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so i’ve already covered two of moderators three brand-new line 20 flagship smartphones now on texpert and this is the final one the cheapest of the cluster the mortal hem 20 glowing will cost you just 300 quid here in blighty so that’s less than half the price of that pro model and yet the moto line 20 light still bought some pretty solid specs and the biggest battery of the trio as well so is it actually one of the best budget smartphones of 2021 well let’s beat it on out of the box go you on a full-on tour of that hardware and that software and for more on the latest a great steak please do push subscribe and ding that notifications bell praises so what do you get bund in here besides the moto rim 20 light-headed you’ve got your 30 watt motorola adapter delectable you’ve got a bit of kind c usb activity oof usual manual and safety leader shenanigans and yes you do get a bundled condom bag with the moto hem 20 light-colored as well which comes pre-wrapped so let’s just uh prys that one on our thrust on there delightful and tight so there we have the moto edge 20 light-footed and it’s raw naked magnificence and it’s got a very similar sort of design to the rest of the moto shape 20 setup but it is a more basic payment

save and finish now on the light mannequin because you’ve got plastic on the back and too all around the enclose as well and yeah the moto rim 20 light-footed is a little bit chunkier than the standard exceedingly skinny moto side 20 but merely by a little bit still reasonably slender do of course get that slightly jutting camera chassis though still protruding out that back end it is once again a matte finish here on this back end though so hopefully should prove reasonably resistant to scuffs and greasy fingerprints and it is of course that lovely dark blue hue same as the rest of the family and there’s one design element now on the light-colored representation that you don’t get on the rest of the moto senility 20 family and that is an actual headphone jack down below hip hip safety so that is a awfully worthy welcome return unlike the other moto edge 20 handsets it’s an absolute godzilla of a smartphone it’s 6.7 inches suitable hand filler still feels comfortable to clutch thanks to the rounded back end and those angles and everything but you’ll want to be getting to grasps with it with two paws exactly to be on the sea side you once again have that ip52 water repellent design as well so not a problem if the moto shape 20 light-headed does showered in liquids shall we say as long as it isn’t actually perfectly submerged okay we got that motorola border 20 glowing all set up let’s just check out the state of the sim tray and this right here is better news than

what we got with the original simulation periphery 20 and the leading edge 20 pro as well because not only have you got space for two sim placards but alternatively you can use that second slot to bung in a micro sd recollection card to expand the onboard storage so between that and the headphone jack you’ve actually got reasons to downgrade to the light and no surprises that as usual you’ve got a lovely clean furnish edition of android 11 now on the moto boundary 20 beacons no clunky launchers sat on top no tons of turd wear squirreled away on there to start with although like the other moto edge 20 handsets you do regrettably get a dedicated google auxiliary button wedged away here on the left side which regrettably you can’t then remap to a different feature or operate of your choosing although as with the other moto edge 20 handsets that button is quite dinky and it’s orientation quite far up that left fringe so hopefully shouldn’t be accidentally pushed uh too often at all as always one of the only additional chips the motorola chows on top of android is the model suffers app which has some jolly deserving bonus flecks including the ability to change up the general vibe of android by changing the icons the dyes in the menus all that kind of shenanigans you’ve got some good gesticulate patronize in there including the lift to unlock three finger screen shot and my personal favorite the fast light some bonus little tip-off and gimmicks and also it includes in the example play time facet which

