Asus Zephyrus M16 is Finally Available

ed here with the digital digest and today i wanted to share a quick video about the asus zephyrus m16 because it officially went on sale last week and instantly sold out and for those of you unfamiliar that’s essentially just the intel version of the g15 that i’ve been using since launch quite happily and the g15 is still if you can find it in my opinion the best gaming laptop thus far of 2021 and of course that can always change the m16 will give it a run for its money but with pricing and specifications finally being official even though it instantly sold out last week we now have a better reference point of what to expect so at eighteen hundred and fifty dollars you’re getting a 16 inch as opposed to 15.6 inch uh display here in the g15 aspect ratio also different and resolution slightly different uh so here with the g15 most of you already know that 15 and nearly it’s a little more than a half inch display is a 16×9 uh 2560 by 1440 resolution ips panel of course 165 hertz re refresh rate and it is color accurate one of the reasons i own it as a content creator and gamer the m16 2560 by 1600 resolution so you’re getting a little more vertical resolution uh and it is also 165 hertz uh but as mentioned 16 inches so a little more real estate one of the things i do like about the m16 is that there is nearly uh it’s beyond 90 percent screen to body ratio so here with the g15 where we all know it has the infamous bezel right over here that bezel has essentially been eliminated and i’ll just give you a quick look at that and then i’m going to get more into what to expect so there is that bezel granted it’s upside down that’s because of my custom skin keyboard weight fit and finish are virtually identical it’s really about

what’s under the hood so the first reason i’m underwhelmed with the m16 even though again i’m generally an intel user is that even though it has thunderbolt 4 which i wish this machine has had and that display also supports dolby vision the intel 11th gen coron core i9 that comes with it with it which is the 11 900h is an impressive brand new cpu it supports gen4 nvme drives which this does not and those of you that follow my channel know that i have gen 4 drives that i would love to implement into this laptop but simply can’t leverage that additional speed but all of that aside it’s the pricing you’re getting a 30-60 that is an nvidia rtx 3060 as opposed to the 30-70 in this model and their pricing is identical so this reflects that generally speaking amd is more value-centric and well this reflects that uh furthermore yes you can make the argument well the panel on the new m16 is superior but with a 3060 i’m not so sure now i still anticipate that you’ll be able to run pretty much just about any title maxed out on native res with the display the power brick i believe is 230 watts as opposed to the 200 watt brick that comes with this so that’s another thing to be aware of it does have a one terabyte nvme gen 4 drive which is

another added bonus which you could look at as another reason for the m16 uh being more expensive but beyond that and the thunderbolt 4 they don’t they being asus has not integrated hdmi 2.1 something that i had hoped but we already knew wasn’t coming power delivery is something you can do type c via type c just like here there’s only a single thunderbolt 4 port for those of you that are wondering and the ram just like here 8 gigs of the 16 is soldered to the board so they really share almost everything in common other than of course the actual power brick being higher wattage and the cpu under the hood the other thing which i don’t really feel is warranted or something that we have to justify in terms of pricing is that it does have a webcam something the g15 should have had as well but just one word of wisdom but possibly not necessarily something to be worried about a lot of you are not a fan of the leds being on the back of the machine here because when the machine is actually opened up we all know that then you can actually see them but a bigger concern is that the ventilation is all the output of the fans which do a fairly good job at keeping this thin and lightweight gaming powerhouse uh in line is dissipating onto this bezel and the bezel again is fairly thick i mean that’s a chin if there ever was one on a 2021 laptop and that initially was something i was not in love with with the g15 i like a clean modern look and everything about the g15 delivers on that except for that chin now as i mentioned with the m16 the chin is gone but i’m not sure if that’s going to be beneficial for those of you that were

concerned about the heat hitting the display now instead of hitting the frame of the display it will be hitting that nearly bezel-less panel and i can’t imagine that that’s going to be beneficial in the long term again because anyone who is concerned about it hitting the plastic frame now it’s going to be hitting the display now i’m not here to tell you that that’s going to break the machine or over time shorten its lifespan but if you were concerned about this machine i would obviously be more concerned about the m16 but overall same keyboard supposedly they’re pitching slightly improved audio i’m expecting very similar audio performance same track pad same basically great all-around thin and light workhorse but with the added bonuses i’ve mentioned of thunderbolt 4 and gen 4 nvme drive support now even though i am a huge proponent of gen 4 drives i think again as i stated anyone who knows well you know here’s a drive i wish that i could be booting from right now from sovereign best-in-class 4 terabyte gen 4 drive with read and write speeds that will blow your mind but truth be told even though it’s great to future proof with this software optimization is really relevant and there aren’t that many pieces of software that can leverage the difference between gen 3 and gen 4.

