Sony a1 Update – Tough to Beat

ed here with the digital digest and today i wanted to share a quick update on my experience with the sony a1 so for those of you that have been wondering whether or not the a1 is the real deal at 6 500 us dollars and it’s still pretty much permanently sold out the answer is yes it is and in my unboxing i talked about some of the flaws whether it was rolling shutter or the evf issue essentially the sun high brightness from the sun basically disabling the sensor and making it so that you’d have to reboot the camera in order to start utilizing the sensor again to switch back and forth i haven’t experienced that so that’s good news so uh i’m not sure if anything has changed from my model to my knowledge that was a widespread issue but i haven’t had it happen yet maybe i just haven’t shot with it enough but i’ve spent more than a few days shooting with this already and the experience is amazing uh it is next level i can tell you right now uh the quality of the new g master 50 mil is also amazing uh so a two thousand dollar uh prime f 1.2 lens here is really one of the sharpest that i’ve ever tested no surprise there two grand it better be build quality fantastic but the star of the show is this a1 i mean the ergonomics great i think that the ability to have more finite control through the new dial implemented on the left side top of the body is a phenomenal addition i’ve been shooting a lot of 8k video which even though i don’t have an 8k display just like when i started with 4k it is

something where you know that you can always down sample that you know and uh the beauty of it is that you have future proofing with headroom and when you do watch 8k content believe it or not on a 4k display you can see the difference i remember when i first saw 8k footage back at ces 2012 it essentially gave the look and feel of watching something that had depth almost like 3d without of course glasses or your eyes hurting because of the amount of information the saturation of detail and it just i see it here so while my experience is limited with 8k i am blown away by the quality that this camera is able to put out that said with 8k you may run into overheating i’m in really hot conditions here uh where i am located high humidity uh close to 100 degree days so that doesn’t make for an easy challenge for the a1 when it comes to ak video however in the 4k realm uh this does everything that the a7s does that is the a7s3 so 4k 120 240 frames in full hd slow motion it is phenomenal but the real star of the show while the video is amazing and i like the new touch screen interface and menu system you get to things a lot quicker than you did with previous cameras there’s still work to be done there and i would like to see this display flip to the side since that has become fairly standard why they decided with the a1 to not implement that i can’t speak to some of you may have an answer go ahead and feel free to try them in the auto focus is the real star of this show i mean the fact that we have a 50 megapixel sensor 30 frames per second uh

legitimately you know there’s been some reviewers out there and users out there more importantly it’s not like reviewers are the end all be all right who have said that this really doesn’t stand up to the a9 or a9 mark ii now i’ve reviewed both of those cameras they are fantastic what i can tell you is this does stand up to them so the fact that we’ve got an auto focus system that may arguably be better and i don’t just mean on paper but i mean in real world use i’ve already shot this camera with my g master 100 to 400 and my 200 to 600 g series lens and the results have been just as good if not better than with the a9 mark ii well that tells you why sony is looking at this as the top of the pyramid and it is the a1 it’s the a1 because it can be in my opinion your a camera for everything we’re talking about video we’re talking about still and we’re talking about both of those categories in every single capacity so the pitch was you don’t need to have the right camera for the job and that means two or three different bodies you can have one and i think sony’s pulled it off it’s not perfect it has some issues i mentioned the rolling shutter being an issue with the electronic shutter as opposed to mechanical you know the stabilization love the active steady shot something that may not sound like a big difference but you know when you want just to record a simple video and you’re not trying to make a full feature film it’s good that it’s there should it be across all of their cameras at this point yes but i’m telling you the autofocus prowess paired with all of the amenities that sony i mean they have thrown the entire kitchen sink on this really equates to a camera that can do anything so whether you’re a sports photographer wedding photographer videographer or you’re just working in the studio on portraits this thing is going to be able to do every single task you throw at it now i already mentioned the shortcoming of the