is a exceedingly admirable tool which i’ll cover in a bit remote roller’s update predict isn’t quite as strong as some adversaries like oneplus and nokia sadly you’ve got two years of guaranteed os and safety informs that tend to last the sort of length of a contract or what have you but of course if you are dead set on getting yourself a phone that’s going to last-place you you know years into the future you might want to look elsewhere as for the storage well as i mentioned before it is expandable via microsd reminiscence placards thank god it’s really annoying that procedure will miss that off of this standard edge 20 in the pro but it’s here present and correct in the light-footed and you do get 128 gigs of internal storage to begin with as well so you’ll probably take a while replenishing that up even if you’re downloading lots of music movies and making ample use of that camera same consider as those other motorola phones as far as security departs you’ve got an advantage organized fingerprint sensor though it’s slightly more indented here on the glowing and it’s actually slightly lower down the edge as well so it’s actually more comfortable to reach up to and touch and so far touchwood seems just as responsive as the fingerprint sensor on those other motor blowers and as backup you’ve got a good chip of face and fastening act as well so let’s just persist my mug in there and that seems to be nice and quick does it actually work well let’s hope so you’ve got full collect to wake patronage as well and yep seems nice and nippy so so far the sunlight is sporting more basic plastic blueprint compared with its brethren but it also computes in a headphone jack and that micro sd remembering poster assistance and the good news is as far as the exhibition tech becomes it’s once again a 6.7 inch

behemoth oled display with full hd plus decide so no ailments at all really when it comes to the visuals it’s certainly one of the very best at this sort of price point you’ve got a nice bright punchy panel and you can customize the dye output as well so you can scale back the vibrancy a little if you crave most natural examining emblazons like the other moto edge 24 s there is a centrally stood selfie cam orifice when “theres going” full screen which intrudes slightly on the action but nothing too bad nice abrupt comparison strong viewing slants the works you abundance of customization you can play around with here in the spectacle rectifies if you want to as well and if you punch the showing refresh rate you’ll hear one of the only differences between the moto h2 0 light and its more expensive friends is that there meridians off at 90 hertz instead of 144 hertz and likewise unlike those more costly moto edge 20 handsets there’s no variable freshen proportion here you’ve got to manually stick it at either 60 or 90 it can’t automatically barter between different refresh proportions depending on what you’re up to on the audio front as i’ve already gushed about several times now you do get that headphone jack which you don’t get on the other moto edge 20 handsets but it is still time a mono talker setup you don’t get a stereo orator setup now on the glowing but is that speaker actually better now well let’s give it a test pre-order now direct from the onyx website

350 us dollars but are you persuasion to certainly be creating your thoughts down in the comments below so pretty loud on that surpas work that’s for sure the clarity is okay again you wouldn’t want to listen to music or genuinely kick back with the full film uh use precisely that mono orator output and of course if you’re gonna be gaming then it’s uh a good chance you’re gonna be muffling it by coincidence with your digits and palms but hey you got a headphone jack so what you’re complaining about eh now if you miss actually solid action at this sort of price point you might be more allured by something like the poko f3 because while the other edge 20 handsets rocked the snapdragon chipset what you got in here is the mediatek dimensionally 720 it’s a bit more scaled back a bit more basic are comparable to some of its snapdragon friend although touchwiz still further the everyday performance now on the moto advantage 20 light seems pretty decent because that’s the geekbench 5 scores here sure a certainly clear step down in accomplishment compared with the model edge 20 with its snapdragon 778 g chipset as we’ll say should be absolutely fine for everyday use and if you are a gamer should just about manage to handle the likes of pubg in call of duty mobile without too much of a fight as you can see call of duty doesn’t have much sect in my trusty moto hem 20 glowing bumping down the graphics caliber the low-spirited by default and made proportion to medium i’ve got a little bit more religion so i’m going to boost those up a little and see how it handles it and as i mentioned before uh briefly you do have that moto game hour boast which adds a few bonus tools for you to play around with and actually

