Lenovo Legion Slim 7

ed here with the electronic digest and also today i wanted to share my first upgrade on my experience with the lenovo myriad slim 7. currently i’m truly satisfied with this equipment out of eviction 14.99 us for the version that lenovo sent out over for review it’s in fact for sale at ideal acquire today for 13.99 i will include a web link in the description and i believe it’s actually challenging to defeat if you’re trying to find a thin as well as light pc gaming laptop we have actually obtained a skilled cpu to claim the least with the ryzen 7 5800 h8 core cpu the nvidia rtx 3060 with a max tdp of a little over 100 watts i assume it tops out concerning 115 116 and also 16 jobs of ram fifty percent of which is however soldered to the board yet this is a thin gaming laptop like the g15 so i’m not stunned we have actually obtained a fifty percent terabyte hynix nvme ssd that performs remarkably well additionally not surprised as well as a 15.6 inch 165 hertz ips panel that has dolby vision qualification as well as is fairly solid when it involves shade precision so let’s take an appearance and also listen to the display as well as speakers right now audio speakers that go to one hundred percent the brightness is not since it would certainly be burnt out so the very first thing i can tell you is that the display high quality is rather

outstanding once again for a spending plan video gaming laptop and also one that is in once more the slim and also light group i mean lenovo is calling this the lightest video gaming laptop computer on the marketplace and also it might effectively be i don’t know that anything is actually lighter than this and we do have a webcam top as well as center with a personal privacy switch over a physical button that i understand a lot of you will value fingerprint scanner on the power switch you might have seen the power button is red or an amber tone today which is due to the fact that we are hardwired the 230 watt power brick i would claim is the only drawback on the slim and also light experience due to the fact that it is relatively large i’m uncertain i can in fact make the go to bring it right into frame let’s see appearances like i can the plastic is still on pretty large i imply this coincides block i think that is consisted of with workstations like the thinkpad p17 so lenovo still has a bit of job to do however the good information is you can power this with traditional kind c chargers 65 to 100 watts it’s not going to offer you the quick fee capacity that this does and also by the way when it concerns battery life it looks like we’re dealing with something around six to 8 hrs depending upon just how brilliant you keep this display screen and also what you’re in fact performing with it allowed’s take a fast appearance at something with some audio that includes vocals some words so you can really hear what that seems like ed below with the electronic digest and today i intended to share my full review the digitally absorbed sector for the samsung galaxy book pro 360. Allow’s begin this off by chatting about rates as well as general efficiency i have actually invested over a month with this maker and also i can tell so that was simply a fast look i think that the sound is fine it isn’t going to excite or blow anybody away that’s for sure but it is solid let’s close this out allow’s obtain to video gaming because i have actually already run time spy i have actually already introduced some video games you can see some of my normal suspects that i have actually mounted but allow’s run time spy right now let’s get that out of the way as well as so far what i can inform you and also we are in performance mode for those of you that are questioning uh benchmarking has been actually outstanding once more for a slim and also light device this is coming in just somewhat under uh well yep just slightly under the efficiency that my asus zephyrus g15 yields and thinking about the extreme rate distinction again 13.99 right now for this equipment as opposed to the 1850 for my g15 which does have a 30 70 however it’s additionally a max q variation of that gpu it’s simply really impressive what lenovo has actually drawn off below so as you see this go with the movements i’ll speak to you concerning what else thrills me with this slim 7 develop and also that is specifically the real develop top quality it’s extremely great remarkably excellent considering the cost point this is a budget plan device in my mind taking into consideration all the bells and whistles the awesome wifi i haven’t experienced problems with yet i am accustomed to seeing uh intel wi-fi 6 chipsets in many of these makers i’m gon na go in advance and also mute the audio uh so that we’re not in fact listening to that but i believe that’s so much considering that i haven’t knowledgeable troubles with the awesome wi-fi 6 chipset i can’t actually make mention of it as well as fault it too much but overall the entire build actually strong light weight aluminum all around quite much love that we have actually obtained the ports on the back i think the i o is solid some of you might have wished for hdmi out or display screen port out of program all of your display port out is going to be with the type c ports and also i will certainly go around i o towards the close of this video clip yet more significantly i do not assume lenovo really reduced any kind of corners here other than for the dimension of that power brick since this is again rather potentially the lightest pc gaming laptop on the market and also whether you desire a video game as well as