8k as amazing as the video is we’re not there yet that i can call this an 8k cinema camera i can’t i won’t go as far as saying it’s a cinema camera but it absolutely has the features it actually has implementation from sony cinema world which at 6 500 the fact that you’re also getting one of if not the best still capability on the market yes it doesn’t have the 60 plus megapixels that you’ll find with the a7r4 and probably the a7r 5 of course will eclipse that maybe not maybe they’ll stay same spot and just give us you know revamped capability it’s still unbelievable because again 50 megapixel stills with an autofocus system that can best the a9 mark ii i repeat it can best it a lot of people have thought that it can’t i’m telling you now it absolutely can then also throw into it that when the evf doesn’t wig out and have the problem that people have been talking about 240 frames highest resolution evf on the market it is stunning absolutely stunning so i can forgive a lot of issues that people are talking about because even at 6 500 which i think is a lot of money don’t get me wrong this is the most expensive camera sony’s ever made in terms of still hybrid full frame you know a series there are things to be improved and i think that’s intentional and unintentional at the same time so for example me mentioning that the screen can’t swivel out that’s something i’m not crazy about but at this point because it’s become standard with most of sony’s cameras that’ll probably be on the next version of the a1 the fact that we’ve seen a revision of the a7 r4 with an a model and the a7 r3 with an a model that have a higher resolution display that probably is coming on the next generation now by the way with that

said i would not overlook the a1 because of the new resolution like people who are complaining and saying wow sony screwed us because they didn’t implement uh the latest display that they’re putting now on that a7r iv and 3a refresh on the a1 that’s just complete garbage because what you’re paying for isn’t the ability to look at a display on the back of the camera where you are and i’m not saying it shouldn’t be there but what i am saying is that what you’re paying for is what’s in this body which is just a monster there is nothing better on the planet right now and that’s not kool-aid that’s not me being a fan boy that is the truth what i’ve i mean i wasn’t sure about it i have to say i want to get it but i’m trying to control myself because it’s not like my a7r iv is a slouch my a7r iv is highly competent but i’ll tell you now this is the sort of hybrid that i’ve always wished sony would make which is if there was a way to marry the competency capab capability of the a9 series with the a7r series you’re looking at it but who knew they would also marry the a7s into it as well now of course because we have a 50 megapixel sensor it’s not a bonafide a7s3 but the video spec sheet certainly reads like one and for everyone who will say yeah but the a7s3 will outperform it in low light but this will outperform the a7 s3 in every other possible application such as its autofocus the ability to shoot 30 frames per second and still having the ability to leverage a 50 megapixel sensor which i would much rather have then pretend i’m shooting everything in the dark and that’s not to say there isn’t a great value in the a7s iii it there is it’s a phenomenal video camera this is a phenomenal camera in every facet and

that’s why it’s the a1 that’s why it’s the most expensive camera that sony makes right now because as i stated at the top this can be your a camera in every single circumstance and situation and so that’s what makes me start to feel like that at 6 500 this isn’t so expensive because if it can do the job granted it’s not physically two bodies and many of you out there would rather have two a7 r4s or an a7r four and an a7s three and i totally get that and that’s why you still have those options you’re not forced into the a1 the a1 is an option so when do i think i’ll probably jump you know jump on an a1 hopefully i can control myself because it’s not going to change my workflow too much for personal or professional use but that isn’t to say that i don’t foresee me being interested in the a1 if that price starts to drop now that’s not going to happen now this thing is still sold out and for good reason what competes with it nothing i mean cameras try but they don’t succeed so give it some time over time historically sony’s bodies do go down granted the a9 and a9 mark ii have really held up because they are incredibly dynamic and so is the a1 so i’m not sure we’re going to see the same softness we generally do with sony’s full-frame e-mount bodies but if we do and for some odd reason you know six months from now this camera is a thousand dollars lower than its current retail which because it’s out of stock is really selling for over seven thousand now if you can get your hands on it unfortunately i have to send this back wish i didn’t have to uh it’s gonna be really hard to justify not scooping this over something like an a9

mark ii i could not i you know once upon a time i saw the value in the a92 now i don’t because if the price on this drops this is just more camera with as much if not more capability even when it comes to sports photography and that extra resolution isn’t going to hurt you uh with sony’s current attributes that they’ve rolled into their top of uh their di pyramid so really loving this camera really loving the lens as well this update wasn’t about the lens but i can’t go wrong with this thing if 50 mil is what you’re looking to shoot in a g master form it’s just bonkers but the a1 is a winner this is not my full review but god knows it’s not going to be far off unless i find some insane critical flaw but i gotta keep using it because like i said i haven’t had the evf problem uh yet and that really still to me is the biggest issue and by the way regarding battery life yes not as good as the a7r four but close enough that the things i was reading and hearing about battery life being terrible compared to the a7r iv simply isn’t true so any questions or comments please feel free to post them at that like button and as usual please feel free to subscribe and please stay safe later

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