but they are innovating and one of the reasons i started this channel is about is really based on innovation and personal interest and that’s where something like this comes to life now if you do not have a laptop or desktop with thunderbolt support that’s where this enclosure

comes into play also completely tool free design drastically different if you couldn’t tell but the advantage here is pricing you know this and by the way links will be in the description for all of these items this is significantly more expensive about twice the price of this little guy and basically you just press this button right here and there you have one of the drives i was just talking about which is the 4 terabyte rocket 4 plus gen 4 drive so if you have a system that supports gen 4 this is pretty much the drive to own right now i do not believe that sabrin has an 8 terabyte on the market yet for the gen 4 speed that this provides which is blistering this is essentially the fastest drive on earth the only other one that competes with it of course comes from samsung now you may be wondering why i’ve got the dual thunderbolt enclosure well i unboxed this a while back saturn sent it over and then it retailed for 250 and i demoed it for you guys i didn’t do an incredibly good job on demoing it and installing uh the eight terabyte uh or excuse me the drives that i was installing in it and now i have a better command so today

will be a different day but this is ideal for anyone who has thunderbolt 3 capability as i’ve been mentioning throughout the course of this video but wants more storage than even the 8 terabyte it can afford you so sabrin has cooked up and has at least listed but i do not believe they’ve started shipping yet but i do have basically a pre-production version of a 16 terabyte nvme drive and that is yet another goodie here which i’m going to be sharing with all of you not in this video but essentially what this is and you may or may not remember it from when i shared it a while back this is what this drive looks like and it does require dedicated power it comes with a dc adapter has a dedicated power switch and uh led indicators for disc one and two and essentially again tool-free you do need a little bit of a nail to pop it open but once you have it open you have two bays now i had trouble with dropping the drives in uh back on my unboxing because i’d

never touched one i had to deal with it and severn had changed essentially the way that you drop drives into their enclosures which it’s always rolling because they’re always improving their engineering it’s another thing i appreciate about them and with this drive you know i made things look complicated it’s not so part of the pre-production unit that i will have to share with all of you is the world’s first 16 terabyte drive now again it will not be self-powered it will be this drive that you see right here but think about that 16 terabytes in the palm of your hand even if it requires a dedicated power supply and i have the power supply right here that’s still absolutely amazing and really a dream for anybody who’s in video editing photo editing and needs mass storage like this this is the power brick not that large at all and again another bonus on this is that that original price of 250 us dollars has dropped now i believe down to 150 at least the last time i checked so really an amazing thing and i’m excited to share that with all of you but i just wanted to show several different options to complement this guy right here because the eight terabyte queue is ideal for so many

different uses in my case it is essentially again a dream drive and i’m just excited to share with all of you how competent it is and i’m going to test it thoroughly the thresholds and of course keep your eyes open for the 16 terabyte reveal as well i’m pretty sure i’m going to be the first on youtube i don’t have a suggested retail price for that yet i’m waiting to hear back but as soon as i do you can be sure i will share it with all of you but of course it’s not going to be inexpensive i mean considering this is a 1300 drive right now on amazon and this is 150 used to be 250 uh then take into account the fact that there’s going to be two in here i mean if i had to guess on a price it’s probably going to be a third a 3 000 drive i imagine and while that may sound insane to many of you for those of you who have been waiting for high performance performance mass storage well you’re not going to come close to what severn is doing i don’t care who your favorite manufacturer is sabrin owns this game right now any questions or comments please feel free to post them again links are in the description for everything and as usual please feel free to subscribe and please stay safe later

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