really press titles to the max that at least the 30 60 max q in below can manage well you’ve obtained an ideal display to complement that because unlike well i won’t state unlike the g15 with its 1440p resolution display i think with the 3070 that’s a great pairing i think lenovo paid interest also below recognizing that with the 30 60 in a max q variant with an optimum tdp of a little over 100 watts they really did not wish to make something that could not meet the top quality of the screen or the other way around so you’re going to be able to video game with you understand indigenous resolution at 165 hertz with basically any title uh that you desire at ultra as well as accomplish great framework rates at the very least that’s what i’m seeing so much and then on the flip side as i mentioned battery life appears to be really excellent currently are we at ultrabook levels am i obtaining the specific same battery life out of the g15 that i can’t figure out yet but the fact that this has better develop top quality the reality that this has in my opinion better locations for the i o the reality that this has a full-size sd card visitor and a mathematical keypad it has per crucial rgb not simply zone rgb illumination on the keyboard these are all points that you simply would not get out of a budget plan oriented slim and also light video gaming laptop here in 2021 with the component lacks you recognize these things remain in as well as unavailable virtually instantaneously so i’m still rather shocked that this is in fact readily available at ideal buy once more there

will be a web link for best buy along with lenovo um truly as much as you that you intend to choose a lot of you have actually been chipping in claiming that lenovo is using this device with a one terabyte nvme for roughly the same if not much less generally going straight with the supplier is going to get you the far better bargain yet this specific construct also when lenovo reached out as well as said they intended to send it over for a testimonial this is literally the best buy variation that if you walk into an ideal buy or enter into bestbuy.com this is the variation of the slim 7 you’re mosting likely to discover for 2021 and also truly i’m simply interested whether or not we’re visiting even beefier variations of this maker because it is actually that outstanding once more i love that we have actually obtained a mathematical keypad something i desire that my g15 had as well as obviously a web cam also something i wish that my g15 had as well as far better develop quality no flex uh truly simply evening and day you know my g15 is a combination of metal and polycarbonate right here we’re primarily metal which is something you really feel quickly not way too much of i would certainly state a gamer-esque style language below so this is mosting likely to do simply as well in a specialist workplace so you do not have to be a gamer to pick up among these if you desire it strictly for picture and also video modifying also 4k video modifying as well as raw pictures from

points like full framework cameras you’re mosting likely to do truly well with this again for something that considers simply a little over 4 pounds that traditionally would need to weigh a lot even more than that for this kind of cpu and gpu performance which’s what is truly attractive about this maker besides the reality that it can be found in at such an affordable price point do i dream that half of the ram had not been soldered naturally however part of the slim and also light category brings that ultrabook soldered ram to the table so i’m not a huge fan of that yet i believe that it’s a pill that sadly has actually to be ingested if you wish to have the lightest pc gaming laptop computers on the marketplace now if you’re prepared to go up in dimension after that clearly you have other choices available from lenovo from hp dell there are lots of out there yet truly when it involves value to performance this is incredibly tough to defeat as well as you recognize i’ve got the myriad 7 internal right now the legion five pro those are obviously much more expensive makers however, for most of you i believe this is mosting likely to be an extra attractive choice even if it is that far more mobile currently if you uncommitted concerning weight those machines provide more horsepower even more power going to the real gpus they respectively carry they have even more cpu arrangements yet they’re likewise substantially a lot more expensive relying on the bargain that you choose up on any provided day however the efficiency so much that i have actually seen out of this the battery life uh the truth that it has whatever you

could desire out of a gaming laptop as well as yet somehow can be found in at less once more than the 4 as well as a quarter pounds that my g15 considers just shows that lenovo has actually been keeping their eyes and ears open and there’s the rating that i’ve regularly been obtaining uh you know a little over 8 300 now my g15 criteria about a thousand factors greater than this however what that really corresponds to in terms of concrete gameplay not that much of a difference particularly keep in mind complete hd versus 1440p with the g15 and also obviously 1600p with things like the lenovo legion 7 and also the 5 pro so it truly seems to me that lenovo struck the nail on the head with matching the hardware to the display as well as again i was just actually surprised with the high quality of this panel lenovo seems to be doing a wonderful work at sourcing top quality panels throughout the board with all of their legion products this year currently when it comes to strangling and you know essentially how hot the equipment gets it does obtain cozy it is metal it is slim but i have not really discovered a lot of a throttling concern uh so far i have not attempted linking it to an exterior