in fact you may even be better off waiting for gen 5 possibly because by then i imagine we are going to see more solid and stable support but what i’m really getting at here is that with all those things that come together again at the same price i think you know the fact that we’re getting uh two great new processors here with the ryzen 9 5900 uh and of course with the intel the 11900h they’re both eight core they’re both very competent and i’m expecting similar battery life between the two is it really worth the extra money the premium for the intel build again you are getting what should be a better display possibly at the risk of that display’s lifespan being shortened by the fact that heat will be blowing on it constantly you are getting thunderbolt 4 and you are getting a webcam and you are getting gen 4 nvme drives to me personally seeing that pricing for a 30 60 has really validated for me yet again that the g15 was the right choice from the very beginning so basically reiterating that the g15 i still feel is the king of the hill and it’s not just because i own it because we all know i could sell this and get an m16 very easily if the m16 comes back into stock because this is still permanently sold out and anyone that follows my channel even though i’ve stated it over and over again in this video already knows i’m not a loyalist to amd in fact this is my first amd uh machine specifically that also happened to cost you know a decent amount of money now i did get it at 17.50 uh the price has gone up since then but i think that you know the intel intel variant is exactly that if you want thunderbolt if you want gen 4 i mean i would love to have all of those things but if anyone would say to me would you pay the same price to downgrade from the 30 70 to the 30 60 to get those my answer would be no now i don’t know what the draw is if the

tdp is the same going to the gpu and i will do my best to get an m16 even though i have no relationship with asus at the the time of this video or any of the others and i did purchase this for any of you that are wondering uh the skin is an m2 skin check out that video if you’re wondering about that they do nice clean cuts custom designs uh you know again i’m really happy with what i have here my chief competing machine with this was the gigabyte arrow 15 the xc specifically but seeing that m16 pricing there is no way just out of being loyal to intel and that being you know the chip i’ve grown many years with both in childhood and adulthood gaming video editing photo editing the fact of the matter is amd has made a beast here with on a 35 watt platform and i would not downgrade to a 30 60 to pick up the the benefits i’ve mentioned again the webcam uh the dolby vision uh and of course thunderbolt 4 and gen 4 nvme drives and for many of you i don’t think that will be the difference either i still can’t excuse no webcam on this machine but again at the same price there’s no way that i’m buying

a 3060 over a 30-70 with the things i’ve mentioned so wanted to share with all of you and i do anticipate battery life is going to be worse on the intel machine maybe not i hope that it is better because i feel like they need a little bit of a greater list of attributes in order just to justify the higher price and i’m kind of shocked because intel does still have the ability to undercut amd so the fact that you know the machines are neck and neck i’m not obviously that was an asus decision but i don’t think it fares well for the m16 even though i think the m16 is a more attractive looking machine with that nearly bezel-less design certainly more modern more contemporary looking than this but again from a longevity standpoint and build quality standpoint i don’t know if all that ventilation going directly onto the ips panel i don’t know if any machine that really is going through that i’m sure there are other ones that i’m not thinking of at the moment but specifically gaming workhorse even semi semi-workstation-esque laptops like this that have that sort of design issue and anyone that’s followed my coverage knows that i’ve had plenty of qc issues that i’ve resolved uh with this machine so we’ll see with the m16 what sort of fruit it has to bear as time

goes on and again hopefully i will get one to do a direct side-by-side comparison so that any true questions can be put to bed but from what i’ve seen so far people that have gotten their hands on it the 30 60 and 3d mark is benching a little over 8 000 this machine is still benching nearly at 9 500 and even though that’s just synthetic i also don’t think the extra resolution as much as i’m the guy that would love to have a 4k oled here and even forget about the high you know refresh rate of 160 you know 165 hertz i can’t imagine the extra resolution being beneficial with the 3060 unless again the tdb the tdp is significantly higher here we top out at around 100 watts unless they’ve somehow you know which they may have again i haven’t seen any real information on this bump that 3060 up to 130 watts like the legion 7 that i’m currently reviewing i just can’t see justifying uh the m16 right now over the g15 but i’m curious what all of you think so chime in in the comments let me know we have a real price now for what you’re getting in terms of specifications it’s no longer speculation no more vaporware it’s real it’s here even though it’s not here and hopefully i will have it here to share with all of you any questions or comments please feel free to post them hit that like button and as usual please feel free to subscribe and please stay safe later

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