help you get into the game it’s less peculiarities than you’ll find on the standard moto edge 20 smartphone though so you’ve still got the notifications blocking but you don’t have the dark mode for instance you don’t have the performance boost so yeah rim 20 like clearly more limited when it comes to the gaming and yeah gotta say i’m really glad i beat up the graphical lays on call of duty mobile because it toy absolutely perfectly now on the moto side 20 light on those so medium regulates neat smooth frame pace throughout no judders or enclose ceases even when things got a little bit hairy shall we say the fact that it’s such a spacious body originates it easy to play and see what’s going on at the same time delightful responsive uh screen as well a touch response proportion very good so perfect for a fast-paced action game like pubg or call of duty mobile but yeah you’ll clearly want to plug in some headphones when you’re gaming time to genuinely enjoy the audio because that monospeak output it’s it’s all right but it does get damped in the hot of battle when things get a bit frenetic between you and a entire assortment of boys you should be back in bloody-minded clas already you don’t get wi-fi 6 approval here on the moto h20 light unlike the more

expensive siblings but you do get full 5g supporting courtesy of that mediatek dimensionally chipset and that’s for battery life well boy howdy the moto h20 light is not disappointing so far it does have the biggest battery out of the trio with a 5 000 milliamp cadre crammed inside of there i’ve been absolutely hammering this thing with a good flake of uh netflix streaming disney plus uh gaming of course on call of duty mobile and so forth let me trickle down a few percent so certainly if you miss something to keep you going all day long no matter what you’re up to well this should do the job quite nicely and yes that is helped along with the fact that it’s a broth edition of android and also of course the general energy efficiency of that mediatek dimensionally 720 chipset that’s for recharging we’ve got 30 watt turbo superpower fast billing here on the light-headed framework which is exactly the same as what you’ll find on the more than twice as expensive pro pattern still not the very best at this sort of price point but moderately damn good and last up my lovely’s the triple lens back camera setup which is once again here headed up by a 108 megapixel primary camera sensor so that’s a match for the likes of the redmi note 10 pro from xiaomi which i remembered earlier in 2021 still one of the best budget blows of the year and should hopefully hear on the moto fringe 29 me nice crisp detailed photos and because this phone likewise exercises 91 pixel binning that should hopefully entail nice shining natural looking answers even in roots reasonably testing situations so we’ll be fully testing out that camera tech for my in-depth model edge 20 brightnes critique so remain aria for that but as you can see you’ve got your ai smart-aleckies on there so it can suggest alternative mods depending on what you’re trying to shoot you do

have plenty of bonus procedures on here including the likes of portrait mode and the bokeh vogue background aftermath your sound is you’ve got plenty more fleck of nighttime mode war but a distinguish pigment you’ve got your full-on pro mode as well if you crave it that could be quite handy if trying to shoot in quite a strong contrast or at night simply want to boost up the brightness a little for instance as for the alternative lenses whatever it is you want eight megapixel ultra wide angle shooter but there is no telephoto lens of course because that would be incredibly uh generous and moderate to backpack that onto a 300 pound smartphone so that final shooter now on the back end of the moto line 20 light-colored is just your basic 2 megapixel degree sensor if you bid a entire movie war you should either full hd at 30 or 60 chassis per second otherwise you can also bump up to 4k ultra hd really at 30 fps though oh jesus christ that was strident uh and then around front you’ve got a 32 megapixel selfie shooter here on the moto margin 20 light-headed same as the standard moto edge 20.

This game should be absolutely fine just for your everyday shareable shots on the social medias as long as you want a gormless wanger like myself and that right there in a nutshell is motorola’s fresh new moto advantage 20 light-headed “the worlds largest” affordable of its brand-new motorola fringe 20 flagship smartphones and the 300 quid it certainly seems like a strong rival to likes the oneplus nord ce5g and the xiaomi redmi greenback 10 pro not the most impressive budget smartphone around as far as performance purposes but the battery life seems to be solid you’ve got that lovely capital edition of android magnificent oled display on there and we’ll be fully testing out that camera tech as well to make sure it’s as good as it certainly promises to be so what do you calculate about the moto line 20 light have you been using it as your full-time smartphone be great to hear your thoughts down in specific comments below please do press subscribe and dig that notifications bell for more on the latest and greatest tech and have yourselves a splendid day register though i can’t even speak anymore

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