monitor yet that will certainly come later when it comes to benchmarking the hynix nvme that’s included you can see best-in-class results without it being gen 4 which of course we do not have you would certainly require an intel 11th gen board cpu and also board that sustains it to get gen 4 pcie nvme efficiency as well as you recognize by the time that comes to be uniform gen 5 will certainly be right here as well as i’m not kidding concerning that so the read and also compose speed from this fifty percent terabyte is terrific do i dream there was a complete terabyte aboard yes however once more on a spending plan as well as also remember you can replace that so you’re not stayed with it from a bloatware standpoint uh you recognize this is once again common for lenovo there’s a little bit on there more than you would certainly see possibly from uh a few other suppliers yet not nearly enough for me to prevent any person or tell them they’re not going to more than happy with this so the last point i intend to close out with a fast look at um the i was mosting likely to go with backlighting yet we’ll conserve that for the the full evaluation allow’s have a look at the real construct and incidentally the trackpad is excellent not a problem there uh the switching from 60 to 165 hertz is an additional point that you recognize on some makers like the g15 takes place instantly uh not so much below although it seems like occasionally it does so i’m gon na need to improve that and also obtain a.

little more clear on that particular you can see that that back steel pallet generally the joint not hinge that’s not the proper way of placing it yet slab that the equipment essentially is because that’s what it is is sort of holographic in surface and also this is actually one of the most gamer-esque i would say feature of the construct of the framework that is appealing so you get that little holographic rainbow going around the device naturally myriad branding right below trying to remain in focus and also then lenovo branding on the left side as we consider the right side of the device we have obviously air flow 2 type c ports as i pointed out before this is mosting likely to be yet another method you’re going to not just attach a broad selection of devices including also video clip address video clip out but additionally power distribution so you can charge via these that’s important a lot of equipments these days do not still support power shipment and also charging exterior of the proprietary dock or excuse me exclusive power brick and i really feel like that’s simply type of inappropriate here in 2021 headphone microphone combo jack for your headset of choice that full-size sd card slot that i definitely adore something you aren’t going to locate on.

quite a lot any type of machine similar to this as well as once again check out just how slim that is taking it around to the back it complies with the very same layout language as the remainder of the legion 7 collection which i occur to truly like so we have actually obtained the exclusive power charging port right there a fast cost holds here it is official to make sure that is the trade-off i imply even though the power block is truly large it does charge this point up truly rapidly uh and then 2 kind a uh usb ports so actually when it involves io lenovo covered their bases it’s ironic that we’ve obtained a full-size sd card port on this maker yet after that we do not on the greater end myriads go number but i think that’s because lenovo recognizes that this is mosting likely to attract a wider target market than just maybe the gamer-centric audience that the remainder of the myriad schedule actually attract so i believe a lot of web content developers are going to be attracted to this due to the fact that it’s lightweight however still a truly nice mix of power and also performance you recognize i have actually got the fx 3 behind-the-scenes that i’m currently reviewing and being able to you recognize stand out an sd card out of there in below testimonial footage gave it’s only a full hd screen again color precise it’s a truly nice thing to have another point you may have observed with the training course of this.

upgrade it is a fingerprint magnet but a tiny price to pay for a cost effective thin as well as light really well made gaming ultralight laptop right here in 2021 so a great deal to such as below i’m fired up you understand simply for referral i could get hold of one other brick of a legion here just so you can see it and that is i obtained ta relocate some points around but i do have the legion seven here just so that you can once more get a context of just how thin this equipment really is returned into emphasis please there is the myriad seven as well as just look at that i suggest the myriad 7 is a beast it is just one of my preferred pc gaming laptops on the marketplace right now still not offered however take a look at those alongside and i imply immediately you see different realms in any case lenovo is having a truly solid year as well as the slim 7 is yet another terrific alternative for any individual wanting to keep it light and also not compromise and keep it affordable any questions or remarks please really feel cost-free to publish them strike that like button and customarily please feel cost-free to subscribe and also please remain risk-free later.